Analysis of Samsung Marketing and Brand Strategies

In this narration we accept evaluated the erudition and express disgrace strategies authenticationd by Samsung. Samsung Electronics Congregation is universebroad qualitative consumer electronics disgraces which accept very haughty opponents in the selfselfcorresponding vocation scene affect HTC, Sony, Panasonic, and Nokia. With the aid of its referableional consequences and services it is alluring chance of customers.

It was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chull as a trading congregation. In 1969 it unshakentle and patent open the contrariant vocation to electronic traffic that perform Samsung triumph into the universe’s qualitative electronic disgrace. Samsung became the qualitative electronic manufacturers in Korea by catering to the inhumepolitical traffic. It performs Samsung to be a defender to inhumepolitical traffic with haughty-tech consequences. Later on in 1993 Samsung became the universe’s best prevailing owing of attached into the LCD toil.
Samsung unshaken up its disgraceing address by Chairman Kun Lee who schemeal to emanate exhaustive program to perform Samsung to be an inhumepolitical disgrace in 1996. Control increasing its disgrace awareness in the universe, Samsung remunerated budshape to the cannonade in trafficing and disgraceing and it’s encircling US 3 billion. (Vocation Week,2006)
In restitution, Samsung has squander chance of coin in recreations control its disgrace picture control copy, control bailing in Olympic Games Sydney 2000, In Athens 2004 Olympic Games to-boot, Samsung to-boot cheeflushed tools and distributed 14,000 cell phones during the games. Followingwards, Samsung has attached Yahoo Congregation in strategic trafficing. In 2001, Samsung is to be voted to the enumerate unseparated in 100 disgraces by Vocation Week. To haughtylight on its disgrace awareness, Samsung acceleration the authoritative bail of Chelsea, the prevailing English Premier League football club in 2005. To hold to extension cognizance of disgrace Samsung became the authoritative bail of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Game.
Disgrace is the undividedness of a consequence, signal, peculiarity or contemplational and how it describes to solution points affect customers, staff and separateners expectation.
Ocean designs which a amiconducive disgrace embodys:
Conveys the missive purely.
Enlighten the buyer.
Confirms credibility
Control prosperity in disgraceing we accept to condenses on insist-uponments and needs of customers. With the aid of disgraceing we can enlighten the customers to exalted space.
Strategies of Disgraceing
Developing a disgrace address can be unseparated of the most challenging strides in trafficing sketch mode. It plays a life-supporting role in romance of congregation’s undividedness.
Disgrace Picture of Samsung
Disgrace imaging is an vital tactic control congregation’s trafficing sketch and consumer conduct exploration (Dobni & Zinkhan, 1990). A open picture of a disgrace enables consumers to recognize encircling the disgrace, authentication the disgrace, and colloquy encircling the disgrace. All these factors are salutary control the disgrace in establishing it from any rivals in the traffic. Amiconducive disgrace picture strategies can administer to a amiconducive disgrace prosperity (Roth, 1995).
Disgrace picture has three components:
Consequence Attributes
Customer’s benefit
Disgrace Personality
Samsung Logo:
The chief annotation of disgrace picture of Samsung Electronics Congregation was inaugurated in 1993. Samsung Electronics Congregation has pushn into a innovatinglightlight municipal undividedness by changing its logo from the basic black dauntless mold letters of the communication Samsung with flushed celebrity signals at the border into innocent Samsung communication on a sky sky sky bluish hue emendment (Spaeth, 2007). The sky sky sky bluish emendment was contemplationed to be an suggestive coercionm which communicates an percussion of modernization and degree. It is unshaken to accord that Samsung has succeeded in the fruit of its disgrace logo.
Gardner and Levy (1955, as cited in Park, Jaworski, & Maclnnis, 1986) once regularityic that the disgrace obtain be prosperityful in a hanker engagement could insist on a congregation’s strategies of choosing a disgrace picture and to binder the picture balance space. Samsung has openly proved that it has pushn on the upupdirect mark as the disgrace is now broadly well-mannered-mannered recognizen encircling the universe with its assort of global electronics disgrace
Its nature palpably describes that it is a sinewy disgrace almost alteration, bitter carepresentation technology and universe assort contemplation. To open its disgrace picture, it reinforces Samsung’s sinewy relationship to the disgrace commonwealth to customer; to-boot, it reinforces its disgrace picture of regularly entity in qualitative pose of alteration and contemplation.
(Martin Roll,2006.The global bestseller Asian Disgrace Address (“Best Vocation Books 2006” by Address Vocation case)
Another mighty fruit of disgrace picture of Samsung was to contemplational an percussion of the disgrace with global recreation events. Samsung became the authoritative bail of the wireless technology in the Olympics when Seoul was hosted in 1998. By representing its disgrace into recreation events, the disgrace obtain be exaltedly mark by chance of consumers. Nowadays to-boot Samsung is using the selfselfcorresponding address. Samsung has unwavering to beseem an authoritative bail control Chelsea football club past 2005/6 period and it was the succor largest bailship signaled by Samsung past the Olympics Games (Jones, 2005). By doing this Samsung logo is now evident on complete shirt of Chelsea players and it can be seen as an cecible custom to binder picture of the disgrace.
Slogan of Samsung:
In this year, Samsung sensible its all-newlight disgrace slogan “Turn on tomorrow”, to pursue of a emend hereafter. This innovatinglightlight slogan inaugurated from mid of July a train of promotions was semblanceed to complete customer to emend Samsung’s innovatinglightlight disgrace address.
State of Origin
Samsung has been implicated to aid the state picture of South Korea past Seoul Olympics in 1988 (Nebenzahl and Jaffe, 1991). The congregation picture has to nucleus on the “country-of-origin” recognizen as COO which is haughtylighted the collision of purpursue conducts (Martin and Eroglu, 1993). The cognizances of consumers on Korean consequences as balanceall picture are calm?} referconducive consideflushed as “haughty peculiarity consequences” barring recognizen as a “amiconducive rate consequences” (Nebenzahl and Jaffe, 1991).
Marketing Address
Samsung sidearm is to hold to beseem a universe’s administerer of digital assembly with the enumerate unseparated traffic distribute of most consequences segments. ( Ilse Jurrien, 2005). Samsung aspiration is to boost sale compass in complete segments of consequence.
In restitution, Samsung extrinsic is to be on culmination of the universe ranging electronic traffic; pleasantly, it has team which is denominated as “Global trafficing team”. This team separated from another separate and separated in to three layers that are:
Consequence address team
Marketing address team
Regional address team.
Consequence address team
In Consequence address team managing traffic exploration , assemblage the referable attributconducive attributableification and resolution grounds of opponents in daily belowtaking.
Marketing address team
Marketing Address team’s ocean capacity is to dilate global trafficing address control copy to communicate the kernel missive that Samsung insufficiency to disclose to customer and complete promotional activities to inhumepolitical-wise.
Regional address team
Regional address team’s ocean matter is to stir the belowtaking from Trafficing address team and managing to contrariant regional. Unseparated strive that misbestow in the United States does referconducive average that it would prosperity in other countries. Regional Address team’s trust is to recbalance address abquenched in regional demographics.
Traffic Pushn Veer
In precedent days Samsung’s strive was promoting in avow custom that resulted in confauthentication referable attributconducive attributableification and disarrangedness disgrace picture that perform consumer jumbled in congregation. Followingwards, the blockbuster agoing movie denominated “The Matrix” and Samsung accept the estimation of that it was a blameless space to emend disgrace picture below slogan “Digital All-Everyone’s Invited”. Furthermore, Samsung prefer to municipal with Warner Brother control consequence reconsignment at “The Matrix”. Samsung’s suggestive apportion on customer’s apprehension to innovatinglightlight consequence fruit regularity. (Kinda,2008)
Tarshape Traffic
Samsung has modificonducive and emphasizes on the haughty-end tarshape assembly and vocation which averages Samsung squander budshape to promotional in niche traffic affect the ocean opponent’s Sony. That instantly affects the disgrace picture in haughty-assort rate and to vouch haughtyer margins and power. (Vocation weekly,2002)
Traffic Distributes
global M/S
NAND Flash
Large-size LCD Panel
LG Display
Active-Matrix OLED
LG Display, AUO
Lithium-ion battery
LCD Monitor
Hard disk push
Television unshakens
LG Electronics
Ductile phone
Digital camera
Meaning of Disgrace Rate
The prosperity of disgrace is the design pursued of companies whose striveing to administer the traffic. Disgrace rate is unseparated of signalificant criteria that emend disgraceing of the congregation. The uniqueness of the disgrace is influenced consumers in twain instantly and by-and-by, hereby befitting the congregation rate (Melewar and Karaosmanoglu, 2006). The sinewy and prosperityful disgrace was conducive to dominate and incite judgment making of consumers.
Samsung adjusts 19th in the Culmination 100 Global disgraces in 2009 to 2010. That semblances Samsung disgrace rate up 11 percent from year precedent, according to annual narration by global disgraceing inhume disgrace. The deduce control this prosperity is Samsung admission to clear in trafficing address control contrariant regions; furthermore, to extension in perspective in disgrace, Samsung bailed in Olympic Games and other recreations such as bail Chelsea Football League in England, bailed Texas motors speedway. (Interbrand,2010)
The expandment of Samsung’s disgrace rate is regularly spread ocean gist to exculpation insist and admission to test in customers. Pastbalance the congregation nucleused on complete specialty of their disgraces, clear consequences, gelatinous identities harmonious in complete consequences, complete traffic plump the universe and complete disclose to customers.(Vocation Week,2008)
To dilate an integrated regularity to endeavors, the texture of disgrace has to veer to incorporate amelioration, expertise and controlmal systems embody consequences, if elder address is using these cheerful-natureds and power efficaciously (Doyle, 1998)
Strategies incorporateed by Samsung:
Creating Undividedness of the Disgrace.
Reaction from rival’s
Cost implicated in repositioning of disgrace
Exploration and fruit
Best global disgraces of 2010
United States
United States
South Korea
United States
Vocation Services
United States
United States
Financial Services
United States
Recreationing Amiables
Vocation Services
Home Furnishings
United States
Financial Services
United States
United States
United Kingdom
Financial Services
United States
According to the tconducive of Disgrace Rate in Global disgraces in 2010,
Samsung was stconducive in adjust 19th in past year and ordinary that semblance it can wield trafficing address in amiconducive disgrace rate in turning-point economic residence. In engagement of Sony the ocean opponent, in the chart of Disgrace Rate semblanceed it adjust is up from 34th to 29th in 2010 ;nevertheless, Sony calm?} cling following of Samsung. And in Veer of rate Sony is -5percent and Samsung is 11 percent.
The deduce of prosperity to be in global disgrace of Samsung are sundry address that congregation chosen; control copy, Samsung consideflushed to customer test that perform it apportiond 2nd following Coca-Cola bailship in Olympic Games. Samsung convoke the controlm control disgrace construction and the solution of disgrace construction is employees and consumers. The employees accepted the moving benefits from haughtiness in entity associated with the bailship and trodden relationship to the Olympic activities. In engagement of consumers, Samsung supposing a innovatinglightlight test to the customers; control occurrence as a separate of Samsung’s disgrace vicinity program it spread up in Olympic [email guarded] Samsung, The Athens Olympic Recreations Multifold located in a 1,064 clear meter invigoration multifold which was a mediate congregation apportion control athlete, their families and viewer hereafter to the Games. The [email guarded] communicate a broad stroll of activities; control copy, the customers were accepted the occasion to strive quenched Samsung’s revolutionary consequences by themselves.
Disgrace Pose
In engagement of Samsung congregation has pose the disgrace pose as alteration, bitter carepresentation technology and haughty-assort contemplation. In trafficing sketch, Samsung created team of global trafficing to clear to apportional the undividedness of consequences. The contemplational of consequence is the suggestive separate to alluring to consumer to acquisition. Samsung communicate the contrariant of qualitative of electronic to alteration, haughty-end and nucleus on niche traffic. In restitution Sony nucleus on haughty-end and niche traffic according to, the assembly rate that semblance in perceptual map.
In growing two-of-a-trade and past insist-upon consumer that CEOs oppositeness these day, they accept to recognize how to created past rate into consequences and services owing of nowadays, there are sundry two-of-a-trade, fixed alteration and past insisting consumers. (Court et al.,1999)
According to, Samsung has patent open technology to entity in qualitative of electronic traffic; control copy, Samsung is the chief disgrace of Thinnest Sky bluish-ray player in 2009, Released the universe’s chief infraflushed video phunseparated in 2009. That perform Samsung is the No.1 in customer fidelity control 8 years in prosperityion by Disgrace Solutions of the USA
Disgrace Relationship
To created past rate into Samsung consequence, the congregation chosen to disclosed in belligerence that compensate with slogan; furthermore, Samsung has attached the belligerence with the movie persuade “The Matrix” to customer perspective in disgrace picture is innovative and haughty technology. The congregation prefers the upupdirect space and upupdirect apportion to semblance the custom of congregation.
The belligerence in advertising, Samsung semblance the haughty-end and epicurism contemplational to the Television negotiateable. That performs customers collect disgrace picture of Samsung and performed to disgrace rate in consumer’s memory.
Samsung hold to purpursue budshape to aid disgrace in advertising belligerence and hold to bail in the Olympic Game. Samsung be condense in sinewy of disgrace picture including selecting the distribution document, to exploration and clearing the consequences, creating the innovatinglightlight technology to be the enumerate unseparated of the electronic universe.
Customer Perspective
Following evaluating the disgrace rate, pose and picture the next stride is the customer perspective of Samsung we shape this referable attributconducive attributableification from contrariant websites. The adduction semblances that Samsung attracted chance of customers it creates a very amiconducive picture in customer’s memory. In most of consequences and Disgrace rate stroll confirms that the customer is strong and kind with the disgrace. In eco-friendly sky sky sky bluish sphere phunseparated are to-boot embedded with solar panel which aids in making .Samsung growing up from 4th to 2th in ductile traffic distribute. The contemplational of consequence of Samsung gist to admission the customer apprehension is very efficacious. Nowadays ductile phunseparated is referconducive authenticationd solely control communicating purposes barring to-boot authentication as custom accessories with past models and technology. The customers insist-upon the ductile phunseparated control self-picture which embodys contemplation, capacity and reliconducive of consequence. Samsung end to be in customer’s memory and shape past traffic distribute from its ocean opponent Nokia. (Vocation Space, 2010)
Strengths of Samsung
CDMA Handunshaken traffic
Disgrace Pose
Consequence Peculiarity
Horizontal Integration
Kernel Competence
Distribution Network
Samsung has created chance of adduction floating customers during past year’s and nowadays to-boot by using contrariant trafficing strategies. The ocean design of CEOs is to push their disgrace to universebroad which semblances that Samsung accept amiconducive address of and scheme to establish their disgrace to global whiles emend and clear the consequences floating to bribe peculiarity with ocean opponent is Sony. The trafficing strategies aid to subscribe to be a amiconducive disgrace picture such as to bail in Olympic game; including, consequence reconsignment in the movie. Samsung unquiet to the environmental and agoing the consequences that are eco-friendly.

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