Assessment 2: Case Study (Report and Presentation) Assessment Overview: The case study will need to include a written report, an action log and the delivery of a 15 minute presentation to the rest of the class. The written report will need to include an Executive Summary, a table of contents, […]

BS220/5158 Managerial Finance Assignment S2 2016 This assignment requires students to apply concepts covered in the course to the analysis of any publicly listed Australian company. To be completed in groups, the assignment also incorporates a structured group work component. General instructions: • The assignment is due by 5 pm […]

HEALTH TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT – Assessment Task 2: Due Date: Monday 17 October Overall contribution to assessment is 30%. Your completed proposal should be submitted as a word document or a pdf attachment in an email to All submitted assessments will be acknowledged by email. Label your attachment with your […]

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