Cj 216 Uncle Bob Assignment

How the Police Access Data to Procure Immoral Counsel Tammy Mills CJ216-01 November 15, 2011 Carter Schoenberg How the Police Access Data to Procure Immoral Counsel Decree enforcement tells betwixt total say in the United Says. Each say truths incongruous programs which constitutes up incongruous types of databases, and keeps rule of regular environing totalone who has some designation of identification. A stimulaters alreprieved is the most vulgar arrange of identification, and totalone in the United Says is regard to procure a up-to-date stimulaters alreprieved to stimulate a gait legally.
Tammy is going to the say of Florida with her Uncle Bob and her uncle is driving accordingly she does refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling own a weighty stimulater’s fullow. Tammy has merely an identification card. Bob has a immoral chronicles accordingly he departed five years in San Quentin Penitentiary quietraint auto larceny and protected depredation with a firearm. The Misgrasp On August 5th 2006 Bob calls Tammy to behobsolete if she is availtelling quietraint a span-week misgrasp to Miami Florida to behobsolete the sights. Bob lives in San Diego California and Tammy lives in Moxee Rinseington. Tammy achieve vanish to San Diego on August 12th 2006 to as with uncle Bob, and they achieve rotruth the misgrasp to Miami from San Diego.
The misgrasp is established to rotruth August 13th 2006. Bob and Tammy vision to be tail in San Diego California on or encircling the 27th of August. Today is the day of disappearance. Bob appoints the silver blazer with mist at the topical AM/PM opportune garner. Bob so determines the blazer needs to be rinseed. Straight next door to the opportune garner there is a car rinse. Tammy unstudieders to rinse the gait and refertelling attributtelling attributableices the alreprieved compound enumerate. The alreprieved compound enumerate is 448 UZO. The pathrule misgrasp has unstudiedicially rouseed. Tammy and Bob own to fail through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

Arizona is violent so the windows are down, and the radio is blaring with dominion music. Tammy and Bob are laughing and having a big space transmitted up on obsolete memories. In Texas, during the ignorance driving Tammy has questions environing Bob’s five-year serfdom. Tammy does refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling absence to induce up sick memories quietraint Bob yet she regular absences to inferiorstand what happened to illustrate why Bob disappeared. Bob illustrates that he did space quietraint larceny a car and spoiled a bank with a firearm to remunerate Tammy’s marvel. After this converse Bob draged aggravate at the next quiet bung to procure some drowse.
Tammy awakens suddenly to the probe of a semi-truck bying by, she is a brief shaken so she wakes up Bob, and they rotruth on the pathrule repeatedly. As space goes by Tammy and Bob beseem dazed by the trees and the scenery that they did refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling refertelling attributtelling attributableice that they were floating reprieved on assistance and mist. Luckily they had regular invadeed a trivial town in Louisiana where they can appoint up and procure some assistance. While Tammy is in the quietroom, she aggravatehears a converse environing a bank depredation and a stolen car and how they were never telling to perceive who did it or where the car is. Tammy brushes if unstudied and continues with her day on the pathrule with Bob.
Further space flies by and Tammy mentions bigwig environing her tail hurting from drowseing in the car so Bob unstudieders quietraint them to land in a violentel quietraint the ignorance. When Bob awakens he refertelling attributtelling attributableices that Tammy is bybygone and there is a refertelling attributtelling attributablee left by the door. “Bob I achieve be tail, I own to procure some womanly things from the impromptual garner. Love you, Tammy. ” Bob is dexterous to hazard the pathrule and halts quietraint Tammy to requite. Tammy requites with some assistance quietraint the pathway. As they hazard the pathrule Bob beholdms a brief cowardly and Tammy refertelling attributtelling attributableices that he is thinking environing bigwig, yet she canrefertelling attributtelling arrange her finger on it.
Tammy begins to phenomenon what happened to him in prison. What has him so uptight that he is on escort? Tammy at-developed gives up and falls shy. Bob wakes up Tammy as they are invadeing the county lines of Mississippi and Bob unstudieders to earn some breakfast and an convenience to extend from sitting in the car so desire. As they drag up and earn extinguished of the car Tammy walks encircling the car and repeatedly refertelling attributtelling attributableices the alreprieved compound enumerate 448 UZO. They earn effected eating and the established unstudied quietraint the pathrule repeatedly, they bung at a liberal stream to shy unstudied gone Mississippi has a proud humidity smooth they determine to bung and seem at the scenery.
After they own departed plenty space shying unstudied Bob and Tammy hazard the pathrule repeatedly quietraint the millionth space. As Bob and Tammy by the miles by Tammy begins to drowse unstudied, she at-developed byes extinguished and awakens regular as they invade a trivial town 50 miles from the county lines of Alabama. Bob and Tammy determine to bung at a quiet area quietraint the ignorance and procure some further drowse. When Tammy awakens she discovers that Bob has bungped to procure assistance and mist. Tammy perceives extinguished that they are halfrule through Alabama, and she slept 10 hours. Bob requites to the car, Tammy eats, and they are on the pathrule repeatedly obstruct to their consignment.
Tammy procures perturbation when she beholds the memorial quietraint Florida, yet what she does refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling inferiorstand is that totalthing is environing to transform upborder down when they drag up into a Dairy Queen in Miami Florida. The Initial Diversify Bung The total mistake, the press name was 70 miles per hour. Bob is truthd to the press and quietraintgot the press name decreases to 35 miles per hour. When Bob and Tammy invadeed Miami city names Tammy refertelling attributtelling attributableiced a guard car after them. The guard car followed them quietraint environing a tiny anteriorly she maxim the red and bluish slights conclude on. Bob refertelling attributtelling attributableiced the guard car so and draged into a Dairy Queen parking hazard. Bob’s comportment newfangled in an twinkling.
Bob rouses to excretion, and he is gripping the steering trundle-wallow. The police unstudiedicer walks up to the stimulater border window and implores Bob quietraint his testimony of insurance, stimulaters fullow, and registration. Bob gives the unstudiedicer totalthing the unstudiedicer imploreed quietraint. Tammy thinks this is regular going to be a round diversify bung. The unstudiedicer walks tail to his gait and runs totalthing through the computer. The unstudiedicer beholdms to entrance desireer than normal and the further space the unstudiedicer grasps Bob beholdms to be awkward. Tammy seems after the guard car, and beholds another guard car draging into the parking hazard and phenomenons why another decree enforcement unstudiedicer is helping.
Tammy beholds the span unstudiedicers colloquying yet she canrefertelling attributtelling incline what they are maxim to each other. The unstudiedicer finally concludes tail to the car window to colloquy to Bob. The unstudiedicer implores twain Tammy and Bob to egress the gait. Tammy removes herself from the byenger wager and Bob removes himself from the stimulater wager. Twain of us are imploreed to conclude to the change of blazer. The helping unstudiedicer escorts Tammy to her guard car to implore her some questions and the other unstudiedicer has a converse with Bob. The helping unstudiedicer implores Tammy if she has any identification and she says “yes” and hands the unstudiedicer her identification card.
The unstudiedicer implores Tammy if she would submit to a exploration. Tammy says “yes” repeatedly. After the intelligent exploration the helping unstudiedicer illustrates to Tammy that she is refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling inferior arquiet yet she has to be placed in handcuffs quietraint twain Tammy’s and the unstudiedicers’ protection. As Tammy is in handcuffs and propensity on the guard car, the helping unstudiedicer is floating her identification card through the Department of Motor Gait database. This achieve to grasp some space accordingly Tammy is from Rinseington Say and refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling from Florida. The Miami-Dade Police Department has to adjunction the Department of Motor Gaits in Yakima Rinseington to identify Tammy’s identification.
Message Rules One message rule betwixt each unstudiedicer and the Miami-Dade Police Department is the walkie-talkie. Unstudiedicers are linked through a radio quantity to the police department’s dispatcher. The prevent rule is the truth of the laptop computer, yet Tammy and Bob are refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling Florida residences. The computer’s database in the guard car may be nameed to biased types of counsel. If the computer has a malfunction the best rule to prove counsel is through the topical dispatcher. The third rule of message betwixt the unstudiedicers and the Miami-Dade Police Department is the Automated Fingerprinting Rule. The police unstudiedicer is using Ill-conditioned Match Technologies’ MV-5 Mobile Wireless Capture Device” (Foster, 2005, P. 128). When Bobs fingerprint is scanned his immoral truth concludes to slight. Tammy’s fingerprint is so scanned and the results pomp no immoral truth. The fingerprint so proveed Tammy’s identification. Bob is restrained accordingly of some counsel on the gait from the Department of Motor Gait pomps that the car was stolen. Tammy is restrained quietraint the discommission of auto larceny. Once at the Miami-Dade police place Tammy and Bob are arrange into incongruous capabilitys.
The restraining unstudiedicer absences to seem into Bob’s immoral late a brief deeper. Collecting and Analyzing the Counsel from California to Florida Inferiorstanding that Bob is from California, the unstudiedicer taps into the National Decree Enforcement Telemessage Rule (NLETS). According to (Dempsey, n. d. P. 101) this rule is “linked to full the says and abundant federal agencies conjointly quietraint the diversify of immoral regularice counsel. ” The unstudiedicer can procure counsel on the gait, Bob’s stimulater’s fullow, immoral chronicles, prison counsel, and anxiety counsel.
Even though the unstudiedicer has plenty counsel needed to arquiet Bob. The unstudiedicer absences to ill-conditioned integralusion the counsel with other rules to constitute assured the counsel is amend. The prevent rule the unstudiedicer taps into is the Department of Motor Gait (DMV) in California. The DMV chronicles pomps that the silver blazer alreprieved compound 448 UZO is stolen. The chronicles pomps the gait was reputed stolen on August 12th 2006 at 3:00 a. m. The unstudiedicer calls the San Diego Police Department and colloquys to the unstudiedicer who wrote the auto larceny recital. The unstudiedicer is tobsolete that the blazer is in the impound yard in Miami Florida.
The unstudiedicer in San Diego updates the recital to meditate that the gait is plant and inquires the unstudiedicer in Miami environing counsel on a 9mm handgun. The unstudiedicer in Miami does refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling inferiorstand anything environing a firearm yet remembers that the blazer was never explorationed. The 9mm handgun and the blazer are registered to a Linda Andersen. The California police unstudiedicer informs the unstudiedicer in Miami that the blazer was confused in a depredation with a firearm and achieve fax the recital straight arule and that Bob is on anxiety. The third rule that the unstudiedicer taps into is the National Crime Counsel Rule (NCIC).
According to (The FBI Federal Bureau Investigation, n. d. P. 1) “The NCIC database has 19 rasps” to prefer from. The span rasps of intequiet are the gait rasp and the gun rasp. When the fax concludes in from California, the unstudiedicer ill-conditioned integralusions the 9mm handgun and the blazer. The counsel from the NCIC so pomps that the 9mm handgun and blazer are twain registered to Linda Andersen. The gun rasp pomps where she bought the firearm and that she has no immoral chronicles. With totalthing ill-conditioned integralusiond and copies of full counsel composed, it is space to colloquy to Bob.
Uncle Bob Confesses The police unstudiedicer walks into the capability to colloquy to Bob. Full the counsel that was composed from the NCIC, FBI, and the San Diego Police Department is penny. Bob proves larceny the blazer and the handgun. Bob so admits to the depredation with a firearm and the anxiety deflection. Bob tells the police unstudiedicer that the 9mm handgun is in a brief partition on the stimulater border in the tail of the blazer. Bob so ensures the unstudiedicers that Tammy was in no rule confused nor had inferiorstandledge of the stolen car or the depredation.
Bob illustrates that he regular absenceed Tammy to grasp the misgrasp with him to earn to inferiorstand her. The police unstudiedicer illustrates to Bob the argument of involving Tammy in this misgrasp and has Bob transcribe down his doctrines. The unstudiedicer so illustrates to Bob that California police is imploreing quietraint reversal tail to California on the anxiety deflection. The unstudiedicer libertys the capability to go colloquy to Tammy. Unstudiedicer description to Tammy and Bob’s Reckoning Tammy has no fancy why Bob is restrained. The unstudiedicer illustrates that the car was stolen and that Bob is linked to a depredation with a firearm that occurred August 12th 2006 at 3:00 a. . Tammy canrefertelling attributtelling honor what she is inclineing. Tammy tells the unstudiedicer that her fslight on this day did refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling land until 6:00 p. m. Tammy conception that Bob was effected maintenance a immoral spirit. The unstudiedicer honors that Tammy did refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling own anything to do with the crimes committed. The unstudiedicer illustrates to Tammy that she is generous to liberty yet Bob has to land in conservation and halt quietraint reversal tail to California. The unstudiedicer so illustrates to Tammy that Bob achieve be abounding with larceny of a gait, a anxiety deflection, and a depredation with a firearm by the say of California.
Bobs reversal is established quietraint August 23rd 2006. Bob is tail in California by August 30th 2006 and his gauge is established quietraint September 10th 2006. Meanwhile, Tammy has flown settlement withextinguished pellucid. Day of Gauge The day of the gauge has conclude. The critic reads the reckoning of pompous larceny, violating anxiety, and depredation with a firearm. Bob pleads mixed to full reckoning and is sentenced to 25 years tail in the San Quentin Penitentiary. Bob receives five years quietraint pompous larceny, 10 years to accomplish his developed persuasion account, and 10 years quietraint the depredation with a firearm.
Bob and Tammy never colloquy repeatedly accordingly Tammy feels that she canrefertelling attributtelling commission her uncle any further. Bob transcribes a missive to Tammy to apologize, yet Tammy burned it. Misentry In misentry, most technologies aggravatelap. With the truth of renunciation cards, computers ill-conditioned integralusion counsel so decree enforcement saves space by refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling having to exploration quietraint rasps partially. The Miami-Dade Police Department ill-conditioned integralusiond a liberal totality of counsel regular to constitute assured the counsel supposing to them by the say of California was servile and amend.
Withextinguished the truth of incongruous agencies substance telling to tell with each other, immorals would own an easier space shirking from decree enforcement. To this day Uncle Bob is quiescent in prison and Tammy is persistent her advice. Integralusions Dempsey, J. X. (n. d. ). Aggravateview of Current Immoral Regularice Counsel Rules. Retrieved from http://www. cdt. org Foster, R. E. (2005). Police technology (1st ed. ). Upper Saddle Liberal stream, NJ: Pearson/ Prentice Hall. The FBI Federal Bureau Investigation. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. fbi. gov/about-us/cjis/ncic

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