Chapter 10: “Leadership” • Chapter 11: “Motivating People”

Chapter 10: “Leadership” • Chapter 11: “Motivating People” • Consider current events related to this unit’s topic by conducting a short article search on the differences between leading and managing. • Read an article published within the previous year related to the topic indicated above. • Summarize the information in your own words. Follow the discussion board rubric on the course syllabus for minimum required length. • Describe a) what you learned from this information and b) how it relates to this unit’s topic. Be sure to identify which key term or phrase from this unit relates to your response. Include the article title, name(s) of author(s), the publication date, and, if available, the web link.* Key Concepts: • Leading is one of the four primary functions of management. • Effective leaders are talented in combining strategy and interpersonal skills to formulate plans and implement strategies that create positive results. • There are key similarities and differences between leading and managing. • Managers can employ practical, effective techniques for increasing people’s effort and performance.

Discuss the difference between managing and leading. Conclusions to management issuing the five sources of power. Employee motivation.