Assessment 2: Case Study (Report and Presentation)

Assessment 2: Case Study (Report and Presentation)
Assessment Overview:

The case study will need to include a written report, an action log and the delivery of a 15 minute presentation to the rest of the class.
The written report will need to include an Executive Summary, a table of contents, page numbers, references and appropriate headings to deal with the content of the written report, a PowerPoint slides (including main points, image support the slides and presentation notes)

• The written report need to discuss the International Business strategies of Nike that relate to the business: for example, is it a global business or a multi domestic business, does it use standardization or adaptation or a combination, what sort of integration does it have, how does it deal with human resources – recruitment, remuneration, training, management.

The word limit for the written report is 1000 words. The presentation to the class using PowerPoint slides.

Submission information:
– Meet the required word count
– Size 12 Arial Font
– 1.5 line spacing and margins of 2.5cm
– Numbered headings
– Page numbers
– Contents page
– Use appropriate academic language including APA referencing.
– Include a minimum of 6 references from varied sources (including textbooks, journals, case studies, magazines, the Internet, utilise various library databases, etc.).