Apple Financial Statement Paper

Write a paper in which you discuss the Apple, Inc.’s financial statements (from Week 1). Your paper should only focus on two main topics… Comparative Analysis and Ratio Analysis and how these are used to evaluate financial statements… specifically, the Apple financial statements from Week 1.

Your paper should include:
1) A formal introduction paragraph, including a thesis statement
2) A general discussion of the types AND tools of comparative analysis (see page 693 of the textbook)
3) A general discussion of how ratios are used to evaluate financial statements—-ONLY THIS QUESOINT
4) A discussion of some specific areas of Apple’s financial statements using comparative AND ratio analysis that your team finds interesting. Be sure to provide specific numerical examples and explain why. For example, you might find that Apple has $1 billion more in cash than Samsung. You should explain this and discuss why you think this might be the case. Another example, Apple’s profitability ratio might have decreased each year for the past three years, you should explain this using real numbers and discuss why you think this might be. The more specific and thoughtful your examples in your paper, the better your grade will be.
5) A formal conclusion paragraph.

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