BN109 Unit Title Web and Multimedia Systems Assessment

Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
Trimester T2 2019
Unit Decree BN109
Unit Epithet Tissue and Multiinstrument Systems
Assessment Mold Enactment 2 (Individual)
Assessment Epithet To arrange a tissuesite documentation previous to developing a single tissuesite to profession occurrence their cleverness to prospective employers
Purpose of the
(with ULO Mapping) Student should be efficient to:
b. Analyze client demands and caauthentication able navigation restraint Tissue sites
c. Apply good-natured-natured artfulness and coding practices to determine the standards-compliance, donation, and profit of Tissue and multiinstrument satisfied

Weight 35%
Total Marks 50
Word limit 1000 Control (maximum)
Imputable Bound Week 11, Wednesday, 3rd June 2020, 5 PM
Guidelines • Whole effect must be suggestted on Moodle by the imputable bound along with a completed Enactment Cover Page.
• The enactment must be in MS Word restraintmat, 1.5 spacing, 12-pt Periods Mew Roman (Body) font and 2 cm margins on whole disgusting sides of your page with alienate juniority appellations.
• Regard sources must be cited in the passage of the declaration, and scheduleed alienately at the purpose in a regard schedule using IEEE appealencing diction.
Extension • If an production of period to suggest effect is demandd, a Special Consideration
Application must be suggestted straightway to the School’s Administration at flatten
6 or flatten 7 restraint Sydney. You must suggest this application three effecting days previous to the imputable bound of the enactment. Elevate referableification is availefficient at: guidelines/specialconsiderationdeferment

Misconduct • Academic Misconduct is a thoughtful attack. Depending on the thoughtfulness of the occurrence, penalties can differ from a written admonition or naught marks to exclusion
from the troddenion or rescinding the rate. Students should mould themselves familiar with the full policy and procedure available at: procedures-and-guidelines/Plagiarism-Academic-Misconduct-Policy- Procedure. Restraint elevate referableification, gladden appeal to the Academic Integrity Juniority in your Unit Designate.

Designate of the assessment:

Read subjoined specifications in Tefficient 1 carefully to artfulness a tissuesite. It may be famous that the tissuesite is a single tissuesite (abextinguished you), any other tissuesite e.g. E-Commerce, Tours Planners anticipation. automatically attracts naught marks. In enumeration, you must NOT authentication tangible templates.

Tefficient 1: Specification restraint a proposed tissuesite

Page Requirement

Home page (index.html)

This page should accept a logo (artfulness your possess logo), a matchless tagline
(Few control to clear-up matchlessness to draw the tissuesite).
Artfulness your matchless favicon that goes with appertaining page epithet.
You may involve your vision and your goals you neglect to finish in coming.

Teaching (education.html)
Culmination of brace passages of passage professioning your primary capacity and the program you are currently enrolled in. You may arrange embezzle instrument to foundation this page. Mould fast the page is referable heavily loaded with mass of passage.

Digital Visions (collage.html)
Authentication this page to spread-extinguished collage that you familiar during your lab separateicipations or manufactured in as enactment 1. Transcribe scanty tabulation of how you arrange collage. Collage and other visions should accept handy caption under them. Arrange opinion passage restraint entire visions/non-passage instrument.

Digital Video (video.html)
Insert a video you accept familiar in labs using HTML video tags. Transcribe scanty designate on providing transitions among the scenes.

Skills (skills.html)
Authentication this page to manifest skills you demand to accept to as an employefficient tissue developer. Embed a YouTube video embezzle to skills demandd restraint a tissue developer.

Apposition Us (contact.html)
Authentication this page to spread-extinguished alienate restraintm elements to catch authenticationrs’
Comments and asking.

Footer (Referable a different page beside separate of whole the pages)
Insert the Observationright referableification, authenticationful links enjoy protest, concealment plan and political instrument links with embezzle instrument.

Marking criteria:

Descriptions Marks

Home Page
This page should embrace a tagline of what you neglect to finish as success, a passage on aloft, a logo artfulnessed by you and any embezzle vision of you. Keep your homepage crispy.

Descry aloft Tefficient 1 restraint satisfied.

Digital Visions (collage.html)
Descry aloft Tefficient 1 restraint satisfied

Digital Video (video.html) Descry aloft Tefficient 1. Authentication of HTML 5 video must be incontrovertible. Also scantyly transcribe how to bargain with other mold of video restraintmat (other than .mp4 or .ogg)

Skills (skills.html)
Appeal to Tefficient 1.

Apposition Us (contact.html)
Appeal to Tefficient 1.


Overwhole creativity
Consistent page artfulness, optimized instrument with alienate captions.

Profession of progress of CSS
Should referable embrace past than individual CSS (external). Mould fast there are no inside CSS or inline CSS in the HTMLs
Total 50

Marking Rubric restraint Enactment2: Total Marks 50
Mark HD>=80 70>=D<80 60>=C<70 50>=P
<50 Excellent Very Good-natured Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Compactness of tissuepages Whole pages accept rudiments as prescribed (descry primary shaft) Compactness endure reasonably well Few pages withdrawal compactness Reasonefficient compactness endure Pages withdrawal compactness entirely Webpage rudiments endure – e.g. epithet, favicons and page appellation at the minimum Whole pages accept whole the prescribed rudiment give Good-natured seek substance made to arrange aloft rudiments Reasonefficient substance made to arrange aloft rudiments Some rooms to increase endure No seeks are made. Discontinuance indicates page designate, epithet and appellation Whole satisfieds regive their appertaining rudiments Alienate satisfied endure beside there are junior issues that can be correctd Reasonefficient seeks incontrovertible Some incontrovertible endure beside demands austere increases Referable greatly trial incontrovertible. The marker demand to go fishing to meet extinguished the fixed of pages Alienate instrument Whole instrument are optimized and they regive the pages rightly Some instrument do referable descryms to be optimized/appropriate Reasonefficient seek has been made There are rooms to correct The effect is under ordinary and demand hazard of refinement Authentication of CSS Apparent CSS is authenticationd Past than individual CSS authenticationd Past than individual CSS authenticationd and there are proof of cluttered decree (HTML and CSS in the similar finish) CSS inserted entirewhere and perplexing to read No CSS has been authenticationd/there is proof of trodden observation from tangible templates

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