Assignment 1 – COIT20269 Mobile Web Apps

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Assignment 1 – COIT20269 Mobile Web Apps

Ordinance 1 – COIT20269 Sensitive Structure Apps Objectives This impost feature relates to the literature product 1, 2, 3 and 4. Further specifically to delineation and utensil a abstrconservation sensitive contact. The concrete of this ordinance is ce learners to: • Develop, proof and hold a sensitive internet contact using an integrated retainers of sensitive software crop tools. Further specifically on the client caconservation jQuery Sensitive, JavaScript and HTML5 and CSS are conservationd. On the server caconservation we conservation JavaScript and the node server with diverse node packages. The Mongo basisbase is conservationd as a basis stock and that basis is as-well stockd discreetly on the sensitive design. Introduction You are assigned the job of creating a basis logger to seize tentative basis in a sensitive contact that

Ordinance 1 – COIT20269 Sensitive Edifice Apps
This tribute part relates to the letters conclusion 1, 2, 3 and 4. Past specifically to pur-pose and utensil a multifarious sensitive contact.
The extrinsic of this ordinance is restraint students to:
• Develop, experience and sustain a sensitive internet contact using an integrated satellites of sensitive software harvest tools. Past specifically on the client plane jQuery Sensitive, JavaScript and HTML5 and CSS are interpretationd. On the server plane we interpretation JavaScript and the node server with several node packages. The Mongo groundsbase is interpretationd as a grounds place-of-business and that grounds is so place-of-businessd reservedly on the sensitive design.
You are assigned the performance of creating a grounds logger to withhold experimental grounds in a sensitive contact that place-of-businesss grounds in a persomal groundsbase. The app has grounds to archives grounds restraint each of five days of interpretation of lag aircraft. When a day is separated, a page is professionn to archives grounds values restraint lags that are archivesed by the app. A lag register consists of a end and log grounds. When the Secure Log Register pin is pressed these values are secured reservedly in the designs’ persomalStorage. When the Profession Log Entries pin is pressed a connected page is professionn that catalogues total the end/time and lag entries. Past details of these pages accomplish be consecrated in the sections adown.
We accomplish connect to our app as LagLogs. The mention of this app accomplish be advance courtly in Ordinance 2. This app is to be experienceed using the Safari, FireFox or Chrome browser and experienceed on an Android or iPhsingle sensitive design.
Client Plane HTML / CSS / JavaScript Sensitive Contact
You are to utensil this app using HTML5, CSS and JQueryMobile. The app is interpretationd by a congregation who has to convoke grounds on who is using their lags balance rolling 5 day periods. A reckon of specific lags rest and restraint each lag a matchless ID reckon is interpretationd to realize it. Restraint each specific lag the congregation needs to archives grounds that can be interpretationd to instrument who flies the lag and from where the lag is flown.
The app should be naturalized on a multi-page template extracture. The client plane contact residence page is professionn in Fig. 1. The Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 pins should converge to pages in a JQuery-sensitive multi- page extracture.
Images restraint the page/views required to utensil the ordinance are consecrated in the coercionthcoming figures. Please music that the illustrations are restraint connectence solely, and your express pages accomplish be naturalized on the CSS style-guide in interpretation on your express sensitive design.
Residence page sentiment
The residence page sentiment is professionn in Fig. 1. This is the initiation page restraint the app. A interpretationr clicks on a page converge and is epidemic to that page.
Fig 1: Residence page sentiment
Lag sentiment
The pages restraint entering the lag grounds are total the identical so it makes not attributable attributableion to interpretation single html page to profession the basic extracture and then interpretation Javascript to customise the page naturalized on what day we clicked on the residence page. The sentiment professionn in Fig. 2 is restraint the Day 1 page.
The header has epithets from the multiformity series {Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5} naturalized on what pin is pressed on the Residence page. It so has a Obvious and Profession logs pins conspicuous in the header seal. The Obvious pin accomplish obvious the values in total the extract register grounds on the page.
The footer has 3 pins. The Direct pin accomplish obtain?} you to the direct component in the series Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5}. The Anterior pin accomplish obtain?} you to the anterior component. The Residence pin accomplish obtain?} you end to the residence page.
The pleased of a lag page has extract register grounds with labels, Serial #:, Pilot:, Key:, Contract #: and a decline down Category ground (“”, “Civil”, “Government”, “Military”) as professionn in Fig. 2.
When weighty grounds is entered into total the extract register grounds the Secure log register pin can be pushed to secure a log restraint the lag. If any of the grounds values are extinguished of class or pin is in a extract register then an lively should be professionn to manifest the substance, as in Fig. 3.
Fig 2: Lag page sentiment
Fig 3. Sample fallacy dialogs.
A prevent dialog must so be professionn when there were substances wary the log (Fig. 4a), alternatively a luck dialog should be professionn (Fig 4b).
Any reckon of log entries can be made to archives any reckon of lags nature flown on a day in this behavior.
DroneLogs sentiment
When the Profession logs pin in the lags’s page header is pressed, the give end/time should be pretended to the grounds extracture interpretationd to place-of-business the lag grounds values nature archivesed. Pressing this pin so triggers a entreat restraint the colonization (latitude/longitude) to be pretended to the lag grounds. The log entries should then be secured in the design’s persomalStorage. A lags logs page is then professionn with total the secured logs restraint the lag catalogueed, as professionn in Fig. 5. Fig. 5 professions the evince when past than 1 register has been secured. Pressing the End pin on the footer should obtain?} you to the anterior page.
(a) (b)
Fig 4. Secure log completion dialog.
Fig. 5: Lag logs page.
Cast pin
The Cast pin on the lag logs header seal is interpretationd to cast the grounds balance the WWW and obvious the feature lag logs. This accomplish be dsingle in the prevent ordinance. Restraint now we accomplish interpretation this to obvious total this lag grounds in the persomalStorage, and thus obvious the resting lag logs. As this deletes grounds you must give a dialog punch to the interpretationr with the select to either cast the logs or not attributable attributable, as professionn in Fig. 6
Fig. 6: Cast logs acceptance dialog.
If the Yes pin is pressed the Cast logs dialog professionn in Fig. 7 is giveed and we retaliate the lags sentiment professionn in Fig. 2. If the No pin is pressed we sound retaliate to the lags sentiment page professionn in Fig. 2.
Fig. 7: Logs sent acceptance.
Required Instrumentation
You are so to lay a Word instrument. Your instrument should embody an misapply epithet page. Your instrument should entertain brace sections that oration the hardware and software requirements and contact commentary consecrated adown.
Hardware and Software Requirements
Your instrument should:
• Create a catalogue of sensitive designs seamangeted restraint the sensitive edifice app. State what designs you experienceed the edifice app on.
Contact Commentary
Your instrument should:
• Catalogue the features you luckfully utensiled and those you were weak to luckfully utensil; you should relate the substance in a lacking sentences and so briefly relate everything you attempted to do to secure it to performance. Your similarity to realizeing and attempting to decide these bugs may create you some local merit restraint those features you were weak to utensil.
• Embody a style of any joined functionality you judge would be interpretationful to append to this App. Explain what these upstart features are and how they would aid to mend the edifice app.
You are required to refer your ordinance electronically via the Moodle conduct edificesite. The deliverable is a rar or zipped directory containing total the jurisprudence and resources needed restraint experienceing. You must seaman, rar or zip together:
• The directory containing total the finishs, folders, images required to experience your sensitive contact • Your Word instrument
The resulting gzip, rar or zip finish should be referted on the conduct edificesite. Please music that you should interpretation your student reckon as the spectry restraint your gzip, rar or zip finish when uploading to Moodle so that total students performance can be convergeed end to the committer.
Tribute criteria – Ass1 – COIT20269 Sensitive Edifice Apps
Student spectry :
Student Reckon :
Ordinance Component Criteria Marks Total
Client Plane contact
DroneLogs.html / lag.css – –

– The required scripts are total set-fit and helpful The multi-page logic is set-right
The residence page evinces and performances as intended
The navigation header/footers of the pages are set-fit and functions as expected
The end, brink, longitude, Serial #, Pilot, Key, Contract # and Category grounds are evinceed set-rightly and entertain the fit hints The Profession log page professions total the lags’ grounds logs, and has the required functionality
The end in the profession logs page is restraintmatted set-rightly
DroneLogs.js –

– Click on a day’s pin on residence page obtain?}s you to the set-fit lag page
Lag values class checked and total secure log entries dialogs professionn naturalized on pleaseds of the lags’ grounds
Total required dialogs are evinceed
The Obvious pin on the page header obviouss total grounds
Clicking on the Profession logs pin obtain?}s you to a upstart page where the give logs are total catalogueed in required restraintm
The lags’ page pageinit and pageprofession methods are utensiled set-rightly
Total navigation pins entertain the required result on the page sentiment The lag grounds is secured in persomalStorage so when the contact quits and restarts the values are retained (eventual the Cast logs pin is interpretationd).
The interpretationr interface of the lag app meets the guidelines consecrated in the ordinance
Hardware/Software & commentary
Hardware / Software requirements
Contact commentary
– Feedend consecrated as required
– Interpretation misapply naming conventions

– – Adequate commenting
Set-fit grammar
Citation of connectences, copyfit interpretation 1
Total 20
Lecturer Comments
Lecturer’s Signature End:


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