similarities and difference and globalization and imperialism, colonialism, development, Westernization, and Easternization

August 10th, 2017 by

1.Is globalization simply another name for processes such as imperialism, colonialism, development, Westernization, and Easternization Examine the similarities and difference among these processes.

2. Are the process of Westernization and Easternization comparable terms of scope and magnitude

3. Trace the shifting definitions of imperialism. Is it relevant as an analytical tool for the current global age

4. Is Americanization a relevant concept What particular aspect of it is most relevant today

5. Has the onset of the Great Recession rendered Americanization an outdated concept Discuss

6. What is anti-Americanism and what are its sources Has it increased or declined over the years

7. Discuss the concept of the “era of the posts.” What are its advantages and disadvantages for thinking about the world today

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