A Marketing Analysis of 5* Hotels in London

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A Marketing Analysis of 5* Hotels in London

Marketing Assignment Assessment 1.B Akshay Rai Positioning Maps The primitive positioning map is a similarity among my public-hoverification ‘The Rai Public-house’ and the extreme three deep competitors in the area which are The Hilton Public-house, Sky City Grand and The Langham. Sky City Grand sits on the extreme as it is the first worth owing of the facilities they tender such as the Sky Tower and Casino. True belowneathneathneath is The Rai Public-hoverification as the worth and nature is over balanced than Sky City Grand owing although there is less facilities than Sky City. True belowneathneathneath is The Hilton and The Langham, the Hilton is over exalted-priced yet the Langham is of exalteder nature. The remedy positioning map is of favor types in public abextinguished Auckland. 5 Triton

Marketing Assignment

Assessment 1.B Akshay Rai

  1. Positioning Maps

C:UsersAkshay-RaiGoogle DrivePIHMS 2014Positioning Map1.jpgC:UsersAkshay-RaiGoogle DrivePIHMS 2014Positioning Map2.jpg

The coercionemost positioning map is a similarity between my tavern ‘The Rai Tavern’ and the apex three deep competitors in the area which are The Hilton Tavern, Sky City Grand and The Langham.

Sky City Grand sits on the apex as it is the leading figure accordingly of the facilities they volunteer such as the Sky Tower and Casino. Orderly lower is The Rai Tavern as the figure and character is over balanced than Sky City Grand accordingly although there is less facilities than Sky City. Orderly lower is The Hilton and The Langham, the Hilton is over extravagant referable attributable attributablewithstanding the Langham is of loftier character.

The prevent positioning map is of gratuity types in open encircling Auckland.

5 Triton taverns are the leading figure and best character then subordinately lower is serviced apartments, the figure is over extravagant coercion the precipitation accordingly patronage in convenient Auckland is very extravagant. Orderly lower are the 4 triton taverns with the figure calm?} subordinately lofty accordingly the character is lofty and 3 tritons the figure is mean and the character is mean.

  1. Description of trade exploration process with advantages and disadvantages

I cull the Quantitative exploration processology to commence earliest exploration to confront quenched if the Wi-Fi in The Rai Tavern is up to our guest’s compensation and standards. I recognize this instruction is referable attributable attributable attributable already quenched there. I bear organised a scan to exploration the separated area I bear determined to examine. There are scan quibbles in 400 quenched of the 500 rooms there is in the tavern. The guests get garner quenched the scans antecedently they sally from their arrive from the tavern and housekeeping get amass them uniformly artistic. The 100 retaining rooms in the tavern there are instructions left coercion the guests to do the scan online and to-boot left the scan quibble. We bear effected this accordingly we to-boot wanted to exploration what is the connection of our customers would advance to do things electronically rather than on tract.

Uniformly I bear amassed the results I analyse the confronting I bear ordinary and rest quenched that 219 rooms of the 400 bear been completed and 37 rooms did the scan electronically and 12 did the scan on the tract. (Wright, 2014)

Advantages of Quantitative Exploration:

Less extravagant than some other processs such as doing a phone or confabulation scan. It is rapid and causative, since the questions are plain and gentle to response. The results can be administered online from the online scan we supposing. The responses from the scan as usually orderly yes and no, so the responses are easier to coordinate coercion explorationers. The scan is unidentified so it is over mitigated coercion crowd to share. (Wyse, 2012)

Disadvantages of Quantitative Exploration:

You want comprehensive quantity of shares implicated to garner quenched the scan. There to-boot can be sampling problems and responses canreferable attributable be ensueed up due to the anonymity. There is poor flexibility of the questions and there can be text of questions by the shares, i.e. folly English suggestive guests. (Wyse, 2012)


  1. Is the hasten of the Wi-Fi up to you’re compensation?
  2. Was the Wi-Fi gentle to coercionmal up on you’re electronic emblem?
  3. Do you meaning the coverage of the Wi-Fi is good-natured-tempered-tempered encircling the tavern?
  4. Was open Wi-Fi a constituent of you choosing to size with us?
  5. Are you animated in unpoor internet or are you successful with 1GB a day?

Explanation of MIS and patterns

MKIS stands coercion “Marketing Instruction Scheme” is a scheme that completeows the cogent storage of postulates in a scheme on a computer, coercion pattern abound. The postulates can be interpretationd at any opportunity, to-boot anywhere coercion the managers to interpretation. Computers are the centre exposure of MKIS accordingly complete the postulates is garnerd on there. Having complete the postulates abquenched diverse instruction encircling the tavern, managers can perform cogent factual decisions.

(Hatlett, 2010)

Four Components of MKIS are Internal postulates, Tradeing rumor (External environment instruction), and Tradeing exploration that complete go towards the Storage and analytical processing scheme (Computer & Software, Hardware, Filing Scheme)

(McCallum, 2014)

Our tavern get garner the results from our scan we bear effected on Wi-Fi in our MIS scheme determined Neo Life Technology. The meaning storing this in our MKIS is to confront quenched if we want to better our Wi-Fi and internet in our tavern and so our managers bear gentle admission to this instruction.

Advantages of MKIS are the postulates garnerd in the MIS is kept coercion a covet limit of opportunity. The instruction of the MIS is appropriate and up to bound. Our managers can admission comprehensive totalitys of postulates accordingly of the rest of admission to it. To-boot the hasten in obtaining appropriate instruction to perform decisions is greatly quicker than any other practice. There is an gentle ensue up and deeptaining customer kinsmen. (Boaz, 2006)

Some Disadvantages of MKIS are it consumes a fate of primal opportunity and there is a lofty labour consume implicated. It is very obscure to coercionmal up a scheme and involves specialised I.T. crowd. There to-boot can be a poor totality of the fit peel of instruction if there is referable attributable attributable attributable the fit totality of adequate exploration effected and postulates garnerd.

  1. List of businesses in a crew with:
  1. Samsung Electronics

We are disuniteners with Samsung, they yield our TV’s in the rooms, phones complete throughquenched the tavern and our computers that we interpretation in entertainment. We are in a 5 year abridge with Samsung and they are required to yield complete of these electronics.

  1. Aotearoa Fisheries Poor

We are in a 2 year abridge with a persomal assistance crew determined Aotearoa Fisheries Poor, they yield complete of our seaassistance in the restaurants. They are our advancered supplier coercion seaassistance and we bear a good-natured-tempered-tempered kinsmenhip with them.

  1. Altura Coffee

We are in a 1 year abridge with Altura Coffee that is located in Auckland and food our restaurants with coffee interlard and coffee machinery. We bribe in extension from them whole month referable attributable attributablewithstanding our barista’s are referable attributable attributable attributable successful with the character of the coffee so we are looking at confronting a newlightlight supplier next year.

  1. Spectre Newlightlight Zealand

Our tavern is inaugurated with Spectre Newlightlight Zealand in a covet engagement kinsmenhip on a 5 year abridge. We are disunite of Spectre Newlightlight Zealand’s spectre sharp-end catalogue where Spectre Newlightlight Zealand customers can size with our tavern by steadfasting with Spectre Sharp-ends, this brings us over customers domestically and Spectre Newlightlight Zealand steadfasts the tavern an totality of specie to steadfast coercion the customers who bear sizeed with us. (Tavern Disuniteners, n.d.)

  1. Hospitality Textiles NZ

HTNZ is our advancered linen and towel supplier. We bear a covet engagement abridge with them coercion 5 years accordingly we bear a bar kinsmenhip with them. Whole 6 months we bribe in extension from them and they yield complete the linen in the tavern.


Boaz, A. (2006). Marketing in Newlightlight Zealand (Third Edition). Auckland: Pearson Covetman.

Grover, S. (2014). Tavern Management Magazine, 50-62.

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Tavern Disuniteners. (n.d.). Retrieved from Spectre NZ: http://www.airnewzealand.co.nz/spending-airpoints-hotel-partners

McCallum, D. (2014, 03 23). Lecture Referable attributable attributablees in Tradeing. Pacfic International Tavern Management School.

Wright, K. (2014, 03 16). Lecture Referable attributable attributablees in Exploration. Pacific International Management School.

Wyse, S. E. (2012, 10 16). Advantages and Disadvantages of Scans. Retrieved from Snap Scans: http://www.snapsurveys.com/blog/advantages-disadvantages-surveys/


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