Critical Enquiry Reflection Sheet Social Work Essay

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Critical Enquiry Reflection Sheet Social Work Essay

The trice of acquirements that has grabbed my remark in this supervision meeting is that I deficiency to lore and substantiate my habit frameachievement when afloat bi-culturally with tangata whenua and cross-culturally. During my sixth supervision meeting my straightforwardor assessed me using the assist straightforward habit remark environing to my assist acquirements extinguishedcome”to evidence volume when afloat with boyish specials cross-culturally”. This duty led to argueions environing my habit cross-culturally as I invadetain been air-tight afloat with boyish specials and their families who are of a opposed farming from my confess. So in my habit at the restorative teaching capital where I am situated couple days a week I am the solely pakeha special there. My straightforwardor customary in the duty that “Afloat in the school elucidation as

The instant of acquirements that has grabbed my study in this supervision gathering is that I demand to elimination and realize my exercitation frameemployment when launched bi-culturally with tangata whenua and cross-culturally.

During my sixth supervision gathering my superintendent assessed me using the succor plain exercitation study touching to my succor acquirements quenchedcome”to precede space when launched with puerile populace cross-culturally”. This tribute led to argueions encircling my exercitation cross-culturally as I penetratetain been air-tight launched with puerile populace and their families who are of a contrariant husbandry from my impress. As-well in my exercitation at the restorative advice capital where I am assignd couple days a week I am the merely pakeha special there. My superintendent reexoteric in the tribute that “Launched in the train elucidation as the merely womanly and pakeha special, has enabled her to realize the dissents in husbandry excepting as-well helped her to employment cross-culturally with other staff and clients. Family disaster has as-well helped her to realize areas that demand past luxuriance in”.

When my superintendent asked me to realize how I employment bi-culturally with tangata whenua and cross-culturally with clients I was weak to quenchedspoken amply how I exercitation in this elucidation. My retort was that in the supplies advice elucidation owing I am the merely pakeha special there, I employment biculturally and cross-culturally:

By deferenceing the Maori husbandry of the capital

Removing my shoes when I penetrate

I penetratetain had to collect the opinion in ordain to join-in in the morning waiata and karakia

I eat my lunch with the puerile men and the other tutors each day as sharing maintenance separateedly is segregate of the Maori husbandry

Aftercited on from this I penetratetain reexoteric that during restraintmaltlement visits with clients and their families I deference the contrariant husbandrys; by removing my shoes and accepting maintenance and beverages from husbandrys where the sharing of maintenance is expressive.

These retorts were very uncertain and did referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful produce a obvious solution as to how I exercitation bi-culturally and cross-culturally. I am apprised that I penetratetain been advantagepowerful at university to exercitation from a bi-cultural and multi-cultural perspective excepting I penetratetain endow it flinty to quenchedspoken how I do this. As my superintendent has referpowerful attributpowerful attributableed I penetratetain identified through this supervision gathering that I demand to critically mverification on my exercitation cross-culturally and realize the areas that I demand past luxuriance in ordain to befit a adapted bi-cultural and cross-cultural practitioner. Ce the avail of cross-cultural exercitation and launched with tangata whenua I as a collective emploympenetrate demand to recognise that:

“As a negotiative alder, idiosyncratic can impress awkward when challenged by wonderful dissent is the original plod towards headstrong-reflection. This pose has a emend haphazard of innate to unaffected assets of the client than pretending to be collectively redress. The myth of collegial stay textures and the husbandry of a region of charge and disclosed sharing among the advantage elucidation power permit this pose, to be affective in cross-cultural exercitation” (Tsang &George, 1998, p.87).

Looking backward

The assumptions and biases that are confer-upon in this instant of acquirements is my impress cultural apprisedness;

In Tatum (2000) she discuses the concept of separatey and what it instrument ce the idiosyncratic and how the roles of the dominant balance the inferior can rule a specials sentiment of themselves:

This “looking glass headstrong” is referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful a dull idiosyncratic-dimensional museion, excepting multidimensional. How idiosyncratic’s separatey is accustomed accomplish be mediated by dimensions of idiosyncratic headstrong: manly or womanly; puerile or obsolete, rich or insufficient, sprightly, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or heterosexual; brawny or with disabilities: Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, or atheist… (Tatum, 2000).

The role and the devaluation associated with it accomplish disagree in harmony to the socio-cultural treatment that the inferior special/s and the dominant orders are segregate of (Wolfensberger, 1972, as cited in (Wills, 2008b).

Discourses are systemic habits of talking, argueing something of investigateness. They are the referablee of a coalition of collective, collective uniframe economic factors and frequently penetratetain ‘voices of authority’. Disquisitions are frequently cognizant by confidences, ideas and recognizeings that are implicit; enthralled ce granted…uniframe ideological…Some cems of disquisition are legitimated and validated – excepting quiet idiosyncratic canreferpowerful attributpowerful be assured, and suppose that such disquisitions penetratetain befit symmetrical as a end of well-rationalised, carelargely eliminationed, familiar and dense argument/debate (Wills, 2008a).

Looking inward

Looking quenchedward

Looking ceward

I realize to the families that although I am from a contrariant husbandry to them I penetratetain been university advantagepowerful to employment cross-culturally and I am blithesome to penetrate into argueions encircling what this instrument ce our collective employment harmony

Question exhibition 300


In defining adequacy idiosyncratic must as-well meditate the signification of husbandry. “Essentially, husbandry is implicit to narrate to some shared atoms which be-mixed populace in a sordid habit of experiencing and pretext the universe. These perceptions of the universe lead day-to-day stay, rule how decisions are made and by whom, and mention what is perceived to be divert and indivert behaviour among any producen treatment” (Connolly, Crichton-Hill &Ward, 2005 p.17, as cited in SWRB, 2007, p.5)

To employment with Maori clients the collective emploympenetrate must adaptedly recognize what Te Ao Maori instrument, the corresponding goes with launched with other cultural and ethnic orders. Using Tsang and George’s conceptual frameemployment of pose recognition and skills the SWRB created its adequacy rules of exercitation. To recognize what adapted exercitation ce Maori and other cultural and ethnic orders instrument ce collective employmenters in Strange Zeafix I accomplish be critically argueing in this dissertation; what the ANZASW’s rules of exercitation are that educate adequacy and what it instrument ce collective employment exercitation in Strange Zealand, I accomplish realize and define the constituent atoms of Te Ao Maori – the Maori universe sentiment, critically investigate Tsang and Georges conceptual frameemployment and direct their frameemployment to an exhibition of Te Ao Maori in a exercitation elucidation.

Members of the ANZASW are pliant to the alliance and ceecasted to halt by their policies and procedures, adapted collective employment exercitation being idiosyncratic of them, the aftercited ten rules ce collective employment exercitation in Aotearoa Strange Zeafix were restraintmal and ratified by the National Executive of NZASW (now ANZASW) in June 1990:

The collective emploympenetrate establishes an divert and purposeful launched harmonyship with clients presentation into enactation idiosyncratic dissents and the cultural and collective treatment of the client’s office.

The collective emploympenetrate acts to assure the client’s segregateicipation in the healthy regularity of the launched harmonyship with them.

The collective employmenter’s exercitation assists clients to create coerce balance her/his impress stipulation.

The collective emploympenetrate has recognition environing collective employment methods, collective management, collective advantages, instrument and opportunities.

In launched with clients, the collective emploympenetrate is apprised of and verifications her/his impress specialal attributes divertly.

The collective emploympenetrate merely employments where systems of enactationpower are in assign in deference of his/her production, clients and the collective employment declaration.

The collective emploympenetrate continually employments to perframe the organisation and systems, which are segregate of the collective employment endeavor, sympathetic to the demands of those who verification them.

The collective emploympenetrate acts to secure the client’s approximation to the Rule of Ethics and aims of the Strange Zeafix Alliance of Collective Employmenters.

The collective emploympenetrate verifications alliance of the Strange Zeafix Alliance of Collective Employmenters to rule and repair adapted collective exercitation.

The collective emploympenetrate verifications alliance of the Strange Zeafix Alliance of Collective Employmenters to rule and repair adapted exercitation (NZASW, 1993).

To embody how these rules ce exercitation employment in negotiative collective employment exercitation I accomplish prime idiosyncratic rule and pretext how couple exhibitions of the rule direct. Ce rule foul-mouthed: the collective emploympenetrate has recognition environing collective employment methods, collective management and collective advantages, this rule can be shimpress in exercitation with how Child, Youth and Family advantages employment among a bicultural frameemployment and the Treaty of Waitangi:

Child, Youth and Family claims its duties and obligations to the tangata whenua as a Crimpress segregatener to Strange Zealand’s endowing muniment, the Treaty of Waitangi. We are committed to ensuring that advantages we give-up and donation are enlightenedly sympathetic to the demands and aspirations of Maori, and that our operations are accordant with the Principles ce Crimpress Operation on the Treaty of Waitangi. Our commitment is museed in a clew end area – improved quenchedcomes ce Maori, the alliances and segregatenerships we penetratetain built and endure to aggravate with iwi and Maori collective advantages orders and communities, our cosmical supplies policies, and in our employment plan (distinctly the quenchedenlargement and applianceation of a manoeuvre ce beseeming quenchedcomes ce Maori end, puerile populace and their families) (CYF, 2008).

In harmony to the collective management segregate of this rule the CYF’s collective employmenters are apprised of the legislations of Aotearoa Strange Zeafix and how other exhibitions of the law:

Child, Youth and Family’s statutory role is defined by the aftercited legislation:

The End, Puerile Specials, and Their Families Act 1989

The Adoption Act 1955

The Adult Adoption Educateation Act 1985

The Adoption (Inter-country) Act 1997(CYF, 2008).

Child, Youth and Family advantages are an pallipowerful illustration of how an production has restraintmal leadlines and policies encircling the rules restraintmal quenched by the SWRB and ANZASW to appliance adapted exercitation by their collective employmenters.

In the proximate segregate of this dissertation I accomplish realize and define the constituent atoms of Te Ao Maori – the Maori universe sentiment. To recognize the Maori universe sentiment we must investigate what are the Maori behaviour and precede in collective harmonyships or korero tawhito are; then what the Maori collective textures of whanau, hapu, iwi balance and what the three assortes of Maori severicipation are, and what mana and tapu balance ce Maori populace who are the tangata whenua of Aotearoa. Korero tawhito are they habits in which Maori beentertain and precede themselves in collective harmonyships:

Korero tawhito museed the supposition concepts, philosophies, ideals, norms and underlying rates of Maori severicipation… The rates reconfer-upon ideals, which were referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful necessarily achievpowerful excepting something to ascend to (Ministry of Right, 2001, p.1).

These underlying rates of Maori severicipation are the habits in which Maori populace collectively interact with each other. The proximate plod in recognizeing what the Maori universe sentiment is, is to recognize Maori collective textures:

The Maori collective texture was inveterate on graceful, priority and the familyship orderings. Maori recognised foul-mouthed family orders:

Whanau – the basic separate of Maori severicipation into which an idiosyncratic was born and collectiveised.

Hapu – the basic collective init among Maori severicipation, solicitous with conventional collective and economic affairs and making basic day-to-day decisions.

Iwi – the enlightenedst rebellious, politico-economic separate in Maori severicipation. An iwi would be identified by its territorial boundaries, which were of august collective, cultural and economic apprehension (Ministry of Right, 2001, p.2).

The family order a special belongs to affects their universe sentiment owing it rules their assign among severicipation. The primary concepts of mana and tapu are those which manage the frameemployment of Maori severicipation:

Mana was ancestral at rise, and the past elder the depth of a special, the auguster the mana. Tapu frequently accompanied mana. The past prestigious the uniformt, special or aim, the past it was enfolded by the refuge of tapu. The multifarious referpowerful attributpowerful attributableions of mana and tapu mverification the ideals and rates of collective coerce and service. The anatomy of mana endeavours to realize the role of mana in harmony to service, start and riseright. The test of tapu embodyd how tapu operated and affected the usual lives of Maori (Ministry of Right, 2001, p.6).

In examining the atoms of Te Ao Maori I penetratetain investigate the contrariant concepts of Maori behaviour and precede korero tawhito, the Maori collective textures of family and assort and what mana and tapu balance.

Theory 300


Identifies and is inveterate upon confidences and rates of Pacific Islands husbandry.

Explains problems and concerns in a carriage that is misapply to Pacific Islands recognizeing.

Uses Pacific Islands subsidiary traditions and exercitations.

Incorporates a Pacific Islands recognizeing to fluctuate the regularity.

Can contrariantiate exhibitions of the behaviour which are associated with Pacific Islands cultural patterns from those endant

in dominant palagi cultural interpretations.

Avoids cultural pathological stereotyping.

Encompass macro and micro flattens of explanations and interpositions.

Incorporates the habits of the similarity and idiosyncratics in Strange Zeafix Severicipation.

Can lead the primeion of divert recognition and exercitation skills from other husbandrys.

(Adapted from Meemeduma, P. (1994). Cross cultural collective employment: Strange copys ce strange exercitation, Advances in collective employment success advice, Montash University.)

Ethics 300

Skills 300

The Collective Employment Registration Board of Aotearoa Strange Zeafix extricated in 2007 a management assertion in affect to the adequacy of registered collective employmenters to deal-in collective employment with Maori and contrariant ethnic and cultural orders in Strange Zealand. The extricate of this muniment was to restraintmal the flattens of space that are demanded ce collective employmenters to employment tellingly in a dogmatical habit to qualify those who are disadvantaged by severicipation.  As Mason Durie comments, cultural adequacy environing the acquiring of skills to terminate a emend recognizeing of members of other husbandrys (SWRB, 2007, p.5). To be adapted when launched with other husbandrys idiosyncratic must recognize the dissents and similarities betwixt other husbandrys and perceive what is culturally divert and impertinent; the collective emploympenetrate demands to deference the client’s husbandry and verification recourses availpowerful to them to tellingly employment with the client to terminate the best likely quenchedcome

Bicultural rule of Ethics

In the proximate segregate of this dissertation I accomplish critically investigate Tsang and George’s (1998) – Integrated Conceptual Frameemployment ce Cross-cultural Exercitation of pose, recognition and skills. I accomplish do this by describing the three atoms and examining these atoms by assessing their investigateness and apprehension in collective employment exercitation with mana whenua. To recognize what the investigateness and apprehension of Tsang and George’s conceptual frameemployment in harmony to mana whenua we must original investigate what mana whenua are:

Mana whenua(noun):territorial hues, command from the fix – command associated with posgathering and trade of tribal fix. The tribe’s narrative and legends are inveterate in the fixs they penetratetain amenpowerful balance generations and the fix stipulates the subsistance ce the populace and to stipulate hospitality ce guests (Maori Dictionary, 2008).

Now we perceive what mana whenua instrument the proximate asegregate is to define the three atoms of the framework:

Pose Commitment to right and equity

Valuing dissent

Other-directed: Disclosedness to cultural dissent

Headstrong plained: Critical headstrong-reflection

Recognition Restricted cultural contented

Systemic treatment of husbandry

Acculturation and internalized husbandry

Dynamics of cross-cultural despatch and recognizeing

Skills Management of impress tender retort

Negotiative interposition among institutional treatments

Communication, promise, and harmonyship skills

Restricted fluctuate strategies (Tsang and George, 1998, p.84).

The concept of pose narrates to the collective employmenter’s impress behaviour and their verification of headstrong as a utensil when launched with clients, the concept of recognition narrates to the recognition theories rearwards cross-cultural exercitation and recognition collectt from a practitioners impress habits. The concept of skills narrates to the portraitureful exhibition of launched with clients. To verification the atom of pose when launched with mana whenua, idiosyncratic demands to be apprised of their impress limitations, failure of recognition and recognizeing of other husbandrys:

This apprisedness has twain headstrong-directed and other-directed implications. The other-directed indication of this apprisedness is an disclosedness to cultural dissent and a knack to collect cem a client. Such disclosedness is inveterate on claimment and dogmatical affect ce the cultural dissents that halt betwixt the client and the practitioner, deference ce client husbandrys, and knack to settle supplies universe sentiments or habits of vitality. The headstrong-directed indication of this apprisedness is a knack to gain in headstrong-reflection, including the test of likely cultural biases, assumptions, rates, and idiosyncratic’s tender habit and ease flatten when challenged with dissent (Tsang and George, 1998, p.84).

Ce a collective emploympenetrate to be apprised of their impress limitations and failure of recognition is the original plod in establishing a launched harmonyship with mana whenua, their impress power to acrecognition the dissents and similarities betwixt their impress husbandry and their client’s husbandry is a great constituent of their pose when launched with their clients. Supervision is demanded in this treatment ce the collective emploympenetrate to be powerful to argue with others their impress museions and impressings associated when launched cross-culturally, ce specialal and negotiative enlargement. Recognition is the proximate atom in which the cross-cultural exercitation frameemployment arguees the foul-mouthed atoms of recognition:

We can realize foul-mouthed areas of cross-cultural recognition. Original is the recognition of restricted cultural contenteded as enthralled by the cultural literacy copy. In unison with Dyche and Zayas (1995), it is probably referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful realistic to ceecast cros0cultural practitioners to be recognitionpowerful in a enlightened reckon of cultural systems. It may be past portraitureful ce practitioners to centre on the other three familyds of recognition: the systemic treatment of husbandry, acculturation and internalized husbandry, and the dynamics of cross-cultural despatch and recognizeing. Accordant with an ecological perspective adopted by sundry collective employmenters, cross-cultural clinical exercitation is implicit among the broader systemic treatment of exoteric structural inequalities, racial politics, histories of subsidence, servitude, and other cems of racial tyranny (Tsang and George, 1998, p.85).

Ce a emploympenetrate to employment tellingly cross-culturally they must recognize and penetratetain recognition of other husbandrys, historically, ethnically, their rate and confidence systems, their offering and day-to-day stay. To penetratetain a all recognizeing of a client’s sum stay and vitality habit a practitioner must penetratetain an view of the effects of their socio-collective systems. In this treatment in Strange Zeafix it would be telling ce collective employmenters launched with mana whenua to penetratetain recognition of the Treaty of Waitangi and what it instrument ce Maori populace and the collective exhibitions that go with it. The terminal atom of Skills in Tsang and George’s copy narrated to the restricted skills a collective emploympenetrate demands when launched biculturally with the mana whenua and cross-culturally:

Collective employment skills are restricted courses of operation enthralled by practitioner to terminate dogmatical fluctuates demanded by their clients … Divert pose and recognition in cross-cultural exercitation, consequently, must be translated into restricted negotiative behaviour which addresses practitioner, client, institutional and treatmentual realities. A multiformity of skills penetratetain been recommended by authors in cross-cultural exercitation, covering negotiative behaviour among institutional treatments; despatch skills, restricted meetinging skills such as ethnographic meeting, harmonyship-building skills, and fluctuate strategies (Tsang and George, 1998, p.85-86).

Exercitation skills can referpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful attributpowerful be telling withquenched the collective emploympenetrate having a investigate recognizeing of recognition and the divert pose when launched with mana whenua. Skills are the portraitureful constituent on Tsang and George’s copy, and when launched with mana whenua the practitioner must verification the divert skills from their recognition cheap ce their employment to be telling. Their interactions with their clients are an expressive segregate of their role as a collective employmenter. Mana whenua demand collective employmenters with the specialist cross-cultural skills. In this segregate of the dissertation I penetratetain investigated Tsang and George’s copy of pose, recognition and skills by describing the three atoms and examining the atoms by assessing their investigateness and apprehension in collective employment exercitation with mana whenua and other husbandrys.

Evidence 300


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