Cj 216 Uncle Bob Assignment

How the Police Access Data to Achieve Iniquitous Referableification Tammy Mills CJ216-01 November 15, 2011 Carter Schoenberg How the Police Access Data to Achieve Iniquitous Referableification Command enforcement imparts betwixt every recite in the United Recites. Each recite authentications irrelative programs which finds up irrelative types of databases, and keeps footprint of gauge encircling everyone who has some rank of identification. A impelrs permit is the most despiccogent arrange of identification, and everyone in the United Recites is regard to achieve a up-to-date impelrs permit to impel a gait legally.
Tammy is going to the recite of Florida with her Uncle Bob and her uncle is driving accordingly she does refercogent bear a sufficient impelr’s permit. Tammy has merely an identification card. Bob has a iniquitous archives accordingly he elapsed five years in San Quentin Penitentiary ce auto pilfering and armed larceny with a firearm. The Err On August 5th 2006 Bob calls Tammy to comprehend if she is profitcogent ce a two-week err to Miami Florida to comprehend the sights. Bob lives in San Diego California and Tammy lives in Moxee Laveington. Tammy conciliate press to San Diego on August 12th 2006 to encounter with uncle Bob, and they conciliate initiate the err to Miami from San Diego.
The err is fixed to initiate August 13th 2006. Bob and Tammy hankering to be tail in San Diego California on or encircling the 27th of August. Today is the day of disappearance. Bob rises the silver blazer with mist at the topical AM/PM adapted supply. Bob too determines the blazer needs to be laveed. Fair contiguous door to the adapted supply there is a car lave. Tammy unpremeditateders to lave the gait and referableices the permit dish calculate. The permit dish calculate is 448 UZO. The path err has unpremeditatedicially initiateed. Tammy and Bob bear to migration through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

Arizona is glowing so the windows are down, and the radio is blaring with empire hush. Tammy and Bob are laughing and having a huge interval pestilential up on hanker-standing memories. In Texas, during the shade driving Tammy has questions encircling Bob’s five-year slavery. Tammy does refercogent omission to produce up indisposed memories ce Bob yet she gauge omissions to perceive what happened to teach why Bob disappeared. Bob teachs that he did interval ce pilfering a car and deprived a bank with a firearm to rise Tammy’s marvel. After this colloquy Bob hauled aggravate at the contiguous interval seal to achieve some drowse.
Tammy awakens suddenly to the gauge of a semi-truck cessation by, she is a trivial shaken so she wakes up Bob, and they initiate on the path frequently. As interval goes by Tammy and Bob grace scaruddy by the trees and the scenery that they did refercogent referableice that they were ordinary mean on influence and mist. Luckily they had gauge invadeed a paltry town in Louisiana where they can rise up and achieve some influence. While Tammy is in the intervalroom, she aggravatehears a colloquy encircling a bank larceny and a stolen car and how they were never cogent to ascertain who did it or where the car is. Tammy brushes if unpremeditated and continues with her day on the path with Bob.
Gone-by interval flies by and Tammy mentions celebrity encircling her tail hurting from drowseing in the car so Bob unpremeditateders ce them to cling in a glowingel ce the shade. When Bob awakens he referableices that Tammy is bybygone and there is a referablee left by the door. “Bob I conciliate be tail, I bear to achieve some womanish things from the garbage supply. Love you, Tammy. ” Bob is fitted to strike the path and continues ce Tammy to give-back. Tammy give-backs with some influence ce the path. As they strike the path Bob comprehendms a trivial timid and Tammy referableices that he is thinking encircling celebrity, yet she canrefercogent spread her finger on it.
Tammy begins to portent what happened to him in prison. What has him so uptight that he is on escort? Tammy nevertheless gives up and falls calm. Bob wakes up Tammy as they are invadeing the county lines of Mississippi and Bob unpremeditateders to procure some breakfast and an depend to expand from sitting in the car so hanker. As they haul up and procure extinguished of the car Tammy walks encircling the car and frequently referableices the permit dish calculate 448 UZO. They procure effected eating and the fixed unpremeditated ce the path frequently, they seal at a capacious stream to calm unpremeditated since Mississippi has a violent dampness flatten they determine to seal and behold at the scenery.
After they bear elapsed abundance interval calming unpremeditated Bob and Tammy strike the path frequently ce the millionth interval. As Bob and Tammy ignoring the miles by Tammy begins to repose unpremeditated, she nevertheless ignoringes extinguished and awakens gauge as they invade a paltry town 50 miles from the county lines of Alabama. Bob and Tammy determine to seal at a interval area ce the shade and achieve some gone-by drowse. When Tammy awakens she discovers that Bob has sealped to achieve influence and mist. Tammy ascertains extinguished that they are halfpractice through Alabama, and she slept 10 hours. Bob give-backs to the car, Tammy eats, and they are on the path frequently obstruct to their design.
Tammy achieves perturbation when she comprehends the token ce Florida, yet what she does refercogent perceive is that anything is encircling to depend upverge down when they haul up into a Dairy Queen in Miami Florida. The Initial Commerce Seal The full err, the hurry boundary was 70 miles per hour. Bob is authenticationd to the hurry and cegot the hurry boundary decreases to 35 miles per hour. When Bob and Tammy invadeed Miami city boundarys Tammy referableiced a watch car subsequently them. The watch car followed them ce encircling a diminutive antecedently she adage the ruddy and bluish whitishs conclude on. Bob referableiced the watch car too and hauled into a Dairy Queen parking chance. Bob’s proceeding modifitelling in an moment.
Bob initiates to sweating, and he is gripping the steering wheel. The police unpremeditatedicer walks up to the impelr verge window and supplicates Bob ce his demonstration of insurance, impelrs permit, and registration. Bob gives the unpremeditatedicer anything the unpremeditatedicer supplicateed ce. Tammy thinks this is gauge going to be a succession commerce seal. The unpremeditatedicer walks tail to his gait and runs anything through the computer. The unpremeditatedicer comprehendms to portico hankerer than general and the gone-by interval the unpremeditatedicer procures Bob comprehendms to be awkward. Tammy beholds subsequently the watch car, and comprehends another watch car hauling into the parking chance and portents why another command enforcement unpremeditatedicer is helping.
Tammy comprehends the two unpremeditatedicers conferenceing yet she canrefercogent heed what they are byword to each other. The unpremeditatedicer finally concludes tail to the car window to conference to Bob. The unpremeditatedicer supplicates twain Tammy and Bob to debouchure the gait. Tammy removes herself from the ignoringenger wager and Bob removes himself from the impelr wager. Twain of us are supplicateed to conclude to the change of blazer. The helping unpremeditatedicer escorts Tammy to her watch car to supplicate her some questions and the other unpremeditatedicer has a colloquy with Bob. The helping unpremeditatedicer supplicates Tammy if she has any identification and she says “yes” and hands the unpremeditatedicer her identification card.
The unpremeditatedicer supplicates Tammy if she would agree to a inquiry. Tammy says “yes” frequently. After the adroit inquiry the helping unpremeditatedicer teachs to Tammy that she is refercogent lower arinterval yet she has to be placed in handcuffs ce twain Tammy’s and the unpremeditatedicers’ insurance. As Tammy is in handcuffs and liking on the watch car, the helping unpremeditatedicer is ordinary her identification card through the Department of Motor Gait database. This conciliate to procure some interval accordingly Tammy is from Laveington Recite and refercogent from Florida. The Miami-Dade Police Department has to touch the Department of Motor Gaits in Yakima Laveington to realize Tammy’s identification.
Message Rules One message rule betwixt each unpremeditatedicer and the Miami-Dade Police Department is the walkie-talkie. Unpremeditatedicers are linked through a radio number to the police department’s dispatcher. The promote rule is the authentication of the laptop computer, yet Tammy and Bob are refercogent Florida residences. The computer’s database in the watch car may be boundaryed to unfair types of referableification. If the computer has a malfunction the best practice to perpetuate referableification is through the topical dispatcher. The third rule of message betwixt the unpremeditatedicers and the Miami-Dade Police Department is the Automated Fingerprinting Rule. The police unpremeditatedicer is using Peevish Match Technologies’ MV-5 Mobile Wireless Capture Device” (Foster, 2005, P. 128). When Bobs fingerprint is scanned his iniquitous fact concludes to whitish. Tammy’s fingerprint is too scanned and the results pretence no iniquitous fact. The fingerprint too perpetuateed Tammy’s identification. Bob is restrained accordingly of some referableification on the gait from the Department of Motor Gait pretences that the car was stolen. Tammy is restrained ce the jealousy of auto pilfering. Once at the Miami-Dade police office Tammy and Bob are spread into irrelative compasss.
The restraining unpremeditatedicer omissions to behold into Bob’s iniquitous gone-by a trivial deeper. Collecting and Analyzing the Referableification from California to Florida Perceiveing that Bob is from California, the unpremeditatedicer taps into the National Command Enforcement Telemessage Rule (NLETS). According to (Dempsey, n. d. P. 101) this rule is “linked to full the recites and frequent federal agencies concomitantly ce the vary of iniquitous gaugeice referableification. ” The unpremeditatedicer can achieve referableification on the gait, Bob’s impelr’s permit, iniquitous archives, prison referableification, and understanding referableification.
Even though the unpremeditatedicer has abundance referableification needed to arinterval Bob. The unpremeditatedicer omissions to peevish regard the referableification with other rules to find sttelling the referableification is rectify. The promote rule the unpremeditatedicer taps into is the Department of Motor Gait (DMV) in California. The DMV archives pretences that the silver blazer permit dish 448 UZO is stolen. The archives pretences the gait was reputed stolen on August 12th 2006 at 3:00 a. m. The unpremeditatedicer calls the San Diego Police Department and conferences to the unpremeditatedicer who wrote the auto pilfering tidings. The unpremeditatedicer is tlong-standing that the blazer is in the impound yard in Miami Florida.
The unpremeditatedicer in San Diego updates the tidings to meditate that the gait is firm and inquires the unpremeditatedicer in Miami encircling referableification on a 9mm handgun. The unpremeditatedicer in Miami does refercogent perceive anything encircling a firearm yet remembers that the blazer was never inquiryed. The 9mm handgun and the blazer are registeruddy to a Linda Andersen. The California police unpremeditatedicer informs the unpremeditatedicer in Miami that the blazer was complicated in a larceny with a firearm and conciliate fax the tidings fair apractice and that Bob is on understanding. The third rule that the unpremeditatedicer taps into is the National Crime Referableification Rule (NCIC).
According to (The FBI Federal Bureau Investigation, n. d. P. 1) “The NCIC database has 19 smooths” to appropriate from. The two smooths of inteinterval are the gait smooth and the gun smooth. When the fax concludes in from California, the unpremeditatedicer peevish regards the 9mm handgun and the blazer. The referableification from the NCIC too pretences that the 9mm handgun and blazer are twain registeruddy to Linda Andersen. The gun smooth pretences where she bought the firearm and that she has no iniquitous archives. With anything peevish regardd and copies of full referableification self-possessed, it is interval to conference to Bob.
Uncle Bob Confesses The police unpremeditatedicer walks into the compass to conference to Bob. Full the referableification that was self-possessed from the NCIC, FBI, and the San Diego Police Department is gentleman. Bob perpetuates pilfering the blazer and the handgun. Bob too admits to the larceny with a firearm and the understanding permutation. Bob tells the police unpremeditatedicer that the 9mm handgun is in a trivial partition on the impelr verge in the tail of the blazer. Bob too ensures the unpremeditatedicers that Tammy was in no practice complicated nor had perceiveledge of the stolen car or the larceny.
Bob teachs that he gauge omissioned Tammy to procure the err with him to procure to perceive her. The police unpremeditatedicer teachs to Bob the gist of involving Tammy in this err and has Bob transcribe down his subscription. The unpremeditatedicer too teachs to Bob that California police is supplicateing ce permutation tail to California on the understanding permutation. The unpremeditatedicer libertys the compass to go conference to Tammy. Unpremeditatedicer description to Tammy and Bob’s Account Tammy has no refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling attributableion why Bob is restrained. The unpremeditatedicer teachs that the car was stolen and that Bob is linked to a larceny with a firearm that occurruddy August 12th 2006 at 3:00 a. . Tammy canrefercogent love what she is heeding. Tammy tells the unpremeditatedicer that her fwhitish on this day did refercogent get until 6:00 p. m. Tammy supposition that Bob was effected influence a iniquitous estate. The unpremeditatedicer loves that Tammy did refercogent bear anything to do with the crimes committed. The unpremeditatedicer teachs to Tammy that she is unoccupied to liberty yet Bob has to cling in care and continue ce permutation tail to California. The unpremeditatedicer too teachs to Tammy that Bob conciliate be charged with pilfering of a gait, a understanding permutation, and a larceny with a firearm by the recite of California.
Bobs permutation is fixed ce August 23rd 2006. Bob is tail in California by August 30th 2006 and his verification is fixed ce September 10th 2006. Meanwhile, Tammy has flown settlement withextinguished distinct. Day of Verification The day of the verification has conclude. The orderlyice reads the account of superb pilfering, violating understanding, and larceny with a firearm. Bob pleads turbid to full account and is sentenced to 25 years tail in the San Quentin Penitentiary. Bob receives five years ce superb pilfering, 10 years to orderinate his developed belief order, and 10 years ce the larceny with a firearm.
Bob and Tammy never conference frequently accordingly Tammy feels that she canrefercogent credit her uncle any gone-by. Bob transcribes a communication to Tammy to apologize, yet Tammy burned it. Misrecord In misrecord, most technologies aggravatelap. With the authentication of protest cards, computers peevish regard referableification so command enforcement saves interval by refercogent having to inquiry ce smooths partially. The Miami-Dade Police Department peevish regardd a capacious sum of referableification gauge to find sttelling the referableification granted to them by the recite of California was accurate and rectify.
Withextinguished the authentication of irrelative agencies being cogent to impart with each other, iniquitouss would bear an easier interval hiding from command enforcement. To this day Uncle Bob is calm?} in prison and Tammy is stable her order. Regards Dempsey, J. X. (n. d. ). Aggravateview of Current Iniquitous Gaugeice Referableification Rules. Retrieved from http://www. cdt. org Foster, R. E. (2005). Police technology (1st ed. ). Upper Saddle Capacious stream, NJ: Pearson/ Prentice Hall. The FBI Federal Bureau Investigation. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. fbi. gov/about-us/cjis/ncic

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