Terrorism/Immigration/Police Shootings/ Presidential Candidate Characteristics/Gun Control & Possession of Firearms/ Constitutional Rights to Education

August 10th, 2017 by

in week one, we discussed the debate process used in Congress today and any formal debates you may have been in. In week 2 we will explore and debate the two controversial topics in the media today that was introduced in the week 1 debate. Suggested topics included the following:

1. Terrorism

2. Immigration

3. Police Shootings

4. Presidential Candidate Characteristics

5. Gun Control & Possession of Firearms

6. Constitutional Rights to Education

Of the suggested topics, the two most controversial in the media that was voted on the most among you consist of: Police Shootings & Immigration. The two will be the debate topics in the week two discussion and I provided the debate questions to keep you focused.

Please keep in mind the debate process you discussed in week one and the suggested norms you posed as techniques that should be used in this debate process, most of you shared that respect of one another is most important and that is what Id like to see in the debate. In an effort to have equal representation for each side of the topics I am assigning the positions for each member of the class.

Students assigned the For position are in support of the policy; students assigned the Against position does not support the policy.

Police Shootings

Vibert Jacob
ZaCoya Scott

Gwen McLean
Terry Vollmer
Debate Question: Are there racial differences in officer-involved shootings Please support or your side, For means that there is racial difference; Against means there are no racial differences.

ZaCoya Scott
Vibert Jacob

Terry Vollmer
Gwen McLean
Debate Question: Do we need Immigration Reform Please support or your side, For is in favor of Immigration Reform; Against is not in favor of immigration reform.
Your required peer responses should be to the post that are opposite your position; this does not restrict you from commenting on the post of those that are arguing your same position, those are optional. Please remember that you are required to provide a main post and 2 responses, so the earlier we start the sooner you will be able to meet the minimum requirements.

There are two follow-up objectives that I would like each of you to conduct on the final day of the debate:

1. Identify if you were assigned a side to defend that you were opposite to include the challenges to support that side and if it changed your opinion.

2. Please vote on the most compelling argument; the argument you feel was most compelling and the reason why.

The Person you will debate for is Vibert Jacob

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