ITEC801 Introduction to Distributed Systems Assignment 1 Total Marks: 20 Due date: Monday 2nd October 2017 Question 1 (5 marks) Case Study 1 Choose either BitTorrent or Skype. Describe the architecture of the one you choose. What are the peers and super peers? What are the protocols used? Where is […]

2.1 ACTIVE DEVICE SELECTION This chapter discusses various methodologies used in the design of single stage microwave amplifiers. Reaching the desired goals of gain, power loss and noise performance requires first selecting a suitable active device (transistor) that meets these goals. The rapid advances in transistor fabrication have permitted the […]

Abstract With the advance of science and technology, the control and movement of plasmonic nanoparticles can be achieved via laser traps. The effect of the optical manipulation tool has been tested before on the multiple particles [1]. Here, this is proved that manipulation and transport of large plasmonic nanoparticles can […]

Tremendous research efforts are ongoing in order to implement and add further functionalities to computing compounds in CMOS chips. Thus, a challenge is imposed to compete the existing devices in terms of cost and performance. In this project, I propose a novel and low cost approach for nanocrystalline Silicon Field […]

SITE CONSIDERATIONS 5.1 Summary In this chapter, the aim is to give a clear view on the selected location along with the reason, explanation and the brief information about the site as well in order to construct a chemical plant. The main focus is all about the side consideration, which […]

1. What are the main responsibilities of the employer and the employee under Health and Safety Act 1992? Answer : Duties of employers: Every employer shall take all practicable steps to ensure that no action or inaction of any employee while at work harms any other person. Duties of employees […]

Surface Engineering: Coatings and Thin Films Technologies INTRODUCTION Surface building alludes to an extensive variety of advancements that plan to outline and change the surface properties of parts. There are two fundamental classes of surface designing techniques that can be utilized to advance the surface properties and the mass materials. […]

MORAL & ETHICAL VALUES IN AN INDUSTRY AS AN ENGINEER There are three main Moral & Ethical values in an industry, which an engineer is always obliged to obey, & these values not only helps the industry but also benefits equally an Engineer’s personal gain. These three main points are: […]

Abstract: Compromised machines are one of the key security threats on the Internet. They are often used to launch various security attacks such as spamming and spreading malware [15]. Given that spamming provides a key economic incentive for attackers to recruit a large number of compromised machines, we focus on […]

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