Designing An Online Dating Service Information Technology Essay

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Designing An Online Dating Service Information Technology Essay

Valentinos has been a very prosperous dating employment gseparate 1976 as it conforms a spherical the clock support to their clients. The posse completeows the client to entreat as frequent introductions as they can and besides dispose the species of the referoperative attributtalented attributableice as frequent opportunitys as the constituent demands to exempt of commit. The exercise is very open owing it referoperative attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented singly conforms rectify customer regard referablewithstanding besides efficacious equalitying with comprehensivest enumerate of constituents. Weakness Opportunity consuming in conditions of equalitying from database Lack of siege in technology No food of online equalitying as the webstanding is referoperative attributtalented attributableice singly The technology manifestationd control obeying the database and diction manifestationd control letter the statute are very antiquated The method is unpolite

Valentinos has been a very happy dating conservation elapsed 1976 as it procures a circular the clock support to their clients. The posse everyows the client to beseech as divers introductions as they can and too facilitate the qualification of the counsel as divers dates as the part demands to clear of commit. The performance is very prevailing consequently it refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling merely procures ampurpose customer pains barring too effectual comradeing with extensivest calculate of parts.


Date consuming in arrangements of comradeing from database

Lack of bombardment in technology

No arrangement of online comradeing as the website is counsel merely

The technology conservationd coercion celebrateing the database and tongue conservationd coercion communication the adjudication are very pristine

The rule is diseased documented

Valentinos is losing its emolumentability as the conservations it procures are pristine modish and wither a restrainttune of date. The manner of comrade making is manufactured offline which retrogressions the conservation. The technology conservationd in the rule is too a decade pristineer which the innovating staff meets opposed to conservation and celebrate.


Percontrive conservation of innovating and improved technology

Procure online comradeing of congruous clients

Bring alteration to their communicateing temporization by advertising online

Including winks, flirts and contrariant emotions parallel with messages

Valentinos can percontrive best conservation of the late advancements in the technology so that they can everyure raise clients and minister the material clients in a ampurpose habit. They can announce on the internet on contrariant websites parallel with innovatingspapers and beggarly transports attributtelling to the growth action of internet aggravate the elapsed lacking years.


Contrariant agencies providing ampurpose and tardy interactive interfaces

Some agencies providing registration clear of require

Changing legislation laws on waying exceptional counsel

Attributtelling to the emulation from contrariant innovating dating agencies which procure raise and raise interactive conservations using of the innovating technologies at laborer, Valentinos is losing its communicate distribute. Shifts made in the legislation policies in the elapsed decade too assist to the dropping in the emolumentability of the restraintm.



Objectives Measures Targets

Growth the enrichment from partship

Contact mannered per day

Growth the contact mannered per day by 15% in instant 1 year

Reduce announcement require

Raise online announcements

Reduce the announcement require by 20% among instant 6 months

Reduce manpower require

Calculate of queries laborerled per employee

Reduce the require of manpower by 5% in instant undivided year


Objectives Measures Targets

Growth tally date

Date captured to manner an contact

Tally date should be among 24 hours

Decline registration fee

require coercion


Registration fee should be unworthy to 125 pounds

Raise comradees per catalogue

Catalogue of congruous parts

Compatibility catalogue should confess 10 peculiar/ catalogue


Objectives Measures Targets

Growth manpower utilization

No. of contacts mannered/ employee

Growth the No. of contacts mannered/ employee by 10%

Speed up the manner of spread-outing part’s elements

Date captured to spread-extinguished part’s counsel

Member’s counsel should be spread-outed among 24

Arrangement of online comradeing

No. of comradees per contact

Growth no. of comradees per contact by 15%


Objectives Measures Targets

Communicate survey

To percontrive conservation of the innovating technology at a faster step

Quarterly advance

Interactive environment of the website

Conservation of raise winks and emotions with ampurpose behpreceding and impress of website

Apprehobject innovating features in the website among 2 months


Coercion every the crowd in U.K. who are sole and in exploration coercion their exceptional someone, Valentinos- “the exceptional introductions performance” is an online comrademaking performance that accomplish acceleration them to meet the comrade they are beholding coercion. The performance everyows the conservationrs to engender a mark on its website to exploration coercion their seasonconducive partners extinguishedside the deficiency to spread-extinguished fur of their exceptional counsel. The counsel held is amply private, enclose and assisted by retinueed peculiarnel of the posse 24*7. The rule accomplish growth the enrichment of the performance by 20% in the primitive year of its conservation. Unenjoy the floating offline comradeing rule our innovating rule accomplish procure the customers with the liberty of online dating everyowing them to meet their partners in no date. The customers accomplish be telling to interact with their partners effectually and a restrainttune of date accomplish be saved in meeting the suittelling comrade.

Scope Diagram

Acceleration Desk




Maintains Part marks

Output Result




Congruous Marks

Customer Support



MatchmakingExtinguished of scope:

Marketing Techniques

Advancement in technology conservationd

Communicate survey


Require of result of online comrademaking rule – The require that accomplish be confused in creating the software coercion comradeing marks online.

Require of software updation – As the software is very pristine it deficiencys to be updated so it covers the require confused in any updation of the website.

Hardware installation require – This apprehobject the require of firmting up of innovating ministerrs to laborerle the growthd intercourse of part and too of the innovating rules to be firm up having tardy technologies.

Staff trailing require – It covers the require confused in arranging seminars and sessions coercion the employees to retinue them so that they can procure fertile conservation.

Software defence – The require confused in celebrate the software i.e. contrariant updates deficiencyed and driblet of innovating versions of it.

Require of customer Support – It covers the require of providing support to the clients i.e. firmting up of contrariant telephundivided lines and hiring innovating crowd to procure support.


Increased enrichment from partship fee – There accomplish be an growth in enrichment as with innovating conservations there accomplish be growth in insist coercion the partship of the performance.

Ampurpose throughput – The marks of the clients accomplish be made emolumenttelling in near date thus the manner of adding parts accomplish growth.

Increased customer recompense – As the conservations procured accomplish be faster and raise well-mannered-qualified the customers accomplish be content to a superior size.

Fast mark comradeing – With online mark comradeing the congruous catalogue can be generated in very near completion of date thus speeding up the manner of dating.

Fewer Repinings – With the comradees been made emolumenttelling in near date there would be lackinger problems in connected to the purposeowment of comradees and herefollowing the repinings from the clients accomplish too decline.

Increased reliability – The dating rule accomplish be raise true as the comradees are made online which accomplish result in the decline in rational errors and the good-fortune of purposeowment of results accomplish growth.

Professional capabilitys


Creating conservationr marks

Managing conservationr marks


Priority: Medium

Mark comradeing

2.1 Exploration the parts’ database

2.2 Comrade the congruous marks

2.3 Spread-extinguished the comradeing marks

Priority: High

Managing Staff

3.1 Employees imperative coercion the result

3.2 Employees celebrateing database

3.3 Customer support staff

Priority: Medium

Customer support

4.1 Accelerationing with the partship coercionm

4.2 Providing counselling

4.3 Catalogueening to and providing disentanglements to customer repinings

Priority: High

Online dating

5.1 Procure online compatibility comradeing

5.2 Speed dating

Priority: High


6.1 Percontrive cancelments coercion the partship and innovating introductions

6.2 Record cancelments

6.3 Printing statements of the cancelments made

6.4 Accept partship fee

Priority: High

Editing conservationr marks

7.1 Qualification to conservationr memorials by the conservationr any calculate of dates

7.2 Deletion of exceptional mark

Priority: Cheap

Maintaining database

8.1 Creating a database containing conservationr counsel

8.2 Updating the database

8.3 Deleting the marks from the database who do refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling demand to be a part anymore

Priority: Medium


9.1 Growth in online announcements

9.2 Ampurpose graphical announcements

Priority: Cheap

Non-professional capabilitys

Software Quality Attributes

Availability-1: The rule should be emolumenttelling to the conservationrs any date of the day so that they can conservation it

according to their readiness.

Reliability-1: The cleverness of the rule should too be contrived so that it can laborerle any completion of

user intercourse anydate and should refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling inert dconfess when restrainttune of conservationrs are waying the

conservation at the similar date.

Performance Capabilitys

PE-1: Tally date coercion correspondent the unconcealed question of the conservationr should refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling be raise than 10


PE-2: At meanest 10 comradees should be spread-outed decentness providing the comradeing catalogue to the conservationr.

PE-3: The parts’ marks should be made emolumenttelling on the website in no raise than undivided day.

PE-4: The compatibility catalogue should be laborered aggravate to the part among a day.

Security Capability

SE-1: The transactions made online through reputation cards should be fully enclose so that no theft

takes locate.

SE-2: Parts should be asked coercion reality conservationrname and password so that merely identified

users can way the conservation.

SE-3: Ensure that merely identified conservationrs can shift the representation elements and exceptional counsel

of their confess marks.

Legislative Capabilitys

LE-1: The rule should comport with rules and regulations of the Data Protection Act.

LE-2: Exceptional counsel procured by the conservationrs should be kept private i.e. should refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling be

shared with any other existence extinguishedside the earlier sufferance of the peculiar.

Result Capabilitys

PR-1: The software conservationd coercion providing the conservation should be gentle to upgrade.

PR-2: The rule should be telling to trial with every the criterion contacts.

PR-3: The celebrateing of the database should refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling be extinguishedsourced to a third plane. Employees

should be paid to celebrate it among the restraintm.

Detailed intentionation of professional capabilitys

Source: Planning

Priority: High

Owner: Planning Supervisor

Capability Id: 4.0

Professional capability: Customer Support

To be telling to procure counselling to every the conservationrs who deficiency undivided and apology to the repinings of parts.

Non-professional capability(s)


Tarprocure Value

Accepttelling Range


Tally date

1 day

5 days

Analysing the repining and beholding coercion disentanglement

Conservation hours

24 hours a day


Accomplish entelling the performance to improvise the conservations they volunteer by meeting disentanglements to the customer repinings.

Comments/suggested disentanglements

The conservationr can too procure feedback.

Connected Documents

Connected capabilitys


Source: Planning

Priority: High

Owner: Planning Supervisor

Capability Id: 5.0

Professional capability: Online Dating

To be telling to comrade the congruous marks online and spread-outing the results to the conservationr.

Non-professional capability(s)


Tarprocure Value

Accepttelling Range


Tally date

1 hour

2-3 hours

Searching the extensive database


Accomplish entelling the conservationr to meet his/her congruous marks catalogue in a very sharp date.

Comments/suggested disentanglements

Instant spread-extinguished of congruous marks.

Connected Documents

Connected capabilitys

2.0 Mark Comradeing


(Goodland, 2010)

Conservation Circumstance Pattern Coercion Valentinos (created using StarUML)Detailed intentionation of a sole Conservation Circumstance

Conservation Circumstance 6.1

Percontrive Cancelment

Goal in Context

Innovating conservationr deposits the registration fee to conservation the conservations of the performance and material conservationr deposits the commit coercion procureting innovating introductions

Scope & Raze

Online Dating Rule, Conservationr goal


Rule emolumentable, Finance supervisor emolumentable

Good-fortune Purpose Condition

Cancelment made happyly, Registration fee paid, voucher of the cancelment laborered to conservationr

Failed Purpose Condition

Cancelment refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling happy, voucher refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling accepted

Primary, Secondary Actors


Finance Supervisor,

Reputation Card Posse,



Beseech coercion Introductions





Client is asked to percontrive the cancelment to procure the introductions.


Client penetrates his/her representation elements


Makes the required cancelment


Finance Supervisor memorials the cancelment made


Finance Supervisor generates a voucher


Client prints the voucher



Branching Action


If the client is the primitive date customer:

1a1. Asked to record primitive

1a2. Deposits the partship fee too


If the client penetrates the injustice password:

2a1. Give him lacking raise chances to penetrate the decent


2a2. Everyow the client to shift the password if he

does refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling procure it decent.


If the client is using the rule coercion the primitive date:

4a1. Engender a innovating representation coercion him.



Branching Action


Client may steadfast through

Reputation card,

Insist exhaust,

Steadfast pal

Connected counsel

Percontrive Cancelments




5 diminutives coercion the cancelment, 1 diminutive to laboreraggravate the voucher



Channels to actors


Open issues

Attributtelling Date

…any other address counsel…

Included in


(Goodland, 2010)

Assumptions made decentness patternling conservation circumstance diagram

Client can too procure a feedback in the coercionm of repinings if he is discontent with the conservations or the performance or if he demands to commpurpose any shifts to the conservation.

Administrator accomplish celebrate the counsel supplied by the client. He accomplish too celebrate the narrative of every client i.e. the introductions volunteered to the client. Administrator accomplish hpristine the elements of every the employees of the posse.

Customer conservation procurers accomplish refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling merely procure disentanglements to the queries of the clients barring too accomplish be imperative coercion laborerling the repinings if any made by the client.

Finance supervisor accomplish be imperative coercion recording every the cancelments made by the clients so that the counsel can be conservationd by the reputation card posse. He accomplish too be required to fruit statements of every the cancelments made by the client.

Developer accomplish confess to confexplanation the comrade catalogue to meet congruous marks and too conduct the conservationr intercourse on the posse’s website.

Areas Requiring Raise Definition

The conservation circumstance “Percontrive Cancelments” can raise be remote by including the contrariant habits by which conservationr can steadfast i.e. the conservationr can either steadfast by reputation card, a insist exhaust or raze through conservations such as steadfast pal.

The conservation circumstance “object online comradees” can be objected in raise element by adding contrariant features of online dating enjoy comporting, winking, emotions etc.

Rich Picture coercion Valentinos

Unworthy require of offline comradeing

Why canrefertelling attributtelling i confess raise than 6 comradees

Procure faster comradees merit raise specie

Accomplish it be enclose from hackers?

This rule accomplish acceleration us equal with innovating agencies

Now I can conceive comradees instantly


Online comrademaking conservation


Raise trial and innovating technology

Celebrate client memorials and their narrative

Conduct the intercourse and confexplanation the comrade catalogue coercion conservationrs

Intention the innovating rule with ultimate technology

Percontrive the site raise interactive

Near queries environing purposeowment good-fortune

Decline in calculate of repinings


Customer SupportC:UsersDeepankerAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5P2TU6YUZMC900055561[1].wmfC:UsersDeepankerAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5XUXPG77LMC900332528[1].wmf

wow a faster and a seasonconducive dating conservation


C:UsersDeepankerAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5XUXPG77LMC900410797[1].wmf


Is the posse restraintthcoming the Data Protection Law C:UsersDeepankerAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5 6NVVFFGMC900150005[1].wmf

C:UsersDeepankerAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5P2TU6YUZMM900365263[1].gif


Raise chances of procureting caught

Solve the problems of customers

Contrariant Stakeholders

Primary stakeholders – Client, Distributeholders, Developer

Secondary Stakeholders – Administrator, Finance supervisor, Customer support staff, Hackers

Key Stakeholders – Client, Distributeholders

Stakeholders Attitudes

Clients that are already using the dating conservation fruition refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling be comforttelling with the innovating rule at primitive. Barring as they procure conservationd to it they accomplish meet the innovating features of the rule gentle and ampurpose to conservation.

The Distributeholders at primitive fruition solicitude-alarm that the bombardment coercion the innovating rule accomplish refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling be rate the specie and the trial. They confess to be unfailing that it is coercion the ampurpose as the conservations procured accomplish be enhanced with superior customer recompense resulting to growthd enrichment.

The employees may too meet it firmenedened to effect the innovating rule as they are conservationd to trialing with the pristineer undivided coercion divers years. There should be right trailing procured to every the employees on the innovating rule so that they can laborerle the innovating rule fertilely.

The result team may too meet it a unpromotive business to engender a innovating rule and integrating it with the material undivided.

There accomplish be an growthd completion of trial coercion the customer support line in the inauguration when the innovating rule is implemented. The lines fruition be flooded with support so they may insist an growth in steadfast or else innovating employees confess to be recruited.

Shift Address

The result team fruition refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling be very well-mannered-qualified or they may be decadence a restrainttune of date in developing the innovating rule. The purpose may be advanced and decadence a restrainttune of specie of the posse. The important supervisors fruition confess to procure a admonition of deed to the give team. If the result manner quiescent does refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling takes the required step innovating result team has to be paid.

During the resultal rank there fruition be a shift in technology in insist which is cheaper and procures ampurpose professionality. Developers accomplish be assiduous in that barring the investors who confess already invested in the material technology accomplish be unwilling. Both the teams confess to comport on undivided beggarly disentanglement coercion the purpose to abide. If the innovating bombardment in the technology yields a emolument on the in-idiosyncratic completion bombardment then the address gives a go onwards coercion bombardment in the innovating technology.

Possible Resultal Appropinquationes

Scenario 1: Result by an extinguisheder contractor who accomplish state the rule and

confess it programmed by their sister posse

Select conservationr relation coercion relreadiness Seasonconducive result appropinquation would be Extreme Programming (XP). XP is selected as it is an quick result technique which accelerations in developing a raise effectual result. A the programming is extinguishedsourced to the sister posse it accomplish be seasonconducive coercion the contractor to thrive this appropinquation as the result can be manufactured with merely undivided customer n merely 3 weeks of date. The manner of result involves inaccurate relation account of capabilitys among a customer and developer which can be largely understood. The programming is manufactured by the programmers in couple. There is daily interaction with the customer so if he impresss that the rule has gained the desired raze raise trial may be prevented. (Source: Cockburn A., 2008)

Stories dull dconfess into tasks

Relreadiness planning

Develop/ cupel software

Software quit

Rule evaluation

Extreme Programming Relreadiness Cycle (Sommerville, 2007)


Require scheap in result as the result team consists of 3-10 parts merely.

Result can be manufactured with undivided customer too in a sole compass.

The manner of result is manufactured in interactions aggravate a continuance of 3 weeks.

Each succession procures the adjudication that is cupeled and confusening.

The customers as well-mannered-mannered as the programmers can reprioritize the tasks aggravate date.

Couple programming is thriveed.

The retrogression of meeting the disentanglement is near.

Rapid feedback.

The intention is pure.

(Cockburn, 2008)


The capabilitys are refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling documented.

To profits with result argument is deficiencyed among developer and customer following every succession.

Optimization of adjudication is left coercion the purpose.

No aggravatetime.

(Goodland, 2010)

Risks Confused

There fruition originate a combat among the couple programmers and they may refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling be telling to gain to a beggarly misentry. Herefollowing the result can be advanced or raze refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling be telling to profits. In such a circumstance a innovating team has to firm up and the trial has to be manufactured every aggravate intermittently.

If there is a rash shift in the result team, innovating employees accomplish meet it firmenedened to apprehobject the advance of the trial as the capabilitys are refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling documented anywhere.

(Cockburn, 2008)

Scenario 2: Purchase of equal performance and customisation of their software

The result personalitycycle seasonconducive coercion such a scenario accomplish be Incremental Pattern consequently the software is already give with the equal performance. The result team of Valentinos merely deficiency to construction some components and procure extra professionality to it according to their readiness. It is an iterative pattern coercion the waterfevery personalitycycle appropinquation i.e. each succession thrives the waterfevery pattern and the successions are manufactured prepare the desired professionality of the purpose result is gained.

(Ruparelia, 2010)

Intention rule architecture

Assign increments to capabilitys

Define capabilitys

Final rule

Validate rule

Integrate increment

Validate increment

Develop rule increment

Rule Incomplete

Incremental Pattern Cycle (Goodland, 2010)


The professionality of the software is made emolumenttelling sharply and in the coming ranks.

Previous successions procure feedback to the innovating undivideds.

Suitableness the successions are smaller cupeling and debussing is an easier business.

Stakeholders’ object can too be incorporated throughextinguished the result cycle.

Risk of demand of the purpose is very cheap.

Potential issues with the result can be build extinguished largely and can be unswerving.

(Ruparelia, 2010)


The idiosyncratic successions manufactured are refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling easy and they do refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling aggravatelap with undivided another.

Every the capabilitys coercion the rule personality cycle are refertelling attributtelling attributtelling attributtelling clcoming framed extinguished during the judicious successions which may manage to problems.

(Source: )


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