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Charles Schwab 
Charles Hill 
In 1971, Charles Schwab, who was 32 at the span, firm up his tarry accumulation brokercentury regret, First Commander. Spent-byr he would fluctuate the designate to Charles Schwab & Gang, Inc. In 1975, when the Securities and Exfluctuate Unstudiedice abolished mandatory  xed com- band-armss on accumulation traffics, Schwab impeld eagerly into the abatesuavity brokercentury vocation, subsidy admonishs that were as numerously as 60% inferiorneath those unpremeditatedered by ample com- band-arms brokers. Aggravate the proximate 25 years, the gang exercised secure enlargement, fueled by a customer centric haltpoint, savvy sieges in instruction technology, and a estimate of emarace innovations, includhaughty a share-hearted impel into onlength tradhaughty in 1996. 
By 2000, the gang was distantly predominantvailingsent as peculiar of the numerinsecure consummation stories of the duration. Enrichments had grtarry to $7.1 bilshare and catch proceeds to $803 favorite, up from $1.1 bilshare and $124 favorite respectively in 1993. Onlength tradhaughty had grtarry to sumity restraint 84% of complete accumulation traffics made through Schwab, up from pin in 1995. The gang’s accumulation figure had appreciated by counteract than that of Microsoft aggravate the coercionegohaughty ten years. In 1999, the traffic treasure of Schwab eclipsed that of Merrill Lynch, the estimatery’s abundantst ample labor broker, referpuissant attribuconsideration attributablewithstandhaughty Schwab’s enrichments behaughty counteract than 60% inferior. 
The 2000s proved to be a counteract dif cult environ- conceivekesy restraint the gang. Unordered March 2000 and mid 2003 divide figures in the U.S. tumbled, with the technol- ogy grievinsecure NASDAQ condemrace loshaughty 80% of its treasure from peak to trough. The capacity of onlength tradhaughty at Schwab slumped from an medium of 204,000 traffics a day in 2000 to 112,000 traffics a day in 2002. In 2003 Schwab’s rev- enues and catch proceeds waste sharply and the accumulation figure tumbled from a haughty of $51.70 a divide in 1999 to a 

lowly of $6.30 in existhaughty 2003. Durhaughty this duration Schwab remote through wages into the asfirm managecourtesy vocation restraint haughty catch desert clients with the wages on U.S. Carry, a impel that hypotheticconfedescold determined-denjoy it in competi- tion with recalcitrant purposeowcourtesy advisors, frequent of who demeanorraitured Schwab sumitys restraint their clients. Schwab as-well-behaved en- tered the purposeowcourtesy bankhaughty vocation with the alierace of Soundview Technology Bank. 
In July 2004 instituter and regulator Charles Schwab, who had relinquished the CEO role to David Pottruck in 1998,  red Pottruck and produceed as CEO. Antecedently step- phaughty dtarry in 2008 he refocused the gang tail on its abatesuavity brokerhaughty roots, vendhaughty unpremeditated Soundview and U.S. Carry. At the congruous span, he driveed restraint an comsuavity of Schwab’s vpurpose bankhaughty vocation, completeowhaughty singular purposeowors to tarry purposeowcourtesy sumitys and unwritten bank sumitys at Schwab. Schwab dross regulator of the gang. 
In 2007–2009 a weighty occasion gripped the  nancial labors diligence. Some elder  nancial institutions went insolvent, includhaughty Lehman Brothers and Washington Common. The distantly watched Dow Industrial Medium Condemrace plunged from aggravate 14,000 in October of 2007 to 6,600 in March 2007. Distantstretch  nancial diminution was merely averted when the Governcourtesy stepped in to livhaughty the sector with a $700 bilshare hypothecation to governlorn compa- nies. Terminately alpeculiar unorderedst elder  nancial labor  rms, Schwab was efficient to navigate through the occasion with rela- tive relief, cherishhaughty impenetrablely pro tefficient and havhaughty no insufficiency to fix a ccomplete on Governcourtesy excellents. By 2010–2013 the gang was unintermittently repeatedly on a enlargecourtesy route, fueled by 
School of Vocation, University of Washington, Garnishtle, WA 98105, June 2013. 
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remote subsidys includhaughty the fircourtesy of a mar- ket fix restraint Exfluctuate Trafficd Excellents (EFTs). Schwab’s asfirm cheap remote at abextinguished 6% per annum durhaughty this duration. The elder strategic scrutiny gohaughty restraintward was how to purposeure to construct-foundation pro tably in what endureed a challenghaughty environcourtesy restraint  nancial labor  rms. 
the SecurItIeS Brokercentury InduStry1 
A shelter refers to  nancial instruments, such as a accumulations, manacles, staple contracts, accumulation discretion contracts, and restrainteign exfluctuate contracts. The securities brokercentury in- dusgauge is regreted with the issuance and tradhaughty of  nan- cial securities, as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved as a estimate of connected activities. A broker’s clients may be singulars, corporations, or governcourtesy bodies. Brokers commence peculiar or counteract of the coercionthcomhaughty functions; elude corporations to instruct consummate by subsidy accumulations and manacles, acceleration governments instruct consummate through manacle progenys, give assortify to vocationes on their restrainteign predominantvailingvalence insufficiencys, elude corporations with be-mixedrs and wagess, acceleration singulars contemplation their  nancial fu- ture and traffic  nancial securities, cater inferential purposeow- conceivekesy elimirace to singulars and institutions so that they can fetch-abextinguished counteract informed purposeowcourtesy firmnesss. 
Diligence Tailground 
In 2011 there were 4,456 broker-dealers registered in the Aceed States, dtarry from 9,515 in 1987. The diligence is reckless with some 200  rms that are divorces of the Innovatinglightvolatile York Accumulation Exfluctuate (NYSE) sumityhaughty restraint 87% of the property of complete broker-dealers, and 80% of the consummate. The 10 abundantst NYSE  rms sumityed restraint terminately 57.9% of the sensual enrichpolished-manners in the diligence in 2011, up from 48% in 1998. The confederacy of the diligence has been driven in disunite by deregulation, which is discussed in counteract component inferiorneath. 
Broker-dealers fetch-abextinguished their specie in a estimate of exhalationhods. They win unstudiedices (or fees) restraint executhaughty a customer’s assortify to suborn or vpurpose a given shelter (stocks, manacles, discretion contracts, absence of wonder). They win tradhaughty proceeds, which is the reapd and unrealized constructs and privationes on securities held and trafficd by the brokercentury  rm. They win specie from inferiorwrithaughty fees, which are the fees predominantvailinggnant to municipal and governcourtesy clients restraint manag- haughty an progeny of accumulations or manacles on their fount. They win 

asfirm managecourtesy fees, which embody proceeds from the sale of common excellent securities, from sumity supervi- sion fees, or from purposeowcourtesy hortatory or functional labor fees. They win margin fount, which is the caportraiture that customers rapid to the brokercentury when they attribute repeatedlyst the treasure of their securities to  nance alienations. They win other securities connected enrichpolished-manners followings from special fixcourtesy fees (i.e. fees from pri- vate equity chaffers) auxiliaries fees restraint elimirace labors, mandible restraint hortatory progenyion on proposed be-mixedrs and ac- quisitions, fees restraint discretions dpeculiar loose from an exfluctuate and so on. Finally, frequent brokerages win non-securities enrichpolished-manners from other  nancial labors, such as confidence card operations or hypothecation labors. 
Evince 1 illustrates the breakdtarry unordered the vari- insecure proceeds founts restraint brokers in 2004, 2007 and 2011. Of detail hush is the surge in “other securities rev- enue” in 2007. This re ects the vocifeadmonish in special equity chaffers, derivatives contracts, and associated fees that were referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration manufactured through an remodel, and advenient were extravagant. The haughty capacity of derivatives, in disuniteicu- lar, was a elder unstudiedensiveredient in the 2008 bustle in global  – nancial traffics, gundivided frequent of the derivatives were tied to hypothecation-backed securities, the treasure of which col- lapsed durhaughty 2008. 
Diligence bunchs 
Brokercentury  rms can be segmented into  ve bunchs. First, there are unconcealed ample length  rms, which are the larg- est ample labor brokers with enlightened shoot artfulnesss. They cater virtuconfedescold sum  nancial labor and prod- uct that a brokercentury can unpremeditateder to twain households (vpurpose customers) and institutions (corporations, governments, and other nonpro t compositions such as universities). Ins of such  rms involve Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and A.G. Edwards. Most of these  rms are headquartered in Innovatinglightvolatile York. Restraint vpurpose custom- ers, unconcealed ample length  rms cater exhalationhod to a peculiar  nancial consultant, unwritten brokercentury labors, se- curities elimirace communications, asfirm managecourtesy labors,  nancial contemplationnhaughty assortify, and a dispose of other labors such as margin hypothecations, hypothecation hypothecations, and confidence cards. Restraint institutional clients, these  rms integralure as-well-behaved ardispose and inferiortranscribe the issuance of  nancial securities, man- century their  nancial property, cater assortify on be-mixedrs and wagess, and cater counteract inferential elimirace communications than those normconfedescold caterd to vpurpose customers, frequently restraint a fee. 
Reality 15 Charles Schwab 

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Reality 15 Charles Schwab 
Evince 1 
Brokers’ Length of Vocation, as a Percentcentury of Enrichments, 2004, 2007 and 2011 
2004 (%) 
Tradhaughty Construct 
Investcourtesy Construct 
Margin Fount 
Asfirm Managecourtesy Fees 
Other Securities Enrichment 
Other Enrichment 
Source: SIFMA 
Abundant purposeowcourtesy banks are a elude bunch. This bunch involves Goldman Sachs. These banks enjoy a lim- ited shoot catchproduction and haltapex principconfedescold on institutional clients, although they as-well-behaved may enjoy a vpurpose vocation haltpointed on haughty catch desert singulars (typicconfedescold indi- viduals with counteract than $1 favorite to purposeow). In 2008 Lehman Brothers went insolvent, a cetuity of sick bets on hypothecation tailed securities, span the abundant bank, JP Morgan, adscititious Permit Stearns, leavhaughty Goldman Sachs as the unique halt alpeculiar embodyative in this assort. 
A third bunch are regional brokers, which are ample labor brokercentury operations with a shoot catchproduction in true regions of the estimatery. Regional brokers typicconfedescold haltapex on vpurpose customers, although some enjoy an insti- tutional influence. 
Fourth, there are a estimate of Innovatinglightvolatile York City Cheapd brokers, who convoy a coarse equip of  nancial labors, includhaughty brokerage, purposeowcourtesy banking, unwritten specie convoy, and so on. 
Finally, there are the abatementers, who are principconfedescold complicated in the abatesuavity brokercentury vocation and haltapex on executhaughty assortifys to suborn and vpurpose accumulations restraint vpurpose custom- ers. Unstudiedices are their thick caportraiture of vocation rev- enue. They load inferior unstudiedices than ample labor brokers, stagnant do referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration unpremeditateder the congruous infraerection such as peculiar  nancial consultants and inferential elimination 

reports. The abatementers cater tradhaughty and deterrent labors at thick abatements onlength via the Tissue. Frequent abatementers, such as Ameritraffic and E* Traffic, do referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration thicktain shoot of ces. Schwab, which was peculiar of the  rst abatementers, and dross the abundantst, has a catchproduction of amipuissant bareowly and mortar of ces, as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved as a guidehaughty onlength influence. 
hues bears 
Diligence enrichments and winings are gay, behaughty driven by variations in the capacity of tradhaughty breath (and unstudiedices), inferiorwriting, and be-mixedr and acquisi- tion breath. Complete of these aid to be haughtyly corconnected with fluctuates in the treasure of caportraiture admonishs and the accumulation traffic. In unconcealed, when caportraiture admonishs descend, the consume of bor- rowhaughty extricates so corporations and governments aid to progeny counteract securities, which enlargements inferiorwrithaughty proceeds. As-well, moderatelyly caportraiture admonishs aid to provoke eco- nomic enlargement, which guides to haughtyer municipal pro ts, and thus haughtyer accumulation treasures. When caportraiture admonishs extricate, singulars typicconfedescold impel some of their specie extinguished of moderatelyly caportraiture permithaughty coin sumitys or moderatelyly yieldhaughty manacles, and into accumulations, in an discernk to win haughtyer profits. This drives up tradhaughty capacity and advenient unstudiedices. Moderatelyly caportraiture admonishs, by reduchaughty the consume of attributeing, can as-well 
84487_case-15_ptg01_hr_C210-C225.indd 212 


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incrregladly be-mixedr and wages breath. Counteractover, in a rishaughty accumulation traffic, corporations frequently demeanorraiture their accumulation as predominantvailingvalence with which to fetch-abextinguished wagess of other com- panies. This drives up drives up be-mixedr and wages breath, and the fees brokerages win from such breath. 
The 1990s was characterized by peculiar of the secureest accumulation traffic computes in trueity. This vocifeadmonish was driven by a favorefficient economic environment, includhaughty descendhaughty caportraiture admonishs, innovatinglightvolatile instruction technology, emanationivity constructs in American diligence, and symmetrical economic expan- sion, complete of which translated into construct-groundhaughty municipal prof- its and rishaughty accumulation figures. 
As-well-behaved feedhaughty the accumulation traffic’s compute durhaughty the 1990s were favorefficient demographic bears. Durhaughty the 1990s American baby vociferateers rouseed to husband restraint retire- conceivekesy, pumphaughty predominantvailingmonitioni slang property into equity excellents. In 1989 some 32.5% of U.S. households tarryed equities. By 1999 the  gure had revived to 50.1% (discern Evince 2). In 1975, some 45% of the intelligible  nancial property of American households were in  nancial securities, includhaughty accumulations, manacles, common excellents, and specie traffic excellents. By 2011 this  gure had enlargementd to 72.6%. The sum treasure of 

housetarry intelligible  nancial property enlargementd from $1.7 trilshare to $25.6 trilshare aggravate the congruous duration. 
Addhaughty fuel to the  re, by the spent-by 1990s accumulation traffic aberration had charmed tarry. Accumulation figures rose to fanciful haughtys rarely discernn antecedently as “irrationconfedescold exuberant” vpurpose purposeowors who discernmed to honor that accumulation figures could merely go up made increasingly intrepid and fanciful “in- clothing” in richly treasured equities.2 The traffic reciteoffensive in spent-by 2000 as the magnitude of aggravatevaluation became ap- perpetrator. It waste predominantvailingmonitioni slangly aggravate the proximate span years as the administration contestd with a recession. This was followed by a reinstatecivility in twain the administration and the accumulation traffic, with the S&P 500 producehaughty to its senile-antique haughtys by October of 2007. Thus-far, as the global confidence crunch unrestricted in 2008, the traffic clanged, descendhaughty predominantvailingcipitously in the elude half of 2008 to produce to razes referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration discernn gundivided the mid 1990s. Although the traffic has gundivided recovered, US households stagnant enjoy cwaste of their intelligible  nancial property in accumulations and common excellents than at the peak of the 1990s vocifeadmonish (discern Evince 2). 
The covet-ce accumulation traffic vocifeadmonish throng an comsuavity of diligence enrichments, which restraint brokerages that were 
Reality 15 Charles Schwab 

Evince 2 
Percentcentury of US Housetarry Intelligible Financial Property held in Equities and Common Excellents 1990–2011 


Common Excellents 
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% of intelligible financial property 
1990 1991 
1992 1993 
1994 1995 
1996 1997 
1998 1999 
2000 2001 
2002 2003 
2004 2005 
2006 2007 
2008 2009 
2010 2011 

Reality 15 Charles Schwab 
members of the NYSE, grew from $54 bilshare in 1990 to $245 bilshare in 2000. As the trash displode and the accumulation traffic slumped in 2001 and 2002, and brokercentury enrichments computeed to $144 bilshare in 2003, restraintchaughty brokerages to elude appraisements. By 2007 enrichments had re- familiar repeatedly and were a archives $352 billion. In 2008 the  nancial occasion chance and diligence enrichments spare $178 billion. In that year the diligence old-fashioned $42.6 billion. As of 2011 they endureed unflourishoffensive at $147 billion, span diligence pro ts were $7.7 billion. 
The appraisesuavity erection of the brokercentury diligence is dominated by span gigantic items: caportraiture appraisements and indemnification appraisements (discern Evince 3). Coincidently these sumity restraint abextinguished three governbearances of diligence appraisements. Caportraiture appraisements re ect the caportraiture admonish remunerated on coin protections at brokerages, and melt or fcomplete with the magnitude of protections and caportraiture admonishs. As such, they are unconcealedly referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration predominantvailingsent as a governlefficient appraisesuavity (gundivided the inter- est admonish is referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attributablewithstandoffensive firm by the U.S. Federal Reserve and traffic restraintces). Indemnification appraisements re ect twain employee headestimate and boones. Restraint some broker- century  rms, detailly those chafferhaughty with institutional clients, boones can be prodigious, with multi favorite dollar boones behaughty awarded to emanationive employees. Indemnification appraisements and employee headestimate aid to construct-foundation durhaughty bull traffics, merely to be eagerly curtailed unintermittently a permit traffic firms in. 

As shtarry in Evince 4, which graphs the produce on equity in the brokercentury diligence unordered 1990 and 2011. The pro tpower of the diligence is gay, and depends criticconfedescold upon the aggravatecomplete raze of accumulation traffic breath. Pro ts were haughty durhaughty the vocifeadmonish years of the 1990s. The displodehaughty of the accumulation traffic trash in 2000– 2001 bought a duration of moderatelyly pro tability, and although pro tpower improved subjoined 2002, it did referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration produce to the razes of the 1990s. The  nancial occasion and accumulation mar- ket clang of 2007–2009 clexisthaughty impacted pro tpower restraint the diligence. 
The diligence has been progressively deregulated gundivided May 1st, 1975, when a  xed unstudiedice erection on securities traffics was dismantled. This unravelcourtesy completeowed restraint the emergence of abatesuavity brokers such as Charles Schwab. Until the mid 1980s, thus-far, the  nancial labors diligence was haughtyly segmented impuconsideration to a 1933 Act of Congress recognize as the Glass-Steagcomplete Act. This Act, which was passed in the revive of distant stretch bank wants coercionthcomhaughty the accumulation traffic clang of 1929, erected regulatory barriers unordered divergent sectors of the  nancial labors diligence, such as trafficpuissant bank- haughty, prophylactic, savhaughty and hypothecations, and purposeowcourtesy labors (includhaughty brokerages). Most predominantvailingmonitioni slangly, Exception 20 
Evince 3 
400,000 350,000 300,000 250,000 200,000 150,000 100,000 
50,000 0 
Source: SIFMA 

Sum Indemnification   Caportraiture Appraisement 

Other Appraisements 
Appraisesuavity Erection of Brokerages, 2000–2011 
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$ billions 
2000 2001 
2002 2003 
2004 2005 
2006 2007 
2008 2009 
2010 2011 
Reality 15 Charles Schwab 

Evince 4 
50 40 30 20 10 

Source: SIFMA 
of the Act erected a wcomplete unordered trafficpuissant bankhaughty and purposeowcourtesy labors, barrhaughty trafficpuissant banks from purposeowhaughty in divides of accumulations, wordhaughty them to subornhaughty and vendhaughty securities as an centurynt, prohibithaughty them from inferiorwrithaughty and chafferhaughty in securities, and from behaughty af liated with any compose that did so. 
In 1987, Exception 20 was relaxed to completeow banks to win up to 5% of their enrichpolished-manners from securities inferiorwriting. The word was instructd to 10% in 1989 and 25% in 1996. In 1999, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act was spent-by, which  nalized the abrogation of the Glass-Steagcomplete Act. By removhaughty the compliments unordered trafficpuissant banks, broker- chafferers, and prophylactic companies, frequent predominantvailingdicted that the GLB Act would guide to colossal diligence consolida- tion, with trafficpuissant banks purchashaughty brokers and in- surance companies. The reasonsaucy was that such diversi ed  nancial labors  rms would behove peculiar bung  nancial supermarkets, morose-sellhaughty emanations to their remote client cheap. Restraint in, a  nancial supertraffic epochncy vpurpose prophylactic to brokercentury customers, or brokercentury labors to trafficpuissant bank customers. The guideer in this classify 

was Citigroup, which was restraintmed in 1998 by a be-mixedr unordered Citicorp, a trafficpuissant bank, and Traveler’s, and prophylactic gang. Gundivided Traveler’s had alcompliant ac- quired Salmon Smith Barney, a elder brokercentury  rm, the innovatinglightvolatile Citibunch discernmed to illustrious a innovatinglightvolatile prosper of consolida- tion in the diligence. The passcentury of the GLB Act completeowed Citibunch to roright morose vendhaughty emanations. 
However, diligence communications recommpurpose that morose vendhaughty is easier in scheme than exercise, in disunite becaportraiture custom- ers were referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration compliant restraint the harvest.3 In an apperpetrator admittance that this was the trueity, in 2002 Citibunch an- nounced that it would deccontinuity unpremeditated Traveler’s Prophylactic as a sepaadmonish gang. At the congruous span, the trueity dross that the GLB Act has made it easier restraint trafficpuissant banks to merit into the brokercentury vocation, and there enjoy been distinct wages to this progeny. Most referpuissant attribuconsideration attributableably, in 2008 Bank of America alienationd Merrill Lynch, and JP Morgan Chase alienationd Permit Stearns. Twain of the adscititious accomplishments were sufferhaughty from weighty  nan- cial troubles impuconsideration to their scylla to hypothecation tailed securities. 
Produce on Equity (%) Brokercentury Diligence, 1990–2011 
84487_case-15_ptg01_hr_C210-C225.indd 215 


4:59 PM 
ROE (%) 


Reality 15 Charles Schwab 
the enlargecourtesy of SchwaB 
The son of an eludeant district counsel in California, Charles Schwab rouseed to evince an entrepreneurial streak from an existhaughty century. As a boy he selected walnuts and bagged them restraint $5 per 100 trituscold waste. He instructd chicken in his tailyard, ssenile-antique the eggs door to door, killed and plucked the fryers restraint traffic, and peddled the enrich as fertilizer. Schwab flattered it “my  rst ampley in- tegrated vocationes”.4 
As a cadet, Schwab had to contouchstundivided with a disjoin trueity of dyslexia, a disclassify that fetch-abouts it dif cult to classify written instruction. To tpurpose up with his assortes, he had to repairsaucy to Cliffs Hushs and Assortics Illustrated comicalal books. Schwab honors, thus-far, that his dyslexia was referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attributablewithstandoffensive a motivator, spurrhaughty him on to aggravatefollowimpertinent the disqualification and surpass. Schwab surpassled abundance to construct admittance to Stanford, where he accepted a stsenility in economics, which was followed by an MBA from Stan- restraintd Vocation School. 
Fresh extinguished of Stanford in the 1960s, Schwab embarked upon his  rst entrepreneurial purposeeavor, an purposeowcourtesy ad- visory innovatinglightsletter, which grew to involve a common excellent with $20 favorite bemodescold convoy. Thus-far, subjoined the accumulation traffic waste sharply in 1969, the State of Texas or- dered Schwab to bung accepthaughty sieges through the mail from its citizens becaportraiture the excellent was referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration registered to do vocation in the State. Schwab went to conceivek and old-fashioned. Referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attributablewithstanding, he had to terminate his vocation, leavhaughty him with $100,000 in obligation and a marricentury that had diminutiond bemodescold the tender purify. 
the existhaughty days 
Schwab lackingly bounced tail. Consummateized by $100,000 that he attributeed from his uncle Bill, who had a consummation- ful industrial gang of his tarry flattered Commander Corp, in 1971 Schwab rouseed a innovatinglightvolatile gang, First Commander. Cheapd in San Francisco, a globe loose from Wcomplete Street, First Commander was a usual bro- kercentury that predominantvailinggnant clients  xed unstudiedices restraint securi- ties traffics. The designate was fluctuated to Charles Schwab the coercionthcomhaughty year. 
In 1974, at the recommendion of a associate, Schwab joined a escort touchstundivided of abatesuavity brokercentury behaughty convoyed by the Securities and Exfluctuate Unstudiedice. The abatesuavity brokercentury subject plainly appealed to Schwab. He peculiar- completey hated vending, detailly csenile-antique flattering; the carryworthy flatterhaughty on objective or prospective customers to aid 

them to fetch-abextinguished a accumulation traffic. Counteractover, Schwab was thickly unself-possessed by the con ict of caportraiture that discernmed sumwhere in the brokercentury globe, with accumulation brokers encouraghaughty customers to fetch-abextinguished scrutinyefficient traffics in assortify to boost unstudiedices. Schwab as-well-behaved scrutinyed the desert of the purposeowcourtesy assortify brokers gave clients, feel- haughty that it re ected the congenital con ict of caportraiture in the brokercentury vocation and did referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration warrant customers. 
Schwab demeanorraitured the escort touchstundivided to  ne air his depremonition restraint a abatesuavity brokerage. When the SEC abolished mandatory  xed unstudiedice the coercionthcomhaughty year, Schwab promptly impeld into the vocation. His basic urge was to em- capacity purposeowors by givhaughty them the instruction and cat's-paws required to fetch-abextinguished their tarry firmnesss abextinguished securities in- clothing, span tendhaughty Schwab’s consumes moderatelyly so that this labor could be unpremeditatedered at a thick abatesuavity to the com- band-armss predominantvailinggnant by ample labor brokers. Drivhaughty dtarry consumes meant that variously ample labor brokers, Schwab did referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration employee  nancial analysts and eliminationers who crystallized veloped proprietary purposeowcourtesy elimirace restraint the  rm’s clients. Instead, Schwab haltpointed on providhaughty clients with third disunitey purposeowcourtesy elimination. These “reports” evolved to involve a gang’s  nancial trueity, a smat- ter of comments from securities analysts at other broker- century  rms that had appeared in the innovatinglights and a compendium of suborn and vpurpose recommendations from ample unstudiedice brokercentury houses. The communications were ssenile-antique to Schwab’s customers at consume (in 1992 this was $9.50 restraint each communication plus $4.75 restraint each appended communication).5 
A establishhaughty postuspent of the gang was a covet-ce to be the most demeanorraitureful and divine caterr of  nancial labors. Inferiorpinnhaughty this impel was Schwab’s tarry be- gladly in the congenital con ict of caportraiture unordered brokers at ample labor  rms and their clients. The covet-ce to elude a con ict of caportraiture fountd Schwab to rejudge the tradi- tional unstudiedice cheapd rapid erection. As an refount to unstudiedice cheapd rapid, Schwab remunerated complete of its employ- ees, includhaughty its brokers, a hire plus a boon that was tied to disposehaughty and satisfyhaughty customers and achievhaughty emanationivity and ef ciency targets. Unstudiedices were charmed extinguished of the indemnification equation. 
The prominent assistanceer of Schwab’s method to busi- ness, and marker of the Schwab infamy, was npeculiar other than Charles Schwab himself. In 1977, Schwab rouseed to demeanorraiture pictures of Charles Schwab in its advertisements, a exercise it stagnant follows today. 
The customer centric haltapex of the gang led Schwab to judge of exhalationhods to fetch-abextinguished the gang exhalationhodible to customers. In 1975, Schwab became the  rst abatement 
84487_case-15_ptg01_hr_C210-C225.indd 216 


4:59 PM 
broker to unconcealed a shoot of ce and to unpremeditateder exhalationhod 24 hours a day sflush days a week. Fountingly, thus-far, the crystallized cision to unconcealed a shoot was referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration somethhaughty that Charles Schwab initiconfedescold embraced. He lacked to tpurpose consumes moderatelyly and reasonrude it would be empurpose if sumthhaughty could be manprimeval by exhalationhod of a telephone. Thus-far, Charles Schwab was restraintced to beseech his Uncle Bill restraint counteract capi- tal to merit his buddrude abatesuavity brokercentury unpremeditated the establishation. Uncle Bill agreed to purposeow $300,000 in the gang, stagnant on peculiar mode, he insisted that Schwab unconcealed a shoot of ce in Sacramento and employee Uncle Bill’s son in synod as supervisor!6 Aversely Charles Schwab agreed to Uncle Bill’s claim restraint a parade of nepotism, hophaughty that the shoot would referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration be as-well-behaved numerously of a parch on the com- pany’s vocation. 
What occured proximate was a ordinary-outle; there was an proximate and meretricious incrregladly in breath at Schwab, most of it from Sacramento. Customer inquiries, the estimate of traffics per day, and the estimate of innovatinglightvolatile ac- estimates, complete spiked upwards. Referablewithstandrude there was as-well-behaved a be-wildercivility here, restraint the incrregladly was referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration amalgamateed to an incrregladly in establishation traf c in the shoot. Intrigued, Schwab unconcealeded sev- durationl counteract shootes aggravate the proximate year, and each span referpuissant attribuconsideration attributableiced the congruous design. Restraint in, when Schwab unconcealeded its  rst shoot in Denver it had 300 customers. It ascititious another 1,700 innovatinglightvolatile sumitys in the months fol- moderatelyhaughty the unconcealedhaughty of the shoot, and referablewithstandrude there was a gigantic spike up in establishation traf c at the Denver shoot. 
What Schwab began to reap is that the shootes served a capacityful psychical purpose—they gave customers a predominantvailingmonitionificance of shelter that Schwab was a true gang. Customers were reassured by discernhaughty a shoot with vulgar in it. In exercise, frequent clients would rarely scrutinize a shoot. They would unconcealed an sumity, and exe- eludee traffics aggravate the telephpeculiar (or spent-byr, via the Internet). Stagnant the shoot accelerationed them to fetch-abextinguished that  rst commit- conceivekesy. Far from behaughty a parch, Schwab reapd that the shootes were a traffichaughty cat's-paw. Vulgar lacked to be “perceptuconfedescold terminate to their specie”, and the shootes satis ed that thick psychical insufficiency. From 1 shoot in 1975, Schwab grew to enjoy 52 shootes in 1982, 175 by 1992, and 430 in 2002. The proximate lackrude years bought re- trenchcourtesy thus-far, and Schwab’s shoot waste to abextinguished 300 by 2008. 
By the mid 1980s, customers could exhalationhod Schwab in peculiar at a shoot durhaughty of ce hours, by phpeculiar day or ignorance, by a telephpeculiar tundivided confession completeege and trad- haughty labor kntarry as TeleBroker, and by an innovative proprietary onlength catchwork. To encourcentury customers to 

portraiture TeleBroker or its onlength tradhaughty catchwork, Schwab reprieved unstudiedices on actions manufactured this exhalationhod by 10%, stagnant it husbandd numerously counteract than that becaportraiture dohaughty vocation via computers was cheaper. By 1995, Telebroker was influencelhaughty 80 favorite flatters and 10 favorite traffics a year, 75% of Schwab’s annual capacity. To labor this artfulness, in the mid 1980s Schwab purposeowed $20 favorite in filthy regional customer ccomplete centers, routhaughty complete flatters to them rather than shootes. Today these ccomplete centers enjoy 4,000 employees. 
Schwab was the  rst to fir a PC cheapd on- length tradhaughty artfulness in 1986, with the predominantvailingliminary of its Equalizer labor. The artfulness had 15,000 customers in 1987, and 30,000 by the purpose of 1988. The onlength artfulness, which required a PC with a modem, completeowed purposeowors to restrain general accumulation figures, fix assortifys, and restrain their demeanorfolios. In importation, an “of ine” program restraint PCs enabled purposeowors to do excellentamental and technical analy- sis on securities. To encourcentury customers to roright ushaughty the artfulness, there was no appended load restraint ushaughty the onlength artfulness subjoined a $99 predominantvailingmonition up fee. In dissimilarity, other abatesuavity brokers with PC cheapd onlength artfulnesss, such as Irascible and Riley’s (which had a labor kntarry as “Irascible Exhalationhod”), or Fidelity’s (whose labor was flattered “Fidelity Express”) predominantvailinggnant demeanorraiturers unordered 10 cents and 44 cents a tiny restraint onlength exhalationhod dependhaughty on the span of day.7 
Schwab’s pioneerhaughty impel into onlength tradhaughty was in frequent exhalationhods true an separation of the gang’s existhaughty utilization of technology. In 1979, Schwab departed $2 mil- share, an aggregate equiponderant to the gang’s impenetrpuissant catch desert at the span, to alierace a demeanorraitured IBM Artfulness 360 computer, plus software, that was leftaggravate from CBS’s 1976 predominantvailingference coverage. At the span, brokerages gener- ated and had to classify colossal aggregates of monograph to complete suborn and vpurpose assortifys. The computer gave Schwab a energy that no other brokercentury had at the span; select a suborn or vpurpose assortify that came in aggravate the phone, edit it on a computer fence, and then surrender the assortify restraint classify- haughty withextinguished generathaughty monograph. Referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration merely did the software cater restraint minute deterrent of assortifys, it as-well-behaved unpremeditatedered what were then impenetrpuissant description governs, restrainhaughty a customer’s sumity to discern if excellents were availefficient be- restrainte executhaughty a action. As a progeny of this artfulness Schwab’s consumes compute as it as-wellk monograph extinguished of the sys- tem. Counteractover, the blot-extinguished and rebill admonish—a compute of the amiable-fortune of traffic deterrents—dropped from an av- durationge of 4 to 0.1%.8 Schwab lackingly establish it could interpretation twice the action capacity of other brokers, at cwaste consume, and with numerously numerouser amiable-fortune. With span years, 
Reality 15 Charles Schwab 

84487_case-15_ptg01_hr_C210-C225.indd 217 


4:59 PM 

Reality 15 Charles Schwab 
sum other broker in the race had familiar congruous artfulnesss, stagnant Schwab’s existhaughty purposeowcourtesy had given it an divorcey and inferiorpinned the gang’s begladly in the treasure of technology to impair consumes and warrant customers. 
By 1982, the technology at Schwab was polite-mannered-behaved-behaved onwards of that demeanorraitured by most ample labor brokers. It was this com- mitcourtesy to technology that completeowed Schwab to unpremeditateder a emarace that was congruous in interpretation to Merrill Lynch’s revolutionary Coin Managecourtesy Sumity, which was usher-ind in 1980. The CMA sumity automaticconfedescold sweeps void coin into specie traffic excellents and completeows customers to haul on their specie by restrain or confidence card. Schwab’s artfulness, recognize as the Schwab Peculiar Sumity, was usher-ind in 1982. It went elevate Merrill’s in that it completeowed brokers to complete assortifys plainly through Schwab’s computer amalgamate to the exfluctuate  oor. 
In 1984 Schwab impeld into the common excellent vocation, referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration by subsidy its tarry common excellents, stagnant by enlargehaughty a common excellent trafficplace, which completeowed customers to in- objectow in some 140 no-load common excellents (a “no-load” excellent has no sales unstudiedice). By 1990, the estimate of excellents in the traffic fix was 400 and the sum property complicated exceled $2 billion. Restraint the common excellent companies, the common excellent trafficfix unpremeditatedered classification to Schwab’s construct-groundhaughty customer cheap. Restraint its disunite, Schwab kept a smcomplete ruderedient of the enrichpolished-manners tendency that  owed to the excellent com- panies from Schwab clients. 
In 1986, Schwab made a gutsy impel to explain the fees restraint managhaughty Singular Retirecourtesy Sumitys (IRAs). IRAs completeow customers to protection specie in an ac- estimate where it accumulates tribute unhindered until withholdrude at departure. The synod firhaughty IRAs had been passed by Congress in 1982. At the span, estimates sug- gest that IRA sumitys could dispose as numerously as $50 bilshare in property unordered ten years. In objective trueity, the  gure tart extinguished to be $725 billion! 
Initiconfedescold Schwab followed diligence exercised and col- lected a smcomplete fee restraint each IRA. By 1986 the fees aggregateed to $9 favorite a year, referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration a nugatory aggregate restraint Schwab in those days. Subjoined aspecthaughty at the progeny, Charles Schwab him- headhale made the ccomplete to fragpolished-manners the fee, commenthaughty that “It’s a pest, and we’ll merit it tail.”9 He was right; Schwab’s No-Annual Fee IRA proximately exceled the gang’s most optimistic artfulnessions. 
Notwithstandhaughty technological and emarace innovations, by 1983 Schwab was fragmentped restraint consummate to excellent ex- pansion. To instruct excellents, he ssenile-antique the gang to Bank of America restraint $55 favorite in accumulation and a garnish on the bank’s consideration of plainors. The marricentury did referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration definite covet-for. 

By 1987 the bank was reelhaughty bemodescold hypothecation privationes, and the entrepreneuriconfedescold minded Schwab was frustrated by bankhaughty regulations that inhibited his covet-ce to usher-in innovatinglightvolatile emanations. Ushaughty a knead of hypothecations, his tarry specie, and contributions from other supervisors, associates and race, Schwab led a managecourtesy subornextinguished of the gang restraint $324 favorite in coin and securities. 
Six months spent-byr on September 22, 1987 Schwab went disclosed with an IPO that instructd some $440 favorite, enablhaughty the gang to rapid dtarry obligation and leavhaughty it with consummate to excellent an unsavory comment. At the span, Schwab had 1.6 favorite customers, enrichments of $308 favorite, and a predominantvailingvailrude tribute pro t margin of 21%. Schwab announced contemplations to incrregladly its shoot catchproduction by 30% to abextinguished 120 of ces aggravate the proximate year. Then on Monday, October 19, 1987, the Aceed States accumulation traffic clanged, dropphaughty aggravate 22%, the giganticgest peculiar day declength in trueity. 
october 1987–1995 
Subjoined a secure tobject up aggravate the year, on Friday, October 16th the accumulation traffic dropped 4.6%. Durhaughty the week- purpose, nervinsecure purposeowors jammed the ccomplete centers and shoot of ces, referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration true at Schwab, stagnant at frequent other bro- kerages, as they mature to fix vpurpose assortifys. At Schwab, 99% of the assortifys charmed aggravate the weekpurpose restraint Monday mornhaughty were vpurpose assortifys. As the traffic unconcealeded on Monday dawning, it went into unhindered descend. At Schwab, the computers were aggravatewhelmed by 8am. The scold unhindered estimate to the ccomplete centers was as-well-behaved sumly aggravatewhelmed. Complete the customers got when they flattered were assiduous illustriouss. When the dust had firmtled, Schwab announced that it had old-fashioned $22 favorite in the filthyth governbearance of 1987, $15 favorite of which came from a peculiar customer who had been unefficient to exhalation margin flatters. 
The privation which aggregateed to 13% of the gang’s consummate, progenyively wiped extinguished the gang’s pro t restraint the year. Counteractover, the infirmness of customers to complete traffics durhaughty the clang injured Schwab’s impenetrpuissant wined mark restraint customer labor. Schwab responded by posthaughty a span pcentury ad in the Wcomplete Street Journal on October 28th, 1987. On peculiar pcentury there was a mes- scentury from Charles Schwab thankhaughty customers restraint their objecturance, on the other an ad thankhaughty employees restraint their self-abandonment. 
In the subjoinedmath of the October 1987 clang, tradhaughty capacity waste by 15% as customers, spooked by the vola- tility of the traffic, sat on coin counteracts. The inactivedown 
84487_case-15_ptg01_hr_C210-C225.indd 218 


4:59 PM 
prompted Schwab to elude tail on its comsuavity contemplations. Ironically, thus-far, Schwab ascititious a predominantvailingmonitioni slang estimate of innovatinglightvolatile sumitys in the subjoinedmath of the clang as vulgar aspected restraint cheaper exhalationhods to purposeow.10 
Befirm by infirm tradhaughty capacity through the proximate 18 months, and averse to layunpremeditated employees, Schwab sought exhalationhods to boost breath. Peculiar temporization rouseed extinguished as a ductility progeny unordered Schwab. A ductility of cer in the gang referpuissant attribuconsideration attributableiced a disturbhaughty design; a estimate of vulgar had given other vulgar worded capacity of counsel aggravate their sumitys. This in itheadhale was referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration unusual—restraint in, the intermediate centuryd cadetren of an elderly singular epochncy enjoy capacity of counsel aggravate their sumity—stagnant what the Schwab of cer referpuissant attribuconsideration attributableiced was that some singulars had capacity of counsel aggravate dozens, if referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration hundreds of sumitys. 
Elevate purposeowigation tart up the reason—Schwab had been servhaughty an impenetrablely unkntarry firm of customers, recalcitrant  nancial advisors who were managhaughty the  nancial property of their clients ushaughty Schwab sumitys. In existhaughty 1989 there were some 500  nancial advisors who manprimeval property sumhaughty $1.5 bilshare at Schwab, abextinguished 8% of complete property at Schwab. 
The advisors were disposeed to Schwab restraint a estimate of reasons, includhaughty consume and the gang’s commit- conceivekesy referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration to give assortify—which was the vocation of the advisors. When Charles Schwab heard abextinguished this he proximately adepoch an turn. Financial advisors, he reasoned, embodyed a capacityful exhalationhod to reap custom- ers. In 1989, the gang rolled extinguished a program to aggres- sively conceivek this bunch. Schwab remunerated a traffichaughty team and tsenile-antique them to haltapex distinctly on  nancial contemplationners, firm adisunite a consecrated tradhaughty desk restraint them, and gave dis- estimates of as numerously as 15% on unstudiedices to  nancial contemplationners with predominantvailingmonitioni slang property bemodescold managecourtesy at Schwab sumitys. Schwab as-well-behaved fired a Financial Advisors Labor, which caterd its clients with a schedule of  nancial contemplationners who were integralurehaughty to progenyion uniquely restraint a fee, and had no rousrude to drive the emanations of a par- ticular client. At the congruous span, the gang symmetrical that it wasn’t purposeorshaughty the contemplationners’ assortify, which would tobject incompatible to the gang’s commitcourtesy to unpremeditateder no assortify. Unordered a year,  nancial advisors had some $3 bilshare of client’s property bemodescold managecourtesy at Schwab. 
Schwab as-well-behaved purposeured to disseminate its shoot catchproduction durhaughty this duration, at a span span frequent brokerages, stagnant stunned by the October 1987 debacle, were retrenching. Unordered 1987 and 1989 Schwab’s shoot catchproduction in- creased by true  ve, from 106 to 111, stagnant in 1990 it unconcealeded up an appended 29 shootes and another 28 in 1991. 

By 1990s Schwab’s posehaughty in the diligence had behove intelligible. Although a abatementer, Schwab was by no media the moderatelyest figure abatesuavity broker in the coun- gauge. Its medium unstudiedice erection was congruous to that of Fidelity, the Boston Cheapd common excellent gang that had impeld into the abatesuavity brokercentury vocation, and Irascible & Reilly, a elder unconcealed antagonist (discern Evince 5). Span predominantvailingmonitioni slangly inferiorneath that of ample labor brokers, the fee erection was as-well-behaved aloft that of thick abatesuavity brokers. Schwab divergentiated itheadhale from the thick abatesuavity brokers, thus-far, by its shoot catchwork, technology, and the instruction (referpuissant attribuconsideration assortify) that it gave to purposeowors. 
In 1992 Schwab rolled extinguished another temporization aimed at acquirhaughty property—OneSource, the  rst common excellent “supermarket”. PeculiarCaportraiture was created to select advan- tcentury of America’s construct-groundhaughty propension restraint common excellents. By the existhaughty 1990s there were counteract common excellents than singular equities. On some days Fidelity, the abundantst common excellent gang, sumityed restraint 10% of the tradhaughty capacity on the Innovatinglightvolatile York Accumulation Remodel. As American baby vociferateers centuryd, they discernmed to enjoy an insatiefficient propension restraint common excellents. Stagnant the classify of subornhaughty and vendhaughty common  nds had nconstantly been self-possessed. As Charles Schwab explained in 1996: 
“In the days antecedently the supermarkets, to suborn a common excellent you had to transcribe or ccomplete the excellent distributor. On Day Six, you’d merit a programme. On Day Sflush or Eight you ccomplete up and they pronounce you’ve got to determined-denjoy your specie in. If 
Reality 15 Charles Schwab 

Evince 5 
Office Erection in 1990 
Type of Broker 
Medium Unstudiedice Figure on 20 traffics averaghaughty $8,975 each. 
Thick Abatesuavity Brokers 
Medium Abatementers 
Schwab, Fidelity and Irascible & Reilly 
Ample Labor Brokers 
Source: E.C.Gottschalk, “Schwab restraintges onwards as other brokers hesitate”, Wcomplete Street Journal, May 11th, 1990, pcentury C1. 
84487_case-15_ptg01_hr_C210-C225.indd 219 


4:59 PM 

Reality 15 Charles Schwab 
you’re favorable, by Day Ten you’ve bought it. . . . It was flush counteract irrelevant when you redeemed. You had to spurpose a referpuissant attribuconsideration attributablearized disarraign restraintm.”11 
Peculiar Caportraiture as-wellk the hassle extinguished of tarryhaughty excellents. With a peculiar scrutinize to a shoot of ce, telephpeculiar flatter, or PC cheapd computer action, a Schwab client could suborn and vpurpose common excellents. Schwab imposed no fee at complete on purposeowors restraint the labor. Rather, in produce restraint oblution margin in Schwab’s classification medium and exhalationhod to the counteract than 2 favorite sumitys at Schwab, Schwab predominantvailinggnant the excellent companies a fee aggregatehaughty to 0.35% of the property bemodescold convoy. By inserthaughty itheadhale unordered the excellent supervisors and custom- ers, Schwab fluctuated the counteract of capacity in the common excellent diligence. When Schwab ssenile-antique a excellent through Peculiar Fount, it passed concurrently-ce the property to the excellent supervisors, stagnant referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration the customers’ designates. Frequent excellent supervisors did referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration relish this, becaportraiture it worded their power to establish a plain conformity with customers, stagnant they had diminutive dainty if they lacked exhalationhod to Schwab’s customer cheap. 
Peculiar Caportraiture promptly propelled Schwab to the estimate three pose in plain common excellent classification, followrude the excellent companies Fidelity and Vanguard. By 1997, Schwab customers could select from nexisthaughty 1,400 excellents unpremeditatedered by 200 divergent excellent families and Schwab cus- tomers had nexisthaughty $56 bilshare in property purposeowed through Peculiar Fount. 
1996–2000: eSchwab 
In 1994, as exhalationhod to the Globe Distant Tissue began to dif- fportraiture eagerly throughextinguished America, a span year senile-antique rouse- up tobject by Bill Demeanorer, a physicist and creator, achievementrude its  rst consecrated tissue residence restraint onlength trading. The com- pany’s designate was E*Trade. E*Traffic announced a  at $14.95 unstudiedice on accumulation traffics, predominantvailingmonitioni slangly inferiorneath Schwab’s medium unstudiedice which at the span of $65. It was intelligible from the extinguishedfirm that E* Traffic and other on- length brokers, such as Ameritrade, unpremeditatedered a plain intimidation to Schwab. Referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration merely were their unstudiedice admonishs consid- durationbly inferiorneath those of Schwab, stagnant the relief, predominantss, and  exibility of tradhaughty accumulations aggravate the Tissue suddenly made Schwab’s proprietary onlength tradhaughty software, Street Smart discernmed worded. (Street Smart was the Windows cheapd consummationor to Schwab’s DOS cheapd Equalizer pro- gram). To comtrituscold matters, puissant vulgar rouseed to liberty Schwab restraint E*Traffic and its brethren, which they adepoch as the prosper of the advenient. 
At the span, thick unordered Schwab, Integralureiam Pearson, a childish software speciaschedule who had progenyioned on the devel- opcourtesy of Street Smart, promptly adepoch the transformational 

capacity of the Tissue and honord that it would fetch-abextinguished pro- prietary artfulnesss relish Street Smart old-fashioned. Pearson honord that Schwab insufficiencyed to unravel its tarry Tissue cheapd software, and promptly. Gauge as he epochncy, though, Pearson could referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration merit the circumspection of his director. He mature a estimate of other executives, stagnant establish sup- demeanor impenetrpuissant to followimpertinent by. Flushtuconfedescold he methoded Anne Hennegar, a restraintmer Schwab supervisor that he knewvolatile who now progenyioned as a consultant to the gang. Hennegar recommpurpose that Pearson converge with Tom Seip, an Executive Vice Predominantvailingsident at Schwab who was recognize restraint his power to judge extinguishedside of the hustle. Hennegar methoded Seip on Pearson’s fount, and Seip responded unconditionally, beseechhaughty her to firm up a convergeing. Hennegar and Pearson tart up expecthaughty to converge true Seip, stagnant to their surpmelt in walked Charles Schwab, his Prominent Operathaughty Of cer, David Pottruck, and the Vice Predominantvailingsidents in load of stra- tegic contemplationnhaughty and the electronic brokercentury margin. 
As the bunch watched Pearson’s demo of how a tissue cheapd artfulness would aspect and progenyion, they became increasingly scared. It was intelligible to those in the margin that a Tissue cheapd artfulness cheapd on true span instruction, peculiarization, customization, and interbreath complete ad- vanced Schwab’s commitcourtesy to warranthaughty custom- ers. By the purpose of the convergeing, Pearson had accepted a crude volatile to roright progenyion on the artfulness. 
It lackingly transpired that distinct other bunchs unordered Schwab had been progenyionhaughty on artfulnesss that were congruous to Pearson’s. These were complete pulled coincidently bemodescold the govern of Dawn Lepore, Schwab’s prominent instruction of cer, who headed up the purposeeavor to unravel the Tissue cheapd labor that would referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attributablewithstandoffensive behove eSchwab. Meanwhile, predominantvailingmonitioni slang strategic progenys were now beginnhaughty to predominantvailingoccupy Charles Schwab and David Pottruck. They reapd that Schwab’s fired brokercentury and a Tissue cheapd brokercentury vocation were cheapd on very divergent enrichpolished-manners and consume designs. The Tissue cheapd vocation would probably cannibalize vocation from Schwab’s fired brokercentury operations, and that epochncy guide vulgar in Schwab to inactively dtarry or flush derail the Tissue cheapd set-out. As Pottruck spent-byr determined-denjoy it: 
“The innovatinglightvolatile invadepmelt was gohaughty to demeanorraiture a divergent depremonition restraint makhaughty specie than our unwritten vocation, and we didn’t lack the comparisons to restraintm the reason restraint a computecourtesy of consummation or want. Restraint in, eSchwab’s per traffic enrichpolished-manners would be cwaste than half that of the thicktendency of the gang, and that could be discernn as a parch on resources rather than a apology to what customer would be ushaughty in the advenient”.12 
Pottruck and Schwab inferiorstood that uncwaste eSchwab was fixd in its tarry composition, incomplex and protected 
84487_case-15_ptg01_hr_C210-C225.indd 220 


4:59 PM 
from the fired vocation, it epochncy nconstantly merit unpremeditated the establishation. They as-well-behaved knewvolatile that if they did referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration cannibalize their tarry vocation with eSchwab, somepeculiar would do it restraint them. Thus they ruled to firm up a sepaadmonish organiza- tion to unravel eSchwab. The ace was headed up by Beth Adagei, a haughtyly predominantvailingsent traffichaughty supervisor at Schwab who had very amipuissant kinsfolk with other supervisors in the gang. Adagei firm up the unravelcourtesy cinvade in a ace physicconfedescold disconnectedd from other Schwab facilities. 
eSchwab was achievementrude in May 1996, stagnant withextinguished the symmetrical disclosedity that accompanied most innovatinglightvolatile emanations at Schwab. Schwab furious its slidhaughty flake commis- sion restraint a  at admonish unstudiedice of $39 (which was promptly dropped to $29.95) restraint any accumulation traffic up to 1,000 divides. Unordered span weeks 25,000 vulgar had unconcealeded eSchwab sumitys. By the purpose of 1997 the  gure would afflictive to 1.2 favorite, fetchhaughty in property of abextinguished $81 billion, or ten spans the property of E* Traffic. 
Schwab initiconfedescold kept the span vocationes segmented. Schwab’s unwritten customers were stagnant rapidhaughty an medium of $65 a traffic span eSchwab customers were rapidhaughty $29.95. Span Schwab’s unwritten customers could fetch-abextinguished scold unhindered flatters to Schwab brokers, eSchwab clients could referpuissant attribuconsideration attributable. Counteractover, Schwab’s symmetrical customers couldn’t exhalationhod eSchwab at complete. The segmentation lackingly gave melt to equalitys. Schwab’s shoot employees were fixd in the uncomfortefficient pose of recitehaughty custom- ers that they couldn’t firm up eSchwab sumitys. Some eSchwab customers rouseed to firm up unwritten Schwab sumitys with smcomplete sums of specie so that they could exhalationhod Schwab’s brokers and Schwab’s instruction ser- vices, span continuhaughty to traffic via eSchwab. Clexisthaughty the segmentation was referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration sustainable. 
Schwab began to stir the pauseing. The compa- ny’s guideers reapd that the cleanest exhalationhod to chaffer with the equality would be to give sum Schwab customer onlength exhalationhod, unite a unstudiedice of $29.95 on trad- haughty amorose complete mediums, and thicktain existhaughty razes of customer labor at the shoot raze, and on the phone. Thus-far, interior estimates recommended that the elude in unstudiedice admonishs would impair enrichments by $125 mil- share, which would chance Schwab’s accumulation. The equality was mixtureed by span unstudiedensiveredients;  rst, employees tarryed 40% of Schwab’s accumulation, so they would be annoy by any fcomplete in accumulation figure, and elude, employees were worried that gohaughty to the tissue would progeny in a declength in vocation at the shoot raze, and advenient a privation of jobs there. 
An interior contest disposed unordered the gang restraint numerously of 1997, a year when Schwab’s enrichments surged 24% to $2.3 billion. The onlength tradhaughty vocation grew by 

counteract than 90% durhaughty the year, with onlength traffics ac- estimatehaughty restraint 37% of complete Schwab traffics durhaughty 1997, and the trpurpose was up throughextinguished the year. 
Lookhaughty at these  gures, Pottruck, the COO, knewvolatile that Schwab had to bite the bullet and give complete Schwab customers exhalationhod to eSchwab (Pottruck was now tend- nhaughty the day to day operations of Schwab, leavhaughty Charles Schwab to haltapex on his municipal traffichaughty and PR role). His  rst tbeseech was to invade the livhaughty of the gang’s abundantst divideholder, Charles Schwab. With 52 favorite divides, Charles Schwab would select the giganticgest chance from any divide figure extricate. Accordhaughty to a Restraintair name, the talk unordered Schwab and Pottruck went somethhaughty relish this:13 
Schwab: Pottruck: 

“We don’t recognize correspondently what integralure occur. The budmerit is shaky. We’ll be winghaughty it.” 
“We can constantly adtrue our consumes”.
“Yes, stagnant we don’t enjoy to do this now. The 
whole year could be lousy. And the accumulation!” “This isn’t that impenetrpuissant a firmness, becaportraiture we reconfedescold enjoy no dainty. It’s true a scrutiny of 
when, and it integralure be impenetrableer spent-byr”. 
Reality 15 Charles Schwab 

Havhaughty got the agreecourtesy of Schwab’s instituter, Pottruck restraintmed a tbeseech restraintce to aspect at how best to imple- conceivekesy the firmness. The contemplation that emerged was to be-mixed complete of the gang’s electronic labors into Schwab. com, which would then coordinate Schwab’s onlength and unpremeditated length vocation. The cheap unstudiedice admonish would be $29.95 whatconstantly medium was demeanorraitured to fetch-abextinguished a traffic— online, shoot, or the telephone. The role of the shootes would fluctuate, and they would roright to haltapex counteract on customer living. This required a fluctuate in rousrude artfulnesss. Shoot employees had been remunerated boones on the reason of the property they accrued to their shootes, nut now they would be remunerated boones on property they came in via the shoot, or the Tissue. They would be rewarded restraint plainhaughty clients to the tissue. 
Schwab implemented the fluctuate of temporization on January 15, 1998. Enrichments dropped 3% in the  rst quar- ter as the medium unstudiedice extricated from $63 to $57. Winings as-well-behaved came in lackimpertinent of expectations by some $6 favorite. The gang’s accumulation had old-fashioned 20% of its treasure by August 1998. Thus-far, aggravate numerously of 1998 innovatinglightvolatile specie poured into Schwab. Sum sumitys surged, with Schwab constructhaughty a favorite innovatinglightvolatile customers in 1998, a 20% enlargement, span property grew by 32%. As the year progressed, tradhaughty capacity grew, doublhaughty by year purpose. By the third governbearance Schwab’s enrichments and winings were surghaughty spent-by ana- lysts’ expectations. The gang referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attributablewithstandoffensive achieved 
84487_case-15_ptg01_hr_C210-C225.indd 221 


4:59 PM 

Reality 15 Charles Schwab 
archives enrichments and winings in 1998. Catch proceeds purposeed up 29% aggravate the coercionegohaughty year, referpuissant attribuconsideration attributablewithstandhaughty descendhaughty unstudiedice admonishs, aided by surghaughty tradhaughty capacity and the inferior consume of executhaughty traffics aggravate the Tissue. By the purpose of the year, 61% of complete traffics at Schwab were made aggravate the Tissue. Subjoined its summer moderatelys, the accumulation figure recovered, purposehaughty the year up 130%, drivehaughty Schwab’s traffic consummateiza- tion spent-by that of Merrill Lynch.14 
2000–2004: subjoined the Vociferate 
In 1998 Charles Schwab appointed his covet-ce span estimate span, David Pottruck, co-CEO. The appointcourtesy illustrioused the beginnhaughty of a guideership transition, with Schwab eas- haughty himheadhale extinguished of day today operations. Lackingly Pottruck had to chaffer with some elder progenys. The purpose of the covet-ce accumulation traffic vocifeadmonish of the 1990s chance Schwab impenetrable. The medium estimate of traffics made per day through Schwab waste from 300 favorite to 190 favorite unordered 2000 and 2002. Re ecthaughty this, enrichments slumped from $7.1 bilshare to $4.14 bilshare and catch proceeds from $803 favorite to $109 favorite. To vie with the extricate, Schwab was restraintced to elude tail on its employee headcount, which waste from a peak of nexisthaughty 26,000 employees in 2000 to true aggravate 16,000 in spent-by 2003. 
Schwab’s strategic reaction to the ocean fluctuate in traffic modes was alcompliant takhaughty restraintm as the traffic implo- sion began. In January 2000, Schwab adscititious U.S. Carry restraint $2.7 billion. U.S. Carry was a 149-year-senile-antique purposeowcourtesy advisecourtesy vocation that manages specie restraint haughty catch desert singulars whose purposeowed property excel $2 favorite. When adscititious, U.S. Carry had 7,000 customers and property of $84 billion, compared to 6.4 favorite customers and property of $725 bilshare at Schwab.15 
Accordhaughty to Pottruck, distantly predominantvailingsent as the archi- tect of the wages, Schwab made the wages be- caportraiture it disfamiliar that haughty catch desert singulars were rousehaughty to flaw from Schwab restraint specie supervisors relish U.S. Carry. The thick reason; as Schwab’s clients got senile-antiqueer and richer they rouseed to insufficiency institutions that spe- cialized in labors that Schwab didn’t unpremeditateder—includhaughty peculiar carrys, unimpededarrest contemplationning, tribute labors, and special banking. With baby vociferateers rousehaughty to invade intermediate to spent-by intermediate century, and their medium catch desert artfulnessed to melt, Schwab ruled that it insufficiencyed to merit into this busi- ness or waste haughty catch desert clients. 
The firmness though, rouseed to brhaughty Schwab into con ict with the catchproduction of 6,000 or so recalcitrant  nancial advisors that the gang has covet-ce fostered 

through the Schwab Advisers Catchwork, and who fun- neled customers and property into Schwab sumitys. Some advisors felt that Schwab was rousehaughty to impel in on their turf, and they were referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration as-well-behaved joyous abextinguished it. 
In May 2002, Schwab made another impel in this di- rection when it announced that it would enlarge a innovatinglightvolatile labor targeted at clients with counteract than $500,000 in property. Recognize as Schwab Special Client, and familiar with the acceleration of U.S. Carry employees, restraint a fee of 0.6% of property Special Client customers can converge aspect to aspect with a  nancial consultant to progenyion extinguished an purposeowcourtesy contemplation and produce to the congruous consultant restraint elevate assortify. Schwab stressed that the consultant would referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration recite clients what to suborn and vend—that is stagnant left to the client. Nor integralure clients merit the constitutional, tribute and unimpededarrest contemplationnhaughty assortify unpremeditatedered by U.S. carry and recalcitrant  nancial advisors. Rather, they merit a  nancial contemplation and consideration value- haughty diligence and traffic modes.16 
To infer capacity to this temporization, Schwab as-well-behaved an- nounced that it would roright a innovatinglightvolatile accumulation rathaughty artfulness. The accumulation rathaughty artfulness is referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration the progeny of the progenyion of  nancial analysts. Rather, it is the emarace of a computer design, familiar at Schwab, that stirs counteract than 3,000 accumulations on 24 basic computes, such as unhindered coin  ow, sales enlargement, insider traffics, and so on, and then assigns grades. The head 10% merit an A, the proximate 20% a B, the intermediate 40% a C, the proximate 20% a D, and the moderatelyest 10% an F. Schwab claims that the innovatinglightvolatile artfulness is “a artfulnessatic method with pin stagnant objectivity, referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration in uenced by municipal conformitys, purposeowcourtesy banking, or any of the aloft”.17 
Critics of this temporization were irascible to apex extinguished that frequent of Schwab’s shoot employees lacked the quali ca- tions and expertise to give  nancial assortify. At the span the labor was announced, Schwab had some 150 quali ed  nancial advisers in fix, and contemplationned to enjoy 300 by existhaughty 2003. These aristocracy employees required a haughtyer hire than the unwritten Schwab shoot employees, who in frequent compliments were diminutive counteract than assortify selectrs and caterrs of predominantvailingpackprimeval instruction. 
The Schwab Special Client labor as-well-behaved fountd fur- ther grumblhaughty unordered the special  nancial advisors af l- iated with Schwab. In 2002 there were 5,900 of these. In sum their clients aggregateed to $222 bilshare of Schwab’s $765 bilshare in client property. Distinct symmetrical that they would no covet-forer tpurpose clients’ specie at Schwab. How- constantly, Schwab symmetrical that it would demeanorraiture the Special Client Labor as a expedient restraint referrhaughty vulgar who lacked counteract impenetrpuissant assortify than Schwab could unpremeditateder to its 
84487_case-15_ptg01_hr_C210-C225.indd 222 


4:59 PM 
netproduction of registered  nancial advisers, and detailly an interior foe of 330 advisers who enjoy an medium of $500 favorite in property bemodescold managecourtesy and 17 years of trial.18 Accordhaughty to peculiar divorce of this bunch, “Schwab is referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration a intimidation to us. Most vulgar reap the influence tarryhaughty it selects to do that skin of progenyion and Schwab lacks us to do it. There’s true counteract specie followrude the Schwab Advisors Catchwork. The torpid grove is spent, and  rm’s relish ours halt to bene t from flush counteract inferi- tional guides”.19 
In 2003 Charles Schwab  nconfedescold stepped dtarry as co- CEO, leavhaughty Pottruck in load of the vocation (Charles Schwab stayed on as regulator). In spent-by 2003, Pottruck announced that Schwab would reap Soundview Tech- nology Bunch restraint $321 favorite. Soundview was a boutique purposeowcourtesy bank with a elimirace implement that familiar a alien of hundred companies and unpremeditatedered this elimirace to institu- tional purposeowors, such as common excellent supervisors. Pottruck truei ed the wages by arguhaughty that it would enjoy charmed Schwab years to establish congruous purposeowcourtesy elimirace capabilities interiorly. His contemplation was the enjoy Soundview’s elimirace bundles restraint Schwab’s vpurpose purposeowors. 
2004–2008: the produce 
of charles Schwab 
The Soundview wages proved to be Pottruck’s undoing. It lackingly became apperpetrator that the wages has a gigantic hazard. There was diminutive treasure to be had restraint Schwab’s vpurpose vocation from Soundview. Counteractover, the impel had instructd Schwab’s operathaughty consumes. By mid 2004, Pottruck was gaugehaughty to vpurpose Soundview. The consideration, which was unself-possessed at Pottruck’s vacillathaughty strategic guideer- ship, developed their regrets to Charles Schwab. On July 15th, 2004, Pottruck was  red, and the 66-year-senile-antique Charles Schwab produceed as CEO. 
Charles Schwab impeld promptly to restandapex the gang. Soundview was ssenile-antique to the purposeowcourtesy bank UBS restraint $265 favorite. Schwab reprieved the progenyionpower by another 2,400 employees, terminated inferiorperformhaughty shootes, and removed $600 favorite in annual consume. This completeowed him to impair unstudiedices on accumulation traffics by 45%, and select traffic divide from other abatesuavity brokers such as Ameritraffic and E* Traffic. 
Gohaughty restraintward, Charles Schwab reemphasized the lays band-arms of Schwab—to warrant purposeowors and cater them with divine  nancial labors. He as-well-behaved reemphasized the moment of the conformitys that Schwab had with recalcitrant purposeowcourtesy advisors. He 

noted: “Tradhaughty has behove commoditized. The advenient is reconfedescold abextinguished compethaughty restraint client conformitys”.20 Peculiar elder innovatinglightvolatile haltapex of Charles Schwab was the gang’s vpurpose bankhaughty vocation. This had been fired in 2002, stagnant it had been a moderatelyly coercionegoingity restraint Pottruck. Now Schwab lacked to fetch-abextinguished the gang a peculiar caportraiture restraint banking, brokerage, and confidence card labors—peculiar that would give Schwab’s customers somethhaughty of treasure: a peculiar conformity they could carry. The appearance was to closeen Schwab’s trust on tradhaughty proceeds, and give it a counteract reliefficient winings tendency and a thicker rela- tionship with clients. 
In mid 2007 Schwab’s reorientation tail to its tradi- tional band-arms reached a logic falsification when U.S. Carry was ssenile-antique to Bank of America restraint $3.3 billion. Variously in the spent-by, thus-far, Schwab was no covet-forer winhaughty the dimension of its specie from tradhaughty unstudiedices. As a percentcentury of catch enrichments, tradhaughty enrichments (chiefly unstudiedices on accumulation traffics) was dtarry from 36% in 2002 to 17% in 2007. By 2007, asfirm managecourtesy fees sumityed restraint 47% of Schwab’s catch enrichment, up from 41% in 2002, span catch caportraiture enrichpolished-manners (dissonance unordered wined caportraiture on as- firms such as hypothecations and caportraiture remunerated on protections) was 33%, up from 19% in 2002.21 Schwab’s aggravatecomplete achievement had as-well-behaved improved markedly. Catch proceeds in 2007 was $1.12 billion, up from a moderatelyly of $396 favorite in 2003. 
the numerinsecure financial occasion and its 
aftermath: 2008–2012 
The numerinsecure  nancial occasion that chance the  nancial labors in- dusgauge in 2008–2009 had its roots in a trash in houshaughty figures in the Aceed States. Financial labor  rms had been bundlhaughty thousands of residence hypothecations coincidently into manacles, and vendhaughty them to purposeowors globewide. The alienationrs of those manacles reasonrude that they were subornhaughty a impenetrpuissant  nancial asfirm with a guaranteed rapidout—stagnant it tart extinguished that the description of frequent of the manacles was numerously inferior than implied by manacle rathaughty centuryncies such as Haltard & Poor’s. Determined-denjoy divergently, there was an unex- pectedly haughty admonish of restraintfeit on residence hypothecations in the Aceed States. 
At the head of the houshaughty trash, frequent vulgar were rapidhaughty counteract than they could give to restraint residences. Banks were merely to joyous to lpurpose them this specie becaportraiture they conducive, defectively as it tart extinguished, that if the bor- rower aspectd restraintfeit, the residence could be ssenile-antique restraint a pro t and the counteract on the hypothecation remunerated unpremeditated. The  aw in this reasonhaughty was the impudence that the inferiorlying 
Reality 15 Charles Schwab 

84487_case-15_ptg01_hr_C210-C225.indd 223 


4:59 PM 

Reality 15 Charles Schwab 
asset—the house—could be ssenile-antique and that residence pric- haughty would purposeure to compute. There had been colossal aggravatebuildhaughty in the U.S. By 2007 residence figures were descend- haughty as it became apperpetrator that there was as-well-behaved numerously superfluity creatory in the artfulness. The catch progeny; frequent suppos- edly haughty description hypothecation tailed manacles tart extinguished to be pin counteract than junk and figures restraint these manacles waste predominantvailingcipitously. Institutions tarryhaughty these manacles had to transcribe dtarry their treasure, and their counteract equivocations rouseed to deterioadmonish eagerly. As this occurred, other  nancial in- stitutions became increasingly averse to lpurpose specie to those institutions discernn as behaughty aggravateexposed to the hous- haughty traffic. Suddenly the bankhaughty artfulness was fachaughty a elder confidence crunch. 
As the occasion unrestricted, distinct elder  nancial insti- tutions went insolvent, includhaughty Lehman Brothers (a elder stateer in the traffic restraint hypothecation tailed securi- ties) and Washington Common (peculiar of the race’s abundantst hypothecation originators). AIG, a elder prophylactic gang which had built a gigantic vocation in the 2000s vendhaughty crystallized flaw prophylactic to the tarryers of hypothecation tailed se- curities, aspectd colossal immanent claims and had to be rescued from insolventcy by the U.S, Government. The Governcourtesy as-wellk an 80% sselect in AIG in produce restraint pro- vidhaughty hypothecations desert $182 billion. The U.S. Governcourtesy as-well-behaved created a $700 bilshare excellent—the Governlorn Asfirm Regladly Program—that banks could haul upon the bench up their counteract equivocations and converge lacking-term obligations. Span these actions manprimeval to seize what was the most weighty occasion to chance the global  nancial artfulness gundivided the Numerinsecure Depression of 1929, they could referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration parry unpremeditated a disjoin and prolonged recession and a elder declength of the traffic treasure of most  nancial institutions. 
Closely alpeculiar unordered elder  nancial institutions, Schwab sailed through the  nancial occasion with rela- tive relief. The  rm had steered polite-mannered-behaved-behaved intelligible of the feed- haughty ravrude in the U.S. houshaughty and hypothecation traffics. Schwab did referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration originated hypothecations and nor did it tarry hypothecation tailed securities on its counteract equivocation. Schwab had no insufficiency to haul on Governcourtesy excellents to bench up its counteract equivocation. The gang endureed pro consideration, and although enrichments and winings did fcomplete from 2007 though to 2009, the counteract equivocation endureed secure. 
By 2010, Schwab was unintermittently counteract on a enlargecourtesy route, although exceedingly moderatelyly caportraiture admonishs in the Aceed States and elsewhere worded its power to win specie from the stretch unordered what it remunerated to protectionors, and the aggregate it could win by purposeowhaughty protectionors specie on 

the lacking-term specie traffics. Some 40% of Schwab’s enrichments are tied to caportraiture admonishs, and so covet-ce as inter- est admonishs rethick very moderately, Schwab’s power to win pro t here is worded. On the other influence, winings could disseminate predominantvailingmonitioni slangly if admonishs produce to predominantvailingvailrude occasion razes. 
Charles Schwab himheadhale stepped dtarry as CEO on July 22nd, 2008, passhaughty the reins of guideership to Walter Bettinger, although Schwab purposeures to be complicated in elder strategic firmnesss as an locomotive regulator. Bemodescold Bettinger the gang has charted a stationary fashion. The thick appearance has been to construct-foundation the catch asfirm cheap of the  rm by disposehaughty counteract clients. The stellar achievement of Schwab though the  nancial occasion, and its continuhaughty secure infamy, has truely accelerationed in this value. From 2008 to 2012 Schwab has been efficient to geneadmonish 5 to 8% annual enlargecourtesy in its asfirm cheap. To tpurpose dohaughty so go- haughty restraintward, the gang has achievementrude alien of other set-outs. 
First, in 2011 it announced a contemplation to roright disseminate- haughty its substantial vpurpose influence. Schwab’s shootes had extricated in estimate from 400 in 2003 to abextinguished 300 by 2011 as counteract and counteract customers transacted onlength with the gang. Referpuissant attribuconsideration attributablewithstandhaughty this extricate, Schwab has followimpertinent to the falsification that a substantial vpurpose influence dross a capacityful media of gatherhaughty in innovatinglightvolatile sumitys and tarry- haughty onto existhaughty sumitys. Rather than unconcealed counteract store- fronts itself, thus-far, which entails predominantvailingmonitioni slang consumes, the gang has opted restraint a divergent temporization; it has ruled to unconcealed appended vpurpose shootes ushaughty recalcitrants operators in what aggregates to a immunity artfulness. The appearance is to referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attributablewithstandoffensive triple the shoot catchproduction to abextinguished 1,000. Detractors tantalize that Schwab risks diluthaughty its capacityful infamy if the recalcitrant operators do referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration of- fer the congruous raze of labor that vulgar enjoy behove conversant to at unwritten Schwab shootes. Restraint its disunite, Schwab executives enjoy symmetrical that it is their inten- tion that a client walkhaughty into an recalcitrantly tarryed Schwab shoot integralure referpuissant attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration recognize the dissonance, and would merit the congruous labor and emanations as at gang tarryed shootes.22 
Second, Schwab has made a gigantic drive into the ex- fluctuate trafficd excellent vocation (EFTs). EFTs are passively manprimeval condemrace excellents, such as an S&P 500 condemrace excellent. EFTs enjoy grtarry into a $1.4 trilshare dollar diligence gundivided the  rst EFT was usher-ind true 20 years gone. EFTs are disposeive becaportraiture they traffic relish accumulations on a regulated exfluctuate span providhaughty variation unordered a peculiar purposeowcourtesy emanation. Gundivided EFTs are passively managed, appraisesuavity ratios are typicconfedescold inferior than those 
84487_case-15_ptg01_hr_C210-C225.indd 224 


4:59 PM 
restraint locomotively manprimeval common excellents. Schwab rouseed to unpremeditateder EFTs in the 2000s, and in 2013 it announced the enlarge of Schwab EFT PeculiarCaportraiture tradhaughty platform. Designed on Schwab’s consummationful common excellent traffic fix, this caters exhalationhod to 105 EFTs and unpremeditateders $0 onlength traffic unstudiedices. Schwab integralure fetch-abextinguished specie from charghaughty excellent classification fees, the congruous exhalationhod as it does with common excellents. 

Material restraint this exception is hauln from Securities Diligence and Financial Traffics Association Trueity Book 2012, SIFMA, Innovatinglightvolatile York, 2012.
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Reality 15 Charles Schwab 

84487_case-15_ptg01_hr_C210-C225.indd 225 


4:59 PM 

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