Chapeter 5 Heat Orchestration 5.1 Brief Details of Heat Heat is the main project for orchestration part of OpenStack. Implementation of orchestration engine for multiple composite cloud application. It is the sequence of lines code in text file format. A native heat format can be evolving, but heat also endeavors to […]

Question 1 (4 marks) List 4 important parameters (not the equation parameters) that are determined by the Pv value in a seal. The suitability of material combinations for the seal faces. The amount of heat generated at the face It also follows that at a given rotational speed An increase […]

Introduction: CE 3.1: This career episode will focus on my final project carried out to satisfy the credentials required to complete my undergraduate degree. I was able to understand the process of automation cleaning process rather than the standard manual process. I understood the use of CATIA software in designing […]

Introduction: CE1.1: In this career episode, I will be focusing on one of the projects which I have carried out while pursuing my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. This project helped me in understanding the working mechanism of bevel gears and how renewable resources can be used to produce electricity. […]

2.2 BACKGROUND The use of scrolling display boards for advertisement is becoming common these days at various shops, shopping centers, railway and bus stations and other such places. It is becoming an effective mode for communicating with the public and providing them information. The issue with such displays is when […]

Introduction Police light have been around for years, since then they have developed drastically, with technology moving forward so have aspects of police light and how they are made, developed and manufactured nowadays. In the 1940s authorities used single beacon lights, which was placed on top of their cars. Early […]

Three-Dimensional Grade Control in Road Construction using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Introduction Contractors have used grade stakes installed on the side of the road at intervals of 100 feet for the vertical grade of the finished ground surface in road construction. The grade stakes are measured based on control points(CPs) which […]

Part 1: Short questions Technology push development: The Pebble watch is a radical innovation. Eric Migicovsky created a watch to use whilst bike riding, the watch had to communicate with his smart phone, providing message notifications. The technology was tested but the concept was new; creating a whole new market […]

 Introduction Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) architecture allows multiple vehicles to communicate with the road’s infrastructure. This is then directed towards a central tower that allows multiple vehicles to operate on the same bandwidth. This helps all servers maintain the acceleration and position of all vehicles on streets and roads. This assists in […]

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