conventional ideas about gender to women and men

What techniques do the mass media use to sell conventional ideas about gender to women and men
Compare the research by Margaret Mead in New Guinea with the research done at the Israeli Kibbutzim in terms of the cultural variability of gender roles.
The text states “…the games (sports) we play have serious implications on our later lives.” Girls now play competitive team sports, such as hockey much more than in the past. What do you see as possible long-term effects of this trend
What are the explanations as to why males dominate politics To what extent are the roles of women changing in this sphere of social life What factors are influencing these changes
Review the issue of violence against women in our society. What are the types of violence discussed
What are the five basic principles of feminism Discuss the specific examples for each.
What evidence can you provide from your own experience and observations concerning the argument being made by Jessie Bernard (Gender and the Family) about the pink and blue worlds
A nineteenth century expression said “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. What does this mean and does it still apply

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