Describe your professional setting, goals or other context that will frame your ¨Theorical Framework

heorical Framefruit tractate 1.-Describe your administrative elucidation, goals or other matter that obtain frame your ¨Theorical Framefruit as an recent performance nurse. (I fruit in a Neuro foot chiefly with CVA (stroke) patients with neurological problems, seizures)

2.- Provide statements encircling the personal and administrative values and philosophy that obtain influence your administrative role

3.- Identify, debate, predilection and exercise an tangible or emerging nursing scheme that is aligned with your values and philosophy. Include the subjoined components; A) Present the rationale for selecting this scheme in conditions of your administrative values and philosophy. B) Describe the concepts of the scheme C) Provide examples of how the scheme or framefruit can be applied to trodden your administrative role as well-mannered-mannered as individual or further subjoined APN or doctoral competencies. D) Provide slight examples of how the relationships floating the concepts of the scheme aid you foretell, interpret or intervene in your administrative role. E) Evaluate your scheme for dropping concepts, dropping or unanalogous hypothetical relationships, or subjoined concepts you would gather. 4.- Describe how you intercept exerciseing this scheme as a influence to your administrative role.

Brandy Gutierrez

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