Assignment, early childhold teaching

Link to two audio’s needed for assignment Word limit: 1500 (+/- 10%) Assignment overview The development of reading skills is an essential aspect of early primary education that sets children up for success in subsequent years. Therefore, the support of reading development is an essential role for early primary educators. In this first folio task, you will be able to demonstrate your understanding of strategies for developing a range of reading skill developments, as well as your ability to put these strategies into action, by responding to two scenarios related to reading development. Related learning outcomes This task is assessing your ability to meet the following unit learning objectives: 2. Develop a range of teaching practices and resources to engage children in learning appropriate to their strengths, interests and needs. 3. Consider and compare instruments and practices designed to assess children’s communication skills, particularly oral language, reading, writing and grammar skills and review and critique appropriate literacy programs and resources. 4. Construct methods and tools that support children with a wide range of skills in literacy. Assignment Details This folio task incorporates two sections. Both sections require you to respond to the following scenario based on reading development: Riley and Mia, both Year 1 students, are presented with the same text extract to read and comprehend. Here is the text extract: One hot sunny day Wombat and Echidna went to the seaside. Wombat lay on the sand, sunbathing. But Echidna was bored and restless. “If we had a boat,” said Echidna, “we could sail away to sea and have an adventure. We could be explorers!” Echidna was always looking for adventure. Wombat wasn’t. So Wombat was not very happy when a little boat came drifting towards them. But it cheered Echidna up. “This must be our lucky day,” he said. “Come on, Wombat.” “I’ve never been in a boat,” said Wombat. The two friends climbed in and Echidna pulled hard on the oars. Section 1 For both Riley and Mia you will need to: 1. develop and describe a teaching strategy you have covered in the unit learning material, to support and extend the child’s reading need you identify 2. propose an example of a specific learning experience aligned to the strategy that will support the child’s reading need. This should include: o a description of the teaching methods required for the learning experience o an explanation for how it will support the development of reading skills o a description of any tools or resources the lesson requires. This section of the folio should be around 1000 words, evenly split between each child. Make sure your responses for both children are clearly outlined. Section 2 Describe the instruments and practices you would use to assess the reading skills of both children. Explain the features and benefits of your identified instruments and how they meet the specific reading needs of both children. This section of the folio should be around 500 words. For both sections, you must justify your responses to the scenarios by making links to published academic sources, appropriately cited in APA style. Folio format Your folio must be compiled as a single Word document, with the two sections clearly outlined. Third person voice should be used across the folio. All resources referred to in your folio must be included in a reference list, appropriately formatted in APA style. This reference list will not be included within the word count for the assessment.