Determine the minimum cost schedule for CORONA CARE Hospital project

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Determine the minimum cost schedule for CORONA CARE Hospital project

MSc-705 Midterm Due: September 04, by 7:00p.m. Whole Points: 30 Instructions to Follow: 1. (10 marks) Detail the restriction absorb register restraint CORONA CARE Hospital design by CRASHING it consistently. Experts estimated that the design heterogeneous absorbs are $8000 per week. In analysis, succeeding week 65, the consideration imposes on CORONA CRE Hospital design government a retribution absorb of $20000 per week if the hospital is referable attributable attributable attributable abundantly operational. With a delicate road problem period of 69 weeks, the hospital faces hypothetically big retribution absorbs eventual the register is progressive. Foe complete week that the design is shortened to week 65, the hospital saves undivided week of retribution and heterogeneous absorbs or $28000. Restraint reductions more week 65, the savings are solely the weekly heterogeneous

Midterm Due: September 04, by 7:00p.m. Completion Points: 30
Instructions to Follow:

1. (10 marks) Mention the insufficiency require register ce CORONA CARE Hospital scheme by CRASHING it pleasantly. Experts estimated that the scheme heterogeneous requires are $8000 per week. In restoration, succeeding week 65, the table imposes on CORONA CRE Hospital scheme tenor a amercement require of $20000 per week if the hospital is referable greatly operational. With a precarious route tenor term of 69 weeks, the hospital faces hypothetically great amercement requires intrinsic the register is modifiable. Foe perfect week that the scheme is shortened to week 65, the hospital saves undivided week of amercement and heterogeneous requires or $28000. Ce reductions departed week 65, the savings are simply the weekly heterogeneous requires of $8000.
If the amercement require and the heterogeneous require are giving you a headache, handle uncounted to aggravatelook them entirely.
Ce this scheme, the Precarious route is [A(12) C(10) G(35) J(6) K(6)] with a protraction of 69. This is the simply route you scarcity to denote the blast diversion with. I told you that I was your best associate and stationary am!
Motive Normal Term (NT) Normal Require (NC)
$ Crash Term (CT) Crash Require (CC)
$ Maximum Term Reduction (wk) Require of Blast per week
A 12 12000 11 13000 1 1000
B 9 50000 7 64000 2 7000
C 10 4000 5 7000 5 600
D 10 16000 8 20000 2 2000
E 24 120000 14 200000 10 8000
F 10 10000 6 16000 4 1500
G 35 500000 25 530000 10 3000
H 40 1200000 35 1260000 5 12000
I 15 40000 10 52500 5 2500
J 6 10000 3 13000 3 1000
K 6 30000 5 34000 1 4000
TOTAL 1992000 2209500
2. (10 marks) Alif Co. has seen a conspicuous acception in the sum of online competitors aggravate the departed brace years. Frequent of these companies already vouch in unsavory gregarious, SEO, and marketing hostilitiess, and the outcome is that frequent of Alif Co.’s cemer customers are now affecting on to better-advertised options.
Alif Co. could struggle this consequence by instigating their acknowledge digital marketing hostilities targeted towards their customer demographic. The outcomeing hostilities would be targeted with keywords elaborationed to arouse high-conversion clicks from those likely to lapse from Alif Co., hence driving sales up.
The hostilities should embrace a multi-prong digital marketing policy including PPC, SEO, email marketing, and Gregarious Instrument, with a insufficiency of a 12-month tenor, elaboration, and analytics program to secure its victory.
An advertising scheme director exposed the network diagram ce a innovating advertising hostilities. In restoration, the director collected the term not attributable attributableification ce each motive as shacknowledge in the aftercited table: (Term estimates are in weeks)
Motive Optimistic Most Likely Pessimistic Immediate elder(s)
A 1 4 7 –
B 2 6 7 –
C 3 3 6 B
D 6 13 14 A
E 3 6 12 A, C
F 6 8 16 B
G 1 5 6 E, F
a. Calculate the expected term and estrangement ce each motive to mention the scheme’s expected tenor term and potential distribution (Standard Deviation).
b. Calculate the motive slacks and mention the precarious activities using the expected motive terms.
c. What is the presumption of completing the scheme amid 27 weeks? How plenteous lavish is associated to the engagement of wrapping up the scheme by 27 weeks?
3. (10 marks) The 2019–20 corona virus pandemic was aged to accept expand to Bangladesh on March 2020. The original three knacknowledge cases were mented on 7 March 2020 by the dominion’s epidemiology organize IEDCR. Infections stayed unworthy until the purpose of March save rehearseing hilly ascobject in April. In the week purposeing 11 April, innovating cases in Bangladesh grew 1155 percent, the chief in Asia, compared to its plug equal Indonesia with 186 percent. As of 15 April, there are a completion of 1231 aged cases, 49 recoveries, and 50 deaths in the dominion.
Experts criticized that referable plenty tests were conducted in the dominion that has a population of aggravate 160 darling. Innovatingspaper ments and gregarious instrument continued to ment environing restorational deaths of patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Some of the heavy were treated at COVID-19 insularity centers at hospitals in the districts and others were denied tenor, though no tests were conducted to settle contamination. Ce a hanker term, testing was centralized to simply Organize of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Elaboration (IEDCR) in the principal Dhaka, although patients with symptoms were mented total environing the dominion.
The axioms beunworthy was consequenced by the IEDCR, as of 13th April 2020.
Day Units Tested Unequivocal Cases Day Unites Tested Unequivocal Cases
April 2 141 2 April 10 1184 209
3 513 5 11 1200 289
4 434 9 12 1387 303
5 367 18 13 1570 382
6 468 35 14 2500 ?
7 655 41 15 3500 ?
8 918 54 16 4500 ?
9 1097 112
a. Apply Naïve with trpurpose arrangement to ceecast unequivocal cases from April 3 to April 14.
b. Apply weighted affecting medium to controleshadow the demands ce April 5 to April 14. Consider n to be 3 and weights of 0.50, 0.30 and 0.20, with 0.50 applying to the most modern unequivocal cases.
c. Use the exponential smoothing arrangement with a= 0.4 to ceecast the sum of unequivocal cases ce April 4 to April 14. Choose moderate ceecast judiciously.
d. Apply Regression Analysis Model to ceecast unequivocal cases from April 2 to April 16 regarding Units Tested to be Independent unsteady.
e. Regarding the existing axioms, which ceecasting technique conciliate you recommpurpose ce coming days amongst total the arrangements you ripe over (from a through d)? Calculate the tracking distinguished as of the purpose of April 13. What can you rehearse environing the execution of your ceecasting arrangement?
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