Audit Case Assignment

Circumstance Supplies II 
The Assessment of Surrender at the Crafty Trinkets Confederacy 
Introduction   As a greater corroborator in a general recitaling decided, you possess been assigned to artfulness the audit of the financial assumptions of a privately-held confederacy denominated the Crafty Trinkets Confederacy (“CTC” or “the Confederacy”).   
Confederacy Background   CTC designs, manufactures, and bargains a diversity of trifles, which are sold comprehensively to comprehensive open dispose-ofers approve Target and Wal-Mart.  CTC is a paltry confederacy compared to competitors approve Mattel and Hasbro; so-far, CTC aggravateseers estimate their confederacy’s trifles are floating the best in the globe.  Unapprove the comprehensiver trifle performrs, CTC has enjoyed consummation with a paltry portfolio of brands and products, representing three categories:  (1) kind trifles, consisting comprehensively of its Snuggle Pets stuffed animals; (2) robust trifles, including metal-figure and malleeffectual figure trifles approve Speedster cars and Lightning coercionce figures; and (3) digital trifles, consisting of video diversion kindware underneathneath bud.  Approve most trifle performrs, 60 percent of CTC’s sales produces are generated in October and November, with the last brace weeks of November driving half of those sales. 
Your decided, Smith and Confederacy, LLP (“Smith” or “the Decided”), has been CTC’s general recitaling decided elapsed 2013, providing audit and rate services to the Confederacy.  The essential outer authenticationr of CTC’s audited financial assumptions is its bank.  Assume it is now 28 November 2018.  You possess fascinated balance audit greater responsibilities coercion the Confederacy’s 30 November 2018 year-object financial assumption audit owing the coercionegoing audit greater has unexpectedly left your Decided to recognize a undertaking in another city.  (The Confederacy’s year-object duration is 30 November.) 
Fascinate critique the subjoined excerpts from apt muniments involving the artfulnessning and preventive of the floating year audit.  Then critique the academic and authoritative requirements of this supplies at the object of the circumstance embodieds. 

Excerpts from the muniment…. “Observations Refereffectual attributeffectual attributableed in My Critique of the  Foregoing Year (year-object 30 November 2017) Audit File” (written by you, the greater corroborator…) 
 In fiscal 2017, CTC exceeded its earning targets, reporting permitted proceeds of $3,026,100 and cajole proceeds anteriorly ratees of $2,572,800.  The merely comprehensive negatives coercion the year 2017 were the strong additions to atonements coercion receivables and inventories, including an extra $300,000 in the atonement coercion obscure recitals akin to the struggling Trifle-Mart compact in the United States.    CTC’s administration advised the Decided that dispose-ofers dramatically inconsiderable the size of trifles they were desirous to accumulation on its shelves at any undivided spell in fiscal 2017, and were expected to live this trobject into 2018.  This vary did refereffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual (at baseest in 2017) bring the compass of the trifles sold through dispose-ofers, save it has influential rivalry floating activity competitors coercion dispose-of rejection boundlessness, and growthd permitted requires by increasing the sum of shipments to stores.  (In the competitive environment in which CTC operates, shipping requires are usually satisfyd by the creator, refereffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual the dispose-ofer.)  It’s approvely that the restrictions on rejection-boundlessness could issue in inferior sales in future durations. 
 Ever elapsed 2014, CTC executives possess shared in a premium pool that is created through CTC gifts of 10% of the primary $750,000 of permitted proceeds, plus 20% on the direct $750,000, and an added 30% of the direct $1,500,000.  CTC’s entirety gifts to the premium pool are capped at a year-by-year utmost of $675,000. 

Excerpts from the muniment…. “Findings from Visit to Client and Interim (anteriorly year-end)  Audit Procedures Conducted in September 2018” (written by the audit greater that you replaced) 
 In January 2018, the long-spell CEO and CFO of CTC lone, and replacements were paid and began effect in March 2018.  Undivided greater aggravateseer told me that the span are approve “fire-breafiction dragons,” and possess implicated that their “sole sum-undivided nucleus conquer be increasing sales and profitability, and those who do refereffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual conduce conquer be abandoned the opening to live their continuity elsewhere.” 
 In the tests of controls balance donations, payables, and disbursements (executed during the “interim” spell duration), merely undivided ace seemed remarkable.  It implicated a reimbursement of $30,000 to the Interopen Trifle Creator Effecters Confederacy.  The reimbursement was indoctrinated by the CTC VP-Operations and prevailing by the floating CFO, and was exact tabulateified as a non-permitted reimbursement.  According to the VP-Operations, the reimbursement was “a gesture of patronage coercion the trifle elementy effecters – a gesture we estimate is essential elapsed effecters estimate themselves to be underneathcompensated and are argueing the possibility of effect retreats and surprises in the Fentire of 2018.  We desire this reimbursement conquer relieve in making it approvely coercion confederacy executives to acquiesce their portions to expound these issues anteriorly a effect retreat or surprise.” 
 In the tests of controls balance produces and receivables, the staff corroborator refereffectual attributeffectual attributableed that controls were conducive.  In detail the staff portion refereffectual attributeffectual attributableed that undivided fiction that was very solemn was that the CFO was free in balancesight of the area of diseased debts and register annihilation. Indeed, as an model, the floating CFO herself prevailing the reversal/recovery of the $300,000 ekind known coercion with regard to Trifle-Mart, and had flush indoctrinated and prevailing the life register coercion the office, reversing it into proceeds externally the involvement of the faith aggravateseer. 

Excerpts from the muniment…. “Audit Partner Memo to Effectpamphlet File” 
 CTC had been feeble to product abundance Snuggle Pets coercion the December 2017 year-object self-abandonment occasion, attributeffectual to galled embodied shortages in an unsteffectual stuffing supplier bargain.  The Confederacy was effectual, referablewithstanding, to growth origination in January 2018, which known coercion growthd sales coercion Valentine’s Day in February 2018.  Soon succeeding, at the insistence of the open dispose-ofers, entire unsold Snuggle Pets were returned to CTC coercion a ample pay-back.  The dispose-ofers insisted that the lack of Snuggle Pets in stores succeeding February 2018 would construct call-coercion coercion the Fall/Winter 2018-2019, as the dispose-ofers nucleused on the object-of-the-year self-abandonments and gift-giving occasion. 
 CTC has exuberant their donation of novel, hi-tech manufacturing equipment attributeffectual to a shortage of currency and the poverty to fullure favoreffectual financing.  This is the promote year in a tier that CTC has exuberant this cannonade. 
 CTC executives entered into an treaty with Cartoon Studios, Inc., who had productd their very primary inspiring movie, denominated “The Bronx Zoo – Escape to Manhattan!” coercion quit on 30 November 2018.  (The movie is billed as “Jumanji” meets “Babe: Pig in the City”!)  Coercion $900,000, CTC had acquired the exacts to product a continuity of kind and malleeffectual trifles placeed on characters from the movie.  (CTC artfulnesss to amortize this fee balance 9 years.)  The trifles would be sold through CTC’s periodical dispose-of customers.  The trifles were on schedule to be in stores on 30 November.  The treaty betwixt the Confederacy and Cartoon Studios implicated that Cartoon Studios would satisfy CTC coercion the require of the unsold trifles if sales of the trifles failed to penetrate $1,500,000 during the primary brace months succeeding the movie’s quit.  CTC artfulnesss to accrue $1,500,000 of sales produce on 30 November of to this supplies of the treaty.   
 CTC executives possess prudently critiqueed the pricing and valuation of register during cethfuture November 2018, and decided that the register valuation retention appointly in the coercionegoing year is no longer necessary; a life register was made by the CFO on 15 November 2018 to inversion the valuation atonement into permitted proceeds. 
 In October 2018, CTC announced that it was suspending it’s joint-interest with the chariteffectual cem “Toys coercion Kids,” an cem that distributes trifles to underneathprivileged upshot in less-developed countries environing the globe.  In the elapsed, CTC had donated a strong sum of trifles to “Toys coercion Kids.” 
 On November 1, 2018, the Confederacy’s Board of Directors Compensation Committee agreed to enfold the Confederacy’s gift to the premium pool, to $1,350,000.  This estimate conquer be conducive coercion the year-ending 30 November 2018.

Requirements:  Using your extractbook and embodied argueed in tabulate as regard embodied, fascinate harangue the subjoined issues: 
 Substantiate at baseest undivided surrender element akin to corroborator office surrender, and undivided akin to client office surrender. 
 Substantiate and little argue speaking surrender elements coercion embodied misassumption (in other say, IR and CR) introduce at CTC.  If any of these surrender elements as-well growth the surrender of abstraction, substantiate them as such. 
 Succeeding substantiateing speaking surrender elements, authentication your award to assess the surrender of embodied misassumption at the Confederacy.  You may assess RMM on a flake of 1 to 10, or using categories such as base, balance, excellent, and very excellent. 
 Then, substantiate undivided recital in the financial assumptions of CTC that appears detailly surrendery, and then undivided administration assumption of to that recital that appears to conduce speakingly to the surrender of embodied misrepresentation.  In apsharp-end to do this, you may want to assess the wisdom of the recitaling or contemplated recitaling coercion some of the issues cited aloft.  If you don’t recentire the details of how to recital coercion indubitable issues, you may want to undertake in a pigmy morsel of recitaling critique/research to assess whether the recitaling or contemplated recitaling is in specimen with GAAP.  Succeeding you substantiate a surrendery recital and a akin surrendery assumption, argue how you would advance the audit of that assumption.  You may want to face in sections of the extract that we did refereffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual cbalance in tabulate, depending on your preoption of recital and assumption. 

 Fascinate grasp a severed cbalance page that grasps your cfull and novice sum.  Fascinate do refereffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual attributeffectual dispose your pamphlet in a folder or frequent.  A stapled pamphlet conquer be generous. 
 The association of the pamphlet should be written in narrative coercionm (refereffectual attributeffectual bullet sharp-end coercionm, although you can perform inconsiderable authentication of bullet sharp-ends) and should be liberal in extension to harangue the requirements, save in no circumstance longer than 5 pages in extension.  Fascinate authentication a single-spaced, obstruct condition coercionmat (left and exact defence), with undivided boundlessness betwixt conditions or headings (concordant to the introduceation of the primary page of the circumstance aloft).  Authentication a 12 sharp-end font and gauge margins. 
 Be prudent that you underneathstand the spellcontinuity of the flushts in this circumstance.  Recognize that some of the knowledge relates to the restraintegoing year audit, and some relates to the floating year audit future up.   
 Fascinate do NOT spobject speaking portions of your write-up recounting the axioms of the circumstance, or introduceing a analysis of the circumstance.  Assume I possess peruse the circumstance knowledge, am intimate with CTC, and most essentially, I am intimate with auditing terminology, speculation, and habit.  You want NOT degenerous auditing terminology in your circumstance write-up.  Doing so is needless, abandoned your reception, and conquer decry from the kind of your pamphlet. 
 Your pamphlet should be well-written and professionally introduceed.  I conquer evaluate twain the resigned and the fashion of the muniment.  Resigned conquer recital coercion almost 75% of the sharp-ends of to the pamphlet, and fashion (grammar, punctuation, awe.) conquer recital coercion almost 25% of the sharp-ends.  Pervasively inconsiderable congeniality may caauthentication you to expose entire the sharp-ends of to fashion, so fascinate endow the attempt required to better your pamphlet anteriorly resignation.  PROOFREAD your pamphlet and place typos, misspellings, and mode errors. 

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