Assignment 2: Consultancy Report CRN

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Assignment 2: Consultancy Report CRN

Rate Impartation/Dwarf 2019/20 Module title Counsel Arrangements and Digital Change CRN 53181; 53174 Level 7 Rate title Provision 2: Consultancy Fame Weighting amid module This rate is esteem 50% of the overperfect module vestige. Meekness deadline century and interval See OnlineCampus Module Leader/Rate controlmal by Dr Yun Chen How to perfectude You should perfectude electronic acreckon of separate fame (word/pdf muniment) via OnlineCampus. Delight constitute unmistakeffectual that you inhibit your spelling and expression carefully. Vestiges succeed be deducted control operation which has a impecunious banner of written English. You should regularly incline to perfectude your rates on the published meekness century. Control details of prudence on delayed meekness delight perfectude to scholar handbook. Rate operation details and instructions Instance Study: Digital Change of Accelerated Prop Sector in the

Duty Acquaintation/Trivial 2019/20

Module title Notice Regularitys and Digital Alteration
CRN 53181; 53174
Level 7
Duty title Enactment 2: Consultancy Rumor
Weighting among module This duty is estimate 50% of the overfull module trace.
Resignation deadline limit and space See OnlineCampus
Module Leader/Duty firm by
Dr Yun Chen
How to comply
You should comply electronic rendering of specific rumor (word/pdf muniment) via OnlineCampus.

Fascinate constitute positive that you repress your spelling and rhetoric carefully. Traces fullure be deducted restraint achievement which has a deficient scale of written English.

You should regularly attend to comply your dutys on the published resignation limit. Restraint details of cunning on delayed resignation fascinate appeal to scholar handbook.

Duty operation details and instructions

Plight Study: Digital Alteration of Dissipated Influence Sector in the UK

Peng instituted a Chinese interestamake in Upstartcastle 10 years past. Like other unwritten interestaways, he interests dispose face-to-face or by phone. Then his customers can muster the influence themselves or beseech the influence to be delivered to their oration if it is among 2 miles and the dispose is superior than £12.00.

The employment broad straightly in these 10 years and Peng opened another 7 interestaways in incongruous regions of England, such as Northumberland, Devon and Durham. This ad hoc augmentation diplomacy has led to accelerating dimensions of insist-upond labour and sales. Accordingly, the unwritten employment example is unamentelling to handle and is assignable attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling convocation enhanced customer confluences in this present digital era when completing athwart dissipated influence giants Deliveroo and UberEats.

As a fruit, Peng plans to constitute-over his employment digitally by embedding digital technologies among the employment example. He is thinking encircling three implicit alteration manners:

1. Join a 3rd delayedrality platform, such as Just-Eat ( ) to path to the upset-on-foot traceets online. In dispose to be a portion of Just-Eat, the provision needs to expression a abridge and sttelling 10% legation of each dispose to Just-eat. In retaliate, Just-eat fullure fullay the provision menu into their website groundsbase and constitute it searchtelling to customers by postcode. Just-Eat fullure too collect a plan to the provision so that the interest-amake can be assignable attributtelling attributableiced of any dispose situated through the website. The provision can sanction or reject any dispose. Just-eat fullure reimburse currency to the provision (behind 10% legation) monthly or bi-weekly.

2. Found up digital influence (e.g. website or inconstant app) to interest disposes and advance the provision to the upset-on-foot traceets. As hanker as the dispose is situate on the website or through inconstant app, the provision resisting fullure flourish a messera containing full dispose details on the provision Point of Sale regularity so that disposes can be dealt with in the unwritten restraintm. As a ordeal, Peng has recruited a plainer to found websites restraint 4 of his provisions as under:

 (in Stockton-on-Tees)
 (in Bedlington)
 (in Upstartcastle Upon Tyne)
 http://www.chinesekitchen.catch (in Exmouth)

The plainer too plain a cross-platmake inconstant app restraint Peng’s employment named ‘Panda Oriental Bedlington’, which can be downloaded from twain iOS and Android app stores.

3. Implement ‘Virtual Resisting’ regularity to convert ethnical media insist-upond in each provision. According to Peng’s confluence, the Virtual Resisting regularity should be adapted to resituate the tangible resisting in provisions and help as a ‘cfull centre’ to interest disposes by phone. The regularity comprises groundsbase of each provision’s details and menu. Customers fullure situate dispose by cfull a specific provision’s telephsingle estimate which fullure be dealt with Virtual Resisting regularity. Behind receiving the dispose, the regularity fullure grant the dispose to POS computer in the provision which fullure then imimprint quenched the dispose in the kitchen automatically. The influence is delivered and customers constitute the stablement straightly to the importuner when they flourish the influence.

With full these ideas, Peng is struggled at choosing which manner (or past than single manners) to go afore. He too needs teaching on how to constitute-over this unwritten employment stereotype steadily and how to vie with challenges in the digital alteration mode. As a fruit, he is looking restraint a digital specialist to plain a digital diplomacy consonant with its employment diplomacy.

Your Operations

You are the SBS Consultant populated by Peng. You are insist-upond to transcribe a 3000-message authoritative rumor which deals with the issues in its Digital Alteration mode and presents your disexception and recommendations.

 Identify explanation employment and technical challenges of the Interestaway’s transition from unwritten stereotype to digital mode.
 Recommend and defend the digital diplomacy Peng can interest restraintward.
 Consider barriers to implementation of digital diplomacy and how these strength be overpower.
 Found an embracing and persuasive exemplification that can be presented to Peng.

Fascinate make your enactment as a rumor, including:

• Title Pera & Deviation pera (5%) – It is a authoritative rumor. A authoritative offer is significant to your client!
• Introduction (25%) – This exception should collect an overview of unwritten interestamake employment diplomacy and Peng’s digital alteration aim. Disexception technique such as SWOT, PESTLE awe are recommended. Too, at lowest single Employment Mode Example should be interjacent in this cabinet to teach your construction of tangible employment modees of Peng’s interestaways. The example should flourish the Employment Mode Exampleling assignable attributtelling attributableation shown in the disquisition slides. It is recommended that you explanation Microsoft Visio to fashion the examples although you may if you pappeal explanation Message, PowerPoint or alienate opinions.
• Disexception (40%) – Using chapters as needed, this exception should comprise the traceet discovery restraint digital alteration of interestamake sector in the UK. You should precede discovery on Emerging techs, Employment Importuners and Competitors of Peng’s interestamake employment and too collect a momentous resurvey on the 3 digital ideas Peng inentire to defend the best restraintm to go afore. You can too recommend upset-on-foot digital opportunities to Peng naturalized on mustered grounds. At lowest single Employment Mode Example should be interjacent in this cabinet to betoken the revised employment mode behind digital alteration. A roadmap quenchedlining how the inentire changes to the employment can be achieved to the boon of the employment should too be interjacent in this exception. You should make this exception beneath your own headings/subheading according to deviation.
• Conclusions and Recommendations (20%) – This cabinet should collect compendium of recommendations on digital alteration mode to Peng, including importance of the challenges afore to enpositive that the inentire diplomacy is effectively implemented. The exemplifications and statements in this cabinet should be importunen by your disexception and discovery in Main Exception.
• References (10%) – You should explanation alienate theories, frameworks and examples that we own healed in the module to acquaint and defend your exemplifications and importune your decision-making mode in the rumor. A incompleteness of 10 fountains should be explanationd. Appealences should be from a distant rank of media (e.g. record creed, books, Industry rumors, unblemished papers, congregation websites awe.) and should be truly quoted in the rumor – Here is the university regudelayed to appealencing:

Assessed adapted scholarship quenchedcomes

On auspicious amount of this duty, you fullure be telling to:

Scholarship and Construction
1. Critically estimate opinion IT/IS alteration explanations athwart employment needs to bridge implicit flexions in employment and IT strategic alignment
2. Reflect on paradigms of conclusive enquiry, the contact of regularitys and regularitys thinking, acknowledging the estimate of momentous thinking in IS and in Digital Alteration
3. Evaluate momentously the juridical and divine implications arising from upset-on-foot technologies in a employment firmting

Practical, Authoritative or Subject Specific Skills
1. Precede a momentous evaluation of the effectiveness of multimake employment fitnesss, deexpression and integration techniques
2. Estimate momentously opinion third delayedrality vendors/IT/IS explanation collectrs
3. Identify and recognise the estimate in contact of employment disexception tools such as estimate present mapping, flexion dissection, employment/IT audits and environmental scanning
4. Constitute a momentous appraisal of synchronous examples, evaluate mannerologies and experiences of chronicled IT Diplomacy and synchronous Digital Diplomacy, in the tenor of present discovery and emerging trends.
5. Precede traceet situate evaluation of IT explanations and beneathstand how this is dsingle on a verificationful equalize

Transfertelling Skills and other Attributes
1. Identify and utilise alienate employment mode exampleling techniques such as Explanation plight diagrams, soft-systems mannerology, explanationr fitness dissection
2. Analyse the alienateness of explanation synod relative-to to technology and acquaintation such as Grounds Protection Act, Computer Misexplanation Act, and other bearing Acts and those relative-to to copyright and the digital economy
3. Students fullure be telling to resurvey and diagnose scholarship (unexpressed and explicit) sharing in organisations and found momentous thinking skills
4. Teach an power to achievement effectively as an specific and collocation portion in dispose to heave quenched operations stringing speculation to experience so plaining upset-on-foot skills to a eminent equalize
5. Manipudelayed availtelling scholarship media in dispose to reresolve problems allied to IS planning, re-engineering and integration.
6. Communicate the explanations arrived at, and the speculation beneathlying them, in parole and written restraintm to specialists and non-specialist audiences
7. Estimate explanation issues in bearing erudition and digital media.

Module Attends
1. to prepare scholars with a speculative, verificationful and regularityic construction of scholarship restraint the needs of organisations when strategically planning, re-engineering, and integrating Acquaintation Technology/ Regularitys (IT/S) in the tenor of Digital Alteration of Employmentes
2. to collect a holistic scholarship of the momentous role of present problems and /or upset-on-foot insights of IT/IS twain at municipal and employment equalize so scholars are handy to collect cappower in, IT/IS, coincidently with construction of authoritative, divine and juridical issues restraint IT/IS implementation at functional and strategic equalizes of transforming employmentes
3. to facilitate a common construction of techniques applictelling twain in employment and IS/IT alignment in the tenor of present discovery and emerging trends.

Message calculate/ space (if ancilla)

Your enactment should be equiponderant of 3000 expression (+/- 10%).
You are encouraged to plain your enactment using images, tables, diagrams and visualisations.
References and appendix are assignable attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling interjacent in the message calculate.

Feedback arrangements

You can controlecast to flourish summative feedback and temporary trace restraint this enactment on the OnlineCampus among 2 weeks of the resignation ascribable limit.

Livelihood arrangements

The University offers a rank of livelihood services restraint scholars through beseechUS.
Good-tempered Academic Precede and Academic Dissuade
Students are controlecasted to glean and teach skills associated with good-tempered-tempered academic precede (academic rectitude). Good-tempered-tempered academic precede comprises the explanation of plain and improve appealencing of fountain materials. Here is a be-mixed to where you can invent quenched past encircling the skills which scholars insist-upon
Academic Misprecede is an exercise which may impart you an unjust advantera in your academic achievement. This comprises plagiarism, beseeching somesingle else to transcribe your duty restraint you or preamble assignable attributtelling attributablees into an exam. The University interests full restraintms of academic misprecede seriously. You can invent quenched how to abandon academic misprecede here

Particular Sanatory Stipulation
If particular sanatory stipulation may own unnatural your power to entire this duty, you can invent past acquaintation encircling particular sanatory stipulation proceeding here.

Duty Criteria
Your rumor would be traceed in stipulations of operation items descriptive in this enactment trivial. It is summarised as the ttelling under, not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablewithstanding fascinate appeal to detailed description in ‘Your Operations’ on Pera 2.
Section Content Marks
Title Pera & Deviation pera (5%) Title pera & Deviation pera to set-on-foot the authoritative rumor. 5
Introduction (25%) An overview of present HH Reeds Imprinters employment diplomacy and their digital alteration aim. 25
Main Exception (40%) Discovery and disexception on Employment Importuner and Competitors of HH Reeds and a resurvey on emerging tech/digital novelty in imprinting sector. How can the inentire changes to the employment be achieved to the boon of the employment? 40
Conclusions and Recommendations (20%) Summarise the all rumor with recommendations on digital alteration mode to the HH Reeds, including importance of the challenges afore to enpositive that the inentire diplomacy is effectively implemented. 20
References (10%) References should be conclude from a distant rank of media (e.g. website, books, Industry rumors, unblemished papers and record creed awe.) and should be truly quoted in the rumor 10

Marks fullure be awarded restraint:
• Strong and logic interbe-mixed among cabinets;
• Momentous disexception and collocation of bearing scholarship/theories, incorporating exemplification of peculiar thinking;
• Momentous argument allied to the Plight Study tenor;
• Common traceet discovery with exemplification livelihood;
• Alienate appealence from a distant rank of fountains (e.g. reputtelling digital employment site/academic papers/upset-on-foot stories);

Marks may be deducted restraint:
 Achievement that is plagiarised from other fountains withquenched the explanation of academic appealencing
 Unamount of enactment operations
 Misconstruction of the concepts
 Lack of argument
 Descriptive adaptation rather than inapprehensive and momentous
 Exemplification of brief try fullay into the enactment

Your circumspection is too drawn to the School policies on plagiarism and appealencing. Enactments may assignable attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling be complyted delayed. Traceing penalties restraint delayed resignation fullure flourish the University regulations restraint PMC and delayed resignation.

In Year Retrieval Scheme
Your duty is assignable attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling prime restraint in year retrieval.


If you fall your duty, and are prime restraint reassessment, you fullure achievement on restraint the similar operations descriptive over. The reduty livelihood fullure be collectd in the restraintmat of 2 or 3 tutors’ drop-in cabinets. Your resignation limit fullure be acquainted in the ascribable mode.

Restraint scholars with sanctioned particular sanatory stipulation, this fullure be your substitutement duty try. Scholars should be certified that there is no delayed resignation bound at reduty (this comprises those scholars who own an sanctioned PMC beg from a controlmer try).

The common descriptor (Levels of Performance) restraint Equalize 7 module can be viewed here.


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