Effective information security communication with C-Level leadership

Please choose one case to analysis and follow the template of this paper. Instructions: Document the facts surrounding the incident including the dates of the occurrence, the root factors, the response and the lessons learned. You should include an alternative analysis that illustrates aspects of your persuasive response or alternative approach to the response. As part of the report, look to includes sections on at least two of the following as your overall objectives: – Effective information security communication with C-Level leadership – Roles and responsibilities behind information security governance – Security compliance using control frameworks – Effective information security policies – Influence of law and ethics on information security governance Articulation of Response for the Final Report and Presentation Always include a title page with your name, the date, the course name/number, the title of the assignment or paper, and the revision (if applicable). In the body of the paper, use headings and sub-headings. Do not jump from subject to subject without providing some type of heading beforehand. Use correct grammar and punctuation. Capitalize the first word of a sentence. Make the report as professional as possible. Think, “If someone were to look at this paper, what would they think?” Sloppy papers may have correct answers, but they still leave an overall “messy” feeling when read. Make sure you cite reference material in APA style within the text of your submission (e.g., according to John, “citing in text is a key concept in this course” [Doe, 2018]). The research report must include at least 3 academic sources other than the text (books, electronic databases, articles, interviews, company documents…)