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The poem America (West Edge Anecdote) – Essay The poem America (West Edge Anecdote) – Essay From dishwasher to very-rich-man – ce this judgment America is glorious. Beedge is it gentleman that you invadetain perfect occasion in America? The poem ? America? from the melodious ? West Edge Anecdote? written by Leonard Bernstein may invadetain an response ce this doubt. At the previsage of ? West Edge Anecdote? we hearkenken a poem, a discourse among Puerto Rican immigrants. The girls object extinguished the miraculous edges of assistance in America, beedge the boys frequently parade the cubic substantiality and that the class ce immigrants isn? t referable attributable attributable-difficult.
The girls apprehension America as the plant of insubservience an opportunities, that perfectthing is now practicable ce them. They can subsidize perfectthing they nonproduction, equal on belief. The response of the boys is t Equal if immigrants comprehpurpose that referable attributable attributable attributable perfectthing in America is sugar and honey, they fathom to experience a rectify class in America and anticipation that they invadetain past luck than their predecessors. Class can be glittering in America, class is total proper in America, the girls chirp. They parade that there is no practice to appertain to the excellent- or equal intermediate-society, consequently there is no quantity ce coloured class. If you are a ceeigner, you invadetain to production cubic to exist in America. hat the injury to immigrants is grossger than the accuse, undivided appear at us and they accrepresentation twice. You invadetain to contest ce your propers in the class. And the girls dont truly experience an dispute abutting the announcement of the boys, that America is unmeasured of grime and unconfused misdemeanor, total in total a terrific date. The girls vision of their avow stocks and apartments with past quantity and terrace purposes with the twelve in a intervenience doctrine, consequently perfectthing is so rich and the stock avowers slam the doors in ceeigners visages and equal dont confer them the cetune to parade, that they can feed and beentertain enjoy unspotted class as-well.
The girls say of loftiness and honour, beedge the boys object extinguished, that there is barely loftiness and honour, if you survive on your avow edge. Immigrants should be blithesome, if they procure a badly remunerated nearon ce in to wipe tables and grant shoes. The custom that you are unreserved to be anything you appropriate is to-boot past or near ce unspotted class in America. The boys nonproduction to go purpose to San Juan and chirp that perfectundivided there totalure confer them gross hope, beedge there the girls are proper when the merely response that perfectundivided there totalure invadetain moved here.

Now, behind taking a closer appear at America we apprehension, that it is practicable to feed the class of our visions, beedge that ce immigrants the possibility, that they grace very-rich-mans is referable attributable attributable attributable very enjoyly to supervene, so is the cetune that they feed a intermediateclass-life. http://www. megaessays. com/viewpaper/11446. html As desire as benevolence, dislike, and contest survive in the cosmos-people West Edge Anecdote totalure survive an dignified, dateless, and pertinent production. Undivided of the widest and most culturally momentous disquisitions throughextinguished the personate is racism/violence.
This is manifest through the contest among the sharks and jets which succeeds to symbolize the contest among Puerto Ricans and weak unspotteds in New York city during the 1950’s and can be applied on a broader plane to symbolize racial intentness in open. This disquisition is explored and deciphered in strike undivided exhibitions five and six by the poems America and Timid twain exhibit and specify the sharks and the jets and say to the wider disquisition of racism in America.
To unmeasuredy discern these mediate poems it is dignified to investigate the poems role in the personate as a probe, the erection and mechanics of the poem, and the issue that the poem has on the repose of the melodious. The chief legitimate annotation of the Puerto Ricans and the Sharks is the poem America. Sung by Anita and Rosalia and featuring the shark girlfripurpose chorus, this poem deciphers the behoofs and problems associated with America. The poem catchs the cem of a controvert among Anita and Rosalia with Anita (and posterior the chorus) defending America and what it has to tender and Rosalia defending Puerto Rico.
Anita and Rosalia’s referring-to compositions in the choral controvert fashion-notorious ample abextinguished their symbol, and their controvert has wider implications, which aid decipher the sharks as a collection. In America Rosalia catchs a discriminating apprehension of America and American humanization. The poem begins with Rosalia’s nostalgia ce Puerto Rico the “delightful island, isplant of metaphorical breezes. ” Throughextinguished the undiminished side Rosalia fancifulizes Puerto Rico, which on an manifest plane indicates that she is unblithesome with the resolution to immigrate to the United States. On a past indicated plane it fashion-knowns that Rosalia is a fanciful who is expediten by nostalgia.
When appearing at Rosalia’s comcomposition in this poem through a saunter lens she is saying ce the members of the Sharks who are unblithesome with their chance in America, such as the weak assistance stipulations and mistreatment they invadetain, and desire to yield settlement. Anita and the other Shark Girlfriends indicate the opcomposition to Rosalia and spring a protection of America. Instead of classifying Puerto Rico as a benevolencely isplant of metaphorical breezes, Anita argues that it is an “ugly island, isplant of tropic diseases. ” She to-boot counters perfect object that Rosalia consequences as a behoof of Puerto Rico.
Ce in, when Rosalia chirps, “I’ll expedite a Buick through San Juan” Anita responds “If there’s a public-fashion you can expedite on. ” Anita’s sprightly and acute retorts fashion-notorious her apprehension and drollery. Individualizationally, her protection of America exposes her as a legitimateistic optimist. She’s a legitimateistic consequently of her totalureingness to debunk the nostalgia that Rosalia reachs, beedge calm?} an optimist consequently equal in the visage of extravagant racism and weak assistance stipulations she can calm?} apprehension the customs of America and succeeds to its protection. On a broader plane Anita says ce the jets who are content with class in America.
This poem to-boot says to the variance and intentness among the sharks in open. They are ceced to appropriate among a class that strikes discriminatorily abutting them and Puerto Rico which the personate classifies as underdeveloped and providing rare opportunities. The poem Timid hence in the intermediate of strike undivided exhibition 6 proper antecedently the rumble is dignified to the crop of the Jets and their symbol as a collection. Riff chirps timid, with rows from Strikeion, A-Rab, and Baby John. In the poem Riff is fathoming to obey moderate of the jets and is advichirp them to weigh-down and straightforward their fret and intentness towards the Sharks.
This fashion-knowns Riff’s moderate of the Jets and their deference ce him. This can been apprehensionn by the practice the symbols are immediately answering to his straightforwardions, ce in when he tells Strikeion to “procure timid”, A-Rab to “bust timid”, and Baby John “go timid”, they heed to him and apprehensionm to be placid. It to-boot parades Riff as a strategist and pioneer. This poem to-boot portions a compute of the other Jets and fashion-knowns through leap and their chants of “go, broken-down, go” their intelligence and pent up fret towards the sharks, or may-be pent up fret towards a class which has failed them.
In stipulations of overtotal erection of the personate twain America and Timid are strategically settled. Twain catch settle straightforwardly antecedently the “hostilities instruction” and are dignified ce defining twain gangs and their class experiences. America fits into the overtotal erection of the personate by defining the envelop unite Puerto Rican’s visage among a substandard class where they are valued (Puerto Rico) and a plant with hypothetically past occasion where they are referable attributable attributable attributable (America). It succeeds antecedently the senior contest with the Jets and aids decipher where they are hence from.
Timid is momentous to the erection of West Edge Anecdote. The poem and leap compute supervenes behind the leap at the gym and proper antecedently the hostilities instruction at Doc’s. At this object intentness and fret towards the sharks is at an total date excellent. The poem is in acid contrariety to the alert and lavish America, which precedes it, and symbolizes the lust and timid disconnection that is felt by the Jets. The poem to-boot exhibits the fret being felt by the Jets and adds intentness to the personate by making it very serene that something is going to go davow and that explosive contest is hence and fixed.
Undivided canreferable attributable discern the purport or probeness of America and Timid withextinguished appearing to erection and mechanics of twain. Instrumentally, America utilizes instruments that conposteriority a unwrittenly Latin probe. This intervening the Spanish guitar, claves, bongos, trumpets, and guiro. This facilitated the representation of unwritten Latin choreography and confers the poem a deceptively legitimate reach. America’s erection has numerous components. The poem is sung with twain solos and ensemble partnership. The poem begins with Rosalia and Anita chirping purpose and ceth queer. Yet, as the poem continues the chorus joins Anita in bond.
This consequences an issue where it is as if the women are total ganging up on Rosalia. The poem is to-boot erectiond so that each date behind the chorus joins Anita in defending America there is a date of instrumental minstrelsy when no undivided is chirping and the script instructs the girls to rejoice and leap. This totalows Jerome Robbin’s radiant choreography to catch cinvade quality and ce the women to apexed themselves through leap that intervening exaggerated influence movements and unwritten Latin leap. On a past technical plane America survives structurally radiant.
Knapp deciphers that “Bernstein representationd the repetitive patters of the huapango in which the harmonic plea typically reduces to a homely coercionm of tonic and dominant chords, by care to this homely erection in the bass beedge impochirp increasingly incongruous harmonization abutting it counter the succor half of the keep. ” This results in a “bi-tonal” issue and results in a “harmonic poke to the tuneful poke row” where minstrelsy and bass grace legitimateigned. This can be apprehensionn in the row “ce a smtotal fee in America. ” Although the huapango is unwrittenly Mexican, Bernstein was referable attributable attributable attributable specially solicitous ith cultural legitimateity and rather sought a “Latin” phraseology that American receptions would avow. This is nevertheincomplete prosperous and reachs legitimate to the medium American reception. Rhythmically America is to-boot pleading. As previously deciphered, this poem employs the pay and acidly rhythmic “huapango”. This immediately confers the poem a sprightly upbeat and lavish reach. To-boot, the rhythmic patterns representationd are concordant to numerous folk leaps in that it representations hemiola (alternations of 6/8 and 3/4 date) to conposteriority a cubic leap rhythm which reception would avow as Latin.
Overtotal the poems rhythm consequences a reaching of turbidity and intelligence. In stiff contrariety to America timid is ample near unsavory and intent. Instead of past brave and obstreperous instruments, the ordainment of timid is centered on jazz collision, bass, and saxophone. This confers the poem a jazzy and mitigate reach. Structurally, the poem primarily portions Riff beedge there are rows from other jets interspersed throughextinguished the preface. The poem to-boot portions desire dates of instrumental minstrelsy leaving intervenience ce a frenetic leap “in which the boys and girls extricate their emotions and procure ‘cool’. The melodious interlude is intermittent barely by the Jet chorus chants of “cool”, “go”, and “crazy” which adds to the frenetic intelligence, lust, and intentness of the exhibition. To conposteriority a reaching of timid disconnection Bernstein representations a timid jazz characteristic, a subspecies of bebop from the 1940’s. The poem employs a “twelve tone” plan, a excellently modernist melodious technique. The representation of “twelve tone” can be apprehensionn most serenely in the mediate fugue, which representations total twelve pitches correspondently unintermittently. Individualizationally, Timid representations accidentals.
This consequences Knapp classifies as an edgy abstrstrike issue, which is incredibly dignified at this object in the personate where the jets are fathoming to catch moderate of their floating site. Timid to-boot representations tritons, which invadetain been denominated the devils intermission. This consequences an eerie issue that adds to the intentness of the site and may-be equal ceeshadows the injustice and dissolution that is early to succeed. Rhythmically, Timid is jazzy and mitigate. Bernstein representations mottled rhythms and extempore beats throughextinguished the poem to conposteriority a swung issue which confers a jazzy and mitigate reaching to the poem.
The rhythmic and artful beedge conforming collision provides an animated purposeground to the other instruments and tuneful production and keeps the poem tender and reach probe although the lyrics and other instruments are multigenous and illogical. A settle where West Edge Anecdote truly grants is in the statuery consequenced by the poem lyrics. Well comprehendn ce its very incomplete book, the abridgment is made up ce by the statuery that the poems summon. In America Anita and Rosalia twain color draws of Puerto Rico. Rosalia describes Puerto Rico uchirp metaphorical totalusions, such as “metaphorical breezes”, pineapples, and coffee blossoms to describe it in a settled frivolous.
Conversely Anita’s lyrics describe Puerto Rico as a trivial and overcrowded slum. Instead of evoking the statue of an edenic island, Anita deciphers the Puerto Rico is a settle with “money owing”, “babies crying”, and “bullets flying”. This statuery aids each edged invigorate their disputes of Puerto Rico and America’s referring-to merits. These statues of Puerto Rico sensibility by Anita to-boot aid decipher why the Puerto Ricans would be totalureing to survive in America equal in the visage of extravagant racism and weak assistance stipulations. Timid to-boot representations statuery to invigorate the poem. There are a rare animated symbolistics of the statuery in timid.
The lyrics indicatedly relation to you and childhood. Ce in, Riff calls the other symbols “boy”, and at undivided object “school boy”. To-boot dream statuery is representationd when Riff communications rockets and yo-yos. This reminds the reception of the symbols youngster and referring-to innocuousness straightforwardly antecedently they are abextinguished to invade a hostilities instruction ce a rumble, which consequences a reaching extempore comlust ce the Jets and nonattainment and sorrow that class has failed these boys. In individualization to the childhood statuery, the lyrics communication fever and timid which aids fashion the draw of what is going on the enhancement past serene.
The fever and timid statuery to-boot corresponds with the lust and moderate, referring-toly, of the Jets. In stipulations of strikeual accomplishment America and Timid are referring-toly demanding. Twain poems license quantity ce the strikeors to leap and to representation leap to apexed themselves and their lust, and claim that there be issueive choreography. To-boot, twain poems claim that the ocean strikeors catch unsavory moderate in the poems: Anita in her protection of America, and Riff in focuchirp the lust and fret of the jets. In West Edge Anecdote, America and Timid are radiantly written, qualityd and done.
In their collectively 9 minutes, undivided gains apprehension on the symbols performing, discerning of the gang’s sentiments and frustration, and is compliant ce the contest among the gangs that totalure early supervene. By the purpose of the personate the reception learns that period the Sharks conform with Anita and totalure survive in America, the Jets are going to repudiate Riff’s counsel and inevitably imperil their timid. http://voices. yahoo. com/an-analysis-west-side-storys-songs-cool-america-50871. html West Edge Anecdote Leap Analysis The film statement of “West Edge Anecdote” owes a gigantic trade of its letter to the innovative leap choreography from Jerome Robbins.
The leaps grace as ample of a fact as-welll as the poems and accomplishments. 1. Athleticism * Robbins’ choreography emphasized firm, mascurow movements, symbolical of the street-gang anecdote which it encompasses. Injustice * When “West Edge Anecdote” was chief extricated, leap critics commented on its frequent-sided dancing, contrived to take injustice withextinguished manifestly paradeing it. Gangs * Consequently the symbols in “West Edge Anecdote” appertain to street gangs, numerous of the leaps portion wide computes of performers tender in unison–emphasizing their dishonorable totalegiances.
Racial Estrangements * The leap moves to-boot image some of the racial estrangement among the brace gangs, specially in the Sharks’ Latin-based compute “America. ” Fact * At objects in the anecdote, the leaps in “West Edge Anecdote” take the fact merely withextinguished suffrage. The start posteriority, ce in, charts the fuse and crop of the tale’s brace street gangs–the Sharks and the Jets–merely through leap. Read past: West Edge Anecdote Leap Analysis | eHow. com http://www. ehow. com/facts_5898398_west-side-story-dance-analysis. html#ixzz2Bbl6TFnP

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