ENG 1213
Freshman Combination II
Sections 13, 14, 15, 16
Spring 2021

Instructor: Dr. Steve Benton
Office: Faust Hall, 155
Business-post Hours: T-TH 12:30-2:00; and by provision (email to be up provisions). If I’m in my close business-post, delight puff obstreperously if the extinguishedward door is contrimpress to retain extinguished the indifferent.
Business-post Phone: 580.559.5877
Email: sbenton@ecok.edu

Blackboard Issues: Continuity the ECU Aid Desk by phundivided at 580.559.5884 or email at aiddesk@ecok.edu.


Textdimensions Required: The East Central University Guide to Match, Third Edition (Fountainhead, 2019).

Technology Required:
You achieve need to feel vestibule to and be telling to right the prospering:
• Internet vestibule (exalted expedite is recommended) and a Web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is recommended).
• Microsoft Word
• An ECU e-mail account
Ce aid, continuity the aid desk at aiddesk@ecok.edu or (580) 559-5884.

Assort Policies:
Friday provisions may be rancid in tardy (at any occasion during the semester) ce half honor. If the primeval diatribe or the non-print resources dissection is rancid in tardy, it may assignable be revised ce a exalteder measure. If the decisive provision ce the assort is rancid in tardy, it achieve assignable be measured.

Attendance and Keep-aparticipation
Classes achieve coalesce uniformly a week. You achieve feel a match provision ascribable eternallyy Friday at 10 pm.

If you eternally ignore assort, delight assignableify me as promptly as you apprehend that you achieve ignore!

Method Despatch
Entire e-mail despatch should be made using issued ECU e-mail discoursees. Routinely bridle your ECU e-mail ce match and reply in a professional and occasionly fashion.

Method Evaluation
70% of the decisive meabelieving achieve be founded on three diatribes.
The primeval, a 4-5 page scrutiny diatribe ascribable on February 5th, is merit 20% of the decisive measure.
The second, a 3-4 page dissection of a non-print resources quotation ascribable on March 5th, is merit 15% of the decisive measure.
The third, a 7-8 page scrutiny diatribe ascribable on April 30th, is merit 35% of the decisive measure.
30% of the decisive meabelieving achieve be founded on twelve cemative provisions.
Each of these provisions, ascribable on Fridays, achieve be merit 2.5% of the decisive measure.

There is no decisive disquisition in this method.

Method Extinguishedline
UNIT ONE: Scrutiny Diatribe #1
Weeks Undivided and Two: Introductions and Question Selection
Ascribable Friday, January 22: Diatribe Question #1
Week Three: Evaluating and Citing Founts
Ascribable Friday, January 29: Primeval Fount with MLA Citation
Weeks Four and Five: Synthesizing Founts
Ascribable Friday, February 5: Diatribe #1 (1000 language min.; 4-5 pages)

UNIT TWO: Non-print Resources Dissection
Weeks Six-Eight: Narrative segregation, aesthetic dissection, ideological dissection
Friday, March 5: Diatribe #2 is ascribable (75o language min.; 3-4 pages)

UNIT THREE: Scrutiny Diatribe #2
Week Nine:
Ascribable Friday, March 12: Diatribe Question #3

Spring Break: March 15-19

Weeks Ten and Eleven: Annotated Bibliography
Ascribable Friday, April 2: Annotated bibliography (5 founts reserve)

Weeks Twelve-Fifteen: The oratorical character of match, match as a collective impress, match as iterative rule
Friday, April 30: Diatribe #3 is ascribable (1750 language min.; 7-8 pages)

Assort Dispassage Guide
1. Request questions. If you furnish assignableforce confusing or lack to apprehend excite, do assignable dubitate to request questions. Make believing to request your questions at an embezzle gravity.
2. Give to discourses to achieve as considerable as feasible from the method.
3. Do assignable command a discourse. Distribute your apprehendledge, beside assignable to the material-matter of yet others. If you feel assignableforce to adduce, delight distribute it, beside tolerate eternallyyundivided to give correspondent to a discourse.
4. Be materialively critical. Do assignable excright sloppy or silly thinking. Challenge yourself and undivided another.
5. Be tactful. Be ticklish of minds beside mind there are other nation confused. Be tactful and peel.
6. Forgive other wards’ mistakes. Do assignable punish others, equable if you prosper the rules of assort dispassage and right good-natured-natured fashions. Just becaright you do assignable combine with a ward’s comments does assignable moderation that he or she is crime. Instead, adduce a incongruous perspective to help exrefer-to discourse.
7. Listen to others precedently theory in. Listen to what others feel said abextinguished a question precedently replying so you don’t recapitulate what others feel already said. Try to give clarifying counsel or a novel mind to a discourse.
8. Be short. Make your material-matter distinctly and undeviatingly.
9. Refer-to your founts. If you assign to a fount, associate-to it justly. Give honor where honor is ascribable
10. Hold trustworthyity. Associateence your assortmates’ retreat. Do assignable recapitulate the identical counsel that others distribute.


Unconcealed Advice Particularizement
This method keep-aparticipates in the Unconcealed Advice Rate Program ce East Central University. During this method, wards fruit an artifimpress (e.g., provision or answers to exam diatribe keep-apart(s)), which achieve be assessed extinguishedside of the method founded on the ward acquirements extinguishedcome(s) listed subordinateneath. Ward measures ce the artifimpress are assignable contingent upon the ends of the extinguishedside rate.

Catalog Method Description
Students dedicate skills exposed in ENG 1113 with seriousness on longer diatribes, enlightened fount-established scrutiny, and argumentation.

Prerequisites and/or Corequisites
ENG 1113 Freshman Combination I

Resigned Criteria:
Entire East Central University unconcealed advice methods which rendezvous on written despatch should disroute the prospering resigned criteria:
1. Students should right the multitudinous elements of the match rule.
2. Students should transcribe effectively ce their adapted interview.
3. Students should transcribe acquitted, complete, systematic and mechanically clever prose.

Method Objectives
Reserve Competencies ce Each Freshman Combination II Method ward:
1. Teach entire 1113 competencies (perceive page 8 of the ECU Guide to Combination).
2. Right electronic databases effectively to furnish counsel embezzle ce a match provision.
3. Analyze and evaluate nonprint resources.
4. Analyze and evaluate counsel or a concept from multiple perspectives and incomplete and incomplete disciplines.
5. Synthesize counsel acquired from multiple founts in a acquitted, complete, systematic quotation.
6. Hold rendezvous in an protracted combination (exrefer-to than 700 language).

Freshman Combination II Method Awaitations
In Comp II, wards transcriber longer diatribes using enlightened fount-established scrutiny and cems of argumentation. Exrefer-to specifically, this method achieve await wards to:
• Apprehend how to scrutiny questions using the library and bearing scrutiny databases including: EBSCO, JSTOR, and others.
• Apprehend and evaluate the estrangement between important and inferior founts, as well-behaved-behaved-behaved as how incongruous fount types (counsel article, record, dimensions, awe.) should be considered.
• Justly right and complete a different collocate of founts into scrutiny papers.
• Scrutiny and compose an annotated bibliography.
• Teach the restraintce to transcribe and appoint protracted close scrutiny papers.
• Implement close strategies and cems.
• Apprehend and right the equitable conventions of match, including phraseology and syntax.


Unconcealed Advice Program Ignoreion Particularizement: As keep-akeep-apart of a disencumbered arts advice that inducts wards into an materialive brotherhood in provision ce and reinstatement to disciplinary majors, the Unconcealed Advice Program at East Central University procures wards the completed and thoroughgoinggoing foundment needed to ruminate ticklishly on counsel, to apprehend and acacquirements the heterogeneousness of pass and ameliorations, to perceive the relationships incomplete concepts, and to prize the interrelatedness of academic areas.

Unconcealed Advice Acquirements Extinguishedcomes:
Entire East Central University unconcealed advice methods should disroute the prospering extinguishedcomes:

Development 1: Despatch
Students teach the restraintce to declare effectively in multiple contexts.
Development 2: Materialive Skills
Students teach the restraintce to apprehend and rule concepts, to found relationships incomplete and incomplete disciplines, and to explain and evaluate counsel ce apprehendledge-building and decision-making.
Development 3: Counsel Literacy
Students teach the restraintce to furnish, evaluate, and right counsel effectively and embezzlely ce any given acquirements condition.
Development 4: Intercultural Apprehendledge
Students teach the restraintce to have the entanglement of amelioration, their have as well-behaved-behaved-behaved as others, and perceive themselves as parts of a global brotherhood.


Important Dates
Classwork Begins January 11
Spring Break March 15-19
Last Day to Drop with Guaranteed W April 5
Last Day to Drop this method April 26

72-Hour Transition Particularizement
Should on-campus advice be hanging ce any debate, ECU’s face-to-face and blended methods achieve transition to online/virtual donation incomplete 72 hours. Online methods achieve hold as scheduled.

Ward Legislation of Pass
The ward legislation of pass and the incorporated university policies are granted to tell the ward collection of the awaited standards of action and policies quantitative to the typical impressivities of East Central University (ECU). The mind of the legislation of pass is to eliminate and hold guidelines ce a debatetelling and comforttelling acquirements environment ce entire ECU brotherhood parts. Assign to the ECU ward legislation of pass ce definitions, hues, responsibilities, and procedures.

ADA Particularizement
East Central University is committed to providing correspondent vestibule to University programs and services ce entire wards. Subordinate university plan and federal and particularize laws, wards with documented disabilities are entitled to debatetelling accommodations. If any part of the assort has a documented disforce requiring academic accommodations, he or she should communication to the Business-post of Disforce Services. A ward perceiveking debatetelling accommodations commencementating from a documented disforce must record with the Business-post of Disforce Services so that said accommodations may be granted. Continuity the Academic Affairs Business-post if any aid is needed in this rule.

Academic Probity
Academic probity is founded upon and encompasses the prospering five values: veracity, commission, unreservedness, associateence, and part (Oklahoma Particularize Regents ce Exalteder Advice, 2003), and is quantitative to the consummation of the university brotherhood. Deceit and misrepresentations are inter-repugnant with the quantitative impressivity of East Central University (ECU) and shentire assignable be tolerated. Failure to grant with and stand-by the standards of academic probity achieve appoint academic mispass and may end in critical penalties, as listed subordinateneath. Each ward is individually binding ce apprehending and stand-bying academic probity by scrupulously avoiding any pass that would bring to violations of the Academic Probity Plan. Violations of the Academic Probity Plan are assignable handled by the similar procedures rightd ce other Ward Legislation of Pass violations.

Speaking Impressivity Plan
ECU is committed to providing an environment where issues can be unreservedly discussed and explored. The insubservience to remodel views is quantitative to the ignoreion of the university. The speaking impressivity plan is in attribute to procure a brotherhood environment in which unreserved dispassage can take-fix withextinguished disrupting the academic ignoreion or daily university functions, material to fundaunsubstantial occasion, attribute, and fashion limitations and withextinguished unconstitutionally intrusive with the hues of other parts of the university brotherhood.

Title IX
Title IX of the Advice Amendments of 1972 (2000) particularizes: “No idiosyncratic in the United Particularizes shall, on the commencement of sex, be embracing from keep-apartnership in, be deprived the benefits of, or be materialed to insight subordinate any advice program or impressivity receiving Federal financial aid.” ECU is committed to providing a acquirements, launched and patronage environment that promotes identical probity, politeness, and alternate associateence in an environment disencumbered of sexual mispass and insight. Ce exrefer-to counsel, assign to “Title IX Resources.”

Unsubstantial Bloom, Well-behaved-behavedbeing, and Urgency Management Services
East Central University is committed to advancing the unsubstantial bloom and well-behaved-behavedbeing of its wards. As a ward you may apprehendledge a collocate of issues that can caright barriers to
learning, such as unready relationships, misgiving, exalted levels of urgency, alcohol/drug problems, sensitiveness dhave or unflourishing, and/or waste of motivation. These unsubstantial bloom concerns or urgencyful equablets may bring to adulterated academic work or diminish a undivided’s restraintce to keep-ashare in daily impressivities. ECU counseling services are disencumbered and availtelling to relieve you with discourseing these and other concerns that you may be experiencing. You can attain exrefer-to abextinguished the trustworthy unsubstantial bloom services availtelling on campus via the Ward Counseling Center website. In abstracted, Title IX makes it acquitted that rape and harassment founded on sex and gender are Civil Hues offenses material to the similar peels of accountforce and the similar peels of prop applied to offenses across other defended categories such as family, notorious commencement, awe. If you or someundivided you apprehend has been harassed or assaulted, you are helpd to continuity the ECU Police Department at (580) 559-5555 and/or the ECU Ward Counseling Center at (580) 559-5714. Entire services are trustworthy, ward-centered, and disencumbered ce entire ECU

Technology Retreat and Vestibuleibility Policies
To vestibule retreat policies ce exterior tools required ce your methods, delight mark the Center ce Excellence in Teaching and Acquirements (CETL) pages: Retreat Plan Links.
To vestibule vestibuleibility policies ce technology rightd in this method, delight mark the Center ce Excellence in Teaching and Acquirements (CETL) pages: Technology ADA Links.

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