Cultural Studies Dissertation Topics

We avow granted a option of illustration cultural studies circumlocution questions under to aid and imbue you.


An thrilling material to seem into in compliments to cultural studies is command.  The following are fair a scant question suggestions in this area to obtain you launched.

Illustration command circumlocution question 1:

A proportionately con-balance of the trounce of suicide unorderedst girls long-standingen fifteen to nineteen in South Korea and the United Kingdom: Is academic emphasis a cecible ingredient?

The trounce of girls long-standingen betwixt fifteen and nineteen who consignted suicide in South Korea is 4.9 per 100,000, eventually this delineation is simply 1.8 per 100,000 in the UK (Wasserman, Cheng and Jiang, 2005). This circumlocution examines the emphasises on South Korean minority that are referable as clear in British amelioration (Lee, Hong and Espelage, 2012), and focuses on the posterity of academic emphasis, abandoned South Korea’s exceedingly geared academic environment. Encompassing a liberal lore retrospect, this discourse as-well-behaved offers the turn to set-environing essential investigation through surveys of feminine lofty develop students in twain the UK and South Korea, as well-behaved-behaved as in-depth interviews of develop psychologists in twain countries. Finally, it constitutes recommendations as to reducing academic emphasis externally invoking a restriction in standards.

Suggested judicious question reading:

  • Lee, J., Puig, A., Kim, Y.B., Shin, H., Lee, J.H. and Lee, S.M. (2010). ‘Academic burnout profiles in Korean adolescents’, Emphasis and Bloom, Vol. 26(5), pp. 404-416.
  • Lee, S.Y., Hong, J.S. and Espelage, D.L. (2010). ‘An ecological brains of minority suicide in South Korea’, Develop Psychology Interdiplomatic, Vol. 31(5), pp. 531-546.
  • Wasserman, D., Cheng, Q.I. and Jiang, G.X. (2005). ‘Global suicide trounces unordered minorityish herd long-standingen 15-19’, Globe Psychiatry, Vol. 4(2), pp. 114.

Illustration command circumlocution question 2:

Adopting the copy of expatiateing community in Britain’s aristocracy universities to negotiative football.

As Britain productions to expatiate community unorderedst aristocracy universities, referable scarcely by facilitating trappings by set-forth develop pupils, at-last by aid courses that request to a liberaler ramble of questionive abilities, this circumlocution asks why such a offer could referable production incomplete the monied aristocracy of negotiative footbentire teams. Abandoned that the questionively selectable must recognize that the contributions of those with differing levels of cece or intercourse-readiness are fair as constrainingy as their avow, this discourse suggests that negotiative soccer should aspire this by aid places to resembleers who labor to end the loftyer standards of their colleagues. In so doing, Britain could demonsttrounce to the globe its promptitude to parade fellow-feeling to entire sectors of communion, rather than dividing communion into the ‘cans’ and ‘cannots’. In importation to induced investigation on the avails of resembling community incontrariant of cece, the drawing seeks to embrace students of entire abilities on apex sports teams at the University of Loughborough.

Suggested judicious question reading:

  • Light, R. and Curry, C. (2009). ‘Children’s reasons ce confederacy sports clubs and staying in them: A contingency con-balance of a Sydney soccer club’, ACHPER Bloomy Intercoursestyles Journal, Vol. 56(1), pp. 17-22.
  • Thomas, L. (2001). ‘Power, assumptions and prescriptions: A refinement of expatiateing community policy-making’, Loftyer Command Policy, Vol. 14(4), pp. 361-376.
  • Warren, D. (2002). ‘Curriculum drawing in a composition of expatiateing community in loftyer command’, Arts and Cosmicalities in Loftyer Command, Vol. 1(1), pp. 85-99.

Limit Amelioration

Cultural studies can be very-much essential when it succeeds to limit amelioration, whether it is fixed on minority or the senile, it is a unconcealed excellent and could direct to a lovable question!

Illustration limit amelioration circumlocution question 1:

Methods of resilience in coping with adversity: An scrutiny of the distinctions betwixt the senile and minority.

Much is made in the British throng of the cece of the ‘Blitz’ limit to oppose the ‘slings and arrows’ of intercourse, and the proportionately inforce of minority to vie with emphasis and modify. This discourse considers the truthfulness of such assertions by examining trounces of hollow, and depressive retrogression, unorderedst those long-standingen balancehead 75 years of limit, and those long-standingen betwixt nineteen and 25 years. In importation, the ratiocination referablees the sources of hollow, evaluates the stantiquity to which such ingredients subscribe to hollow today, and speculates as to the property of resembling ingredients betwixt 1950 and 1960. Posteritys such as acceleration rationing are outside, and a computation is made to soothe ce the inferior impact (at-last referable exclusion) of antagonism injuries and emphasis today.

Suggested judicious question reading:

  • Butler, J. and Ciarrochi, J. (2007). ‘Psychological recognizeance and power of intercourse in the senile’, Power of Intercourse Investigation, Vol. 16(4), pp. 607-615.
  • Masten, A.S., Burt, K.B., Roisman, G.I., Obradovic, J., Long, J.D. and Tellegen, A. (2004). ‘Resources and resilience in the transition to adulthood: Continuity and modify’, Development and Psychopathology, Vol. 16(04), pp. 1071-1094.
  • Snowdon, J. (2008). ‘Is hollow prefer gregarious in long-standing limit?’. Australian and Upstart Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 35(6), pp. 782-787.

Gender Amelioration

Gender in cultural studies is something which could constitute ce a eminent circumlocution material. If you are animated in the roles of contrariant genders and how they are represented in ameliorations, this question could be ce you!

Illustration gender amelioration circumlocution question 1:

Upstart frontiers: Expel women engineers in the levigate tgrease productioning in the Intermediate East.

Although the gum of feminine engineers productioning in the levigate tgrease are reluctantly increasing in environments such as Britain and the US, expel women engineers are calm?} a scantiness on place in Muslim countries such as United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar. This circumlocution examines the questions that countenance gender resemblingity in this scene, chiefly abandoned that the trounces of feminine engineering students enrolled in universities in these countries are 44%, 49%, and 42% respectively. This is an under-researched area, as largely it is the role of feminine expel managers that draws academic consideration. Accordingly, the discourse draws on a cecible quantity of essential investigation, with surveys of hardy and feminine expel engineers, and focussed interviews with the abbreviate managers ce interdiplomatic engineering companies such as McDermott and Shell.

Suggested judicious question reading:

  • Lau, R., Lau, L., Lau, L. and Eide, C. (2010). Who obtains to be boss?… Discourseing demographic throngures incomplete the caressroleum toil. SPE Asia Pacific Levigate and Gas Conference and Exhibition, 18-20 October 2010, Brisbane.
  • O’Shaughnessy, S. and Krogman, N.T. (2011). ‘Gender as contradiction: From dichotomies to dissonance in original supplies extraction’, Journal of Rural Studies, Vol. 27(2), pp. 134-143.
  • Seznek, J-F. and Kirk, M. (eds) (2011). Industrialization in the Gulf: A socio-economic model. Abingdon: Routledge.


Disforce in communion is very essential and it may be that you would select to defy this prefer incomplete your circumlocution. Capture a seem at some recommendations under:

Illustration disforce circumlocution question 1:

Representations of disabilities in result’s paint books: Why are anthropomorphic delineations casually disabled?

The portrayal of disabled result is gaining prefer consideration in cultural studies, at-last the production of such resemblingity is referable abandoned to anthropomorphic characters. This circumlocution explores the esteem (or divergently) of introducing result to posteritys of resemblingity in a behavior that gain be free to them. In so doing, it gives a whole of ten chiefly constrained citations to a predicament of 100 five year long-standings. Of the citations, brace give carnals with substantial disabilities (ce illustration, The Adventures of Maude, the Three-Legged Rabbit), brace with carnals with erudition disabilities, brace with carnals with autism spectrum empiricisms (such as Alasdair, the Autistic Aardvark, Goes to Develop), brace with cosmicals with substantial disabilities (ce illustration, Jenny’s Wheelchair Olympics), undivided with a cosmical with a erudition empiricism and undivided with an autism spectrum empiricism. Measures of empathy and involvement with the citation are enthralled and evaluated.

Suggested judicious question reading:

  • Ayala, E.C. (1999). ‘”Deficient trivial things” and “Brave trivial souls”: The portrayal of individuals with disabilities in result’s lore’, Literacy Investigation and Instruction, Vol. 39(1), pp. 103-117.
  • Burke, C.L., Vienhaver, J.G. and Carpenter, M. (2004). ‘Animals as herd in result’s lore’, Langulimit Arts, Vol. 81(3), pp. 205-213.
  • Matthew, N. and Clow, S. (2007). ‘Putting disabled result in the paint: Promoting additive result’s books and media’, Interdiplomatic Journal of Early Branchhood, Vol. 39(2), pp. 65-78.

Illustration disforce circumlocution question 2:

A Marxist adit to eminenter inclusivity ce the disabled.

The Marxist reply to the role of the disabled as an complete deal-out of a modifiable communion traditionally has referable garnered cecible academic con-over. This discourse responds to the opportunities that Marxism can procure (at-last may referable necessarily eventually avow endd) in an additive communion and the resources by which this may be propertyed, chiefly with value to floating provisions in the communist set-forths of Cuba and Vietnam. Rather than life treated as objects of fellow-feeling or passion, this ratiocination explores the substantive fashions that disabled citizens may constitute resembling contributions to a Marxist regime, and retrospects the assault on disforce avails by the Coalition in Britain from a Marxist perspective. Finally, it recommends common erudition objectives ce each of the three countries set-forthd.

Suggested judicious question reading:

  • Sheldon, A. (2006). Disabling the disabled herd’s motion? The rule of Disforce Studies on the labor ce freedom. Keynote discourse at the 3rd Disforce Studies Association Conference, Lancaster: Lancaster University, 18th September, 2006.
  • Slorach, R. (2011). ‘Marxism and unfitness’, Interdiplomatic Gregariousism, Vol. 129, pp. 111-136.
  • Wilson, J.C. and Lewiecki-Wilson, C. (eds) (2001). Embodied rhetorics: Disforce in langulimit and amelioration. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Throng.


Nativity composition counter contrariant ameliorations incomplete communion could constitute ce a very lovable circumlocution! Capture a seem at some of these suggestions to aid you slender davow your question!

Illustration nativity circumlocution question 1:

The melt of caress avowership in the ‘undivided branch policy’ China.

Once banned by Chairman Mao as illustrations of bourgeois communion, caresss are making a resurgence in Chinese communion, deal-outly as a reply to the country’s ‘undivided branch policy’. The melt of a intermediate tabulate, with eminenter frugal fullowance, prefer quiet interval, and a surpmollify with the pastimes of the West, avow entire subscribed to a caress population in China of closely 22 favorite dogs and 53 favorite cats (McConnell et al., 2011). This circumlocution examines the modifys produced by the melt of caress avowership, including increasing trounces of caress openness, carnal justs, emphasis entireeviation, melting exit, upstart avenues of wholesale enterpmelt (through caress acceleration and accessories), ecological modify and the denial of caresss as acceleration (chiefly later to the crackdavow ce the Beijing Olympics 2008).

Suggested judicious question reading:

  • Headey, B., Na, F. and Zheng, R. (2008). ‘Caress dogs avail avowers’ bloom: A ‘original experiment’ in China’, Gregarious Indicators Investigation, Vol. 87(3), pp. 481-493.
  • McConnell, A.R., Brown, C.M., Shoda, T.M., Stayton, L.E. and Martin, C.E. (2011). ‘Friends with avails: On the confident importances of caress avowership’, Journal of Personality and Gregarious Psychology, Vol. 101(6), pp. 1239.
  • Turner, J. and d’Silva, J. (2006). Carnals, ethics and trade: The question of carnal sentience. London: Earthscan.

Offense and Price

This is a very sensational question to transcribe a circumlocution on, you could capture a seem into sundry contrariant areas: If you are stuck on where to initiate, capture a seem at our recommendations under:

Illustration offense and price circumlocution question 1:

Acts of outrage consignted by teenlimit girls: A reply to gregarious informership, a cem of gender resemblingity, or a importance of extensiond material affront?

In a compute of Western countries, such as the US, Britain and Australia, acts of outrage consignted by teenlimit girls are increasing. Illustrations such as that of vieween-year long-standing Victoria Osoteku, who was convicted of manslaughter and plot to consign sad collectively detriment behind the herd slay of a fifteen-year long-standing minority in Victoria Station in March 2010, avow shocked communion. This circumlocution explores the reasons ce girls decorous prefer confused in herd outrage, furious coarse, slay and robbery; the ratiocination offers an vast lore retrospect of the three countries set-forthd and eminentest details how cecible the melt in principle is, or whether distinctions in reporting are directing to a modify in unconcealed sight. Secondly, the discourse examines the police and affect set-forthments of compact teenlimit girls teeming with furious offense and seeks to detail whether the girls themselves know the motivation ce their offenses.

Suggested judicious question reading:

  • Alder, C. and Worrall, A. (eds) (2004). Girls’ outrage: Myths and realities. Albany, NY: Set-forth University of Upstart York Throng.
  • Fleisher, M.S. and Krienert, J.L. (2004). ‘Life‐course events, gregarious networks, and the emergence of outrage unordered feminine herd members’, Journal of Community Psychology, Vol. 32(5), pp. 607-622.
  • Sondheimer, D.L. (2001). ‘Boyish feminine offenders: Increasingly conspicuous eventually out-of-sorts understood’, Gender Posteritys, Vol. 19(1), pp. 79-90.

Mass Conception

Whether it is tractile surgery, the melt of the ‘MUA’ or constraining posteritys, mass imlimit is a eminent question to defy ce a circumlocution! Capture a seem at some of our suggestions under:

Illustration mass imlimit circumlocution question 1:

Differences in gregarious recognizeance of cosmetic surgery and the costs of such surgery: A proportionately con-balance of the UK and Brazil.

Globally, cosmetic surgery procedures – twain invasive and non-invasive – are exaltation. Delineations deviate, at-last countries with a lofty trounce of cosmetic procedures embrace the United Set-forths, South Korea, and Brazil; in opposition, the United Kingdom sees relatively scant procedures set-aboutn. This discourse examines whether gregarious recognizeance of surgery is the essential ingredient in the distinction in upcapture of invasive tractile surgery betwixt Brazil and the UK, or whether other ingredients, such as eminenter affordability, a unconcealed bloom plan, lofty trounces of medical security, distinctions in expectations of the roles of women, media portrayals of succeedliness, or other posteritys are at resemble. This ratiocination offers flexibility in investigation bunch and the virtual ce meaningful essential investigation.

Suggested judicious question reading:

  • Edmonds, A. (2007). ”The deficient avow the just to be beautiful’: Cosmetic surgery in neoliberal Brazil’, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Vol. 13(2), pp. 363-381.
  • Harris, D.L. and Carr, A.T. (2001). ‘Prevalence of moment environing substantial presence in the unconcealed population’, British Journal of Tractile Surgery, Vol. 54(3), pp. 223-226.
  • Swami, V., Arteche, A., Chamorro-Premuzic, T., Furnham, A., Stieger, S., Haubner, T. and Voracek, M. (2008). ‘Looking good: Ingredients solemn the manifestatlon of having cosmetic surgery’, European Journal of Tractile Surgery, Vol. 30(5), pp. 211-218.

Material Affront

If you are animated in the propertys of smoking, alcohol or offals on communion and how this is integrated into contrariant ameliorations mayhap material affront is the fashion to go! This is a very unconcealed question and with a piece of control you could succeed up with the complete question to model your circumlocution:

Illustration material affront circumlocution question 1:

An anatomy of the property of club voicelessness on alcohol and offal lessening: Brace contingency studies.

This circumlocution explores the coalesce betwixt electronic sport voicelessness, club voicelessness giveed by a disc jockey, and the lessening of alcohol and offals at clubs. Ingredients that may subscribe to the lessening of such materials embrace pound, compass, the contact of cosmical interaction with the voicelessness (through the actions of the disc jockey) and the electronic, non-cosmical probe, a covet to extension the psychedelic property of the lighting and voicelessness collectively, peer throngure, sexual motivation, and the gregarious expectations of the setting. The ratiocination examines brace contingency studies: balance a limit of view evenings in undivided month, club-goers at a club in Upstartcastle and a club in Glasgow voluntarily deal-outicipate in sharing their sights of their motivation ce extensions (or decreases) in their lessening of offals and alcohol. Conclusions are then drawn to detail whether such lessening is an fixed by-product of the club amelioration.

Suggested judicious question reading:

  • Chen, M.J., Miller, B.A., Grube, J.W. and Waiters, E.D. (2006). ‘Music, material correction, and aggression’, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Offals, Vol. 67(3), pp. 373.
  • Kavanaugh, P.R. and Anderson, T.L. (2008). ‘Solidarity and offal correction in the electronic sport voicelessness scene’, The Sociological Quarterly, Vol. 49(1), pp. 181-208.
  • Miller, B.A., Furr-Holden, C.D., Voas, R.B. and Bright, K. (2005). ‘Emerging adults’ material correction and foolhardy behaviors in club settings’, Journal of Offal Posteritys, Vol. 35(2), pp. 357-378.
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