Advantages and Disadvantages of Inventory Management Systems

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Inventory Management Systems

INVENTORY The message register derives from the French vocable inventaire and the Latin vocable inventariom which singly media a schedule of things which are set-up. The message register includes embodieds which are in uncooked constitute, or are in ruleaticity, in the refined packaging, spares and the others which are swarming in dispose to unite every the sudden ask-fors or disposal in the cethcoming. This message usually refers to the store at artisan at a feature era of opportunity of every those embodieds which are in uncooked constitute, those chattels which are in trackment of construction, every the refined results, commodities purchased results ce resale of those results, real results which can be seen, cranky, measured or are countable. In a communication with the financial statements and registers of


The vocable list derives from the French command inventaire and the Latin command inventariom which singly instrument a list of things which are plant. The vocable list includes embodieds which are in unprepared arrange, or are in way, in the perfect packaging, spares and the others which are full in command to as whole the unforeseen claims or distribution in the coming. This vocable usually refers to the hoard at operative at a feature duration of spell of whole those embodieds which are in unprepared arrange, those issue which are in proficiency of emanationion, whole the perfect emanations, commodities purchased emanations coercion resale of those emanations, palpable emanations which can be seen, touched, measured or are countable. In a relationship with the financial statements and annalss of accounting, the relation may be to the sum assigned to the hoard or the amass of issue owned by an employment at a feature duration of spell. List manages transit and operativeling. The unprepared embodieds may be delighted thousands of kilometers antecedently they are converted into an object emanation. At the similar spell, embodieds which are in transit, may use a duration of sundry days or months. During this way of transit, embodieds convey someone’s list. These Inventories help to insulate the supplier, the inducement and the consumer. Inventories enjoin the acquirement of unprepared embodieds in economic chance greatnesss as well-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered as waying of these unprepared embodieds into perfect issue in the most unplentiful quantities. Unprepared embodied inventories characterize the supplier of unprepared embodieds from the user of these unprepared embodieds. Perfect issue inventories characterize the user of the conclusive issue from the inducement of the issue. Inventories are held to arrange emanation parade and utility to customers, batching in emanationion in command to use utility of longer emanationion runs and arrange flexibility in emanationion scheduling.

There are indecent types of inventories:

  • Genesis inventories
  • MRO inventories
  • In way inventories
  • Perfect issue inventories

Objectives of list management

  • To fix a rectilineal furnish of unprepared embodieds and edibles to arrange unhandled emanationion.
  • To haunt required sum of perfect issue coercion perfectay sales exercise and causative customer utility.
  • It enjoins the acquirement of unprepared embodieds in economic chance greatnesss as well-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered as waying of these unprepared embodieds into perfect issue is the most unplentiful sum disclosed as economic chance greatness.
  • It curtails the dependencies of individual another and enables the constructions to list their exercises extraneously getting subject on each other.
  • It helps to curtail those requires which bear been supervenered during the embodied operativeling.
  • It helps to husband fellow-creatures and embodieds reasonably.
  • It manages parade of the emanations and utilitys arranged to the identical customers.


An list determinationicality arranges the constructional comlie and the gratuitous policies coercion haunting and considerable embodieds to be inventoried. This determinationicality is legal coercion commanding and voucher of embodieds, timing the command arrival and maintenance annals of what has been commanded, how abundantly commanded and from whom the command arrival has been produced.

There are couple models of list determinationicality:-

  • The unwandering command sum determinationicality
  • The unwandering command durationic determinationicality


The unwandering command sum determinationicality is besides disclosed as the Q determinationicality. In this determinationicality, whenever the hoard on operative reaches the recommand summit, a unwandering sum of embodieds is commanded. The unwandering sum of embodied commanded each spell is in-effect the economic command sum. Whenever a innovating delegation arrives, the whole hoard is haunted amid the acme and the insufficiency names. The unwandering command sum direct is a direct that arranges coercion a predecided sum of a communicaten embodied to be commanded at a feature duration of spell. This direct helps to name recommand mistakes, conhelp interinterspace coercion the storage of the perfect issue, and arrest those needless expenditures that would retain up funds that could be amend husbandd elsewhere. The unwandering command sum may be bridged to an unreflective recommand summit where a feature sum of a cheerful is commanded when hoard at operative reaches a roll which is already decided. 



  • Each embodied can be procured in the most unplentiful sum.
  • Purchasing and list manage fellow-creatures unreflectiveally communicates their watchfulness to those items which are required merely when are needed.
  • Positive manage can easily be operativeled to haunt the list bombardment at the desired roll merely by careful the predecided acme and insufficiency values.


  • Sometimes, the commands are placed at the disorderly spell durations which may referable be fitted to the inducements or the suppliers of the embodieds.
  • The items canreferable be grouped and commanded at a spell gone the recommand summits supervene disorderlyly.
  • If there is a fact when the command arrival spell is very excellent, there would be couple to three commands pending with the supplier each spell and there is presumption that he may furnish whole commands at a spell.
  • EOQ may communicate an command sum which is abundantly inferior than the supplier insufficiency and there is determinationically a appearance that the command arrival roll coercion a embodied has been reached except referable referableiced in which fact a hoard quenched may supervene.
  • The determinationicality assumes steady experience and clear guide spell. When these veer significantly, a innovating command sum and a innovating command summit should be unwandering, which is altogether unconducive.


In this determinationicality, the hoard lie of each embodied of a emanation is checked at determinationical intervals of spell duration. When the hoard roll of a communicaten emanation is referable qualified to stay the exercise of emanationion until the direct listd tested, an command is placed destroying the furnish. The number of criticisms varies from construction to construction. It besides varies floating emanations amid the similar construction, depending upon the second of the emanation, predecided emanationion lists, dispense conditions and so coercionth. The command quantities diversify coercion opposed embodieds.

Every command sum in their direct is obtained by the subjoined arrangeula.



  • The commanding and list requires are abject. The commanding require is considerably curtaild though folabject up employment coercion each gift may be essential.
  • The suppliers get besides extend shareing discounts as sales are guaranteed.
  • The determinationicality employments well-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered coercion those emanations which conduct an disorderly or seasonal experience and whose purchases must be intended in remove on the basis of sales estimates.

Dis utilitys:

  • The durationic testing determinationicality tends to peak the purchasing employment environing the criticism dates.
  • The determinationicality claims the science of rather resolute command quantities in the share of authoritative power.
  • It compels a durationic criticism of whole items; this itself makes the determinationicality subordinately flabby.

Distinction betwixt Q determinationicality and P determinationicality

Summit of difference

Q determinationicality

P determinationicality

Initiation of command

Hoard on operative reaches to recommand summit

Based on unwandering criticism duration and referable hoard roll

Duration of command

Any spell when hoard roll reaches to recommand summit

Merely following the predecided duration

Annals maintenance

Continuously each spell a removal or importation is made

Merely at the criticism duration

Command sum

Constant the similar sum commanded each spell

Sum of command varies each spell command is placed

Greatness of list

less than the P determinationicality

Larger than the Q determinationicality

Spell to haunt

Conspicuous ascribable to continual annals maintenance

Less than ascribable to merely at the criticism duration


Unwandering command sum determinationicality

A painter can command 200 gallons or more coercion $4.75 per gallon, with whole other factors in the calculation retaining the similar. He must parallel the whole requires of preface this way to the whole requires inferior the EOQ. Using the whole require arrangeula, the painter would meet TC = PD + HQ/2 + SD/Q = (5 × 3,500) + (3 × 187)/2 + (15 × 3,500)/187 = $18,061 coercion the EOQ. Commanding the excellenter sum and receiving the charge discount would consent a whole require of (4.75 × 3,500) + (3 × 200)/2 + (15 × 3,500)/200 = $17,187. In other commands, the painter can prevent $875 per year by preface utility of the charge rupture and making 17.5 commands per year of 200 units each.

Unwandering command duration determinationicality

Daily claim coercion a emanation is 10 units with a model hiatus of 3 units. The criticism duration is 30 days, and guide spell is 14 days. At the second of the criticism spell, there are 150 units in list. Coercion a 98% utility roll, how abundant units should be commanded?


= 10 units

= 3 units

T= 30 days

L= 14 days

z= 2.05



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