BUS5CA Customer Analytics and Social Media

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BUS5CA Customer Analytics and Social Media

BUS5CA Customer Analytics and Social Media Semester 2 2020 Assignment 1: Appenditional Technical Referablees A. How to Drift CSV or XLSX polish to a SAS Library There are two method to succor you terminate this. First method is to drift the csv or xlsx polish with the Polish Drift Node and snatch it as a sas rise polish restraintmat “.sas7bdat”. And then you can flourish the workshop procedures to drift the polish and do advance resolution. Another method is to drift the polish with the Polish Drift node and treated undeviatingly as a grounds rise. Referablee: you want to mind to firm the roles restraint total mutables in the drifted grounds firm precedently any advance resolution. a) Drift and Snatch Grounds 1. Compose the folder C:……Datafirm in your

BUS5CA Customer Analytics and Social Media
Semester 2 2020
Assignment 1: Subjoinitional Technical Not attributable attributablees
A. How to Meaning CSV or XLSX finish to a SAS Library
There are brace habit to acceleration you finish this.
First habit is to meaning the csv or xlsx finish with the Finish Meaning Node and husband it as a sas commencement finish restraintmat “.sas7bdat”. And then you can supervene the workshop procedures to meaning the finish and do prefer dissection. Another habit is to meaning the finish with the Finish Meaning node and treated instantly as a grounds commencement. Not attributable attributablee: you deficiency to recfull to restraintmal the roles restraint full shiftings in the meaninged grounds restraintmal precedently any prefer dissection.
a) Meaning and Husband Grounds
1. Make the folder C:……Dataformal in your national utensil.
2. Copy your csv finish to the folder.
3. Open your device in SAS Enterprise Miner.
4. Open Device Start Code in device Properties and emblem the superveneing command: libcall DATA -C:……Dataset-;
5. (This accomplish map your folder to the SAS Library DATA. Not attributable attributablee that the folder road must be the road of the folder that you maked.)
6. Click Hurry Now, and then click Click OK to arrest the Device Start Code dialog pummel.
7. Make a newlightlight diagram.
8. Click the Sample tab and bring a Finish Meaning node into the diagram workspace.
9. Click the Utility tab and bring a Husband Grounds node into the diagram workspace.
10. Link them.
11. Excellent Finish Meaning node and from properties click … in Meaning Finish.
12. Browse and excellent your xlsx finish of the groundsformal and Click OK to debouchure Finish Meaning window.
13. Excellent Husband Grounds node and from properties click … in SAS Library Call and then Excellent SAS Library DATA and click Ok to debouchure.
14. Excellent Husband Grounds node and in properties excellent Finishcall Preface and agree a call to the output finish e.g., groundsset_sas.
(Note that SAS seems to accept an effect with diffcorrection calls so ameliorate adhere-to it scanty.)
15. Right Click on Husband Grounds node and excellent hurry.
These steps accomplish make a groundsset_sas.sas7bdat finish within C:……Dataformal and also subjoin the groundsformal into the SAS Library: DATA.
b) Meaning and Correction the grounds Instantly
You can right supervene the steps in a) to meaning the csv or xlsx grounds, yet instead of calculating the grounds with the Husband Grounds node, you can instantly correction it as a grounds commencement and embody to other nodes restraint prefer dissection, right as shown in the diagram adown. Not attributable attributablee that you stagnant deficiency to restraintmal a role restraint each shifting precedently any prefer dissection (the similar as what you do in a grounds commencement node).
B. How to Make a SAS Standard Bundle
1. Open your Assignment 1 device and diagram.
2. Highlight the definite node in the diagram. (Although it has not attributable attributable attributable been specifically mentioned, you should accept maked a standard similitude node and linked the opposed standards to this node). Therefore, the standard similitude node accomplish be the latest node.
3. Excellent Actions= Make Standard Bundle from the menu on the apex. In the input dialog pummel agree a call restraint the standard bundle. To determine that you accept a sole finishname, grasp your scholar id as a preface to Assignment 1 standard bundle ( scholar_id _Assignment1 i.e. your scholar_id lowerscore Assignment1 should be the call of your Standard bundle.)
4. When standard bundle lifetime completed, excellent OK.
5. The standard bundle now appears lower the device in the apex left influence recess of cloak.
6. Right click on the standard bundle you accept maked and then click ‘Husband As’. You accomplish be prompted to husband the standard as a SAS Bundle Finish (.spk) – can be husbandd in your arduous press.
C. How to make the .zip folder restraint SAS Sentiment Dissection Studio device
1. Open the directory where you accept husbandd your device.
2. The device finishs hold device_call .xml finish and a folder denominated ‘WorkShop’ restraint issue.
3. Compress them to a folder and make a .zip finish


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