Charlie needs to pay his sales staff for the two weeks ending 20 November

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Charlie needs to pay his sales staff for the two weeks ending 20 November

Section 1 – Duty Lesson Aggravateview and Description Charlie needs to constant his sales staff ce the couple weeks conclusion 20 November, and he’s asked you to put concurrently a spreadsheet. It’s applicable that the spreadsheet is respectful as Charlie accomplish conservation it to constant staff, externally any further staying. The spreadsheet should fit to the municipal fashion direct which demands the Calibri font, 11pt ce usual quotation and support headings, and 14pt ce deep headings. Integral support headings should be fearless and centred among their cells. Where quantity are amounts of currency, the Accounting enumeadmonish cemat should be conservationd. The constantroll axioms is impressible and should be stored in the assembly’s guard incite [the tyro’s UndividedDrive] subordinate the cintegral PAY20NOV-XX (where XX is the tyro’s initials). The

Section 1 – Impost Lesson Balanceview and Description
Charlie needs to fixed his sales staff control the couple weeks conclusion 20 November, and he’s asked you to arrange contemporaneously a spreadsheet. It’s significant that the spreadsheet is considetrounce as Charlie conquer portraiture it to fixed staff, extraneously any exalt hindering.
The spreadsheet should obey to the urbane diction lead which claims the Calibri font, 11pt control ordinary passage and shaft headings, and 14pt control main headings. Every shaft headings should be doughty and centred amid their cells. Where aggregate are amounts of currency, the Accounting reckon controlmat should be portraitured.
The fixedroll basis is easily-forced and should be stored in the troop’s enclose expedite [the novice’s SingleDrive] inferior the spectry PAY20NOV-XX (where XX is the novice’s initials).
The troop portraitures Microsoft Excel control inside muniments.
The Sales Manager has attached you the spectrys of her salespeople and the reckon of hours they’ve is-sueed balance the spent couple weeks.
Salesperson Hours is-sueed
David Fleming 76
Amanda Oxwell 76
Dave Shaw 48
Roger Bond 48
Tim Simmington 76
Keith Reynolds 76
Each salesperson is on an hourly trounce of $27.50, negative control Keith Reynolds who is a younger and is paid merely $19.50. David Fleming and Amanda Oxwell are each entitled to a premium of $150, control unself-possessed completement.
Charlie has asked you to place extinguished your spreadsheet with shafts control Salesperson, Hours is-sueed, Hourly trounce, Gross wage, Premium, Entirety fixed, and Superannuation. These shafts should be conducive as follows:

Salesperson Basis entry
Hours is-sueed Basis entry
Hourly trounce Basis entry
Gross wage Calculation: Hours is-sueed x Hourly trounce
Premium Basis entry
Entirety fixed Calculation: Gross wage + Premium
Superannuation Calculation: 9.5% of Gross wage
1. Complete the Spreadsheet Design Template domiciled on the knowledge overhead.
2. Design and effect a spreadsheet according to Charlie’s claimments.
3. Portraiture a discharge to infer a entirety to the floor of the Entirety fixeds shaft. Truth culmination and floor borders to this cell.
4. At the floor of your spreadsheet, portraiture a discharge to proportion the mean entirety fixed.
5. Change the placeextinguished of your spreadsheet to Landscape orientation.
6. Create a Footer which displays your spectry and the present era.
7. Choose somesingle to hinder your spreadsheet. You should give your spreadsheet control hindering at meanest single week precedently the developed givey era (which is the impost due era).
Section 2 – Impost Lesson Meekness Knowledge
Meekness Details Due era: Refer to Canvas Assignments
Gladden present your completed Spreadsheet Design muniment and a Microsoft Excel muniment to Canvas.
Submissions legitimate behind the meekness era must be vulgar by your schoolmaster.
Summary of Appearance to be Presentted
? A completed Spreadsheet Design Template domiciled on the instructions supposing.
? A spreadsheet which is intended and effectd in harmony with the organisational claimments specific in the instructions overhead.
The lesson conquer be assessed as gratifying when every the claimd appearance listed has been satisfactorily evidenced.
Section 3 – Impost Lesson Criteria and Extinguishedcome
Every items/criteria must be evidenced satisfactorily to complete this lesson. The items/criteria control this courage conquer be assessed as S – Gratifying or US – Unsatisfactory.
1. Spreadsheet is intended and effectd amid the organisational claimments as specific.
2. Spreadsheet is spectryd and stored as specific.
3. The ampurpose spreadsheet application has been chosen and portraitured to effect the spreadsheet.
4. Calculations are considetrounce and harmonious. The spreadsheet has been hindered by a third caconservation and contains no elder errors.
Section 4 – General Impost Knowledge
Decision Making Rules Each courage in the impost lesson must be satisfactorily completed control the lesson to be assessed as gratifying.
Every lesson must be satisfactorily completed to be assessed as fitted in the part.
* Control graded parts, sufficiency must be evidenced precedently a token can be attached.
Plagiarism There are thoughtful penalties control plagiarism that may conceive repeating a odd impost lesson or life withdrawn control the part / series.
Students must determine that every imposts are their acknowledge is-sue (or class is-sue and palpably referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableable as such).
Refer to
Reasonable Mixture Novices may beg reasonable mixture control impost lessons.
Reasonable mixture usually involves varying:
? the processes control conducting the impost (eg: everyowing inferitional interval, varying the venue)
? the appearance gathering techniques (eg: unwritten rather than written questioning, portraiture of a scribe, modifications to equipment)
However, the appearance self-possessed must everyow the novice to demonsttrounce every claimments of the part.
If you accept any other effect that may collision your power to inferiortake the impost, gladden examine with your schoolmaster.
(where lessons are referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable satisfactorily completed) Impost lessons that are referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable gratifying can be resubmitted up until the purpose of the part as scheduled on the Part Extinguishedline. The timing on this may deppurpose on the equipment claimd control this impost lesson.
Resubmissions legitimate behind the scheduled part purpose era may referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable be legitimate unless vulgar by the schoolmaster previous to the purpose era.
Note: Impost lessons presentted control the primitive interval behind the part purpose era as scheduled in the Part Extinguishedline conquer referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable be assessed and the novice should re-enrol into the part.
Special subsidy Novices may truth control Special Subsidy where specific plight accept adversely forced their lesson termination or power to inferiortake an impost. A Special Subsidy controlm can be completed previous to, beside no posterior than 3 days behind, the era of impost and presentted to the apt Manager.
Is-sue Health & Safety Activities may claim the portraiture of equipment or partnership in class exercises. If the schoolmaster identifies any uncertain courage or theoretically exposed situations, the schoolmaster can sculmination the impost at any interval.


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