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NAME : ___________________ VU STUDENT ID : _________________ (If you do referable furnish this, your rate succeed referable be conspicuous.) ASSESSEMENT TASK MODULE 2 (Due Date: Behold VUC Upload this Vocable socument to the dropbox Instructions: • This job is furnishd in WORD controlmat and this instrument must be portraitured to counterpart the topics and referted as is. • You succeed demand to penetrate your counterparts onto this instrument underneathneath each topic (DO NOT DELETE THE QUESTIONS). Succeeding topic 1, constrain ENTER and archearchetype your counterparts in, then constrain penetrate succeeding topic 2 and remain in this custom. Leave the topics in the corresponding font and colour. • Once you bear completed then upload the vocable instrument to VU Collaborate Rate Dropbox. If the instrument is referable in

NAME : ___________________
VU STUDENT ID : _________________ (If you do referable attributable attributable attributable produce this, your tribute conciliate referable attributable attributable attributable be remarkable.)
Upload this Tidings socument to the dropbox
• This toil is produced in WORD controlmat and this instrument must be interpretationd to solution the investigations and surrenderted as is.
• You conciliate need to invade your solutions onto this instrument beneath each investigation (DO NOT DELETE THE QUESTIONS). Following investigation 1, encroach ENTER and archearchetype your solutions in, then encroach invade following investigation 2 and abide in this way. Leave the investigations in the similar font and colour.
• Once you own completed then upload the tidings instrument to VU Collaborate Tribute Dropbox. If the instrument is referable attributable attributable attributable in tidings controlmat you conciliate entertain NO MARKS control the tribute.
• DO NOT EMAIL this tribute to your lecturer.
• If you do referable attributable attributable attributable surrender via the Tribute Dropbox on VU Collaborate, you conciliate entertain NO MARKS control this tribute and NO discourse conciliate be invadetained in this heed.
• If you experiment any problems, you conciliate continuity your lecturer on your campus eventual you are from Melbourne and referable attributable attributable attributable the part coordinator who conciliate disown your email.
• Turnitin conciliate be coagulated on control this tribute barring you conciliate NOT comprehend the tidings. So, secure that you do referable attributable attributable attributable vision referable attributable attributablees from slides, productionshops or other students production. You may paraphrase
• Please Referable attributable attributablee: Some investigations beneath conciliate insist-upon you to interpretation the SAP server to solution the investigations.
• Do referable attributable attributable attributable excel the number outlines as involved control each solution incongruously penalties conciliate employ. If you own fewer outlines than involved that’s meliorate. (interpretation font dimension 12, New Times Roman)
• Referable attributable attributablee some investigations insist-upon an exposition with issue, so secure that issues are discussed incongruously you conciliate acquire no marks.
QUESTIONS (Archetype your solutions here using font colour BLACK)
1. Expound why a Reconciliation recital is interpretationd. You may interpretation an issue to expound. (6 outlines)
2. Expound why a Collection chart of recital is needless when the sodality adjudications in the collection interpretation the similar Operating chart of recitals. (7 outlines)
3. List and expound the 3 incongruous archetypes of Chart of recitals. (6 outlines)
4. List 7 momentous components of a Chart of Recitals. (7 outlines)
5. What is the end of a fiscal year unequivalent? (1 outline)
6. Name 3 things defined in the fiscal year unequivalent ? (6 outlines)
7. Expound using an issue what you beneathstand by “year shift/displacement” in a fiscal year (5 outlines). You may interpretation an illustration/image if you relish.
8. Expound what is meant by a posting end unequivalent? (4 outlines)
9. Define a sodality in SAP? (3 outlines)
10. Expound what a sodality adjudication in SAP resources? (3 outlines)
11. What is the end of a scene standing collection ? (4 outlines)


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