Assessment 2 Shared Care Plan

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Assessment 2 Shared Care Plan

Assessment 2 Shared Concern Scheme: Risk Level: High Ultimate updated by (RN) 3/3/2020 Original Author (RN). 3/3/2020 Medical Summary: History Liam’s has JIA (polyarticular) which was diagnosed period 8. Liam ments increasing indisposition levels in the joints, especially R wrist, which was fractured in a cycling garb 3 years gone. He as-courteous ments increasing unpleasantness in his shoulders and junctions aggravate the ultimate 6 months. Erica ments that anterior to this extreme exacerbation Liams’ symptoms keep been courteous controlled with periodical medications gsingle his ultimate flare up two years gone. Liam has totalergic Asthma diagnosed perifragmentary 10. His first triggers are carcass and pollen. Liam had 4x attendances at the Westtown Regional Hospital A&E line ultimate summer. Three intelligent exacerbations were associated with ample carcass storms in the

Assessment 2 Shared Circumspection Delineation:

Risk Level: High

Terminal updated by (RN) 3/3/2020

Original Author (RN). 3/3/2020

Medical Summary:

Liam’s has JIA (polyarticular) which was diagnosed date 8. Liam announces increasing trouble levels in the joints, chiefly R wrist, which was fractured in a cycling additament 3 years departed. He so announces increasing annoyance in his shoulders and junctions balance the terminal 6 months. Erica announces that previous to this departed exacerbation Liams’ symptoms entertain been courteous controlled with cemal medications gundivided his terminal flare up couple years departed.

Liam has entireergic Asthma diagnosed dated 10. His first triggers are clay and pollen. Liam had 4x attendances at the Westtown Regional Hospital A&E division terminal summer. Three quick exacerbations were associated with liberal clay storms in the area (currently in dryness) and uninterruptedly succeeding nature laagered to liberal amounts of clay opportunity promotive his farther arraign creation onto a deal in the fund yards.

Prevalent grant 3/3/20XX
On criterion R index, R shoulder and L junction entertain genial protuberance and are animated to the impress. Liams complains of 4/10 trouble on move of these joints. Liam announce having to reason his Asthma reliever medication at lowest uninterruptedly per week ce the terminal 2-3 months.

Liams’ woman Erica has enucleateed concerns in fitness to his prevalent subjective foothold. She states that she believes Liam is improving increasingly socially engraved and is not attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious participating as actively in the superintendence of his JIA or Asthma as he has in the departed. She states that his year advisor has so been in impress as he is displaying sunk endeavor in arrange which is quenched of capacity as he is usually a good-tempered-tempered tyro. Liam was partially disinclined to engdate in argument in-reference-to superintendence and texture of either of his stipulations.

Patient Circumspection Team:


Personal Support Team:

Mother- Erica Smith
Step father- John Smith

Father- Michael Taylor
Step woman- Annie Taylor
Patient’s circumspection goals (constant and repugnant)


• “I am disordered of sensitiveness irrelative – I impartial lack to be regular love perfectundivided else”.
• “I lack to be efficacious to enact weekend recreation anew. Entire the other guys in my year look to enact bigwig on the weekends I’m the remaining undivided quenched”.


• “I am very solicitous abquenched Liams’ subjective heartiness and lack to confirm a temporization to oration this offspring ASAP”
• “We lack to acquire to the specialists to resurvey his JIA an Asthma superintendence. We insufficiency to acquire to the profound of what has caused his Asthma and JIA to acquire worse balance the terminal 6 months”
• “We insufficiency to conclude up with a reform delineation ce organizing and managing entire of Liams’ appointments and the instruction we accept from them – we look to impartial be reacting when fiction go wickedness these days”

Patient’s self-superintendence tools:

• Consult paediatric rheumatologist and paediatrician ASAP.
• Enucleate a delineation ce stpatriarchal increased soul and render to team recreation (hockey).
• Enucleate temporization ce competing discipline-based tasks when JIA/Asthma flares.
• Attend counselling/psychotherapy
• Enucleate a temporization ce nature fractions at discipline, and settlement (x2) in-reference-to medications and trigger identification (with minimal supervision).
• Erica, Michael and Liams to enucleate delineations ce medication supply, 1-1 season and medical vindication delineations ce twain households in the result of an quick exacerbation of Asthma or JIA.

Patients barriers to circumspection goals


Team Goals: (constant and repugnant)

• Devise a delineation/ce despatch between entire apt specialists (unmindful of dregs) including the reason of an electronic heartiness archives.
• Enucleate collaborative circumspection temporization ce Liams monthly subject conferences (including Liam and parents) perfect 2 months ce 6 months.
• Foster Liams’ fractions superintendence of twain constant stipulations (with minimal parental supervision).
• Monitor virtue of natural and subjective interventions closely balance the instant 6 months with monthly clinic visits (circumspection coordinator). Apt team members to collaborate and alter delineations as requisite.

Adapted from: Patient Centred first Circumspection Institute (2020) The basic person-centred circumspection delineation – Providence Medical Group Southeast, Availefficacious at:


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