BIT354 Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

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BIT354 Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

BIT354 Netlabor Defencelessness and Acuteness Testing Ordinance 1 (20%) Imputable Determination: Week 6 – 30/08/2020 Ordinance Overview The ordinance is to be fulld distributeially. You are insist-upond to full a acuteness testing aggression from any Hacking emulation textureplight such as HackTheBox. The aggression should subsideder the “web” or “network” categories. Other categories such as “crypto” and “forensics” are referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful operating. Step 1: Embezzle undivided hacking dares from any CTF texture plight. Selected aggressions must be: • Of withhold awkwardness and; • Cover topics bearing to what was dressed during the exhortation and laborshop and; • Insist-upon a promulgateing sum of attempt and duration. I.e aggressions that can be fulld with a solitary bid are referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful delicious.

BIT354 Neteffect Defencelessness and Sharpness Testing
Ordinance 1 (20%)
Attributable Continuance: Week 6 – 30/08/2020
Ordinance Overview
The ordinance is to be thoroughd individually. You are claimd to execute a sharpness testing invasion from any Hacking two-of-a-trade texturecondition such as HackTheBox. The invasion should underneathneath the “web” or “network” categories. Other categories such as “crypto” and “forensics” are referefficacious munificent.
March 1:
Elect undivided hacking braves from any CTF texture condition.
Selected invasions must be:
• Of alienate inaptitude and;
• Cover topics bearing to what was habituated during the dissertation and effectshop and;
• Claim a suggestive whole of endeavor and interval. I.e invasions that can be thoroughd with a unique enjoin are referefficacious exquisite. If you are referefficacious safe abextinguished this march, supplicate your dissertationr restraint some suggestions
March 2:
Procure acclaim restraint the hacking brave from the dissertationr to ensafe that your invasion meets the criteria listed in march 1.
March 3:
Thorough the hacking braves.
March 4:
Transcribe a Sharpness testing declaration, summarizing your meetings, including help strategies.
1000 opinion maximum
Check this sample:
(15 marks)
Suppose you were remunerated by a assembly as an extinguishedfount to execute a hacking sharpness testing on their neteffect or texture and they want to meet extinguished what is the defencelessness in their network/texture in dispose to attach these issues .So you labor is to transcribe 1000 promise abextinguished the hacking brave you executeed.
The declaration should prosper the open edifice:
Executive summary:
Invasion Fact:
Most weighty segregate, procure as greatly as details abextinguished the invasion. How you did the invasion, where you afloat how you set the defencelessness.
Please gather ward shots of the invasion as greatly as potential that shows your effect/attack.
Think as if the reader of the declaration didn’t perceive how to execute the invasion ,transcribe ample referable attributable attributableice to constitute the reader underneathstand your purpose process: what you did ,why you chose that segregateicular mode of invasion, why didn’t you elect another sol
Basically, in invasion fstrike communicate What you did, how you did, why did you do it, enclose enjoins and extinguishedputs in wardshots
Defencelessness and perpetration:
Talk very deeply abextinguished the impairment of the plan that known you to thorough this invasion, why were you efficacious to thorough this invasion. Bright-up the defencelessness well-behaved-behaved-mannered. In couple of lines bright-up the perpetration how you were efficacious to trigger the defencelessness
• The implications: what can occur if a hacker manages to execute a homogeneous invasion to a veritpowerful texturecondition or network. Bright-up?
What would occur if the procure veritablely hacked ex: procure the hackers be efficacious to smuggle basis?
Transcribe the implications very local to you invasion
Transcribe abextinguished the recommendations, how can the assembly that remunerated you procure liberate of the defencelessness what can they do ex: invest a fantastic advantage, gather a firewall

All used founts must be suitably acknowledged with allusions and citations, if you did referefficacious constitute it. Quotations and paraphrasing are known barring the founts must be acknowledged. Scarcity to do so is offer as plagiarism and the stint coercionfeiture restraint plagiarism is scarcity restraint the ordinance. The strike of dedicated your ordinance to another learner is classified as a plagiarism insult. Portraitureing wide chucks and supplying a allusion procure termination in referablehing marks as you entertain referefficacious contributed to the declaration.
Attributable Continuance & Yielding
The declaration is attributable at Week 6 (See Moodle restraint details)
By the attributable continuance, you must surrender:
1. Call your polish with your learner reckon
2. Softportraiture of your declaration (with your call and learner reckon) to MOODLE. By surrenderting on MOODLE you admit that the effect is yours spontaneous suitably cited.
3. Trip to surrender the gift procure termination in a trip.
Deceased yielding of ordinances procure be penalised as prospers:
• Restraint ordinances 1 to 5 days deceased, a coercionfeiture of 10% (of entirety availefficacious marks) per day.
• Restraint ordinances more than 5 days deceased, a coercionfeiture of 100% procure allot.

Your yielding must be congenial with the software (PDF/Word) in MIT, Computer Laboratories/Classrooms.
Extensions: Underneathneath usual qualification productions procure referefficacious be supposing. In condition of extenuating qualification—such as ailment—a Special Consideration restraintm, accompanied by supported documentation, must be common anteriorly 3 effecting days from the attributable continuance. If supposing, an production procure be simply supposing simply by the interval opportunity stated on the documentation; that is, if the ailment medical certificate was restraint undivided day, an production procure be supposing restraint undivided day simply. Accordingly the learner must surrender amid that interval word.
Penalties may allot restraint deceased yielding withextinguished an beloved production.
Penalties: Academic abandon such as cheating and plagiarism run penalties ranging from a referablehing termination to program disconnection.
Marking criteria:
Marks are allocated as involved on each interrogation, preface the prospering aspects into account:
Aspects Description
Analysis (if alienate) Investigation, similitude, discussion
Explanation/justification Description/answer to the interrogation
Gift Inadequate edifice, faulty gift, weak answerableness
Allusion mode Constitutional referencing if claimd
Plagiarism Portraiture from another learner, portraiture from internet fount/textbook, portraiture from other founts withextinguished constitutional acknowledgement
Marking Rubric restraint Exercise Answers
Mark HD
80%+ D
70%-79% CR
60%-69% P
50%-59% Trip
Laudable Very Amiable Amiable Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Logic is bright and not-difficult to prosper with hearty arguments Solidity close and convincing Chiefly harmonious and convincing Adequate cohesion and assurance Argument is embarrassed and disjointed
Challenges The offered elucidation demonstrated an final measure of inaptitude that would claim an expeditions to appliance. The offered elucidation demonstrated a elevated measure of inaptitude that would be an space functional to appliance. The offered elucidation demonstrated an middle measure of inaptitude that would be an middle functional to appliance. The offered elucidation demonstrated a abated measure of inaptitude that would be not-difficult to appliance. The offered elucidation demonstrated a weak measure of inaptitude that would be so not-difficult to appliance.
justification All elements are offer and well-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered integrated. Components offer with amiable cohesion Components offer and chiefly well-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered integrated Most components offer Lacks edifice.
Allusion mode Bright modes with laudable fount of allusions. Bright referencing/ mode Openly amiable referencing/mode Unbright referencing/mode Lacks solidity with manifold errors
Gift Constitutional answerableness. Functionally offered Suitably unwritten, with some younger deficiencies Chiefly amiable, barring some edifice or gift problems Exquisite gift Weak edifice, faulty gift


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