Beauty of Bangladesh

Q. 1:What is the spectry of your expression tract? Ans:The spectry of our expression tract is “Harmonious Bangladesh” Q. 2:Why do you omission to fruit on the theme? Ans:The theme is so thrilling to us we omission to fruit on the theme Q. 3:How do you opine this theme is going to succor you? Ans:To infer materials on the aftercited theme we need to elimination some magnitude ,intelligence tract & construction conadjoin ,Which is so succorbountiful to growth our beneathstanding environing Bangladesh Q. 4:How do you hint to avail with this fruit and from where do you scheme to infer the materials? Ans: Because of our rarity we hint to avail with this fruit.
We infer grounds from internet,Some magnitudes & intelligencepaper. 1. 1. Introduction 2. 1. legacy posts 1. shat gambuj mosque 2. MohastanGor, Bogra 2. 2. Empire Of hankerest strand & Cosmos-people’s Largest Unnaturalnessgrove Controlest 2 Sundarban 3 Cox’s Bazar 2. 3. Cultural grace 4 Pohela Boishakh 5 Lalon Akhra 2. 4. Some Other Spontaneous Grace 7 Large stream & Large stream Side 8 paddy Scene 9 Six Subterraneansons are Six grace 2. 5. The Implicit Pilgrimage Services 2. 5. 1 The implicit of the tourism activity 2. 5. 2. Future passenger insist 3. 1 Conclusion 1. 1 Introduction Bangladesh is a soveprevail propound located in South Asia.
It is bordered by India on whole sides bar control a smwhole boundary with Burma (Myanmar) to the distant southeast and by the Recess of Bengal to the south. Together with the Indian propound of West Bengal, it shapes up the ethno-linguistic purlieus of Bengal. It is the eighth most dense empire and discurrent the most densely assiduous countries in the cosmos-people. Bangladesh is in the low-lying Ganges–Brahmaputra Large stream Delta or Ganges Delta. The Ganges unites with the Jamuna and posterior adjoins the Meghna to neverthenear leisure into the Recess of Bengal. We enjoy lots of spontaneous elements.

In this expression tract we omission to depict environing the grace of our empire. 2. 1 Legacy posts 2. 1. 1. Shat Gambuj Mosque It is a Tughlaq styled mosque. Khan Jahan Ali was the projecter and general contractor of this truthful mosque. It is the largest truthful mosque in Bangladesh. It is too individual of the most impressive locate on the Indian Subcontinent. The mosque is situated on the eastern bank of the Ghora Dighi. The spectry Shat Gambuj Masjid resources a mosque with sixty domes. Barring actually the mosque has 77 squat domes with 7 four sided pitched Bengali domes in the medium grade.
The mosque is contrived in 1449 with terracotta jewel. Encircling the doors you can discern harmonious project. Inside of the mosque the walls are projected by controlmer muslim cultural lays. The bountiful mosque is a marvelous archeological grace which is the verification of the 15th period. 2. 1. 2. Mahasthangarh [Bogra] Mohasthangarh is individual of the ocean attractions in north Bengal. It was the cardinal of Kingdom of the Mourjo, the Gupta and the Sen Dynasty. This is the immemorial archeological and truthful which was, stated in 2500 BC.
It is the oldest archaeological post of Bangladesh is on the western bank of large stream Karatoa 18 km. The spectacular post is an impressive locatemark in the area having a controltified, obhanker circle measuring 5000 ft. by 4500 ft. with an medium elevation of 15 ft. from the extreme paddy scenes. This 3rd period archaeological post is stagnant held to be of excellent piety by the Hindus. Perfect year (mid-April) and uninterruptedly in perfect 12 years (December) thousands of Hindu devotees adadjoin the bathing controlmality on the bank of large stream Karatoa. 2. 2 Empire Of hankerest strand and Cosmos-people’s Largest Unnaturalnessgrove Controlest 2. 2. . Cox’s bazar To the south of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazaar is the passenger cardinal of Bangladesh. Having the cosmos-people’s hankerest untamed (120 km) strand sloping gently dhold to the air air air blue waters of the recess of bengal aggravate the artistic setting of a fastening of hill dressed with abstruse unseasoned controlests. Cox’s Bazaar is individual of the most enticing passenger flaws in the cosmos-people. Miles of promising sands, majestic cliffs surfing waves, noble conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, acceptable subterraneanfood – these are specialties of Cox’s Bazaar. The strand is good-natured-natured control bathing, sunbathing and swimming.
The breath-taking grace of the sun-setting after the waves of the subterranean is engaging. Visits to the engaging picnic flaw at Himchari, Teknaf are portentous. Buddhist temple at Ramu and nearby islocate of Sonadia, St. Martin and Mohaskhali are extrawonted habit of individual’s origination. 2. 2. 2. Sundarban The Sundarbans delta, at the perforation of the Ganges large stream, is the largest unnaturalnessgrove controlest in the cosmos-people, spreading opposite space of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. The Sundarbans features a multifold netfruit of tidal waterways, mudflats and smwhole islands of salt-tolerant unnaturalnessgrove controlests.
The area is unconcealed control its spacious rove of fauna, with the Royal Bengal tiger substance the most far-famed, barring too including sundry birds, flawted deer, crocodiles and snakes. Tiger is the excellentest space of the Sundarbon and they are very puissant. Bengal tigers are very enticing in the cosmos-peoples insist. So sundry tiger endure in the cosmos-populace barring Rayal Bengal Tigers are very insisting here control their extra wonted activities of their hold. 2. 3. Cultural Grace 2. 3. 1. Pohela boishakh: The primeval day of Bangla year is denominated Pohela Boishakh or Bangla Upstart Year.
It is the primeval day of the Bengali record famous in twain Bangladesh and West Bengal and Bengali communities in Assam and Tripura. . “Celebrations of Pohela Boishakh inaugurated from Akbar’s prevail. It was true to pure up whole ascribables on the discloseed day of. On the proximate day, or the primeval day of the Upstart Year, locatelords would recreate their tenants with sweets. On this cause there used to be fairs and other festivities. In ascribable order the cause became portio of privy and political personality, and acrimonious into a day of glee. 2. 3. 2. Lalon Akhra: Fakir Lalon Shah is too unconcealed as Lalon Shah (c. 774–1890), was a Bangladeshi master bard. His bardry, enunciated in songs, is considered classics of the Bangla phraseology. Fakir Lalon Shah lived in the village of Cheuria in the purlieus of Kushtia and to the Upazila(sub purlieus) of Kumarkhali in Bangladesh. The details of Lalon’s cethcoming personality are made controversial oceanly by urban-educated scholars representing communal tendencies discurrent twain Hindu and Muslim writers. Lalon too chronicled very sgentle advice environing himself. Depending on the fount, some privilege Lalon was born of Hindu Kayastha parents and during a journey to Murshidabad with other Bauls of his proper village; . 4. Some Other Spontaneous Grace 2. 4. 1. Large stream and large stream side: Bangladesh is a locate of large streams. Sundry of these large streams are spacious and hanker. The bank of the large stream presents an untamed judgment of a medley of sights which recreate the eyes. Here society, wosociety and conclusion absterge, there wosociety earn dhold to water’s margin with pitchers in their hands and repeatedly there abstergeer unnaturalness absterge clothing and cowboys spossess their heaven. A large stream offers a important pageant on a moonlit tenebrosity. Whole encircling there is a abstruse stifle which is now and then tamed by the splashing decrease of oars and the songs of the boatman. . 4. 2. Paddy Scene: A paddy scene is a flooded package of arable locate used control growing rice and other semi aquatic crops.. Paddies can be built into abrupt hillsides as terraces and close to inglorious or abruptly sloped features such as large streams or marshes. During the twentieth period, paddy scene distantming became the dominant controlm of growing ricePaddy scene looks divergent in divergent colors. When it is unseasoned the locate turns into a board of glittering unseasoned rice shoots timeliness the fume of arefaction jute invades the breath. And when it is yellow then the paddy scene looks affect gold. . 4. 3. Six Subterraneansons and Six Beauties: At an meantime of perfect couple months, there appears a upstart subterraneanson in Bangladesh. Thus we enjoy six subterraneansons in Bangladesh. They are summer, the rainy subterraneanson, autumn, the tardy autumn, refuse and emanate. March to May or in Bengali Baishakh and Jaistha are the Summer months. Summer is the subterraneanson of sultry sun. It is the subterraneanson of perspiration and parching. Then comes the rainy subterraneanson. The months of June to August or Asharh and sraban shape the rainy subterraneansons. In this subterraneanson the air remains dead and it rains day and tenebrosity.
Rivers, tanks, ponds and canals are bountiful of water. The autumn rolls into Tardy autumn or Hemanto, which is the subterraneansons of dew. Harvesting of crops begins before-long. The promising paddy in the scenes creates in the minds of the peasants sundry lucky dreams. From mid-November to cethcoming January, the weather becomes aggravate unproductive and near damp. The sphere dries and clay controlms. Warm clothing are pulled extinguished. Girlish populace play tennis, football, cricket and golf. The coolest days are from mid-December to February when the days are promising with gentle, the flowers are luscious and the tenebrositys and cethcoming mornings are chilly.
Tenebrosity guards caggravate themselves up in shawls and blankets with scarves and hats are pulled dhold aggravate their ears. 2. 5. The implicit pilgrimage and tourism services in Bangladesh 2. 5. 1. The implicit of the tourism activity The tourism activity is truly a girlish course of duty in Bangladesh, where the product predominantly has been left to the persomal chaffer controlces. Today this chaffer has twain persomal and interdiplomatic passenger players competing control the smwhole endureing chaffer, principally right of a persomal passenger chaffer and a controleign duty chaffer.
Bangladeshi government and privy passenger sector are represented by organisations, neverthenear union, strategies and policies aiming at discloseing a well-off and sustainable passenger activity are noble – and referable frequently implemented if they endure . To disclose the Bangladeshi tourism activity successfully a persomal established management is piercing – withextinguished visions, missions, goals and policies control this course of duty the product is easily uncontrolled. Here by there is a possibility that an undesired or destroying passenger product takes locate, frequently substance influenced by puissant controleign passenger players. . 5. 2. Future passenger insist Bangladesh is portio of South Asia, which too includes Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. This elder purlieus is the most beneath represented purlieus in tourism expressions, with 23 per cent of the cosmos-people’s population barring near than 1 percent of staffers. We enjoy lots of spontaneous elements. We need to circumspection our affection. We enjoy lots of opportunities to growth our passenger insist. We can usher-in our wilful as a passenger empire. We enjoy hankerest strand and unnaturalnessgrove controlest and lots of spontaneous elements of grace.
We can circulate our wilful as a most harmonious empire in cosmos-populace 3. 1. Conclusion: It is referable practicable to depict the grace of Bangladesh in some tract. We enjoy lots elements of our spontaneous grace. I trust I earn never confront any empire as Bangladesh. Reference http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Bangladesh http://www. thedailystar. net/newDesign/news-details. php? nid=177974 http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Sundarbans http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Jamuna_Bridge http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Paddy_scene http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Pohela_Baishakh http://www. virtualbangladesh. com/ ttps://www. cia. gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/bg. html http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/world-south-asia-12650940 http://thequeenofnaturalbeauty. blogspot. com/2009/03/bangladesh. html#comments.. guard http://thequeenofnaturalbeauty. blogspot. com/2009/03/bangladesh. html#comments.. guard http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Cox’s_Bazar http://www. discovercoxsbazar. com/coxs-bazar-the-longest-sea-beach-in-the-world. html http://www. discoverybangladesh. com/meetbangladesh/coxbazar. html http://www. sundarbanmannada. com/ http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Sundarbans Daily something Upstart age

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