Assignment BCO2041 Systems Analysis and Design

Group Assignment
BCO2041 Systems Analysis and Design
In this assignment, you will work in a group with a maximum of 3 people to develop Analysis and Design stage documents for the Assignment Case Study system which is described in another document.

Your Project Team
As soon as you receive this assignment, you should choose the members of your project team. You must work together to complete the tasks required, and make a joint submission. The attached Team Participation Form must be completed and signed by each member of the team, and returned to your tutor before the end of tutorial class in Session 3.
Your team will need to begin work as soon as possible to complete each part of the assignment by the due dates. You will need to quickly determine the tasks involved, the sequencing of these tasks, and assign a team member to be responsible for the completion of each task.
Using the case study you have been given as the basis for your requirement model, you (as a team) are required to perform a complete analysis and design for your project.
Part A: Analysis Document
During this phase, you are required to:
– gather information from different users and other stakeholders,
– develop BRD (Business Requirements Document) and FPR (Function Requirement Document ) – Provide analysis models using both the traditional approach and Object-Oriented approach – Document the items of your analysis models.
Before the interface design, you must check to make sure that the data and database can be used to solve all events for the given case. After that, any changes to the database model may affect all interfaces to the system.
Submission for Part A
Your team will submit a report to management containing:
• an overview of the system
• problems description and business drivers
• business solution(s)
• anticipated business benefits
• system capabilities including function and non-function requirements
• The following models are required to be included in your document
? Event table
? DFD including context diagram, Levelled set of DFD (eg level 1 … )
? Activity diagram
? Use cases diagram
? Class diagram
? Sequence diagram
Note: you need to document all items in your models.
you need to provide a list of the tasks assigned to each client of the team.
Part B – Design Document
During this phase you will build on the elements of the Analysis phase and design aspects of the user interface and other design elements
Business Process Models
While not strictly part of the design phase, you will perform Business Process Modeling on 3 of the activities arising from events you identified in your Event Table in Part 1 of this assignment. Use BPMN 2.0 as outlined in the lecture and in the handout of the BPMN 2.0 elements.
You are required to design the user interface for your system. The interface will consist of:
• paper forms paper-based documents for collecting input data (where used)
• screen forms electronic forms for entering data into the system and/or for displaying existing data/information.
• report forms output forms which are paper-based and/or electronic.
• menus screens that provide users with access to all system services.
Each member of the team is to design at least one input form, three screen forms, two report forms, and an equal share of all of the menus required. The documentation to be produced for each design will consist of:
• a sample of the layout
• a detailed technical specification suitable for a programmer, which describes its purpose, frequency of use, who it is for, fields used, security controls, etc.
Each member of the team is to review at least:
• one input form design, and
• three screen form designs, and
• two report form designs, and
• an equal share of all of the menus required.
You will not review your own work. The reviewer of each piece of design will examine the documentation, and report on any problems found. After each review has been conducted, the designer will address each problem, and make any changes that he/she feels are necessary. The work will then be reviewed again. This process is to be repeated until the reviewer reports that there are no further problems.
Submission for Part B
Your team will submit a report to management containing:
• an overview of the system design.
• user interfaces designed as required above.
Note: you need to document all items in your models.
you need to provide a list of the tasks assigned to each client of the team.
Make sure that the persons responsible for producing and reviewing each design are clearly named in the documentation.
Each member of the team will must complete, and independently submit, the attached assessment form.

Assessment Form
This form is to be completed by each team member individually, and returned to the tutor/lecturer when the assignment is submitted.
This evaluation is to identify members of the team who performed above, or below, the level expected. Most team members would expect to receive the same result for the assignment. A person who did not participate adequately in the assignment can expect to have their mark reduced. A person whose work is considered by the rest of the team to be outstanding can expect to have their mark increased. The adjustment will be determined by the tutor/lecturer.
Using the scales set out below, complete the following table. Surnames should be listed in alphabetic order so that the names appear in the same order on the sheet submitted by each team member. Include an assessment of yourself on the sheet.
Surname First name Contribution (Scale 1) Timeliness (Scale 2) Quality (Scale 3) Comment
Scale 1 – Contribution to the team Scale 2 – Completed assigned work on time Scale 3 – Quality of work
Less than As None expected expected More than expected Much more than expected Never Seldom Mostly Often Always Not acceptable Poor Acceptable Good Outstanding
0 25 50 75 100 0 25 50 75 100 0 25 50 75 100
This form was completed by: _________________________________ Student number: _________________
Signature: _____________________________ Date: ____/____/____
Team Participation Form
This form is to be completed by the team, and returned to your tutor/lecturer as soon as possible.
We, the undersigned, agree to contribute individually and as a team to complete Assignment for BCO 2041 Systems Analysis and Design in the time specified. ( It should be noted that failure to participate in a group would result in a fail for the assignment component of the subject. ) Team membership:
Surname First name Student ID Date Signature
1. ______________________ ___________________ __________ ___/___/______ _______________________
2. ______________________ ___________________ __________ ___/___/______ _______________________
3. ______________________ ___________________ __________ ___/___/______ _______________________
* All members in the team will receive the same mark for an assignment, unless there are extenuating circumstances whereby an individual’s mark has to be altered by the tutor/lecturer, or if the peer group assessment warrants it.
** Team members should contact their tutor/lecturer immediately if problems arise within the team that may cause completion of an assignment to be severely delayed, or the quality of the submission to be substantially lowered.