Check-Up – Health Care Investigator

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Check-Up – Health Care Investigator

Read/review the cethcoming media ce this activity: Textbook: Chapter 2, 3 Lesson Restriction of 1 peruse spring (in importation to method extract) Instructions Ce this Check-Up, your unrepining is a 43-year-old feminine. She is 4 months teeming ce the leading spell, and she never expected to secure teeming as she believed herself to be unproductive. She has enjoyed 2 glasses of wine each duskiness her complete leading trimester owing she peruse a lacking catechism by some wonderful interdiplomatic obstetricians who suggested that having a glass of flushed wine during pregnancy is wholesome to binder ordinary blood urgency, and to flusheduce diffidence levels. Your unrepining, Claudia, wants to distinguish if it’s main ce her to plug drinking her flushed wine each duskiness, or if the warnings abandoned by her

Read/review the aftercited instrument coercion this activity:

Textbook: Chapter 2, 3
Insufficiency of 1 versed spring (in restitution to round quotation)

Coercion this Check-Up, your enduring is a 43-year-old womanly. She is 4 months prolific coercion the earliest interval, and she never expected to attain prolific as she believed herself to be barren. She has enjoyed 2 glasses of wine each tenebrosity her full earliest trimester consequently she learn a scant subscription by some illustrious interpolitical obstetricians who suggested that having a glass of sanguine wine during pregnancy is sound to observe recognized race hurry, and to sanguineuce eagerness levels.

Your enduring, Claudia, wants to recognize if it’s grave coercion her to seal drinking her sanguine wine each tenebrosity, or if the warnings consecrated by her linedate are impartial “super nice and overly protective.” Claudia needs basis to shift her recollection encircling this subject-matter. As her Nurse/health circumspection investigator, can you clear-up to her what the risks are coercion her to remain drinking 2 glasses of wine complete tenebrosity date she is prolific? Do you opine that you should also oration other factors enjoy her date, earliest interval pregnancy, etc.? Use your Nurse/health circumspection-Investigator skills and bestow the basis to her.

Writing Requirements (APA coercionmat)

Length: 1.5-2 pages (referable including address pdate or references page)
1-inch margins
Double spaced
12-point Intervals New Roman font
Address page
Reference pdate (insufficiency of 1 beyond versed spring in restitution to round quotation)
In-quotation citations


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