Assessment Details Qualification Code/Title FNS60217 Advanced Diploma of Accounting Assessment Type Assessment -02 ( Project) Time allowed Due Date Location AHIC Term / Year Unit of Competency National Code/Title FNSACC603 Implement tax plans and evaluate tax obligations Student Details Student Name Student ID Student Declaration: I declare that the work […]

TSTA602 Assignment 1 April 25, 2020 Instructions. This assignment has a total of 20 marks and worth 20% of the final grade of TSTA602. The detailed marks allocation are provided at the beginning of each question. You are encouraged to discuss the assignment with your peers, but must write down […]

SIT718 Real world Analytics Assignment Total Marks = 100, Weighting – 30% Due date: 3 May 2018 by 11.30 PM Assignment (pdf or MS word doc and appropriate programme files with your codes) must be submitted via CloudDeakin’s Assignment Dropbox. You can submit an electronic version of your assignment (photos […]

Human Resource Management and Talent Development Evidence-based best practices of HRM Changes in internal and external environments the ways organizations are run and management of resources including labor (people). Certain external changes are signifying opportunities for an organization while others imply threats. Environmental scanning is thus essential in the identification […]

Engineering and Construction Date Abstract The loss of the thickness of loss of Bentonite drilling fluid during drilling is dependent on the thickness of sieve (filter). The thicker the sieve, the lesser the loss of Bentonite drilling fluid used. In this experiment, we sought to determine how starch impacts the […]

Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines Trimester T2 2019 Unit Code BN109 Unit Title Web and Multimedia Systems Assessment Type Assignment 2 (Individual) Assessment Title To prepare a website documentation prior to developing a personal website to show case their talents to prospective employers Purpose of the assessment (with ULO Mapping) […]

Edward Snowden, former NSA contractor is considered a hero to some people and a deserter to others. He is said to have acted out of a sense of outrage over the NSA’s gathering and collection of the phone and internet archives of Americans hence infringing and undermining government’s privacy and […]

Impact of Buddhism on Communist China Introduction Chinese historical records reveal that Buddhism is one of its main systems of thought, regardless of the fact that the religion was initially from India. The level 3 question is, “How did Buddhism manage to shape occurrences in the Communist China in light […]

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