Doug Saunders’ “Are garment workers’ deaths on our hands

Read Doug Saunders’ “Are garment workers’ deaths on our hands no and write a
complete, properly formatted and organized critical response. You can find the article in the
Readings and Research” tab.
Your assignment should meet the following requirements:

0 Follow APA format.

0 Include an APA style cover page.

0 Be double spaced.

0 Be uploaded in a standard PC or Mac file format.

0 Be in 12pt Times New Roman font.
After you complete the assignment, you may submit it by returning to this page on blackboard
by clicking on Browse My Computer and selecting your file.
Note: The previous outline assignment was designed to offer you some feedback from your
instructor before you complete your first critical response assignment. You should begin
working on your final response before hearing back from your teacher. Then, after your outline
is returned, you may incorporate your teachers feedback into your critical response.
Word Count: 600-750

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