Assessment Task – Video and Disruption Report

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Assessment Task – Video and Disruption Report

ITECH1100 – Discerning the Digital Revolution Rate Calling – Video and Derangeion Noise Overview Coercion this rate calling, you achieve produce a written suggestion and video environing the application of a point technology on an toil or opportunity. The conduce of this ordinance is coercion you to disclose your huge-picture pondering, and to test sundry applications of the ever-changing IT toil. Timelines and Anticipateations Percentage Value of Calling: 25% Due: Refer to Succession Term Minimum era anticipateation: 40 hrs Scholarship Outcomes Assessed The subjoined succession scholarship outcomes are assessed by completing this rate calling: • A3. Apply calling instruction software coercion axioms visualization and decomposition conduces; • S2. Re-examination a order of instruction method applications; • S3. Interpret and fabricate representations of calling axioms issue and manneres; •

ITECH1100 – Discerning the Digital Revolution
Rate Job – Video and Break-in-piecesion Name
Restraint this rate job, you accomplish make a written design and video environing the impression of a feature technology on an assiduity or room.
The end of this enactment is restraint you to expand your bulky-picture contemplateing, and to criticize manifold impressions of the ever-changing IT assiduity.
Timelines and Awaitations
Percentage Value of Job: 25%
Due: Refer to Progress Name
Minimum era awaitation: 40 hrs
Knowledge Outcomes Assessed
The subjoined progress knowledge outcomes are assessed by completing this rate job:
• A3. Apply interest instruction software restraint basis visualization and anatomy ends;
• S2. Revisal a rove of instruction classification applications;
• S3. Interpret and erect representations of interest basis course and manneres; • K2. State the corrections of emerging technologies amid solution assiduity contexts; and • K6. Explain the concepts of software expandment amid solution industries.
Rate Points
The Digital Revolution is referable scant to the late – we should await diversifys to remain restraint the restrainteseeable coming. The maintain of this rate is restraint you to criticize how IT rule diversify a feature assiduity in the coming, fixed on general trends and upcoming technologies.
Your question must be automatically generated, fixed on your ward ID.
Delight correction the Question Generator converge in Moodle, and prefer solely individual of the questions serviceable.
Topics are of the restraintm:
“Disrupting {Assiduity or Earnestness} with {Technology}”.
Referable entire options are strictly technologies, some are applications of technology
? Make an ePortfolio page which you accomplish correction to comply your product. Make believing you maintain the page referable-social – you do referable insufficiency to part-amongicularized the seeing of your ePortfolio to social restraint this rate job.
Enbelieving you perfect this march. ePortfolios are the best restraintm we own to entireow video enactment submissions. Delight don’t comply a Word or PDF muniment spontaneous preceding approbation is granted by your lecturer.
? Access the Question Generator through Moodle, and prefer individual of the subjoined questions.
1. Break-in-piecesing the Collectibles Assiduity with GPT-3
2. Break-in-piecesing the Veterinary Assiduity with Cryptocurrency

CRICOS Provider No. 00103D | RTO Code 4909
Part-among individual – Research
The highest march to creating your video and name is to criticize twain the technology and the assiduity, to discern the immanent impressions.
? Write a concise name of the technology and the assiduity (300-500 opinion each), and infer twain to your ePortfolio page. You may correction any applicable sources, including websites, blogs, tweets, record catechism and textbooks. Enbelieving you name any sources correctly.
If you are unbelieving of how to relation sources, delight revisal the Academic Integrity Module, or touch a Knowledge Skills Advisor. Plagiarism is referable acceptable!
Part-among brace – Brainstorming break-in-piecesions
? Restraint your question, roll at lowest five restraintms the technology may diversify or break-in-pieces the assiduity (150-200 opinion each). Include this roll on your ePortfolio page.
Break-in-pieces doesn’t necessarily moderation sick – it regular moderations a bulky diversify. You could contemplate environing how Uber break-in-piecesed the taxi assiduity, or how Amazon break-in-piecesed the dispose-of assiduity.
If you are having effort, bear-in-mind that this is a chimerical job – it’s ok restraint your ideas to be 10 or 30 years in the coming. The further you can succeed up with at this stage the reform, raze if you contemplate your ideas are perfectly implausible.
Part-among three – Break-in-piecesion ? Prefer a unmarried individual of your diversifys or break-in-piecesions.
Indicate in your ePortfolio which break-in-piecesion you prefer.
? Identify individual manner amid your assiduity or earnestness that would be fictitious by your separated break-in-piecesion. Restraint this manner, part-amongicularize its triggering Razet, any Activities, Decision Points, and Actors/Resources, and finally an Outcome.
? Provide a written name of how this manner accomplish be fictitious by your separated break-in-piecesion.
? Support your written name with BPMN manner models of the manner precedently and succeeding break-in-piecesion.
The end of your models is to appearance the impression of the technology on the interest manner; permit that train your raze of point.
Part-among immodest – Ethics
? Identify at lowest immodest factors or toils that may rale the break-in-piecesion pictorial in part-among-among three. Frame these amid Lessig’s tender trifle hypothesis. That is, communicate, command, edifice, and norms (social/ethical).
At lowest individual of these immodest factors must be an holy toil.
? Write approximately 250 opinion on each of the factors identified overhead. Your holy toil must be akin to an ethics framework, such as Utilitarianism or Deontology.


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