Dubai Islamic Bank Report

Tconducive of Contents Passage 1 INTRODUCTION & HISTORY2 1. 1) Presentation2 1. 2) Consequences and Labors4 1. 2. 1) Consequences4 1. 2. 2) Labors6 1. 3) Sections:14 Passage 2 COMPANY ANALYSIS18 2. 1) SWOT Anatomy:18 2. 2) Antagonist Anatomy21 2. 3) Financial Anatomy23 Passage 3 MARKETING ANALYSIS24 3. 1) Tarprocure Bargain:24 3. 2) Bargaining Knead:24 3. 3) Lieing:26 Passage 4 EXPERIENNCE & CONTRIBUTION27 4. 1) Compoundity Referableoriousing:28 4. 2) CRO:28 4. 3) Harmony Section:29
Passage 5 SUMMARY & RECOMMENDATIONS30 References32 Appendices…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ……………….. 33 Passage 1 Presentation and Narrative 1. 1) Presentation Thirty years late, Dubai Islamic Bank (‘DIB’) productd narrative by proper the sphere’s violentest Islamic Bank. Today, Islamic banking has beseem peculiar of the fastest growing economic sectors with aggravate 300 financial literatures, with entireowance estimated at aggravate US $300 billion providing Islamic financial labors.
Despite stupendous enlargement in the sector DIB endures to be the perseverance chief and stated barbring-environing pioneer to bound. Since its fife, DIB has evolved from a dispose-of bank to a amply fledged bank catering to almost unmeasured the insist-uponments of its customers in providing Sharia-responsive guides to senior persomal and interdiplomatic companies. It has always upgraded its labors to peculiar men-folks, who accrue a exceedingly estimconducive pduplicity of DIB’s customer worthiest.

By combining the best transmitted Islamic appreciates with violent-model technology and upstartfangledness, DIB is committed to referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive singly amply acquiesce with the origins of Shari’a in unmeasured its financial practices secure to besides dispose its customers who hazard into the sphere of Islamic banking in such a awaitent coercionm that they would indexle ingathering the best rewards of twain the spheres. Coercion its uncollected accomplishment and befriendance to Islamic financing, DIB common the Best Islamic Bank in the Middle East Award (2006) by twain Euromoney’s Islamic Finance Weekly and Gulf Wealth Coercionum.
DIB has besides been awarded the Bank of the year (UAE) at the 2006 Banker Awards. DIB has referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive singly been at the coercionefront of upstartfangledness secure has excelled unmeasured tramp of he coercionm. With the embark of Al Islami Interdecoy Banking, DIB has re-affirmed its commitment to exalt and enample Islamic banking in length with the insist-uponments of the late conclusion. Coercion these efforts, DIB common the Golden Trophy at the UAE Web Awards in 2006. DIB is besides the violentest to extobject a sensitive SMS messaging labor in twain Arabic and English. Pastover, DIB became the violentest bank in the Middle East to bear-about-knpossess Interdecoy Protocol (IP) coercion its Visa card operations.
With path-breaking coveting and fearnear strategies, DIB gratuity to repair its foothold as a sphere pioneer committed to the sight of providing “Sphere Rank Banking. ” Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited (DIBPL), commenced operations in 2006. Since then, DIBPL has beneathtaken senior initiatives to diffreality its sprig decoyeffort opposite the dominion. Beneath its consumer banking dispersion, the bank is extending state-of-the-duplicity Sharia responsive consequences that pointedly cope with those nature exceeding in the barbring-environing by ordinary banks.
It besides has responsiveise in providing Dispose-of, Peculiar, Smunmeasured and Counterpoise Invadeprises, Urbane, Cannonade Banking and Hortatory labors. The Bank embarked Pakistan’s violentest Islamic Visa Debit Card and bear-about-knownd financial consequences covering Firmtlement Financing, Auto Financing, and Economylessnessory consequences. DIBPL has besides bear-about-knownd Pre-eminence Banking and Interdecoy Banking, twain of which are nature stated as benchmark consequences in their relative categories. Besides normal banking labors, the Bank is committed to bearing irrelevant cannonade to the dominion.
DIBPL’s urbane wing has impressively chased irrelevant objectueors and undeniconducive sphere famous giants from the GCC to be pduplicity of Pakistan’s assortment. DIBPL is 100% possessed by Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC (Notorious Joint Stock Posse) and its nominated divideholders. The inventor posse is a listed posse in Dubai. 1. 2) Consequences and Labors 1. 2. 1) Consequences Unmeasured the consequences exceeding by DIBPL are purely Islamic in affection. Dubai Islamic Bank extends subjoined consequences. 1- Popular Compoundity: Dubai Islamic Popular Compoundity is a unsoundnesssense-remunerative checking compoundity literaturefulnessned coercion compoundity holders who deficiency to carry-on constantly.
It securityrictedally appeals to dutymen and salaried men-folks who deficiency to bear-environing usual liquidations and economylessnesss in their compoundity. The Dubai Islamic Popular Compoundity is an conceptional depressed consume unsoundnesssense-interference coercion such customers. Worthiestd on the Wadi’a shorten, the Dubai Islamic Popular Compoundity extends realityrs protected oceantenance of their coin economylessnesss abutting DIBPL’s answer-manage to prepare the economylessnessor his haughtys on insist-upon. However, the economylessnessor permits DIBPL to reality or enattributable his haughty in its Sharia responsive cannonades and is neither entitled to cannonade acquisition nor does the compoundity holder suffer any abandon of detriment.
The Popular Compoundity is exceeding in currencies love Pak Rupees, US Dollar, UK Pound, EURO, Japanese Yen and UAE Dirham’s (singly coercion coin economylessnesss, coin retractals are referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive unmeasuredowed) Unmeasured entities including men-folks, corporations, firms, societies, clubs, council textures, statutory bodies, referconducive attributconducive attributableorious and peculiar literatures can referableorious a Dubai Islamic Popular Compoundity with as depressed as PKR 1000. 2- Sparing Compoundity: Dubai Islamic Sparings Compoundity is a sublime cannonade unsoundnesssense-interference coercion economylessnessors who coveting to merit Halal product on their sparings. That’s referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive unmeasured, it unmeasuredows you the flexibility to rebated your haughtys when constantly insist-upond.
By objectueing in the Dubai Islamic Sparings Compoundity, the economylessnessor (haughty preparer or Rabbul-Maal) authorizes DIBPL (haughty plainor or Mudarib) to enattributable his/her haughtys on the camanifestation of unbiased Mudaraba shorten according to the origins of Sharia. DIBPL objectues these haughtys in its Common Mudaraba Pool with other economylessnesss and the divideholders’ equity. The acquisition on the Common Mudaraba Pool is exclusive unorderedst the divideholders’ and economylessnessors on the camanifestation of agreed upon weightages which assume into motive the effect, compoundity of economylessness and acquisition liquidation abundance of the compoundity.
The Dubai Islamic Sparings Compoundity is exceeding in Pak Rupees and US Dollar Unmeasured entities including men-folks, corporations, firms, societies, clubs, council textures, statutory bodies, referconducive attributconducive attributableorious and peculiar literatures can referableorious a Dubai Islamic Sparings Compoundity with a weigh as depressed as PKR 1000. Coercion US Dollar Sparings Compoundity, daily weigh throughquenched the month must accrue aloft US $500 to be capconducive coercion acquisition liquidation. 3- Urban Economylessness: Dubai Islamic Urban Economylessness Compoundity extends the conceptional knead of covet and concise promise avails to economylessnessors perceiveking pleasant and Halal product on their sparings.
With a narrative of violent acquisition wildouts Dubai Islamic Urban Economylessness Compoundity is an excusconducive cannonade vehicle coercion economylessnessor. By objectueing in the Dubai Islamic Urban Economylessness Compoundity, the economylessnessor (haughty preparer or Rabbul-Maal) authorizes DIBPL (haughty plainor or Mudarib) to enattributable his/her haughtys on the camanifestation of unbiased Mudaraba shorten according to the origins of Sharia. DIBPL objectues these haughtys in its Common Mudaraba Pool with other economylessnesss and the divideholders’ equity.
The acquisition on the Common Mudaraba Pool is exclusive unorderedst the divideholders’ and economylessnessors on the camanifestation of agreed upon weightages which assume into motive the effect, compoundity of economylessness and acquisition liquidation abundance of the compoundity. 4- VISA Debit Card: VISA Debit Card of Dubai Islamic Bank prepares the subjoined avails to the customers. • Global Acceptance • Spare-span • Unlimited estimate of Supplementary Cards • ATM Coin Retractal • Haughtys Sell opposite Compounditys • Weigh Inquiry • Global Customer Befriendance Labors • Zero Detriment Amenability Free resuscitation 1. 2. 2) Labors DIBPL extends subjoined labors to its customers: 1- Interdecoy Banking DIBPL Sprig Banking customers can abundantly bear-environing their monthly rental liquidations by using Dubai Islamic Interdecoy Banking quickness to internally sell the rental compoundity from their severicular compoundity to the consecrated compoundity. 2- SMS Banking: Now, Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited bears banking labors at your fingertips! Free yourself from the hassle of visiting the sprig and love the spare-span of Dubai Islamic SMS Banking.
SMS Banking Features • You can gathered your covetd labors from a miscellany of unsoundnesssense-interferences conducive • You can ssummit your compoundity, in condition of stolen or past cell phpeculiar • 24/7 customer labor aidlength • Automated aid missives on your cell phpeculiar 3- Locker DIBPL is acquiescent to extobject locker labors to its customers. Our customers can lease a locker coercion the protectedmaintenance of their estimables coercion compound concord of aim. Customers are insist-upond to wild a incontrovertiblety economylessness at the span of locker issuance.
This incontrovertiblety economylessness is refundconducive unintermittently the customer misrepeat the labor. In importation to the incontrovertiblety economylessness, an annual rental is wildconducive in walk depending upon the gross of the locker. 4- Phpeculiar Banking: Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Ltd. extends a state-of-the duplicity 24/7 Phpeculiar Banking labor which prepares power labors and financial guides to esteemed customers. Our exceedingly manifestationful Phpeculiar Banking Customrs are conducive spherical the clock to befriobject and prepare you the labors. 5- Gross Reguide Unit:
DIBPL is amply committed to providing a Sphere Rank proof to its Customers. However, it deficiencys subsistence to excite ameliorate its labors. If you succeed opposite any gross or question, affect a discontent or a proposeion; you can aplie Dubai Islamic Phpeculiar Banking 6- Urbane Banking The sphere of finance belongs to those who mould it. DIB has assumen a induced role in shaping the ceremonious intercharge that UAE has proofd in the plain brace decades. Now, with the corresponding renovation, the Bank succeeds to befriobject dutyes in Pakistan.
DIBPL prepares a remote ramble of labors securityrictedally literaturefulnessned to befriobject Pakistani dutyes. You can avail from our: • Coin Plainment Labors • Occupation Cognate Labors • Cannonade Banking Labors A) Coin Plainment DIBPL Coin Plainment extends significant object-to-object Sharia responsive guides to coalesce your coin fdepressed insist-uponments. With our aid, you can impair spin aspherical spans coercion your compounditys receivables, meliorate manconclusion your wildables, and avail from our appreciate-adding MIS ments. GL arbitration would affect nconstantly been easier coercion you.
Collections DIBPL is an responsive at facilitating the collation of sales entireowance and converting your Receivables into Haughtys Conducive. You are unhesitating the quickness of oceantaining a divergent concentration compoundity. Collations from unmeasured aggravate Pakistan (cash/ cheque/ wild order/ insist-upon exhaust) obtain be beliefed to this ocean compoundity via DIBPL’s existent span onlength sprig decoywork. Gross & Axioms Mannering DIBPL has coercionmed purpose-to-purpose unmeasurediance with Referconducive attributconducive attributableorious Literatureal Facilitation Technologies on mannering and collation.
DIBPL obtain effect the role of the financial literature duration Referconducive attributconducive attributableorious Literatureal Facilitation Technologies obtain prepare the responsiveise in the area of gross mannering. Referconducive attributconducive attributableorious Literatureal Facilitation Technologies has 10 years of proof in this area and has cemerly dpeculiar such purposes coercion Sui Southern Gas Corporation and Lahore Electric Supply Posse victoryfully. Liquidation Consequence The consequence disposes clients in managing their quenchedfdepressed of haughtys. The quenchedflows can be through Wild Order/Insist-upon Exhaust or by coercionm of electronic cheques issued at the clients custom.
Depository Labors / Liquidity / Haughtys Plainment In DIBPL’s pomp of Shari’a popular Cannonade Economylessnessory Consequences, your texture obtain positively perceive proper the emobject coalition of pleasant product and repaird liquidity that it insist-upons. Repair your haughtys plainment love nconstantly anteriorly. Irrelevant Exchange Discounts The Coin Plainment Group at DIBPL is professor at indexling quenchedward/internal discounts through State Bank of Pakistan. Be it haughty sells amid Pakistan or beyond, DIBPL obtain affect a consequence to coalesce your deficiencys protectedly and fruitfully.
The Bank’s catholic decoyeffort of similar banks in unmeasured senior countries of the sphere is unmeasured that your duty obtain insist-upon. Coin-In-Transit Labors DIBPL can arramble coercion its clients a guard gather up of coin from the customer’s door tramp coercion economylessness  at DIBPL’s rectilinigh sprig. B) Occupation Cognate DIBPL extends a ramble of guides to aid customers in their occupation carry-onions. The Banks expeditiously diffuseing persomal decoyeffort accordingly complements the catholic proof it has uncongenial in managing similar harmonys opposite the sphere.
DIBPL’s Sales and Labor Quenchedlets affect the infratexture in assign to secure that customers’ documents are mannered precisely and in the fastest lovely span. DIBPL occupation professionals contemplate coercionward to sharing with you their occupation cognate attainments. Import Murabaha Import Murabaha is a consequence, realityd to finance a reciprocityconducive carry-onion which awaits of donation by the Bank (generally through an undisclosed conclusionnt) the issue from the irrelevant supplier and selling them to the customer aback procureting the distinction to and occupation of the issue. Murabaha financing is exceeding to unmeasured types of occupation carry-onions i. . , beneath Documentary Beliefs (LCs), Documentary Collations and Referableorious Compoundity. Wakala Istithmar Quickness (Exports) A singular texture tailor-made coercion the exporters of the dominion, the Wakala Istithmar quickness which has been enlargeed beneath the plain manage of Sharia to coalesce the agoing haughty insist-uponments of exporters and persomal manufacturers speaks volumes encircling our Shari’a responsiveise and camanifestation in bearing upstliterature Shari’a responsive consequences to the barbring-environing coercion exciteance of Islamic banking and ridding those who covet Halal insucceed from interest-installed financing.
Wakala Cum Istisna’a Quickness (Persomal Supplies): Istisna’a is a shorten coercion manufacturing or fabrication whereby the manufacturer sells to the purchaseer, issue of securityricted cognomen, at a urban compensation, which the manufacturer shunmeasured bear-environing from unpractised embodied of its possess and surrender to the purchaseer at a advenient bound. Istisna cum Wakala is a brace-leg concise-promise occupation finance guide which enables a manufacturer to drift his liquidation necessity beneath a documentary belief bestowal and unmeasuredows span coercion the issue to be cleared, contrived and multitudinous.
Unintermittently the issue are surrendered to the purchaseer, the customer then sells the issue, in its tonnage as the conclusionnt of the bank to beliefworthy and trusted purchaseers and existentizes the sale entireowance on bestead of the Bank. Such finances are exceeding in attention with L/Cs to urbane customers beneath Wakala Istisna quickness. Answer-for: A answer-manage is issued by DIBPL (the guarantor) on bestead of its customer (the suppliant) in boon of a third literaturefulnesse (the beneficiary), coercion driftment of securityrictedally defined shortenual and/or financial necessitys of the suppliant.
If the necessitys are referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive drifted by the suppliant, the guarantor obtain wild up to a incontrovertible compoundity to the beneficiary on unsoundnesssense-accomplishment of the necessitys by the suppliant. Exchange Regulations coercion Answer-fors in Pakistan are inferior beneath Passage XIX of Irrelevant Exchange Manual (FEM) of the State Bank of Pakistan. Interdiplomaticly, (ISP-98) Interdiplomatic Standby Practices 1998 of Interdiplomatic Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Referconducive attributconducive attributableoriousation No. 590 besides entireot. C) Cannonade Banking With its team of ready professionals, DIBPL has beseem the Cannonade Bank of cherished coercion persomal and regional clients in a concise p of span.
DIBPL leverages the regional responsiveise and persomal distinguishlcunning to product an fruitful coalesce of guides coercion our customers. DIBPL’s Cannonade Banking prepare its clients with a singular coalition of responsiveise, extensive ramble of cannonade banking/financial labors and appropinquation to compoundmit regional conclusion bear-aboutrs. DIBPL deduce ability from our team that has uncommon proof in practice with the amplest M, Hortatory and Haughtyraising carry-onions in the dominion. 7- Consumer Financing A) Firmtlement Finance Dubai Islamic Firmtlement Finance is the guide to your trance firmtlement and we are shrewd to disperse this guide in your indexs.
Using the Musharaka cum Ijara pattern, the Bank invades into a co-operation with you and aids you in drifting your trance of possessing a firmtlement promptly, conveniently and in a amply Shariah responsive kind. Whether you oband-arms to purchase, renovate or simply coveting to switch from your surrender firmtlement finance with any other bank, DIBPL’s would be the best Shariah responsive resource. Popularly Dubai Islamic Firmtlement Finance is extending three consequence variants: •Colonization Donation. •Donation of gross divide (Colonization Renovation). •Donation of gross divide of sort from other bank (Weigh Sell)
B) Auto Finance Dubai Islamic Auto Finance extends a sphere rank auto finance quickness that enables you to procure a car promptly, conveniently and in a amply Sharia responsive kind. Using Musharaka cum Ijara pattern to finance your car, guide yourself towards concord of aim and driftment of your covet. C) Duty Finance Dubai Islamic Duty Finance is a shariah responsive promise finance quickness which prepares a compound guide coercion drifting the financial deficiencys of your duty. Using the Shirkatul Melk cum Ijara pattern, Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Ltd. DIBPL) invades into a shirkatul melk harmony with you by purchasing an gross divide of your residential sort and rearwards leases to you this gross divide in the sort abutting monthly rentals thus aiding you in drifting your duty deficiencys conveniently and in a amply Shariah responsive kind. This consequence is conducive coercion upstliterature as courteous as those who already affect a duty finance quickness from another bank and coveting to bank the Islamic Coercionm. Features There are so abundant argues that bear-environing Dubai Islamic Duty Finance the emobject cherished.
It is 100% Shariah Responsive an customer can gathered from Financing compoundity of Rs. 500,000 and financing up to Rs. 20 darling. DIBPL extends Fastest mannering span and affordconducive monthly liquidation literaturefulness. Customer can finance up to 70% of your sort appreciate. 8- Al-Islami Sparing & Takaful Literaturefulness Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited (DIBPL) is imposing to bear-about-knpossess Al-Islami Sparing & Takaful Literaturefulness in collaboration with Pak Qatar Rise Takaful Ltd. (PQFTL) Al-Islami Sparing Takaful Literaturefulness is a Shariah responsive recamanifestation to ordinary security, extending a singular coalition of sparing , cannonade and shelter.
The Al-Islami Sparing & Takaful Literaturefulness extends you concord of aim and assumes economy of the advenient of your cherished men-folks by extending a sparing literaturefulness and providing Takaful coverconclusion in adrisk of decease to your beneficiaries. So security immutable, with Al-Islami Sparing and Takaful Literaturefulness, your advenient literaturefulnesss are in protected indexs. As an peculiar you affect abundant trances: • A propaganda counsel coercion your child from a prestigious university • A trance nuptials coercion your becherished daughter • Your religions voyage to effect Hajj • A cozy lonely conduct with ample sparings to assume economy of you and your cherished men-folks Any other financial objectives you may oband-arms to missiveinate The Islamic concept of Takaful The engagement Takaful is deduced from Arabic verb Kafala, which instrument to answer-for, to aid, to assume economyof peculiar’s deficiencys. Takaful is a classification worthiestd on the origin of Ta’awun (alternate befriendance) and Tabarru (discretional befriendance where abandon is divided indiscriminately abutting detriment or damconclusion to any peculiar of them as defined in the covenant. Takaful is operated on the camanifestation of divided duty, contortment, solidarity and alternate coalition. 1. 3) Sections: DIBPL has subjoined sections 1- Coin section:
Coin section effects subjoined dutys Receipt: The haughty which either succeeds or goes quenched from the bank, its chronicles should be kept. Coin section effects this duty. The economylessnesss of unmeasured customers of the bank are inferior by instrument of ledger compounditys. Unmeasured customer has its possess ledger compoundity and has divergent ledger cards. Liquidation: It is a banker’s original shorten to rewild haughty common coercion this customer’s compoundity usually by honoring his cheque. 2- Clearance Section: A cleansing horeality is an contortment of reciprocityconducive banks firm up consecrated bedepressed coercion the aim of reciprocity and firmtlement of belief claims.
The duty of cleansing horeality is effected by the convenient bank of the dominion by legobject or by command. In Pakistan, the cleansing classification is operated by the SBP. If SBP has no custom at a assign, then NBP, as a figurative of SBP impress as a cleansing offspring. The referconducive attributconducive attributable-difficult, protected and most fruitful coercionm is to offfirm the alternate clgratuity abutting the other and accept singly the decoy compoundity possessed by them. This quickness of decoy interbank liquidation is unhesitating by the cleansing offspring. The figuratives of the persomal reciprocityconducive banks coalesce at a link span on unmeasured the duty days of the week.
This coalesceing is held in the custom of bank that officially effects the duties of cleansing offspring. The figuratives of reciprocityconducive banks surrender the cheques wildconducive at other persomal banks and accept the cheques drawn on their banks. The cheques are then as as as sorted according to the bank on which they are drawn. A tabulation shuffle is unhesitating which shows the calls of banks, the compound estimate of cheques surrendered and common by them. 3- Walks Section: DIBPL surrenders advances to the borrowers coercion divergent aims. These advances are consecrated coercion unanalogous sectors coercion divergent durations.
Smunmeasured Finance, Coin Finance, Severicular Advances, Insist-upon Finance, Extendning Finance, Urbane Finance, Export Import Financing, Horeality Uplifting Finance. 4- Discount Section: Another weighty section in the bank is discount. Separates bestow their haughty to other separates and textures through unanalogous coercionms i. e. bank exhaust, telegraphic sell, mail sell, coupons, Govt. Exhaust and Western Union Haughty Sell anticipation. It efforts twain internal and quenchedward. DIBPL extends the subjoined coercionms the discount. • Insist-upon Exhaust • Telegraphic Sell • Wild Order Mail Sell • Protected guardianship of type sigaffection tome • Preparation of repopular propositions • Any other effort/duty assigned by plainor 5- Economylessnesss Section: Customers protect their sparings in PLS sparing compounditys and dutymen secure their haughty in bank popular compounditys. DIBPL surrenders acquisition on sparing and peculiar sparing compounditys. 6- Irrelevant Exchange Section: This section chiefly trades with the irrelevant duty. The ocean dutys of this section are: • L/C practice • Irrelevant commonity compoundity practice • Irrelevant Discount practice 7- Obedience Section:
Role of sprig obedience section is to reunite the prescribed frequencies, objectueigate covet pending arbitration separate, and secure emobject treatment unmeasured half year and cleansing classification labor sprig-in senior cities. Internal manage is the integration of impressivities, literaturefulnesss, attitudes, policies and efforts of the separates of the bank agoing concurrently to prepare abstemious presumption that the texture obtain missiveinate its objectives and band-arms. 8- Human Recamanifestation Plainment Section: Human Recamanifestation Plainment Section efforts coercion the melioratement of the employees.
Enhances skills, trailing plainment, labor avail, compensation, medical facilities, staff advances are basic duty of this section. 9- Instruction Technology Section: Bank’s axioms collation and instruction classification extobject by Regional Axioms Collation Center. This section plains staff trailing programs touching computer. Passage 2 Posse Anatomy DIBPL nature a power texture aims to prepare power to unmeasured its stakeholders, customers, employees and environment. In Pakistan, it is unoccupied in a very vaporizconducive economic and gregarious environment. The severicular of its anatomy is consecrated in subjoined sections. . 1) SWOT Anatomy: SWOT anatomy is an pointed technique to evaluate unanalogous airs of an texture. Abilitys: 1) DIBPL has this prerogative to be the violentest in the Islamic Banking sector which surrender DIBPL a competitive camanifestation aggravate unmeasured other banks and nature the chief of this perseverance. DIBPL is loveing senior divide of it. 2) The violentest interdiplomatic Islamic Bank in Pakistan with a decoyeffort of aggravate 80 spriges. 3) The members of Shariah Supervisory Board of DIBPL are interdiplomaticly famous scholars, serving on the boards of abundant Islamic Banks unoccupied in divergent countries. ) Nature an Islamic Bank, DIBPL has a remote referconducive attributconducive attributableorious decoywork. As an emerging bargains bank, it has spriges in unmeasured senior cities of Pakistan with the quickness of onlength banking, it is very referconducive attributconducive attributable-arduous coercion its customers to carry-on unmeasured aggravate the dominion. 5) DIBPL prepares onlength banking labor. Onlength banking labor instrument that a customer can withdunpractised and economylessness his haughty at any sprig in the dominion. Where this labor is referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive surrender, cheque has to be surrendered singly in that sprig on which they are drawn. Secure with this quickness, a separate has appropinquation to its haughtys at any sprig of the bank. ) There are abundant appreciate adventitious features in the consequences exceeding by the bank. ATM cards are unhesitating with unmeasured compoundity. Other features are surrender in unanalogous consequences. The pre-eminence customers love a powerfully voluptuous foothold at the bank. 7) The employees at the bank prepare incorrupt customer labor to their customers. 8) Customers are treated with sublime honor and noble to the farthest grade. 9) The agoing environment of bank is very amicconducive and cooperative. There is no bossiness in the violinvade plainment. The conspicuous plainment consults its staff in making conclusions and prepares them insurrection in their employment areas.
Weakness: 1) Till the plain year, DIBPL had a compoundly divergent perspective. The plainment was of the representation that the customer should succeed to them and they don’t deficiency to go to customer. Secure in this conclusion of body bargaining and advertising, it is referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive lovely to alight in two-of-a-employment withquenched these to-bootls. The bank has now modificonducive its beneathstanding sterile has established an pointed bargaining and advertising diplomacy. Secure the cemer gaps are peaceful there and there is failure of awareness in the separates encircling the bank and its consequences. The bank deficiencys to ameliorate in bargaining and advertising areas. ) It was observed in the bank that the grade of compensation of employees was truly depressed. Violentest of unmeasured, the wilds are depresseder those exceeding in other banks. Prevently, the employees are consecrated targets that are to-boot arduous to missiveinate. Coercion illustration, the targets consecrated to the sales separatenel and labor section are violinvade than any other bank in the dominion, be it a persomal bank or a irrelevant bank. This bear-abouts a employment to-boot stressful and fastd. It is cheerful to protect separates beneath a faithful propose, secure to aggravatestress them can be disadvantageous to them as courteous as to the texture. ) Attributable to the discompensation of staff and recession, there is violent spinaggravate unordered them. Separates who perceive other resources do referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive alight with the bank. Therefore, the bank incurs detriment in their trailing and enlargement. Opportunities: 1) Firmtlement financing sector can be targeted to maximize acquisitions. 2) Growing insist-upon of Islamic consequences and labors 3) Venturing into Islamic groups withquenched the countries as referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableoriousing to diffreality duty in UAE and Gulf states. 4) Coming up with the consequences coercion the SME to tarprocure the counterpoise smooth customers 5) Doing duty with the companies having Islamic aimfirm i. e.
Islamic Financial Literatures 6) Acception sprig decoyeffort amid the dominion 7) The innovative labor of Islamic Security designated Takaful Denunciations: 1) Emobject now there are a scant banks that are providing Islamic banking labors in importation to DIBPL. These banks embody Bank Islami, Al-Barkah Bank, Meezan Bank and some spriges of Bank Alfalah which are consecrated coercion Islamic Banking labors. That’s why there is no infast denunciation coercion the DIBPL in the nigh advenient secure it is referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive arduous to speak that past banks may invade in this ground as the awareness of Islamic banking is increasing unordered the referconducive attributconducive attributableorious.
Therefore the DIBPL should referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive be complacent to its surrender barbring-environing divide secure should aim coercion providing meliorate and meliorate and late labors. 2) Attributable to the acception in the ordinary reciprocityconducive banks, there is an acception in two-of-a-trade. Besides there is a fate of foul bargaining by the antagonist banks. This is besides denunciation coercion DIBPL. Reviewing this SWOT anatomy from span to span would aid evaluate bank’s lie. It would aid the plainment in comparing their abilitys of the late with those of the surrender and to what quantity the plainment has been conducive to aggravatesucceed the dilutiones. . 2) Antagonist Anatomy In Islamic Banking sector, the antagonists of DIBPL are Bank Al-Barkah, Bank Islami, Meezan Bank and some spriges of Bank Alfalah which are consecrated coercion Islamic Banking labors. Brace senior antagonists of DIBPL are: Meezan Bank Meezan Bank is an Islamic bank worthiestd in Karachi, Pakistan. The Bank commenced operations in 2002, on nature issued the violentest-constantly Islamic reciprocityconducive banking completionow by the State Bank of Pakistan; in 2012 Meezan Bank compoundd a milestpeculiar of 10 years of Islamic Banking in Pakistan. Meezan Bank Ltd. s a referconducive attributconducive attributableoriously listed posse with a compensated-up haughty of Rs. 9 billion (March, 2012). The Bank is sponsored by induced financial literatures from Pakistan and the Middle East that embody Noor Financial Cannonade Co. , Kuwait, Pakistan Kuwait Cannonade Posse (Pvt. ) Limited and Islamic Enlargement Bank, Jeddah. The JCR-VIS Belief Rating Posse Limited, has rated Meezan Bank’s concise promise rating at A-1+ (A-Peculiar Plus), the violentest model in concise promise rating, and rated the covet-promise nature rating at AA- (Double A Minus) with stconducive quenchedlook.
The Bank extends a ramble of severicular and urbane Islamic banking consequences and labors through a dispose-of banking decoyeffort of aggravate 280 spriges in 88 cities. Backed by a state-of-the duplicity T-24 kernel banking classification, the sprig decoyeffort is subsistenceed by 24/7 banking labors that embody aggravate 200 ATMs, Meezan VISA Debit Cards, Interdecoy Banking, SMS alerts and a 24-hour Cunmeasured Center. Meezan Bank has an in-house Shariah Advisor and a Shariah Supervisory Board right of Shariah scholars; the Bank operates strictly beneath the origins of Islamic Shariah and is courteous stated coercion its consequence enlargement and Islamic Banking investigation and hortatory.
Meezan Bank has been accordingly stated as the best Islamic Bank in Pakistan by unanalogous persomal and interdiplomatic literatures aggravate the late distinct years including ‘Best Islamic Financial Literature in Pakistan’ by Global Finance magazine and ‘Best Islamic Bank in Pakistan’ by Islamic Finance Upstarts of RED haughty Group, Malaysia. (Appendix I) BankIslami Pakistan Limited BankIslami Pakistan Limited is located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. BankIslami Pakistan Limited was the violentest Islamic Reciprocityconducive Bank to accept the Islamic banking completionow beneath the Islamic banking cunning of 2003 from State Bank of Pakistan on March 31, 2005.
The Bank established its operations from April 7, 2006 and extends shariah responsive dispose-of banking, cannonade banking, consumer banking and occupation finance consequences. The Bank intends to convergence on Wealth Plainment as the kernel area of duty and literaturefulnesss to promptly embark Proprietary consequences, and integrated financial literaturefulnessning labors. The Bank has a nationremote influence, its sprig decoyeffort awaits of 102 spriges & sub spriges disperse aggravate 49 cities of Pakistan. BankIslami is the Joint hazard purpose of three groups callly Jahangir Siddiqui & Co. Pakistan, Randeree rise, Bank. The Bank is besides referconducive attributconducive attributableoriously occupationd on the Karachi Stock Exchange.
The Bank is assigned a covet promise nature of ‘A’ and concise promise rating of ‘A-1’ by Pakistan Belief Rating Conclusionncy Limited (PACRA), meditation BankIslami’s courteous conceived duty diplomacy and state of pointed unoccupied platproduct by the Bank to consummate the duty diplomacy. BankIslami has been conducive to uplift a powerful imconclusion by using smduplicity bargaining ideas that resonate courteous with the referconducive attributconducive attributableorious aim. Coercion illustration, the calligraphy of the Bank’s ccompletion in Urdu has been dpeculiar by the corresponding calligrapher Shafiq uz Zaman who has been agoing in the Holy Mosque of Medina in Saudi Arabia. (Appendix II) 2. ) Financial Anatomy The anatomy of weigh shuffle of bank shows that popular liabilities acceptiond aggravate the span (Appendix III). The acception in liabilities and acception in advance shows that posse omissions to affect past coin in index rather than lending it to others and losing the respin on cannonade. As coercion as the urban liabilities of the posse are concerned they are showing increasing incline and corresponding is the condition with the popular and covet promise liabilities secure the increasing incline in entireowance is depresseder than the increasing incline in liabilities which is referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive a cheerful lie coercion the bank as shpossess in the weigh shuffle.
In epoch of haughtys of DIBPL, the most weighty camanifestation is mark-up entireowance. The three meriting revenues are the mark-up entireowance, unsoundnesssenserecognition mark-up insucceed and other insucceed (Appendix IV). In weigh shuffle the most weighty separate is meriting entireowance. The bank has powerful meriting entireowance love walks, cannonades, and lending to financial literatures has senior percentconclusion of entireowance of the bank. In amenability and equity anatomy the borrowing from financial literatures and economylessnesss affect senior piece and reserves and divide haughty has senior piece in equity.
Anatomy of weigh shuffle shows acception or wane in each separate as a percentconclusion of asset, instrument that entireowance are separated as guide appearance. Passage 3 Bargaining Anatomy Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited is growing expeditiously in Pakistan. This shows the victory of its unanalogous strategies. Unanalogous constituents of bargaining coercion DIBPL are: • Tarprocure Barbring-environing • Bargaining Knead • Lieing 3. 1) Tarprocure Bargain: The DIBPL is chiefly convergenceing on urbane sector. Smunmeasured and counterpoise grossd companies are its ocean customers.
The argue aback convergenceing on urbane sector is that a divergent posse can economylessness a ample compound of haughty that is arduous to missiveinate by convergenceing on peculiar customers. It does referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive moderation that DIBPL is failureing the other sintegral of the paint. It has besides got peculiar customers. Urbane sector organize 80% of unmeasured the economylessnesss of the bank. This is the argue DIBPL is convergenceing on urbane sector. Attributable to this argue we perceive no advertisement of DIBPL in sculpture and electronic instrument. Tarprocure bargaining is the basic tramp coercion security of the strategies nature enlargeed. 3. 2) Bargaining Knead:
Marketing Knead embodys immodest P’s of bargaining. These are: • Consequence • Compensation • Assign • Exciteance Consequences and labors unhesitating by DIBPL affect been examiscantiness in violentest passage of this ment. Unmeasured the consequences and labors exceeding by DIBPL are purely Islamic. No other bank extends such labors to the customers. Compensation instrument that labor mandible of the bank. Mandible are solid by the Schedule of Mandible unmeasured year. Bank prepares power labors at very competitive mandible. Coercion illustration there are mandible coercion the resuscitation of ATM card, resuscitation of cheque tomes and coin retractals. The ocean constituent to examine is the exciteance.
Furtherance strategies await of exciteance knead. The exciteance knead embodys: • Advertising • Referconducive attributconducive attributableoriousity • Sales Exciteance • Severicular Selling Advertising is compensated and unsoundnesssenserecognition severicular despatch of companies’ messconclusion to tarprocure customers. DIBPL has no convergence of advertising. This is besides a dilution of DIBPL, becareality its customers are spending a fate of haughtys on advertising. Antagonists are induction unmeasured advantconclusion of it. As DIBPL is extending consequences and labors to peculiar customers, so they deficiency to disclose their consequences and labors with separates through sculpture and electronic instrument.
DIBPL has very pointed severicular selling teams. Their Financial consultants and Harmony plainors inoculate urbane customers to an compoundity in the bank. This is competitive advantconclusion of DIBPL. This is the argue attributable to which DIBPL stands cheerful in the bargain. Even withquenched advertising and other despatch methods DIBPL plains to bear-environing a cheerful barbring-environing divide. 3. 3) Lieing: Lieing is the customers’ beneathstanding encircling the posse’s consequences and labors. DIBPL is lieing itself as a prestigious and power labors preparer in the dominion. DIBPL believes that customer is the guide to victory of duty.
Customer Harmony section and Harmony plainors are binding coercion giving customer a recognition of prestige at the bank. Passage 4 My Proof and Befriendance I affect dpeculiar six week internship in DIBPL Bank associate tpossess sprig, Murree referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious-way, Unpractisedalpindi. During my internship I affect efforted in unanalogous sections of bank. The argue coercion gathereding DIBPL was that it is unordered those scant banks which effected remarkably courteous in near span and grabbed the barbring-environing divide with their consequences, labors and divergent banking proof. The bank encouraged childish aims to succeed and effort with them.
The agoing environment of the bank is cheerful and appreciating as compared to other banks in the perseverance. It is peculiar of the very scant textures that surrender a protected agoing environment coercion womanly and prepare them resembling opportunities coercion enlargement in similitude to manly employees. The employees of the bank are existently cooperative and aid a fate in providing distinguishlcunning and responsiveise to upstliterature entrants and internees. I affect efforted in unanalogous sections and bear-abouted distinguishlcunning referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive singly encircling DIBPL secure besides encircling rules and prudential’s of State Bank of Pakistan and antagonist banks.
Another argue coercion gathereding DIBPL was that they protect a compound chronicles of the accomplishment of the internees and extobject employment to those who effect courteous aback the example of their grades. I affect compoundd my internship in a compound term of six weeks and section that I efforted during this span are as follows: 1- Compoundity Referableoriousing 2- CRO 3- Harmony Section 4. 1) Compoundity Referableoriousing: Compoundity Referableoriousing section is peculiar of the sections that succeed beneath the dispose-of/unconcealed banking facilities unhesitating by DIBPL.
If a customer loses his cheque tome, then the customer obtain affect to succeed to the bank and violentestly ment the detriment and then ssummit the liquidation, by pointed the course of cheques he has past. By bungping liquidation, the customer is answer-ford that no liquidation is made from their compoundity. The manner coercion bungping liquidation, aback the customer discloses that he has past his cheque tome is that he gorges a “Product B”, which is corresponding as a cheque tome requisition coercionm and an reparation coercionm, stating no duty on bestead of the bank if any illicit liquidation is made anteriorly the span of announcing a cheque tome past.
When a customer succeeds to referableorious his compoundity, he has to gorge a coercionm with the bank. As a pduplicity of my internship I had to gorge these coercionms by customers and then reality the misapply bank stamps to compound these coercionms. Besides as a pduplicity of the harmony coercionm, I besides had to do a “ Verisys” a reality classification established by NADRA on the CNIC of the upstliterature compoundity referableoriouser. A “Verisys” discloses, that whether the candibound is a Pakistani burgess or referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive and unmeasured the instruction written in compoundity referableoriousing coercionm are penny or referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive by matching the instruction to the axiomsworthiest of NADRA.
Agoing in this section aided me a fate in attainments upstliterature things love severicular reality, practice with clients and axiomsworthiest plainment classification. 4. 2) CRO: Beneath CRO section I had to trade with customers on front object and indexle their queries touching the compoundity referableoriousing, labors and coalesceings with bank harmony plainors. A bank procomposition discloses the gross impressivity of a bank compoundity aggravate a duration of a span. Customers repeatedly succeed and oband-arms their bank propositions and affect to gorge a coercionm, encircling to the span duration coercion which the bank procomposition is deficiencyed.
As a pduplicity of my internship, I had to dispose the customer to gorge the ‘Bank Procomposition Coercionms’ and product the procomposition through the bank software and sculpture it as courteous. Repeatedly customer omissions to distinguish their compounditys weigh aggravate phpeculiar and thus I had to disclose them their compoundity weighs using the bank’s instruction classification. Other effort dpeculiar by CRO is the unconcealed client practice and furnishes their queries in bank and on the phone. The aback compoundity referableoriousing manner is compoundd by this section as courteous as the reactivating of compounditys and potent the clients during entireoting coercion divergent labors of bank.
In unmeasured aloft mentioned impressivities I was impressing as an befriendant to CRO and carrying the impressivities. 4. 3) Harmony Section: The Harmony Section is surrender in unmeasured sprig which is assigned to bear the duty coercion the bank i. e. the compounditys of urbane sector as courteous as the duty separates. The sprig firm the tarprocure coercion them and they affect to missiveinate it. The targets are firm coercion six months. In this I had to befriobject the harmony plainors in targeting the clients and then accordingly assume the assignment span coercion coalesceing and agoing coercion preparing beneathstanding the avails by tempest with DIBPL.
Agoing in DIBPL was a singular proof, abundant skills were realityd there and abundant skills were enlargeed. As I efforted in CRO section, it repaird my despatch and chaffer skills. Passage 5 Tabulation and Recommendations I spent six weeks of my internship in DIBPL associate Town, Unpractisedalpindi. During these six weeks, I felt myself to be a pduplicity of bank. Even, this was my violentest proof of agoing in a bank secure I learnt a fate from this proof. In violentest passage of this ment, the narrative of DIBPL and its presentation is unhesitating. The consequences and labors unhesitating by bank are besides examiscantiness in the violentest passage.
Unanalogous sections of the bank were besides examiscantiness in severicular. In the prevent passage of this ment, the compound anatomy of the bank has been unhesitating. SWOT anatomy violentlighted the bank’s abilitys, dilutiones, opportunities and denunciations. Antagonists’ anatomy has unhesitating the aggravateunmeasured paint of competitive environment. The financial anatomy has descriptive the financial lie of the bank. In the third passage of this ment, unanalogous bargaining strategies opted by the bank has been analyzed in severicular. This passage violentlights the advertising and lieing strategies of the bank.
Passage immodest is encircling my severicular proof and befriendance. Severicular proof is an eximpress of what I affect learnt during my internship. At the object the ment has been concluded with tabulation and recommendations in the decisive passage. Recommendations Worthiestd on my attention touching the operations and policies of DIBPL, I affect genial to surrender recommendations coercion excite amelioratement. 1) Violentest of unmeasured, I would love to propose that the bank must chase a very foul bargaining and advertising diplomacy so that it can product awareness in the unconcealed referconducive attributconducive attributableorious encircling its Islamic consequences and labors. ) Prevently there is a deficiency coercion creating compensation unordered employees. They do referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive indexle any passion to the texture. There is a insist-uponment coercion uplifting up their loyalties so that the bank can shorten the discompensation and spinaggravate unordered employees. 3) The separatenel in the bank should referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive be aggravatestressed with effortload. The effortarraign is of a baneful smooth. At that smooth of arraign the employees flowing unmeasured the self-satisfaction in their effort and accrue fast and frustrated. 4) Employment trailing is very weighty air that DIBPL is failureing in. Upstliterature employees are recruited plainly withquenched any earlier trailing or orientation.
The remainder is that they do referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive beneathstand the textureal texture and cultivation and beseem frustrated in their begin. This impairs their consequenceivity and willingness. If such a trailing program is established, then upstliterature employees would indexle past cozy and adapt abundantly to the environment. 5) DIBPL should endure to diffreality its duty, by increasing its economylessnesss portfolio through foul barbring-environing acuteness strategies. 6) DIBPL deficiencys to ameliorate its website. Past instruction encircling to financial accomplishment of the bank should be conducive on the website. 7) Plainment should distribute effort resemblingly unordered the divergent employees. ) Cognate employments should be assigned to the employees so that they can effort past fruitfully. References Van Horne, J. C. , & Wachowicz, J. M. (2008). Haughtyamentals of Financial Plainment. (13th ed. ). Griffin, R. W. , & Ebert, R. J. (1998). Duty. (5th ed. ). Conspicuous Saddle River: Upstliterature Jersey Kotler, P. , & Armstrong, G. (2007). Origins of Bargaining. (12th ed. ). Cravens, D. W. , & Piercy, N. F. (2008). Strategic Bargaining. (9th ed. ). Lynch, R. (2006). Urbane Diplomacy. (4th ed. ). Shim, J. K. & Siegel, J. G. (2003). Plainorial Finance. http://www. dibpak. com http://www. dibpak. com/products

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