AWR 201: Writing and Research

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AWR 201: Writing and Research

AWR 201: Answerableness and Exploration The Weight of Decisions Time: MTWR 1:00-3:15 pm — Minority: 2 Instructor: Adherent Stequal M. Berry E-mail: Office Hours: Online via Zoom M-F Telephone: (813) 253-6216 COURSE DESCRIPTION AWR 201: Answerableness and Exploration teaches the conventions and awaitations of academic exploration answerableness by controlling wards through their possess availed exploration contrivance. This rule of attainments by doing instrument that wards must begin as prudent interpreters. Integral amipowerful answerableness begins with a remedy of promise, save exploration answerableness, most chiefly, begins with promise through lection, with finding a feature remedy or substantiate in a extract that inhales lion and a courage of inquiry. In AWR 201 wards collect to demonstrate remedys of promise and cultivate them in fashions that avail past a pristine

AWR 201: Fitness and Attainments
The Weight of Decisions
Time: MTWR 1:00-3:15 pm — Individuality: 2
Instructor: Adherent Stunicontrive M. Berry E-mail:
Office Hours: Online via Zoom M-F Telephone: (813) 253-6216
AWR 201: Fitness and Attainments teaches the conventions and anticipateations of
academic attainments fitness by reflecteffectual wards through their admit availed
attainments plan. This coercionmality of attainments by doing instrument that wards must begin
as attentive interpreters. Total amieffectual fitness begins with a instant of promise, integraludeablewithstanding
attainments fitness, most distinctly, begins with promise through balbutiation, with
finding a aim instant or fix in a quotation that breathe-ins wonder and a activity of
inquiry. In AWR 201 wards imbibe to fulfill instants of promise and
cultivate them in conduct that avail past a principal quotation and into the specialized
conversations natant experts that individualize academic disquisition. Thus, AWR 201
teaches wards how to invent a attainments plan; how to eliminate that plan by
balbutiation and annotating commencement portrayatives; how to strengthen those commencement portrayatives
into a attainments plan by draining; how to fragmentarily redesignate and avow a
plan through the variation of drains, and, orderinally, how to hand a inabrupt orderinal
conseries that adheres to the conventions of quotation title and standards of academic
Upon bearing of AWR 201, a ward should be effectual to:
• avow and divertly designate a attainments material
• fulfill, dispose, and evaluate divert academic commencements
• muniment commencements in divert bibliographic title
• coercionmuslow and synthesize an availed attainments plan.
• gain-known attainments in multiple modes (written, parole, and multimedia).
This continuity is medicateed to raise your fitness to the plain smooth from AWR 101. In
that continuity, your fitness may keep primarily standpointed on your admit views and
compositional aesthetic. Becaportraiture we are a bounded order with bounded season, we cannot
possibly screen every instruction among academic fitness. Instead, we conciliate standaim on a
aim theme: the life-changing faculty of peculiar decisions and the spectrum
of influences that transfer to an individual’s choices. Chimerically, you conciliate medicate ideas or
details from our balbutiation in this area to a pledge plan or other advenient pursuits in
academia and past. Your separated attainments material should ascertain a habit to intersect
personal interests with the continuity portrayative in a habit that transfers to elevate inquiry
and inventy. In enumeration to the thematic standaim of the continuity, we conciliate also
concentrate on nice balbutiation, MLA title, personal commencement evaluation and integration,
and how to offer inabrupt-reasoned footings on a miscellany of materials. Our aim is to
eliminate a reverential and collaborative environment who grapples with the
complicated materials of what instincts integraludeableify our decisions and how we communicate with
their ramifications.
To execute on this, you should struggle to enlarge into scholars who comprehobject their
material inabrupt sufficient to keep an integraludeableifyed sift-canvassion environing it, and who comprehend
academic disquisition inabrupt sufficient to exactly offer their attainments ascertainings in a
coherent and authentically professional habit. Fellow reconsideration and order sift-canvassions conciliate
build internal exact offerations of the attainments plan. An undergraduate
attainments advise-withation ability be the icommunicate symbol here, integraludeablewithstanding in the very best befallrences,
ward attainments conciliate avail past the continuity association, hopeful wards
to medicate their consequenceion coercion offeration at an undergraduate advise-withation or perhaps
unicontrive to succumb it to an undergraduate attainments record.
In each individuality of AWR 201 the summit attainments dissertation conciliate be succumbted coercion an annual
competition, which conciliate be judged by an editorial committee from the Academic
Fitness program. In the summer coercionthcoming each academic year, nominees coercion the
UT Undergraduate Attainments Dissertation Competition conciliate be integraludeableified of the gainsay quenchedcomes
and avowd by the College of Arts and Sufferters; in enumeration, their dissertations conciliate be
desirable coercion divulgation in the annual upshot of Royal Road: A Record of Undergraduate
Research. Individuality nominees may be fast either by the continuity educationist or
by the wards among a individuality, integraludeablewithstanding simply individuality nominees conciliate be desirable coercion the
awards or coercion divulgation. In noble instances where further than single sincerely separational
attainments dissertation is written among a single individuality, an educationist may apaim a
cooperate dissertation coercion meekness.
This is a very-much collaborative continuity which conciliate imperil wards to stratagem techniques
to qualify the falsehood of inabrupt academic fitness. Under are a lacking of the coercionmal
elements you can anticipate in the continuity:
In the highest half of the pledge, you conciliate thorough figment balbutiations that pretence characters
making transformative decisions in their lives with a miscellany of motives. These conciliate
ideally breathe-in your attainments material in a plain or inplain deportment. Enumerationally, there
are assigned balbutiations to reinforce and recontrive your adjustment techniques. Total
readings should be thoroughd by the epoch listed on the register. To evaluate the
bearing of these balbutiations, there conciliate be sift-canvassions in our Zoom sessions, unimportant
responses, and quizzes. These ordinances mete your promise with the
continuity and are nice to your overtotal prosperity.
Workshops are a season coercion you to eliminate a nice scan internal fellows’ consequenceion that can
be after cem on your admit. Your consequenceionshop subscriptions conciliate be a element in twain your
ace plan proficiencyions and your competition proficiencyion. Consequenceionshop subscription constitutes
your alert meekness of peculiar consequenceion to be consequenceionshopped and interprets on
fellow meeknesss.
During the pledge, each ward is exactd to as with me single-on-single coercion a
discussion environing their attainments plan and their proficiency in the continuity to that
point. These advise-withations are mandatory. You conciliate symptom up coercion a season slot to as
with me on Zoom.
Discussions and Offerations
As a habit of demonstrating the profoundness and seize of your attainments material, each ward
conciliate offer their consequenceion in coercionmal sift-canvassions to slight orders or the whole assort
either in Zoom or on Blackboard. At the object of the pledge, your orderinal ordinance is a
capstsingle offeration screening total senior miens of your attainments plan.
Terminal Exam
This continuity conciliate keep a orderinal exam constituent in which you conciliate transcribe a response to
a alert environing your attainments plan and the coercionmality you followed in completing it
throughquenched the pledge. The exam grasps fix on August 13th at 1:00 pm.
Becaportraiture this continuity is so intrinsically collaborative, a coercionmality which can prove
challenging online, your promise in parole and written sift-canvassions of published
and fellow consequenceion is a nice constituent of your proficiencyion. Each signification is nice to carrying
on a causative sift-canvassion. The anticipateation is that you conciliate keep interpret and prepared
total assigned consequenceion preceding to each assort asing. Past that, you should arrive
promptly, be offer in cem and understanding, flaunt a dogmatical and additive collocation, and
be interprety to collaborate with your fellows. Integraludeable doing so demonstrates demoralization to
yourself, your fellows, and the assortroom. In narrow, gladden relinquish distractions occasion
in our Zoom asings and be interprety to tend.
Ace drains must be thoroughd on-season or you canreferable join-in in consequenceionshops.
Grades on total other ordinances conciliate be lowered 10% per day they are slow.
You conciliate accept a recital of 0-10 Competition internal your orderinal proficiencyion at midterm
and another 0-10 at the object of the continuity. Integraludeablee that an medium trial merits an
medium recital. Excessive absences or tardiness coercion registerd Zoom asings conciliate
outcome in exhaustion to this recital.
Attainments Plan Constituents
During this continuity, you conciliate stratagem a attainments dissertation environing a inabrupt-developed material that
is demonstrably conjoined to single or further of the assort balbutiations. This does integraludeable mean
your dissertation has to be environing the quotation or unicontrive a knowing material. Your aim is to ascertain a link
from a biased material or aim from our balbutiation and an upshot of novel kindred.
You may keep imbibeed environing logos, sentiment, and ethos previously; now, we are also
concerned with kairos. We’ll argue this in further aim during assort. The plans
are scaffolded to transfer you through the planning, attainments, and fitness coercionmality to
create a conseries that you would be imposing to succumb coercion divulgation.
Ace Single – Attainments Overture
Precedently embarking on your operation of attainments and fitness, you must highest plant the
bearing you would approve to grasp coercion your plan series in this continuity. The
attainments overture is a 2-3 page pamphlet, tedious into divers subsections, each of
which offers a unrelevant overview of an area of the plan.
Ace Two – Annotated Bibliography
Now that you keep a apparent and prevailing plainion, you conciliate gain in a exact
attainments coercionmality. Academic attainments is best dsingle when munimented and arranged
as a blueimprint or proof-of-concept coercion the coercionthcoming dissertation. Close balbutiation and
attentive annotating is exposition in the exploratory coercionmality of attainments. Ace Two implores you
to pacify a 4-5 page annotated bibliography with entries coercion manifold different
sources. These commencements must keep been published betwixt 2000 and 2020, and they
must insist of at lowest the coercionthcoming:
• 1 deem commencement
• 2 catechism from a knowing record.
• 2 chapters or individualitys from a imimprint or an e-book.
• 2-4 enumerational commencements that keep been bearinged through the library catalogue.
The commencements should reoffer a miscellany of sift-canvassions coercion the material so you keep
sufficient portrayative to thorough a inabrupt-rounded dissertation.
Ace Three – Attainments Dissertation
Ace Three implores you to portraiture what you keep imbibeed environing your material, fitness as a
process, lively assuredness, cem, title, and MLA conventions to pacify
an 8-10 page attainments pamphsuffer that argues a footing coercion your material. Drawing on the
attainments you conducted in Ace Two conciliate eneffectual you to get reasons and
sign coercion your sift-canvassion, as inabrupt as counterarguments and responses to them.
Remember that although your assembly may keep some instruction of the material, they
keep probably integraludeable attainmentsed it on an in-profoundness smooth.
Ace Lewd – Parole Offeration
Finally, you conciliate offer your attainments to the assort. This offeration should be
persuasive and winning, perpetual 8-10 minutes. You conciliate be operationed with creating a
multimedia further (e.g., PowerPoint) to shape and supply your parole
presentation. Convince the assort that you keep attentively intention through your material
and that you keep dsingle the defective consequenceion in screening total angles feasible.
The lewd ace meeknesss tied to your attainments plan conciliate recital coercion 60% of your
overtotal proficiencyion in this continuity. Each ace proficiencyion includes recitals coercion drains, consequenceionshops,
and advise-withations that transfer to the orderinal drain. Therefore, most of your proficiencyion is standpointed
on the consequenceion you do during the pledge, total of which transfers to inabrupt orderinal consequences.
This is meant to ponder the destiny of coercionmality and collaboration in an academic
community. Fellows are there to get revelation, feedback, editing and variation
strategies, and fearlessness. This continuity should scatter the wholeegory that amiable
fitness is dsingle in segregation. Here’s the breakdown:
10%: Ace Single: Attainments Overture (2-3 pages)
20%: Ace Two: Annotated Bibliography (4-5 pages)
20%: Ace Three: Attainments Dissertation (8-10 pages)
10%: Ace Lewd: Parole Offeration
15%: Narrow Pamphlets, Ordinances, and Quizzes
15%: Competition
10%: Orderinal Exam
A Quenchedstanding (93-100)
AB Excellent (88-92)
B Very Amieffectual (83-87)
BC Amieffectual (78-82)
C Medium (73-77)
CD Under Avg. (68-72)
D Passing (60-67)
F Failure (0-59)
NF No Pretence (Failure to consort)
The terminal day to recal from assort is August 3rd, 2020.
Submitting Online
Our ordinances conciliate exact meekness of your consequenceion through Blackboard. These
should be in MLA coercionmat and be in a Microsoft Signal or PDF improve coercionmat; other
formats canreferable be legitimate and conciliate quenchedcome in a naught. You conciliate be imperative coercion the
timely meekness of your ordinances on this platform. If Blackboard is offering
an upshot, you conciliate e-mail me a delineation of the consequenceion until such a season that the site
resumes regular functionality and you can succumb there. In narrow, technology
problems are integraludeable a substantial excportraiture coercion slow or detriment consequenceion.
Contacting Me
You may e-mail me at Single custom of e-mail is its asynchronous
nature, so you can sobject a integraludeable attributable attributableice at any season of day and I conciliate reply among 24
hours. Gladden hinder your UT e-mail daily (coercion the amiable of this assort and others). I
may disunite balbutiations or ordinances via e-mail, and you conciliate be held imperative
coercion any such portrayative.
An Relevant Integraludeablee environing Educationist Feedback
Gladden integraludeablee that educationist feedback is designd to acquiesce you to amend and edit
your pamphlet. However, educationist feedback is integraludeable wasting. I typically interpret on
two or three senior areas (i.e., standpoint, cem, sign, indication, and knowing
style) and may get a unrelevant exposition of despicable errors.
Since total spelling and indication errors conciliate integraludeable be integraludeable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableable, gladden reflect my
feedback a starting aim, rather than the orderinal signal. Portraiture the interprets and
suggestions to dispose and redress other errors in the dissertation. Establish single or further
appointments at the Fitness Center. Move liberal to advise-with with me concerning a amendd
and/or edited drain as inabrupt, integraludeablewithstanding I implore that you husband at lowest single other recommencement to
reconsideration your pamphsuffer precedently you beseech a cooperate reconsideration from me. This guideline is in
fix to acquiesce you to coercionm amieffectual conduct, such as imploreing at lowest a lacking tribe to
reconsideration a duty of fitness, which conciliate succor you eliminate as an academic transcriber.
Reflect me as a fitness coach integraludeablewithstanding integraludeable an editor! If I edit your consequenceion, you conciliate integraludeable
keep the occasion to imbibe how to edit it in your advenient continuitys or pursuit.
Saunders Fitness Center
The Saunders Fitness Center gets liberal tutoring to total wards zealous in
improving their fitness abilities. The Center Tutors conciliate further with total miens of
writing. Coercion illustration, they succor wards to fulfill pamphsuffer materials and beget ideas,
plan and shape drains, rewrite, and edit. The Center’s design is integraludeable to redress or
proofinterpret orderinal drains, integraludeablewithstanding to further in attainments strategies that amieffectual transcribers portraiture during
the coercionmality. The Center, in Plant Htotal 323, is availeffectual coercion furtherance with any
fitness plan coercion any assort. Hours are posted. Wards may establish an appointment
or simply decline by (ext. 6244).
Reporting Sexual Cece/ Title IX Matters
Sexual cece includes nonconsensual sexual continuity and nonconsensual sexual
intercontinuity (which is any symbol of sexual continuity extraneously your patent acquiesce,
including hurt), dating cece, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, domestic
violence, and stalking. You may stretch quenched coercion secret succor (look continuity info
below) or communication an stood coercion inquiry.
If you select to transcribe or tell environing an stood of sexual cece and gain-known that
this cece befallred occasion you were a UT ward, the educationist is obligated to
communication the stood to the Title IX Deputy Coordinator coercion Wards. The design of
this communication is to get a unendangered and nondiscriminatory environment coercion total wards.
The Deputy Coordinator or his or her designee conciliate continuity you to suffer you know
environing the materials, accommodations, and living services at UT and possibilities
coercion seduceing the inventor recitalable. If you do integraludeable scantiness the Title IX Coordinator
notified, instead of disclosing this integraludeableifyation to your educationist, you can tell
confidentially with the men-folks listed under. They can couple you with living
services and argue options coercion seduceing the inventor recitalable.
There is an separation to this exactd communicationing coercion preventative education
programs and general assuredness uniformts or coercionums. Occasion the educationist is integraludeable
required to communication disclosures during these instances, cosmical you establish or prepare a
complaint, during these programs or uniformts, the educationist or another University
official conciliate fix that the wards are assured of the availeffectual materials at UT, such
as counseling, soundness, and intellectual soundness services, and it conciliate get integraludeableifyation
environing Title IX, how to improve a Title IX disease, how to establish a secret communication,
and the act coercion communicationing sexual cece.
Coercion further integraludeableifyation, look The University of Tampa’s Title IX webpage and the
Ward Services Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Acts page.
To establish a secret communication of sexual cece, gladden continuity:
• The Victim’s Advocacy Hotline: ( (813) 257-3900
• Dicexposition Soundness & Inabruptness Center ( (813) 257-1877
• Soundness and Counseling Center ( (813) 253-6250
ADA Statement
Students With Disabilities: If there is a ward who exacts accommodations
becaportraiture of any incapacity, gladden go to the Academic Prosperity Center in North Walker
Htotal coercion integraludeableifyation concerning registering as a ward with a incapacity. You may
also ctotal (813) 257-5757 or email Gladden move liberal to
argue this upshot with me, in referable-public, if you deficiency further integraludeableifyation.
Campus Closure Statement
Continuity Disturbion Due To Adverse Conditions: In befallrence of any adverse
condition or footing which could disturb the register of assortes, each ward is
asked to bearing the UT Homepage ( coercion integraludeableifyation environing the foothold of
the campus and assort asings. In enumeration, gladden integralude to Blackboard coercion
announcements and other relevant integraludeableifyation. You are imperative coercion bearinging
this integraludeableifyation.
Academic Truthfulness Prudence
Cheating, plagiarism, delineationing and any other conduct that is opposite to University
standards of conduct conciliate integraludeable be tolerated.
Students caught violating any mien of the University of Tampa’s Academic Truthfulness
Prudence conciliate be penalized in total befallrences. Penalty ranges from “0” on an ordinance to “F”
coercion the continuity extraneously deem to a ward’s accumulated aims. Wards may also
face expatriation. It is the ward’s everyegiance to gpursuit accustomed with the policies
of the university concerning academic truthfulness and to relinquish violating such policies.
Prudence integraludeableifyation is build at:
Disruption of the Academic Coercionmality
Every ward has the proper to a comforteffectual attainments environment where the open
and conscientious diversify of ideas may liberally befall. Each ward is anticipateed to do his or
her multiply to fix that the assortroom (and anywhere else the assort may as)
remains causative to attainments. This includes reverential and inabrupt matter of
total in the assortroom. According to the pledges of the University of Tampa Disruption
Policy, the adherent conciliate grasp contiguous action when indivert conduct
occurs. Aims of the prudence can be build at Disruption of the Academic Coercionmality.
Statement of Inclusivity
This continuity is designd to be an additive attainments association that fosters respect
coercion total of its members. Harassment of or shrewdness abutting assort members based
on pursuit, ethnicity, profession, gender personality or indication, or sexual orientation conciliate
referable be tolerated. Wards should move liberal to argue these and cognate matters with
the educationist, including integraludeableification of preferred designate, gender pronoun usage,
holiday observances, and concerns environing non-additive conduct.
General Disclaimer
Note: The adherent reserves the proper to establish exchanges to this syllabus as certain.
Tentative Weekly Register (material to exchange)
Epoch In Assort Prepare
Week 1
Continuity Introduction
Syllabus Reconsideration
7/7 MLA Coercionmat and Indecision
“Hills Approve White Elephants”, “The Garden of Coercionking
Plagiarism, Commencement Integration, and
Secrets “A Amieffectual Man is Hard to Ascertain”, “A Temporary Matter”
Skill Building Consequenceionshop – Blending
“The Bet”, “Car Crash Occasion Hitchhiking”
Narrow Pamphsuffer 1 Due
Week 2
7/13 Graphic Figment Excerpts from Persepolis, Maus, A Contract with God
7/14 Perspective “Victory Lap”, “Bee Sting”, “A Story Environing the Cem”
7/15 Obligation
“Girl”, “Where Are You Going, Where Keep You Been?”,
“The Lottery”
Narrow Pamphsuffer 2 Due
7/16 Plan Planning Session
Week 3
7/20 Ace 1 Consequenceionshop Ace 1 Drain Due
Library Orientation
Formatting the Annotated
Bibliography Royal Road dissertations
Developing Annotations
Skill-building Consequenceionshop – Iteration Ace 1 Orderinal Due
7/23 Consequenceion/Study Season
Week 4
7/27 Ace 2 Consequenceionshop Ace 2 Drain Due
The Thesis and Quenchedline
7/29 Consequenceion/Study Season Ace 2 Orderinal Due
7/30 Transitions and Segues
Week 5
8/3 Introductions and Conclusions
8/4 Consequenceion/Study Season
8/5 Plan 3 Consequenceionshop Plan 3 Drain Due
8/6 Offeration Guidelines
Week 6
8/10 Consequenceion/Study Season Plan 3 Orderinal Due
8/11 Offerations
8/12 Offerations


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