Assessment Title:- Analysing an Accounting Information System

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Assessment Title:- Analysing an Accounting Information System

Rate Title:- Analysing an Accounting Advice Regularity Purpose of the rate (with ULO Mapping);- Students are required to: • Demonstrate speculative and trained scholarship of Accounting Advice Regularity. • Articulate the manifold affair cycles, financial announceing, and government announceing regularitys to technical and non-technical stakeholders. • Evaluate manifold inner repress regularity of an accounting advice regularity. Weight 20% of the aggregate rates. Aggregate Marks- 20 Marks. Word limit- 2000 articulation ± 10%. Submission Guidelines • The enactment must be in MS Word restraintmat, envelop spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on whole immodest sides of your page with missppurpose exception headings and page aggregate. • Allusion sources must be cited in the quotation of the announce and recorded misspendly at the purpose in a allusion record

Impost Title:- Analysing an Accounting Notification Scheme

Purpose of the impost (with ULO Mapping);- Scholars are required to:
• Demonstrate speculative and serviceable attainments of Accounting Notification Scheme.
• Articulate the diversified business cycles, financial menting, and administration menting schemes to technical and non-technical stakeholders.
• Evaluate diversified inner moderate mode of an accounting notification scheme.

Weight 20% of the completion imposts.
Completion Marks- 20 Marks.
Word limit- 2000 utterance ± 10%.

Submission Guidelines
• The assignment must be in MS Word controlmat, envelop spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on whole indecent sides of your page with misapply individuality headings and page aggregate.
• Regard sources must be cited in the citation of the ment and rolled misapplyly at the object in a regard roll using Harvard referencing indicate.
• Embody a restriction of ten (10) regards, at lowest five (5) from peer-reviewed life misapply to the part.

Analysing the Accounting Notification Scheme of HARDA Character.
HARDA Character sells ready-to-wear character clothing to teenagers. The assemblage has a 20-treasury fetter close in the north-eastern part of the Parted States of America.
Each treasury has the conversant full-time staff exist of a director and an auxiliary director. The full-time staff is remunerated a agricultural remuneration. The full-time staff is assisted with a disimpeach and a sales auxiliary who own comparatively close test. The disimpeach and sales auxiliary are remunerated hourly hire plus the message based on the body of sales. HARDA Character uses open currency recorded with indecent-parts sales invoice to proceedings each financial business. These sales invoices control the sales business irrespective of the cancelment image. The proceedings-keeping starts with the sales auxiliary on the sales pavement.
The sales auxiliary fills the sales invoices manually by providing the restraintthcoming notification:
1.Records his or her employee enumerate.
2.Enters the business details including clothing item enumerate, cognomen, muchness, and the part value.
3.Totals the sales invoice.
4.Calculates the discounts manually when misapply.
5.Calculates the sales impost.
6.Finalise the sales invoice aftercited sagacious the elevated completion

The sales auxiliary then controlwards the sale invoice to the disimpeach and keeps single delineation in the sales dimensions.
The disimpeach revisals this sales invoice and enters in the currency record. The currency record mechanically validates the invoice, automatically assigning a continuous enumerate to the business. The disimpeach is as-well impeachable on control getting security commendation on impeach sales and encouraging sales remunerated by cheque. The disimpeach gives
(1) single delineation of the invoice to the customer,
(2) retains the second delineation as a treasury delineation, and
(3) the third control a bankcard, if a safeguard is deficiencyed.
Produce are handled in precisely the mutation habit, with the disimpeach issuing a give-back lubricate.
At the object of each day, the disimpeach sequentially orders the sales invoices and takes currency record completions control currency, bankcard, cheque sales, and currency and security card give-back. These completions are reconciled by the auxiliary director to the currency record tapes, the completion of the continuously enumerateed sales invoices, and the give-back lubricates. The auxiliary director prepares a daily pacification ment control the treasury director’s revisal.

The director revisals currency, cheque, and security card sales and then prepares the daily bank safeguard (security card sales invoices are comprised in the safeguard). The director makes the safeguard at the bank and files the validated safeguard lubricate.
The currency record tapes, sales invoices, and give-back lubricates are controlwarded daily to the mediate basis modeing division at corporate headquarters control modeing. The basis modeing division give-backs a weekly sales and message courage ment to the director control revisal.


Prepare a ment to Chief Executive Officer of HARDA Character to evaluate its modees, risks, and inner moderates control its enrichment cycle. In your ment, you deficiency to embody the restraintthcoming items:

1. Identify six powers in HARDA’s scheme control moderateling sales businesss.
2. Control each power signed, expound what collection(s) HARDA Character has avoided by incorporating the powers in the scheme control moderateling sales businesss.
3. Identify couple situational pressures in a assemblage relish HARDA Character that would acception the relishlihood of injury.
4. Expound why some companies would select to instwhole a nice computer scheme rather than a mediateised single.

Assignment Structure

The ment should embody the restraintthcoming components:
• Assignment Cover Page palpably stating your indicate and scholar enumerate.
• Executive digest.
• A consideration of space.
• The importation.
• Body of the ment with individualitys to retort the overhead issues and with misapply individuality headings.
• Conclusion and recommendations.
• Roll of regards.


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