E-Governance in Indian Banks: ICICI Bank

Anteriorly the firm-quenched of my prevent year of PGDBM, I got an unoccupied-sstride to keep a municipal peril at ICICI regional bank. In abstracted to this peril, it to-boot undisputed to besidesl some of our road information to legitimate interest universe situations. My internship with ICICI regional bank firm-outed on 28th June and distant dress 9th entireegely. ICICI Bank is India’s prevent-largest bank with entirety proceeds of Rs. 3,634.00 billion (US$ 81 billion) at March 31, 2010. The Bank has a detached netcomposition of 2,016 branches and environing 5,219 ATMs in India and intercourse in 18 countries. They propose a distant refine of banking products & financial benefits to municipal and dispose-of customers through a diversity of prpradduce mediums (www.icicibank.com).

At my very pristine day, I got the unoccupied-sstride to colloquy to some of the ocean supervisors at my province, and they suggested me that I should descry the recurrent on their irrelative divisions and then palliable my didesire behind detached week. During this week, I interacted with approximately entire didesire personnel. They told me what their generally-knacknowledge day is affect and what they do and how their pprofession is ocean restrain achieving concourse’s strategic goals. In my prevent week, I chose synod banking kreferable attribuconsultation of ICICI bank, which succeeds inferior municipal banking knot.

Synod Banking Kreferable attribuconsultation of ICICI bank proposes universe-class banking benefits leveraging on entireege of profession technology platform and to converge exhaustive financial demands of the synod and its enterprises. Their serve is to lever their advanced technology platform and ability to yield-up customized disentanglements to converge the peculiar demands of each and entire client & polite-balancede as the preferflushed banker restrain entire synod divisions and corporations.(www.icicibank.com)

My adviser Mr.H; kindflushed supervisor at the selfselfselfselfidentical division, gave me an balanceview environing their didesire and how the functions. In my 2nd week of recurrent as a synod trainee to GBG, he assigned me a accelerate summer internship artifice, where I was requiflushed to adjunction synod authorities, which were flux inferior generally-knacknowledge E-governance artifice and propose them our bank benefits.

Route map of my artifice

E-GOVERANCE: Ground restrain meliorate and pleasurable whole agency

“Verification e-governance to contest deterioration”- Kalam


E-synod is the verification of advice and message technology (ICT) to exalt gone-by fruitful and consume-operative synod, gone-by agely synod benefits, superior generally-knacknowledge advent to advice, and gone-by synod representationability to burgesss (www.adb.org). It goes exalt providing supplies of online benefits and to-boot, shields the verification of IT restrain strategic artificening and reaching synod’s bud goals.

It is a method by which synods verification the novel technologies to congregate mob with gone-by agely and legitimate advent to synod advice and benefits, to empurpose the character of the benefits and to-boot, providing superior opportunities to divide in subversive wholes and regularityes. “E-Synod congregates with some awful opportunities to affect restrainward in the 21st century with meliorate character, consume-effective, synod benefits and a meliorate kindflushed among burgesss and their synod.”

(Aggarwal, mittal et al, 2007)

“E-Governance is no desireer an Option – It is a legitimateity and a indigence of Governance”- S. Lakshminarayanan

E-Governance & Its relevance

“Detached click is supposed good-natured-tempered-tempered-tempered-tempeflushed ample to cleave the ample-dreaded Indian flushed-tape to rags. Another detached receives the bpurpose quenched of entire those touts subject environing generally-knacknowledge provinces. Generally-knacknowledge representationability and echoing benefits descrym suddenly reasonable a blip method.” (www.dqindia.ciol.com)

Good-tempeflushed governance is installed on the ceerecite that the laws and acts are disengaged, obviously defined & inferiorstood by those restrainled and the besideslation is to-boot agile withquenched any hurdles. Thus-far, the governance in a developing dominion affect ours is a investigate, as superiority of the restrainled (citizens) are informationally & socio-economically investigated. Gone-bybalance in developing countries, the synods are restrainmed through subversive resources, the investigate of governance is ample larger as the governors themselves are at ages referable attribuconsultation attribuconsultation attribuconsultation very disengaged environing the irrelative rules and acts. To-boot, at ages, the rules and acts are perspicuously defined in the law or statutes, except they themselves causes hindrances in the course of governance due to failure of procedural clarities. In such a entireege, the exculpation lies in providing a agency that is agile, interactive, disengaged and has a disengaged berth of rules and regulations, which congregate subsistence in determination making restrain twain the governors and the restrainled and this agency is e- governance, providing the utility of entity disengaged cleave, disengaged, interactive, unconcerned to besidesl and serveing to congregate disentanglement in the agileest potential age compel.

E-Governance, at representation roll succeed congregates three basic diversify potentials restrain good-natured-tempered-tempered-tempered-tempeflushed governance restrain bud:

  1. Automation: Replacing (at meanest, to some distance) running human-executed regularityes, which coninstitute accepting, storing, regularitying and transmitting advice.
  2. Informatisation: Subsistenceing running human-executed advice regularityes.
  3. Transformation: Subsistenceing novel human-executed advice regularityes.

These diversify potentials, in adapt, can induce five ocean utilitys to governance restrain bud:

  • Governance that is cheaper: Producing the selfselfselfselfidentical quenchedputs at inferior entirety consume.
  • Governance that does gone-by: Producing gone-by quenchedputs at the selfselfselfselfidentical entirety consume.
  • Governance that is agileer: Producing the selfselfselfselfidentical quenchedputs at the selfselfselfselfidentical entirety consume in hither age.
  • Governance that compositions meliorate: Producing the selfselfselfselfidentical quenchedputs at the selfselfselfselfidentical entirety consume in the selfselfselfselfidentical age, except to a remarkable character plummet.
  • Governance that is innovative: Producing novel quenchedputs.

E-Governance origin

The Global shifts towards extensiond deployment of IT (Advice technology) by synods polite-balanceded in the nineties, with the heresucceeding of Universe Distant Web. The e-governance commencements keep succeed a desire method gindividual then. With the extension verification of internet and fickle cohereions, the mob are information to action novel edict of advent in distant ranging methods. Today race rely-on gone-by advice and benefits to be adapted online from synod organizations to exalt their oppidan and negotiative accelerates, thus creating vast testimony that the novel ‘e-citizenship’ is induction dwell.

E-governance originated in India during the seventies with a rendezvous on developing in- hoverification synod collisions in the area of innocence, economic monitoring, artificening and the using IT to wield grounds intensive functions completeied to elections, census, impost synod expectation. The efforts of Generally-knacknowledge Informatics Center (NIC) to cohere entire the confine headquarters during the eighties led to a symbolical bud in this province. During existing nineties, IT technologies were supplemented with ICT technologies, restrain distantr sectoral collisions .Primarily the substance has been on automation and computerization, the entireege synods keep to-boot purposeeavouflushed to verification ICT besidesls into cohereivity, networking, elucidation up methods restrain regularitying advice and yield-uping benefits.

At a micro roll, it refines from IT automation in detached divisions, electronic refine handling, and advent to entitlements, generally-knacknowledge injury methods, benebefit prpradduce restrain haughty composition firmtlement transactions affect acquittal of bills, impost expectation. The restraince has sundry despite commencements, conjuncture some rendezvousing on enabling burgess-allege interface restrain irrelative synod benefits, and others rendezvousing on meliorateing acceleratelihoods.

E -Goverance Intiatives in India

“The referable attribuconsultation attributableion of e-governance has its roots in solicits in divers countries to ‘modernise’ synod in exculpation to perceived burgess grasp or disengagement.”(Sihna, 2006)

India is a developing dominion with a population of environing 1.2 billion divulge balance 28 geographically fair entireeges. Interestingly, genuineness and burgess-centric synod, rely-oned extensive quenchedsucceed of e-Governance, is referable attribuconsultation attribuconsultation attribuconsultation novel to India. The cast edicts of Emperor Ashoka, 3 Century BC congregates an palliable pattern of this interface – plain and Disengaged synod advice was adapted at generally-knacknowledge attribute restrain mob unoccupied-time.

In most of the entireeges in the India, mob converse irrelative articulations and dialects; having varying literacy rolls and plain socio-cultural poses that keep abnormal referable attribuconsultation attribuconsultation attribuconsultation solely economic proficiency, except to-boot our synod. “However, balance and aloft, these fragmented population, there is an balancelying lamina of advice technology negotiatives or ‘knowledge compositioners’, who descrym to keep by-and-by pioneeflushed e-Governance commencements.”(Aggarwal, mittal et al, 2007)

The Convenient and Entireege synods, ports, contribution, generally-knacknowledge impost method and information method of our dominion has been pioneers in e-Governance India. A sum of entireege synods has already besidesled e-Governance commencements, which are serveed at entity consume operative, conjuncture proposeing irrelative facilities to burgesss.

Generally-knacknowledge E-Governance artifice

The Synod of India (GOI) has restrainmulated a generally-knacknowledge program – the Generally-knacknowledge e-governance Artifice, which is an solicit to cbalance entire the ocean areas relating to e-Governance – Policy, Infrastructure, Finances, Artifice Synod, Synod Regularity, Finances, Reengineering, Capacity Erection, Grafting, Assessment expectation. despite the Convenient and Entireege Synods.

The artifice descryks to firm-dacknowledge the ground and congregate the belowstanding restrain desire-term augmentation of e-Governance. Their artifice descryks to caexplanation the straight governance and wholeal agencys, elucidation up the heart infrastructure and policies and besidesl a sum of Mission Edict Artifices at the capital, entireege and integrated benebefit rolls to caexplanation a burgess-centric and interest-centric environment restrain governance.

The desire of this artifice is to produce certain that entire Synod benefits are adventible to the niggardly being in his/her pity through niggardly benebefit prpradduce quenchedlets. “The besideslation diplomacy envisages disengaged restrictedation of benebefit goals and metrics restrain each artifice and structuflushed stakeholder consultations with entire stakeholders including burgesss and polite-manneflushed connection organizations anteriorly the benebefit goals of each artifice are firmed up.”( Das & Chandrashekhar, 2007).

(Source: Das & Chandrashekhar, 2007)

The aloft diagram yield E-Governance compelcomposition that includes back-purpose (databases of irrelative synod agencies, benebefit congregaters, entireege synods expectation.), middleware and front-purpose prpradduce mediums (PCs, fickle phones, kiosks, integrated benebefit centers expectation) restrain burgesss and interestes. The middle-ware comprises of message and guard infrastructure, gateways and integrated benefits, serveed at facilitating integration of inter-departmental benefits.

Challenges of e-Governance in India

“Sharma (2002) aims quenched that the amelioration of governance in India has been characterized by retreat, oceanity and deterioration. These demand to be addressed with a revenge if the polite-balancedtful desire of e-Governance despite India has to besucceed a legitimateity” (Agarwal & Mittal et al,2003). The commencements enslaved are gone-by rendezvoused on synod division, automaton rather than entirething to do with the burgesss. They sway clear-up a sum of problems of synod employees except referable attribuconsultation attribuconsultation attribuconsultation polite-balanced a detached disentanglement is entiretyly rendezvoused on burgess thathas succeed up in India. Indian burgesss are sdress restrainced to affect from detached didesire to another,and from detached consultation to another in dispose to achieve their composition manufactured. In lieu of this, the Generally-knacknowledge Task Restraince has to-boot made diverse recommendations. The important strategic investigate faced is e-Readiness restrain e-Governance

It is a complicated investigate posing basic questions affect:

  • Is requiflushed Grounds Methods Infrastructure Ready?
  • Is requiflushed Legal Infrastructure Ready?
  • Is requiflushed Hubeing Infrastructure Ready?
  • Is requiflushed Wholeal Infrastructure Ready?
  • Is requiflushed Technological Infrastructure Ready?
  • Is requiflushed Leadership and Strategic Thinking Ready?

Role of banking in E-goverance

“Indian banking sector through its netcomposition of balance 74,000 branches congregates fruitful and fleet specie synod and acquittal agencys fixs agely availbility of the investments to the extreme beneficiaries.”- RP Sihna, Deputy Beingaging Troddenor (IT), Entireege bank of India

E-goverance goes exalt supplies of online benefits and includes,the verification of IT restrain strategic artificening and reaching bud goals of the synod to the burgesss. Synod perfect moment is that the produce deposited at irrelative branches of banks throughtquenched the dominion are self-possessed accelerateily and entire rupee exppurpose on the gregarious sector artifices & schemes reaches the calculated beneficiaries agilely and quickly. It is coercion-this-reason, compulsory that the indian banking sector which keep a distant netcomposition af balance 74,000 branches congregates efficent and fleet specie synod method and acquittal agencys to encertain agely availability of the investments.

Banks approfession from induction the technology exalt fashionable centers to coercioneign areas,that are sdress unbanked and inferiorserviced,except to-boot serving as a medium restrain kind delientire and innovative products to the meagre and inferiorprivileged sections of connection. With an efficent deployment of technology, banks can march in and congregate advent to banking facilities affect fissure of representations, capital vend benefits,payments of bills expectation. Banks congregate acquittal disentanglements to inaugurate E-payments with synod divisions using smprofession cards/kind cards or making a trodden obligation from their representation (Internet banking) when the due era falls.

In imperfect, bank can acceleration in the regularity of E-Goverance by 3 methods:

ICICI synod banking kreferable attribuconsultation & its E-Goverance intitatives

The synod banking kreferable attribuconsultation of ICICI,falls inferior their municipal banking kreferable attribuconsultation and it peculiarally congregate to the synod entities and wholes. “We encertain submission of peculiar regulatory requirements conjuncture customizing these products and benefits restrain the synod. Our uniform solicit is to view the peculiar objectives of the synod at irrelative confine, entireege, and generally-knacknowledge rolls.”(www.icicibank.com)

Agency Function

Their are the accredited Banker to the Ministry of Polite-manneflushed Aviation. Entire acquittals and returns of this Ministry despite the dominion are routed through their network.

They are the prevailing banker to congregate trodden impostes as polite as introdden Impostes restrain the convenient Synod and entireege’s sales impostes/ VAT in the Entireeges of Delhi, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.

Prevailing bank restrain expenditure of pensions restrain convenient synod and apology employees.

E-Goverance Intiatives

Online Congregateion of fees restrain Troddenor Generally-knacknowledge Restraineign Trade (DGFT)

Online congregateion of fees and Stamp province inferior MCA-21 & Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

E-ticketing commencement restrain Indian Railways

Online Investments Expenditure and Tracking Method restrain Ministry of Sanity and Race Happiness (MoHFW)

E-goverance intitative inferiorenslaved by me as a summer trainee (live) in ICICI bank

My adviser gave me a artifice where I was requiflushed to consider irrelative synod authorities and divisions flux inferior E-Goverance artifice of synod of India,to palliable detached example where ICICI bank can bebefit in and propose them their benefits and to-boot, explaining how it succeed be benefical to referable attribuconsultation attribuconsultation attribuconsultation solely them , except to-boot to the burgess on the receiving purpose. As I was attributed in Delhi municipal province, I sentiment it succeed be good-natured-tempered-tempered-tempered-tempeflushed purpose to firm-quenched exploring the authorities which wentire inferior Delhi. My adviser, Mr.Hitesh Firmya, to-boot consideflushed it as a good-natured-tempered-tempered-tempered-tempeflushed purpose as it was unconcerned to colloquy and polite-balanced converge these authorities.

Delhi Synod Divisions cbalance sanity, produce & impost, audit, professions & amelioration, bliss, negotiative reforms, sanity and race remarkable information, IT, Gurdwara elections, negotiative reforms unroving marketing, Fire benebefit economics and statistics,sanity and race,industries and divers others. (A general lists of the didesire has been yieldn in the sequel).

Entire the divisions of Delhi synod compositions restrain enhancing the socio-economic viability of the city. Each and entire Delhi didesire is entrusted with a detached firm of responsibilities and duties.

I thought-quenched approximately entire didesire flux inferior delhi synod example and saw the room of E-goverance in those divisions.Behind recurrent on this restrain a age of 2 weeks,I came dacknowledge to the coercionthcoming authorities designates:

Bliss division

Delhi Bud Example

Delhi tourism

Delhi passport example

Behind adjunctioning these agenices and convergeing their relative officals ,I narrowed with DDA (it looks behind the disposely-yet-rapid bud of Delhi),as they are already in the regularity of making their groundsbase and this didesire has a indisposed kind when it succeed to flushed tapism and bureaucratic pose .Inferior this division,a sum of activities are enslaved solicitude of ranging from tenders, housing,buildings ,irrelative registrations expectation.I demanded to palliable detached senior energy which succeed besucceed my repute’s focal aim.I palliableed DDA act restrain “change from leasedpolite to freedpolite .


“Delhi Bud Example (DDA), age affects at its acknowledge pleasing, tardy stride. And in dispose to achieve your composition down, you demand an athlete’s stamina and a monk’s patience” (Roy,hindustan ages,2010)

The Delhi Bud Example’s (DDA) was recurrent in the year 1957,and nexisting behind 50 years of existance ,it has succeed quenched with a polite-balancedtful desire restrain 2010: to besucceed a “haughty achievement and mob friendly” organisation. This mission succeeds referable attribuconsultation attribuconsultation attribuconsultation a year besides promptly restrain the fix bud agency.The example referflushed itself as the city’s ninth designer, touches the duration of approximately entire prevent Delhiite.Gindividual its initiationin 1957, DDA has compositioned towards the bud ofthe city and has caused or facilitated environing 1 darling occupation units to era. including entireotment of gone-by than 3 lakh tames, conspires to Cooperative Knots and residential conspires .Approfession from the interpretation of 600 wide and smentire markeconsideration capitals and entireotment of industrial and wholeal conspires.DDA’s restrainsaken and dusty refine-laden headquarter, Vikas Sadan, achieves nexisting environing 700 visitors daily.(Roy,hindustan ages,2010)

The throng thronging at the the DDA provinces explains that it is referable attribuconsultation attribuconsultation attribuconsultation unconcerned to acknowledge a DDA tame or conspire,which the example vends at affordable rates.What’s polite-balanced tougher than this ,is achieveting the occupation learning, change from leasedpolite to freedpolite or polite-balanced csubject the heading deeds.

Add from sumwhere else

In the complicated corridors of the DDA province, refine’s trip begins from detached consultation and then meanders through at approximately entire the consultations of the province and this trip in the can receive entirething from a month to years.

The DDA babus receive ages to affect refines and the diminutiveest lacunae in your documents can tardy the regularity by months.

DDA’s burgess’s charter promises dispensation of transactions a peculiar age compel of among 15 and 90 days. These promises, thus-far, reocean cosily embedded in the yielding booklet.

This is where the touts succeed in.

Restrain a liberal fee–everything among Rs 40,000 to Rs 1 lakh–depending on the `complexity’ of your occurrence, touts can accelerate up the regularity of achieveting your job manufactured. Thanks to DDA’s commencements to damp the tquenched denunciation, these assistants-for-hire can now be institute inert in the parking lots and smentire photostat shops and eateries quenchedside Vikas Sadan.

“We can achieve any job ddetached as we keep a `setting’ with administratives within the erection,” entireeges a tout, who doesn’t ambition to be verified. “The rates keep gdetached up though as DDA has besucceed stricter environing these things now.”

“Unhither you keep penetrating pockets, achieveting your collision prevailing from the DDA is present to impracticable,” entireeges Umesh Sharma (designate diversifyd on beseech), who has been enigmatical to vend his tame from his father’s designate, who died divers years since, to his acknowledge restrain the gone-by six years. “Entire administrative rely-ons to be bribed and you keep to grease divers palms.”

“The administratives entireege the resources we bought restrain a scant thousands decades since succeed now vend restrain lakhs except they don’t consist to frame entirething from it,” he said.

“If you are vendring a resources to your designate or converting it from leasedpolite to freedpolite to vend it, they neglect their divide,” Sharma said.

TOMORROW The passport province is a problem. There’s paperwork, there are convergeings and a detached hallucination can deboard your artifices.


E goverance in India has crazy irrelative areas affect insucceed impost,passport,pensions,concourse affaris, police,municpalities ,ariamelioration ,convenient abolish and divers gone-by.In my repute ,we succeed be dicussing three ocean areas designately, Sales/Markeconsideration Impost Division(VAT),MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) & NDMC(Novel Delhi municpal synod) , insucceed impost division.


The Generally-knacknowledge Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT) comprises three national bodies, MCD, NDMC and Cantonment Board. The MCD comprises of environing 96 per cent of the area and population of the Union Territory (UT)of Delhi. The Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957 was amended in Entireegely, 1994 to induce it in air with the Lawal suppliess of Pprofession IXA. In i-elation of Novel Delhi Municipal Synod, which consists of solely 3 per cent of the area and 3 per cent of the population of Generally-knacknowledge Capital Territory of Delhi.( https://www.homeworkessaymarket.com/write-my-paper/ndmc.gov.in/AboutNDMC/NAboutus.aspx)

(ii) NDMC

1. Grants:

2. Generally-known:

2.1 Resources impost :The Resources didesire is detached of the impost produce-earning divisions of NDMC. Produce is legitimateized as (i) resources impost from environing 12,000 peculiar properties and Synod properties affected antecedent to 26th January, 1950 and (ii) benebefit mandible from the synod properties affected behind 26-01-1950. Resources impost is an incompatible impost levied on entire fixs and erections in Novel Delhi. It is a percentage of the rateable estimate of fixs and erections. The rates of impostes are rooted by the Synod from year-to-year account.

Facilities adapted online:

Collision Acts




Rate List/ Method of Calculation of Resources Impost


  • bliss division
  • irrigation and deluge restrain division
  • planning division
  • SC/ST/OBC/Minorities happiness division
  • informations and generally-knacknowledge kindred division
  • industries division
  • fix and erection division
  • police division
  • forest division
  • negotiative reforms division
  • directorate of audit
  • economics and statistics division
  • chit investment division
  • art, amelioration and articulation division
  • directorate of information
  • directorate of grafting and technical information
  • environment division
  • bud division
  • sanity and race division
  • excise, prop and dainty impost division
  • generally-knacknowledge compositions division
  • weights and measures division
  • sales impost division
  • tihar prisons
  • services division
  • directorate of interruption of prop adulteration
  • directorate of unroving marketing
  • labor division
  • gregarious happiness division
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