POLI 9H – Discuss the tactics these groups

Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have centered on four main issues: territory/borders, security, refugees, and Jerusalem. Which of these issues do you believe is the most tractable? Which is the least tractable? For each, defend your position with evidence.
June 19, 2017
In your opinion, is bilingualism a threat to national unity, diving people among language lines? What is your opinion about immigrants in the U.S. not learning English?
June 19, 2017

Identify interest group of your choice. Discuss the tactics these groups utilize. -What type of interest group is it? -Public/Professional/Economic/Single-issue. -Do they lobby? Who do they lobby? Direct or indirect? -Do they support initiatives or candidates? Who and why? -Assess how powerful you believe these groups to be. Then in a paragraph, critically analyze the power of interest groups in American politics. Do you believe interest groups are dementing American democracy or are they healthy for American democracy? Would you increase regulations? how so?

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