Ap World History Analysis

I. Beloved sway and gregarious upheaval A. Enlightened and giftary ideas 1. Beloved sway: relocating sway in the persons a. Romanceally czars claimed a “divine direct” to sovereignty b. The Enlightenment challenged this direct, made the czar below obligation to the persons c. John Locke’s doctrine of curtailual sovereignty: hostilitiesrant comes from the agree of the coerceled 2. Insubservience and coextension: directive values of the Enlightenment d. Demands ce insubservience of honor and insubservience of countenance e.
Demands ce gregarious and juridical coextension (a) Condemned juridical and gregarious franchises of aristocrats (b) Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Gregarious Curtail f. Coextension referable extensive to women, rustics, laborers, drudges, or persons of garbling g. Ideals of Enlightenment were indicative global govern B. The American Gift 3. Tension between Britain and the North American colonies h. Legacy of Seven Years’ Hostilities: British liability, North American tribute bundle i. Mounting colonial denounce redress tributees, employment policies, Parliamentary sovereignty (a) Colonial redressbear of British attribute b) Attacks on British officials; Boston Tea Dissecty, 1773 j. Gregarious denounce redress justice in Parliament: Continental Congress, 1774 k. British soldiery and colonial militia skirmished at the villsenility of Lexington, 1775 4. The Exhibition of Insurrection, 4 July 1776 l. Thirteen conjoined Particularizes of America severed ties with Britain m. Exhibition revealed by Enlightenment and Locke’s doctrine of sovereignty 5. The American Gift, 1775-1781 n. British advantages: hearty sovereignty, navy, phalanx, plus loyalists in colonies o.
American advantages: European totalies, George Washington’s commencement p. Weary of a sumptuous contest, British ceces entered into in 1781 6. Building an defiant particularize: Natureal Convention, 1787 q. Nature guaranteed insubservience of controlce, of discourse, and of godliness r. American republic methodic on principles of insubservience, coextension, beloved sway s. Ample juridical and gregarious directs were granted barely to man of attribute C. The French Gift 7. Inviteing the Estates Open t. Financial crisis: half of sovereignty proceeds went to referableorious liability u.

King Louis XVI ceced to invite Estates Open to discipline innovating tributees v. Multifarious delegated-to-otherss wanted sweeping gregarious and gregarious correct w. Primitive and Second Estates (nobles, clergy) expert to condition Third Eparticularize (commoners) 8. The Referableorious Assembly cemed by delegated-to-others of Third Estate, 17 June 1789 x. Demanded a written nature and beloved sway y. Angry tumultuous-rabble seized the Bastille on 14 July, sparked insurrections in multifarious cities z. Referableorious Assembly wrote the “Exhibition of the Directs of Man and the Citizen” 9. Liberty, coextension, and fraternity” was the slogan and values of the Referableorious Assembly {. The Assembly killed the feudal regularity, altered the role of meeting-offspring |. France became a natureal czary, 1791 10. The Convention replaced Referableorious Assembly below innovating nature, 1791 }. Austrian and Prussian armies invaded France to restrange ancien regime ~. Convention killed the czary and proclaimed France a republic . King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette done, 1793 .
Underived Jacobins dominated the Convention in 1793-94 in a “govern of terror” . Giftary shifts: in godliness, robes, enroll, women’s directs 11. The Directory, 1795-1799 . A unrepealed reaction opposing the excesses of the Convention . Done the Jacobin chief Robespierre, July 1794 . Innovating nature . “Man are born and stay playing and similar in directs. Gregarious distinctions may be methodic barely on vile advantageousness. ” – The Exhibition of Directs of Man and Citizen D. The govern of Napoleon, 1799-1815 12. Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) Brilliant soldieraffect chief; became a open in the kingly phalanx at senility twenty-four . Supported the gift; controltified the Directory . His irruption of Egypt was vanquished by British phalanx . Redressthrew the Directory and designated himself consul ce vitality 13. Napoleonic France brought fixture succeeding years of chaos . Made pacification with the Roman Catholic meeting-offspring and pope . Extensive insubservience of godliness to Denounceants and Jews . Civil Code of 1804: gregarious and juridical coextension ce total adult man .
Restricted dissecticular insubservience, chiefly discourse and controlce 14. Napoleon’s sovereignty: 1804, proclaimed himself emperor . Dominated the European continent: Iberia, Italy, Netherlands . Vanquished Austria and Prussia; fought British on twhole seas . Disastrous irruption of Russia in 1812 destroyed Grand Phalanx 15. The ftotal of Napoleon . Ceced by league of enemies to controlego in 1814, exiled on Elba . Staved, returned to France, disciplined phalanx, referablewithstanding was vanquished by British in 1815 II. The govern of gift E.
The Haitian Gift: the barely auspicious drudge mutiny in truth 16. Saint-Domingue, abundant French subsidence on western Hipiola . Association dominated by smtotal colorless planter collocate . 90 percent of population were drudges launched below ignorant provisions . Large communities of staved drudges, or maroons . Playing blacks fought in American hostilities, brought object giftary ideas . Current discontent: colorless settlers sought self-governance, gens de couleur sought gregarious directs, drudges wanted insubservience 17.
Drudge mutiny began in 1791 . Factions of colorless settlers, gens de couleur, and drudges battled each other . French soldiery arrived in 1792; British and Spanish ceces intervened in 1793 18. Toussaint Louverture (1744-1803) . Son of drudges, literate, skilled organizer, built a hearty and disciplined phalanx . Coerceled most of Saint-Domingue by 1797, coercionmd a nature in 1801 . Arrested by French soldiery; died in jail, 1803 19. The Republic of Haiti . Yellow ferment ravaged French soldiery; vanquished and driven extinguished by drudge armies .
Declared insurrection in 1803; methodic the Republic of Haiti in 1804 F. Hostilitiess of insurrection in Latin America 20. Latin American association rigidly priestly . Gregarious collocatees: peninsulares, creoles, drudges, and artless personss . Creoles sought to disestablish thepeninsulares notwithstanding hobsolete their absolved position 21. Mexican insurrection . Napoleon’s irruption of Spain in 1807 weakened kingly coerce of colonies . 1810: rustic mutiny in Mexico led by Hidalgo, vanquished by unrepealed creoles . 1821: Mexico mean a soldieraffect dictatorship, then in 1822 a republic .
South dissect of Mexico was burst into separate defiant particularizes in 1830s 22. Simon Bolivar (1783-1830) led insurrection shift-of-place in South America . Revealed by George Washington, besidesk contest opposing Spanish sovereignty in 1811 . Creole ceces redresscame Spanish armies throughextinguished South America, 1824 . Bolivar’s attempt of creating the Gran Colombia failed in 1830s 23. Brazilian insurrection . Portuguese kingly perceivek fled to Rio de Janeiro, 1807 . The king’s son, Pedro, agreed to Brazilian insurrection, 1821 .
Became Emperor Pedro I in the defiant Brazil (reigned 1822-1834) 24. Creole mastery in Latin America . Insurrection brought mean gregarious shift in Latin America . Principal beneficiaries were creole elites G. The emergence of ideologies: conservatism and liberalism 25. Conservatism: hindrance to shift . Importance of simultaneousness, romance . Edmund Burke viewed association as an organism that shiftd sloth redress interval (a) American Gift: a original and argumentative extinguishedcome of truth (b) French Gift: passionate and irbelow obligation 26.
Liberalism: welcomed shift as an senilitynt of growth . Championed insubservience, coextension, democracy, written natures . John Stuart Mill championed dissecticular insubservience and lad directs H. Testing the provisions of giftary ideals: drudgery 27. Shift-of-places to object drudge employment: began in 1700s, gained momentum during gifts . In 1807 British Parliament extinguishedlawed drudge employment . Other particularizes followed subserve, though iljuridical drudge employment continued from some interval 28. Shift-of-places to kill drudgery: further troublesome accordingly of attribute directs .
In Haiti and abundantly of South America, object of drudgery came with insurrection . In Europe and North America, war opposing drudge employment became war to kill drudgery . Subsidence in Britain in 1833, France in 1848, the Conjoined Particularizes in 1865, Brazil in 1888 29. Subsidence brought juridical insubservience ce drudges referablewithstanding referable gregarious coextension I. Testing the provisions of giftary ideals: women’s directs 30. Enlightenment ideals and woman . Enlightenment ctotal ce coextension referable openly extensive to woman .
Woman used logic of Locke to debate ce women’s directs (a) Mary Astell attacked hardy mastery in the lineepoch (b) Mary Wollstonecraft: woman consoled selfselfidentical original directs as man . “Woman is born playing and lives similar to man in her directs. Gregarious distinctions can be methodic barely on the vile advantageousness. ” – The Exhibition of Directs of Woman and the Fehardy Citizen 31. Woman severe to giftary activities . French gift granted woman directs of classify and attribute, referable the countenance . Olympe de Gouges’s exhibition of ample citizenship ce woman besides beneathived .
Woman made no indicative gains in other gifts 32. Women’s directs shift-of-places gained reason in the nineteenth period in Conjoined Particularizes and Europe III. The confederation of referableorious particularizes in Europe J. Nations and referableoriousism 33. Cultural referableoriousism: an countenance of referableorious identicalness . Emphasized vile unromantic trial . Used folk amelioration and reading to interpret referableorious air (Volkgiest) 34. Gregarious referableoriousism further intent in the nineteenth period . Demanded wholeegiance and solidarity from members of the referableorious kreferable attributable .
Minorities sought insurrection as a referableorious class . Young Italy cemed by Giuseppe Mazzini 35. Zionism: Jewish referableoriousism as a retort to current European anti-Semitism . Shift-of-place planted by Theodor Herzl to coercionm a Jewish particularize in Palestine . Jewish particularize of Israel finally coercionmd in 1948 K. The emergence of referableorious communities 36. Congress of Vienna, 1814-15 . Unrepealed chiefs determined to restrange obsolete classify succeeding vanquish of Napoleon . Succeeded in maintaining redress of capacity in Europe ce a period .
Failed in repressing referableoriousist and giftary ideas 37. Referableoriousist rebellions opposing obsolete classify throughextinguished nineteenth period . Greek rebels redresscame Ottoman sovereignty in 1827 . 1830 and 1848, rebellions in France, Spain, Portugal, and German particularizes . Unrepealed sovereignty usually renewd succeedingward referablewithstanding ideals persisted L. The junction of Italy and Germultifarious 38. Cavour and Garibaldi conjoined Italy by 1870 . Mazzini’s Young Italy revealed uprisings opposing ceeign sovereignty in Italy . Cavour led referableoriousists and expelled Austrian authorities in northern Italy, 1859 .
Garibaldi coerceled southern Italy, returned it to King Vittore Emmanuele, 1860 39. Prussian perfect supply Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) coercionmd a conjoined Germultifarious . In Germany, referableoriousist rebellion was repressed in 1848 . Bismarck raging three hostilitiess that swelled German haughtiness . 1871, Prussian king proclaimed emperor of the Second Reich The years 1776 and 1789 are pivotal dates in universe truth. The collision of the American Gift and the French Gift extensive remote past the borders of those span countries.
Other mutinys followed, and in spleen of a unrepealed reaction in Europe, the universe was referable the selfselfidentical succeedingward. Some vile elements of the giftary era: * Innovating ideals. The ideals of insubservience, coextension, and beloved sway primitive explicit by the philosophes of the Enlightenment (perceive Condition 24) were now independent. John Locke’s doctrine of sovereignty as a curtail between sovereigntyrs and subjects revealed the chiefs of the American Gift. Affectwise, Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s concept of a “gregarious curtail” methodic on the “open will” plant countenance in the Referableorious Assembly of France. * Innovating sovereigntys.
Vastly divergent sovereigntys emerged in the Conjoined Particularizes, France, and Latin America. However, most giftary sovereigntys began with written natures, particularizements of dissecticular directs, and elected assemblies. Gregarious capacity was openly the franchise of man of attribute. Barely Haiti empowered total man disregarding of course. * Innovating ideologies. Gregarious theories emerged to adrobes the gesticulatory shifts of the senility. Conservatism, liberalism, and after, gregariousism (perceive condition 30) differed in the belowstanding of shift and hostilitiesrant and came to exnerve the gregarious and economic currents of the nineteenth period. Uneven gregarious growth. Some shifts, such as the subsidence of feudal directs and obligations in France, were proplant and beaming. Other shifts, affect the subsidence of drudgery in the Americas, came further sloth and fragmentarily. Similar directs ce woman did referable gain momentum until tardy in the nineteenth period. * Referableoriousism. Beloved sway gave language to a innovating cem of identicalness. Methodic on referableions of a vile cultural and narrative trial, referableoriousism was a capacityful cece in the nineteenth period.
Ethnic minorities affect the Greeks amid the Ottoman sovereignty demanded referableorious insurrection, and dissolute cultural knots affect the Italians and the Germans coercionmd innovating particularizes to offspring their referableorious identities. Every gift begins with the problems of the Obsolete Regime 1st stsenility = increasing discontent with the Obsolete regime, voluntary acts of denounce and injustice, redressthrow 2nd stsenility = honeymoon with steady innovating sovereignty 3rd stsenility = takeredress of the extremists, missing of dissecticularism, the sovereignty becomes passionate and exorbitant 4th stsenility = reestablishment of some designation of equilibrium, directs, expectation. , usually below a “strongman”

Ap Universe Truth Units 1-3 Study Guide

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