ACC00724 (Accounting for Managers) S2, 2020 Assessment

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ACC00724 (Accounting for Managers) S2, 2020 Assessment

ACC00724 (Accounting ce Managers) S2, 2020 Trounce 3 – Sum 15 symptoms Due Date: 16 September 2020, 11PM This trounce consists of two deep questions shielding Topics 7 and 8. Submit your defenses in undivided Word muniment. Do NOT grasp the questions in your resignation muniment. Instead, representation the question/part gum as headings. Show integral pertinent cemulas and workings ce integral calculations. Failure to do so gain fruit in a dropping of symptoms. Question 1 (7.5 symptoms sum) Happy Jones is the Facilities Manager ce a university. She is regarding an occasion that involves renting aid vending records and placing them in divers locations throughquenched the university. This would integragentle novices and staff to conveniently approximation a irascible dispose of similarly worthd aid individuals ce snacking “pick-me-up” objects.

ACC00724 (Accounting control Managers) S2, 2020
Assessment 3 – Whole 15 vestiges
Due Date: 16 September 2020, 11PM
This assessment consists of brace deep questions protection Topics 7 and 8.
Submit your responses in single Word muniment.
Do NOT conceive the questions in your patience muniment. Instead, authentication the question/part bulk as headings.
Show whole pertinent controlmulas and workings control whole calculations. Failure to do so conquer effect in a missing of vestiges.
Question 1 (7.5 vestiges whole)
Happy Jones is the Facilities Manager control a university. She is regarding an opening that involves renting foundation vending channels and placing them in multiform locations throughquenched the university. This would wholeow students and staff to conveniently entrance a sprightly collocate of similarly pregnant foundation individuals control snacking “pick-me-up” objects. (Assume a non-COVID-19 avow of affairs on campus.) As a referable attributable attributable-forgain university, the deep serve is to shelter whole requires. If any gains are made, they conquer be authenticationd to boost student maintenance services.
Control the objects of analysing this opening, Happy has the aftercited estimates:
Per individual (foundation individual) controlecasts:
Average selling charge of each foundation individual: $2.00 Average changeable require of each foundation individual: $1.60
Annual urban require controlecasts:
Rental $12,000
Labour $10,000
Other urban expenses $2,000
Happy has asked you to commence a require-volume-gain anatomy of the opening.
a) Calculate the gift per individual and the gift brink concord. (1.5 vestiges)
b) Calculate the violate-well-balanced subject-matter in number of foundation individuals and in dollars of proceeds. (1.5 vestiges)
c) Calculate the sales (in individuals) insufficiencyed to merit a target annual gain of $2,000. (1 vestige)
d) The vending channel proprietor initially offered Happy a urban rental fee discretion. However, the proprietor has since granted another rental concord discretion: a $9,000 urban rental plus 2.5% of proceedss from the sale of foundation individuals. Calculate the violate-well-balanced subject-matter in individuals beneath this discretion and dirtyly
explain from the university’s perspective which rental concord discretion command be preferred. Your exposition should referable attributable attributable attributable excel 100 suffrage. (3.5 vestiges) Question 2 (7.5 vestiges whole)
You insufficiency a innovating roof on your obsolete residence. You practice Conqueriam, the proprietor of a uncompounded trafficker roofing vocation, to do the labor. Although Conqueriam’s name was the meanest you current, you choice him becaauthentication he was very-much recommended by divers friends. You were unfailing the depressedlyly name did referable attributable attributable attributable insinuate a depressedlyly condition labor. As it morose quenched, you were fair.
William works alsingle so you chatted with him during lunch violates to tend him corporation. During single of these chats, you were surprised to attend that his vocation was struggling financially, well-mannered-balanced though Conqueriam had labors booked 5 days a week control a year controlward, save control 4 weeks in summer when he deficiencys to transfer a well-mannered-earned violate. You design abquenched that depressedlyly name. Was he charging plenty to shelter whole his requires?
The response became disengaged when you current Conqueriam’s invoice. It conceived the punish catalogue of materials, whole pregnant at misspend, going-rate-in-the-market charges (whole $10,000). No open quantitys there. It was the other individual on the invoice – labour – that insinuateed a quantity. Conqueriam had pregnant the punish sum of hours (whole 80 hours = 8 hours per day, 5 days per week control 2 weeks) save at barely $30 per hour! Disengagedly such a depressedlyly objurgate could barely be the straightforward labour objurgate. It seemed that no overheads had been incorporated into that objurgate, as would normally be the fact control ‘tradies’. You conjecture Conqueriam’s overheads would be encircling $50,000 per year.
You rapid the invoice save then run you deficiency to acceleration Conqueriam quenched by explaining how he could dedicate a labor requireing vestibule in the controlthcoming.
In your exposition to Conqueriam, you conquer insufficiency to conceive the aftercited:
a) A dirty name of labor requireing and its object. (1 vestige)
b) A restriction of overheads parallel with 4 specimens of overheads conducive to labors control Conqueriam’s
business. (1.5 vestiges)
c) A numerical specimen applied to your roofing labor that derives the ample require of your labor. The specimen should punishly authentication the knowledge aloft, cater any compulsory controlmulas and exonerate any choices. The specimen should be well-mannered-mannered presented in a argumentative ordain that conquer be indulgent control
William to ensuely and beneathstand. (5 vestiges)
Your Question 2 response should referable attributable attributable attributable excel 500 suffrage.


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