CLWM4100 Assessment 3 Taxation Law

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CLWM4100 Assessment 3 Taxation Law

Tribute 3 Counsel Topic Code: CLWM4100 Topic Name: Tributeation Command Tribute Title: Tribute 3 Tribute Type: Separate Ordinance and Video bestowal Weighting: 20 % Entirety Symptoms: 20 Submission: Via Turnitin-written report; Via Moodle-video bestowal Imputable Time: Monday of Week 10 at 19:55 AEST Your Task • You are exactd to acceptance the doubts, in a apex of 1,000 vote almost. • This ordinance must be presented as an separate exertion. The ordinance exacts separate investigation using a concatenate of tribute media. It is expected that you accomplish view the applicable reading, including detaild predicaments, and chosen embezzle attached media. • You are expected to authenticate the postulates and issues presented by each doubt, authenticate and engage the applicable parliament and/or predicament command, and strain a quittance. • This

Assessment 3 Attributeableification
Theme Code: CLWM4100
Theme Name: Tributeation Code
Assessment Title: Assessment 3
Assessment Type: Dissecticular Enactment and Video exhibition
Weighting: 20 %
Whole Impressions: 20
Submission: Via Turnitin-written report; Via Moodle-video exhibition
Due Time: Monday of Week 10 at 19:55 AEST
Your Task
• You are exactd to counterdissect the scrutinys, in a consummation of 1,000 control almost.
• This enactment must be presented as an dissecticular trial. The enactment exacts dissecticular investigation using a place of tribute media. It is expected that you perfecture examine the pertinent attainment, including ruled plights, and selecteded expobject subjoined media.
• You are expected to demonstrate the facts and issues presented by each scrutiny, demonstrate and right the pertinent congress and/or plight code, and thrust a disposal.
• This assessment assesses your investigation skills, your power to synthesise an peculiar dissecty of remainder to restricted resigned exactments. It as-well assesses your written message skills.
• Your reasons coercion your disposals and recommendations must be domiciled on your investigation into the pertinent plights and congress.
• You are as-well exactd to create-ready a inadequate video exhibition (3 to 5 mins) summarising the solution issues you possess addressed in your counterparts.
• Delight hinder the impressioning sheet (intervening adown) coercion each dissect to fix that you possess thriveed perfect the guidelines coercion presenting your remainder.
• Delight create trusting you thrive the guidelines distinctly those in-reference-to to exhibition, deceased management and academic truthfulness.
Assessment Description
Written Report (15 impressions)
Yvonne Merrick, the holder of a British passport and a pertinent remaindering visa, arrived in Australia from the UK in January 2015 and afloat remainder as an conductor in a Brisbane hospital. On 10 July 2017 she travelled tail to the UK coercion specific reasons and remaindered in quaint jobs until 1 April 2018 when she returned to Brisbane and resumed her lie at the hospital. While in the UK she continued to retain the berth she had bought in Brisbane and her Australian bank wholeity. She was on “leave externally pay” from her job at the hospital.
During the 2017/18 year Yvonne was compensated AUD$25,000 (gross) coercion her remainder in the UK and $15,000 coercion her remainder as an conductor in Australia. UK tribute of AUD$4,500 was subtracted from her completeowance. She was compensated a boon of $12,000 on 15 February 2018 coercion her remainder executed during 2017. She as-well ordinary $2,000 attention on the savings in her Australian bank wholeity and a largely franked dividobject of $700 from her distribute investments disquisition adaptation acceleration in the Australian union HAL Corporation Ltd.
On 1 July 2018 Yvonne left Australia indefinitely to admit up a full-time lie as a senior conductor in a UK hospital. In the 2018/19 pay year, she was compensated a completeowance of $70,000 coercion her remainder in the UK hospital. Tribute equalitying to $7,000 was subtracted from her UK completeowance. Coercion the 2018/19 year Yvonne ordinary attention of $2,400 on her Australian bank wholeity and a largely franked dividobject of $900 on her distributes from HAL Corporation Ltd.
Upon leaving Australia, Yvonne sold perfect of her effects and leased the berth she owns coercion $600 per week. Coercion the 2018/19 year she ordinary $26,000 rental pay.
Dissect 1) Calcudeceased her Australian assessable pay coercion the 2017/18 and 2018/19 tribute years. You must afford reasons coercion the inclusion or alienation of perfect avail in her assessable pay. Attribute to pertinent congress and plight(s) to mention her residency.
Dissect 2) Advise Yvonne in-reference-to coercioneign tribute compensated in the UK coercion the 2017/18 tribute year solely. Calcudeceased the tribute offset equality.
Assessment Instructions
• The enactment (twain the signal muniment and the video refine) perfecture insufficiency to be submitted electronically through the tyro entrance – right the conjoin subordinateneathneath “Assessments”.
• Any rises that you right insufficiency to be current in dispose to quit plagiarism. Attributeableification on attributeencing can be fix in the Guidelines coercion Attributeencing and Exhibition at the Kaplan website using the thriveing address: (
In-Extract Attributeencing and the Intimation Inventory
• Rises of attributeableification must be cited twain in the assemblage of the extract (in-extract attributeencing) and the object of the enactment (intimation inventory). Failure to do so perfecture remainder in penalties. Remember that when attributeencing an Annual Report, it is a oppidan muniment that does attributeable possess a dissecticular agent attributeablewithstanding it perfecture stationary exact attributeencing any time you right attributeableification from it. Any other muniments or books or other intimations you right perfecture as-well exact attributeencing.
Delight attributeablee
• Any remainder which has been copied or distributed between tyros perfecture remainder in a Fail gait coercion perfect tyros unquiet. Consequently, delight create trusting that the counterdissect to this enactment is your remainder and attributeable copied or bought from any rise. In completing this enactment create trusting you thrive the guidelines coercion enactments distinctly those in-reference-to to the exhibition of written remainder, deceased enactment management and academic truthfulness.
Penalties In-reference-to Attributeencing:
• No in-extract attributeencing – subtract 1 impressions
• Some in-extract attributeencing solely – subtract 1 impression
• No intimation inventory – subtract 2 impressions
• Incomplete intimation inventory – subtract 1 impression
Management on Deceased Submissions:
• Penalties perfecture be imposed on deceased enactment submissions in agreement with thriveing:
• Number of days deceased Retribution 1* – 9 days 5% per day coercion each enlist day deceased subtracted from the whole impressions advantageous.
• 10 – 14 days 50% subtracted from the whole impressions advantageous.
• Following 14 days Enactments that are submitted past than 14 enlist days following the due time perfecture attributeable be certain and the tyros perfecture hold a impression of naught coercion their enactment.
• Attributeablee Attributeablewithstanding the aloft retribution rules, enactments perfecture as-well be affordn a impression of naught if they are submitted following enactments possess been returned to tyros.
• *Assignments submitted at any rank amid the principal 24 hours following the deadline perfecture be considered to be undivided day deceased and consequently theme to the associated retribution.
Important Con-over Attributeableification
Academic Truthfulness Management
KBS values academic truthfulness. Perfect tyros must subordinateneathstand the purport and consequences of imposture, plagiarism and other academic offences subordinateneathneath the Academic Truthfulness and Conduct Management.
What is academic truthfulness and follow?
What are the penalties coercion academic follow?
What are the deceased penalties?
How can I attribute my gait?
Click here coercion counterparts to these scrutinys:
Signal Articles coercion Written Assessments
Submissions that abound the signal article by past than 10% perfecture intermit to be impressioned from the subject-matter at which that article is abounded.
Con-over Maintenance
Students may trace con-over maintenance from their persomal Academic Learning Advisor or attribute to the media on the MyKBS Academic Success Centre page. Click here coercion this attributeableification.
Enactment impressioning rubric
Criterion Rating
Investigation – 25%
Power to establish and efficaciously right pertinent media Poor (0-1) Adequate
(2) Average
(3) Good
(4) Outstanding
Contact of code to facts 50%
Power to demonstrate pertinent facts Power to redeceased expobject code to the facts
Power to describe reform or tenable disposals as to the contact of the code to the facts
Evidence of efficacious message and exhibition skills:25%
The enactment is contrived in a close style showing bud of arguments
The enactment is short and lenient to subordinateneathstand
Exhibition shortly summarises the report


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