Assessment task 2: Literacy planning resource

Title: Assessment task 2: Literacy planning resource
Assessment task link to unit learning outcomes: This task is designed to:
• Prompt you to identify and critically examine a range of perspectives on literacies, and English and literacy learning in the primary years.
• Provide opportunities for you to review effective and inclusive English and literacy learning experiences for primary school children which reflect the complex nature of English and literacy teaching and learning in an increasingly diverse social and cultural world.
• Develop your ability understand how to plan, implement and assess literacy learning experiences that develop students’ reading, writing, visual and oral literacy skills. English Literature Assignment Help
• Extend your personal literacies through research and academic writing, drawing on the use of a range of information and communication technologies.
Details of task: The purpose of the task is for you to design a planning resource, based on a picture book, that explores the areas of language, literature and literacy. You need provide a carefully designed sequence of learning activities that supports students’ understanding of the text and competence as language and literacy learners.
You need to choose a children’s picture book from the list provided (see Moodle).
Your planning resource needs to:
• Explore the affordances of the text for students’ language and literacy learning.
• Include details of the teaching and learning sequence, that integrates language, literature and literacy to support students to effectively respond to the text.
• Include details of the performance indicators that will demonstrate how students have successfully engaged with the learning tasks, with reference to curriculum documents and frameworks .
Word count/equivalent: 2000 words equivalent
Weighting/Value: 50%
Presentation requirements: The assignment should conform to APA 6th edition writing and referencing style.
Individual assessment in group tasks: Not applicable.
Criteria for marking:
• You provide a rationale that details your understanding of the affordances of the text for students’ learning.
• You have developed a teaching and learning sequence to support students to respond to the text and maximize students’ literacy learning.
• You have included details of the performance indicators that demonstrate students’ engagement with the learning tasks.
• Your paper draws on substantive and authoritative sources to support your contentions, with emphasis on our subject’s course readings.
• Your writing demonstrates a well-expressed, clearly proof-read and coherent development of ideas and your paper complies with the word limit set for this task (plus/minus 10%).
• You have used correct citation conventions and accurately recorded the bibliographic details of texts cited in your paper.
(An assessment rubric will be available on Moodle.)
Please choose one of the titles below to complete this task
Title Author
Flood Jackie French & Bruce Whatley
Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus Mo Willems

Stanley Paste Aaron Blabey
Hairy nose, itchy butt Elizabeth Frankel & Garry Duncan
Some smug slug Pamela Duncan Edwards
Room on the broom Julia Donaldson
Our island The children of Gununa with Alison Lester and Elizabeth Honey
The Rabbits John Marsden
Dear Greenpeace Simon James
The Island Armin Greder
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