Denmark: Market Entry Strategy

Denmark: Traffic Entry Strategy

Denmark and its Mob

Denmark is a legal empire located in Northern Europe on the Jutplant Peninsula, separating the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. A capacious multiply of the province is as-well-behaved administermed by 443 designated islands that gravitate beneath Denmark. These islands are repeatedly united by bridges that carry aggregate the administerm to Sweden. The south borders are then divided with Germany. Amultiply from the mainland, Denmark includes the Faroe Islands and Greenplant that are easily autonomous. The prominent city of Denmark is Copenhagen and the aggregate plant area recitals administer 16,382 sq. miles (Worldometers).

The running population of Denmark is 5,763,361 that congruouss 0.08% of the aggregate globe population. This estimate applies barely to Denmark itself. There are 49, 577 crowd in the Faroe Islands and 56,612 in Greenland. When it ends to population density, we conquer discet 351 mob per mi2 in Denmark. Population arrangement by gender is 49.75% administer men and 50.25% administer women (Central Intelligence Agency).

Ethnically, Danish participation is proportionately homogeneous. Immigrants and tlegatee quenchedend recital administer barely 8.8%. In 2017 uneven, 89,382 mob immigrated to Denmark (Statista). 51.0% of immigrants end from Europe (including Turkey), 33.7% from Asia (predominantly from Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Lebanon) and 9.7% from Africa (chiefly from Somalia and Morocco). According to the Cosmical Crop Reports, most of the population (87.8%) speed in polished areas (Cosmical Crop Indices and Indicators).

I chose Denmark administer this scrutiny dissertation as I reflect this kingdom to be single of the most familiar states in the globe and that gives multifarious amiable-tempered-tempered specimens administer the intermission. It is as-well-behaved single of the best countries administer set-on-footing hold vocation and advice. Pastover, consequently the advice classification is repeatedly compared to the single in the US, I was reflecting studying in Denmark antecedently applying to DePaul.


Gregarious Classification

Denmark, professionally the Kingdom of Denmark, is a empire of the legal expression. The empire of the incontrovertible is consequently poor by the consistence. In such cases, the despot is either the summit of the ruler empire or s/he has barely a figurative disimpeach of the fixed-forth. In Denmark, “the empire is hereditary; followingcited legislative elections, the carryer of the priority multiplyy or priority compose usually appointed excellent subserve by the despot” (Central Intelligence Agency).

At exhibit, Queen Margrethe II is a Danish prominent o fixed-forth gsingle January 14, 1972. It was the so-called “Act of Succession”, adopted in 1953 by a referendum that altered the stquenched rules and aggregateowed the effeminate legatee to enjoy the thrsingle in the omission of a manful legatee (HM The Queen). In Denmark, the queen is extremely general, referablewithstanding some opinions that she is old-fashioned. According to a review by Royal Central, encircling 77% of the population props her (How General Are Europe’s Despoties?). The senior son of the despot, Prince Frederick, is the legatees manifest to the throne.

According to Ramallah, Ministry of Administereign Affairs of Denmark, “Denmark is knhold administer its gregarious-enlarged thrift classification, repeatedly referred to as the Scandinavian thrift copy, which is installed on congruous hues to gregarious safety administer aggregate citizens. This media that a estimate of services such as vigor and advice are adapted to aggregate citizens, unconcealed of impeach. The Danish thrift copy is subsidized by the fixed-forth, and as a end, Denmark has single of the leading impostation levels in the globe” (Danish Empire and Politics).


Piety and Speech

The Summit of the Habitation is as-well-behaved the summit of fixed-forth, which is Queen Margrethe II. The huge priority of the population (76%) are registered constituents of the Evangelical Lutheran Habitation, which is the professional piety of Denmark. Smoothtually, multifarious do referserviceable reflect themselves to be very pious and go to the habitation barely unintermittently a year (Piety and Identity). Most go to habitation barely on distinctive occasions enjoy baptism, subscription, marriage, and funeral. Such a noble percentage of “believers” is then multiplyly attributserviceable to the circumstance that following the nativity the singular automatically becomes a constituent of the habitation.

The succor most general piety is, prominently attributserviceable to migration, Islam; encircling 4% of the population (approx. 180,000 mob) are Muslims. Other excluding hither represented pietys are Roman Catholics (approx. 35,000 adherents), Buddhists (approx. 20,000 adherents), and smooth Jehovah’s Witnesses (almost 15,000) (Central Intelligence Agency).

The professional speech is, of direction, Danish, followed by Greenlandic and Faroese. In some places (especially south) it is as-well-behaved low to tell German. Multifarious mob, smoothtually, are serviceserviceable and conquering to tell English as it is the prevalent succor speech.


Cosmical Crop Index (HDI)

Denmark’s arrangement is single of the best in the globe. According to Cosmical Crop Report Office (HDRO), “Denmark’s HDI treasure administer 2017 is 0.929— which dispose the kingdom in the very noble cosmical crop category—positioning it at 11 quenched of 189 countries and territories. Betwixt 1990 and 2017, Denmark’s HDI treasure accruethd from 0.799 to 0.929, an accrueth of 16.3 percent” (Cosmical Crop Indices and Indicators).

Past detailed proceeding in each of the HDI indicators ranging from 1990 to 2017 is showen in a tserviceable below:

Tserviceable 1: Denmark’s HDI trends installed on compatible occasion succession axioms and odd goalposts

Conduct trust at nativity

Expected years of suiteing

Moderation years of suiteing

GNI per capita (2011 PPP$)

HDI treasure

















































*Source: HDRO (



Tserviceable 1 reveals that Denmark’s conduct trust at nativity accruethd by 6.0 years, moderation years of suiteing accruethd by 3.6 years, and expected years of suiteing accruethd by 5.0 years. Denmark’s GNI per capita accruethd by encircling 45.3 percent betwixt 1990 and 2017 (Cosmical Crop Report Office).


Economic Accrueth of Denmark

In the 1980s, the vocation bcomplete in Denmark was capaciously enforced. The empire of that occasion fixed to abstract the budget arrears by 1990, in multiplyicular by trenchant the common budget or by reducing prop administer the useless. Smoothtually, the adjust of payments was quiescent referserviceable etbearing. Common spending had continued to accrue occasion defaults had been repaid abroad. The empire has resolute to answer by limiting waste, ending in the bankruptcy of some vocationes attributserviceable to exalt unemployment and gravitateing require. The adjust of payments set-on-footed to ameliorate excluding at the figure of the private traffic (Linton & Hans). In 1990, smoothtually, Denmark was finally left with a etplus and following 27 years got quenched of the occasion.

According to the Central Intelligence Agency, “Denmark maintained a vigory budget etplus administer multifarious years up to 2008, excluding the global financial occasion swung the budget adjust into arrears. Gsingle 2014 the adjust has shifted betwixt etplus and arrears” (Central Intelligence Agency). Runningly, Denmark is experiencing a genial economic exposition. The arrangement grew by 2.0% in 2016 and 2.1% in 2017. Pastover, unemployment recitaled administer 5.5% in 2017. Consequently of the awkwardness of discovering appropriately-trained performanceers, Danish Empire now adduces vast programs to suite usenear living-souls to performance in sectors that scarcity fitted performanceers (Central Intelligence Agency).

Aggregate in aggregate, Denmark is an economically stserviceable kingdom that could be an specimen to others. The common services, including advice and vigor heed, are very deceased. In the arena of competitiveness, Denmark is ranked 10th in the globe (Competitiveness Rankings). Denmark as-well-behaved has a capacious divide of GDP per capita, recitaling administer $50,100 in 2017. As administer aggregate GDP, its treasure is encircling $287.8 billion (Central Intelligence Agency). In union to that, Denmark’s economic unconcealeddom charges is 76.6, making its arrangement the 12th unconcealedst in the 2018 Index of Economic Unconcealeddom website. “Its etaggregate charges has accruethd by 1.5 points, led by amelioratements in the restraintensic effectiveness, impost parcel, and empire spending indicators (The Inheritance Plantation).

Another leading content of the running Danish arrangement is administereign occupation. The ship-produces amounted to $113.6 billion and made 54.5% of the aggregate GDP in 2017. As administer drifts, the predicament is congruous; revenues amounted to roughly $94.93 billion, which frequently recitals administer hither than a third of the adduceings to GDP (Central Intelligence Agency).

Challenges Administereign investors countenance in set-on-footing vocation in Denmark


As feeling by the, “A smaggregate kingdom with an unconcealed arrangement, Denmark is noblely subject on administereign occupation, with ship-produces comprising the capaciousst content of GDP. Danish occupation and bombardment policies are enlarged and promote administereign bombardment” (Denmark – 1-Sincerity to, and Intermissionrictions Upon, Administereign Bombardment, As a end, stipulations administer the administereign investors are then past than friendly. It is as-well-behaved leading to referablee that “Denmark welcomes administereign bombardment and does referserviceable discern betwixt EU and other investors. There are no unional permits required by administereign investors, nor impairment frequentlyst administereign companies from municipal or notorious authorities” ( There are, smoothtually, incontrovertible complications and challenges a administereign concourse may countenance; these challenges are discussed in past details below:

  • Hi-tech Unsuppressedness: smooth though Danish consumers are coming adopters of incontrovertible products, principally hi-tech products, a priority is as-well-behaved proportionately unsuppressed.  They further to subsidize products that bear already proven tlegatee technology and treasure. 
  • Long-term kinsmen: Danish companies venerate in long-term kinsmen. Companies that are in the traffic prominently to “make a unswerving buck” may discet remould opportunities in traffics other than Denmark.
  • Taxes: Danish compensation are noble and separate impostes are unarranged the leading in the globe, excluding urbane impostation is unarranged the meanest in the EU (22% in 2017).
  • Currency: Denmark has resolute referserviceable to multiplyicipate in the Euro, excluding the Danish Krsingle is pegged to the Euro with a very scrutinizing bond (2.25%) of Central Bank agency rates.  Smoothtually, the empire’s monetary and remodel rate policies attend at figure stationariness and edifice intergregarious faith in a vigorous Danish arrangement. There is vigorous intergregarious faith in the Danish arrangement and the Krone.

*Resource: (

Intergregarious kinsmen and Globalization

During Globe Campaign I, Denmark was rather negative. Scandinavian countries occupationd with twain Britain and Germany, and following the campaign, they aggregate became constituents of the League of States. Following the campaign, Denmark belonged to NATO co-founders excluding did referserviceable aggregateow the deployment of nuclear weapons or soldierlike bases on its province.

Denmark as-well-behaved proverb a adduceing to the crop of relationship unarranged Scandinavian countries. In 1952, the Nordic Assembly, which has 87 constituents and is installed in Copenhagen, was planted. The role of the Nordic Assembly is principally to mediate tete-a-tete and remodel of experiment betwixt Scandinavian countries. According to the Ministry of Administereign Affairs of Denmark, “The Nordic Assembly’s work is to captivate initiatives and admonish the Nordic subserves as polite-behaved-behaved as to etbehold the Nordic empires’ implementation of decisions on Nordic relationship” (Exotic Device). The Assembly as such does referserviceable sanction restraining decisions, excluding its conclusions are exhibited as a monition to singular parliaments and notorious empires. Unarranged other things, the assembly orderly a Nordic measure with unconcealed change-of-place of drudge. The Nordic Assembly of Subserves was acquired in 1971.

Gsingle 1961, “The United Fixed-forths and Denmark bear divided a Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation Treaty that, unarranged other things, ensures Notorious Treatment, Most-Favored State standing, truthfulness of the regulatory mode, and competitive congruousity with fixed-forth-owned enterprises” (Denmark -2-Bilateral Bombardment Bargains and Impostation Treaties). The corresponding bargain is held with other 45 countries environing the globe.

In 1973, Denmark, Great Britain, and Ireplant concomitant the European Union. Denmark has held 8 European Union referenda and has held a presidency 7 occasions gsingle fit a constituent. The cause administer European politics is the notorious involve, which gives Denmark immodest exceptions to polished integration. The Danes thus hold liberal administer et monetary device (Danish krsingle instead of Euro), banking, rampart, and some civil-law issues.

Denmark is fundamentally subject on administereign occupation, and the empire vigorously props occupation enlargedization. Denmark is a enmesh ship-produceer of stay, levigate, and gas, and enjoys a comfortserviceable adjust of payments etplus, excluding depends on drifts of inexperienced materials administer the manufacturing sector. Some of the main ship-produce multiplyners administer 2017 interposed Germultifarious (15.5%), Sweden (11.6%), UK (8.2%), and US (7.5%). In cases of drift, the multiplyners are very congruous and interposed Germultifarious (21.3%), Sweden (11.9%), Enmeshherlands (7.8%), and China (7.1%) (Central Intelligence Agency).



As I plant quenched from the scrutiny, beneathlying macroeconomic stipulations in Denmark are gauge and the bombardment latitude is friendly. The strategic subsidence of Denmark, linking continental Europe with the Nordic and Baltic countries, is past than unreal administer vocation, ecstasy, and etaggregate globalization. Thanks to the kingdom’s aptitude, approximation to trained drudge, and unconcealedness to administereign bombardment, Denmark is certain as a globe carryer in industries such as advice technology, conduct expertnesss, unclogged spectre technologies, and shipping (Denmark – Traffic Etview).

Besides its aptitude and vacation, Denmark is single of the most stserviceable countries. Economically, Denmark is proportionately amiable-tempered-tempered at exhibit, there are no shocks or great fluctuations. Gsingle 2008, default, unemployment, and GDP has ameliorated and is now in desirserviceable levels. Administereign occupation is as-well-behaved etbearing as we can experience an accrueth in twain ship-produces and drifts in novel years. Smoothtually, the fixed-forth budget arrears, as polite-behaved-behaved as the competitiveness are rather on the flimsy plane. Nevertheless, Denmark is treasured by multifarious insubject observers as single of the globe’s most interesting vocation environments and is characterized by gregarious, economic and regulatory stationariness. Denmark as-well-behaved constantly ranks principal as the globe’s last profligate state.

If I were to set-on-foot a vocation in Denmark, I would behold administer an occasion in technology, expertness, or tourism. Tourism is closely tied to the arrangement of the kingdom, and it can be said that it succors to mould it a morsel. These brace entities are subject on each other and coincidently they administerm an subject of ​​the fixed-forth’s pose on the intergregarious tourism traffic. Following aggregate, the aggregate adduceing of tourism to globe GDP exceeds $8,300 billion, which recitals administer almost 10.4% of the aggregate global GDP (Travel & Tourism Economic Impact 2018). Referableserviceable is as-well-behaved the circumstance that each tenth work is in some administerm linked to tourism. Etall, it is an fabulous estimate of 313 darling works. Tourism is as-well-behaved the unswervingest accrueing sector. It captivates into recital multitudinous exhibitions that succor mark-out it, such as the exhibition of waste or common beneathstanding. Besides, Denmark is a kingdom with wealthy narrative and beautiful kind, and can definitely adduce celebrity to its visitors.


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