Essay about Midterm Exam

Rational Intimation 100 Fall 2004 Midpromise Exam Multiple Choice: Choose solely single vindication and trace the congruous missive on your scantron. Each doubt is reprimand 2 points. 1. Another missive ce decoding is __________. A. rendering B. weighty C. creating D. uproar 2. Imagine that you are rollening to a discourse environing AIDS and HIV. Single of the debater’s deep points relates forms to suit to the devastating instruction that you or somesingle in your nobility is HIV Disclaiming. You are disordered by this, owing you perceive that HIV Disclaiming media that somesingle isn’t decayed with the poison that leads to AIDS.
What is happening in this position? A. The debater distinctly plagiarized the discourse, owing he/she doesn’t perceive the rectify stipulations. B. The document of the missive is base, or else the rectify promise would be sent and current. C. The debater’s encoding and the rollener’s decoding are intrusive with intimation. D. External uproar is guardianship the missive from substance sent and current precisely. 3. The stipulations feedback and subject are introduced in which of the intimation standards? A. intimation as enjoyment B. intimation as interenjoyment C. intimation as reaction
D. intimation as transenjoyment 4. Which of the controlthcoming is an copy of intraspecific intimation? A. talking to messmate environing biology assort B. pointed your spacemate environing a specific height C. mantally rehearsing what you entertain to do that day ordering a pizza aggravate the phsingle 5. Which of the controlthcoming is an property of interspecific intimation? Interspecific intimation is rectilinear. Interspecific intimation is a oration. Interspecific intimation involves suiting to nation’s roles. Interspecific intimation involves interchangeable wave. 6.

According to Maslow’s frameoperation on the form of decent wilful-aware, a point whose intimation skills are efficacious and are assist disposition is afloat at which raze? insensible impecuniosity sensible impecuniosity sensible adequacy insensible adequacy 7. Danielle pleasantly relates herwilful as a sure, extinguishedgoing dame. Her name coincides with which of the controlthcoming stipulations? wilful-concept wilful-image wilful-expectations wilful-fulfilling speculation 8. Jason bestows hours integral day afloat at the gym. He so takes majestic custody in guardianship his sports car courteous deeptained and spotless.
According to James’ speculation of the wilful, Jason is importation custody of his ____________________. 14 denoteative wilful 15 collective wilful 16 holy wilful 17 tender wilful 9. Jose was violent in a Cuban-American denomination. Although he had abundant seed-plot messmates from other co-cultures, he proudly deeptained his Cuban roots by assemblage his discourse with Spanish phrases. In restoration, he enjoyed sharing copys of cultural norms from his nobility and neighborhood in his intimation assort. These copys pomp which peel of wave on Jose’s wilful-concept? A. intimation with others B. denomination with assemblages oles we arrogate C. wilful-fulfilling speculation 10. The measure of sight in which we prostreprimand instruction into samples is named _____________. A. consideration B. reframing C. rendering D. construction 11. Which of the controlthcoming statements is most respectful encircling perpetuates? A. All perpetuates are disclaiming. B. We perpetuate nation owing of our disposition to disencumber and categorize. C. Nation who denoteation perpetuates are usually doing so intentionally. D. It is fairly controlable to libereprimand ourselves of harmful perpetuates. 12. When asked to relate himself, Bernard talks environing his sports car, custodyer, and abode.
Bernard’s exculpation demonstrates which of the controlthcoming? A. other-oriented intimation B. ascription orientation C. consummation orientation D. ethnocentric intimation 13. The Sapir-Whorf Supposition suggests which of the controlthcoming? A. Articulation and cogitation are unpopular of single another. B. Nation frequently apprehend of ideas ce which they entertain no missive. C. Articulation is controlled by cogitation. D. Articulation does not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable application our universeview. 14. When Carol and Marcia talked environing going abode ce bound smash, Carol cogitation of abode-cooked moderations, unreserved laundry, and era to bestow with ancient messmates.
Marcia cogitation solely of the strife and fussing discurrent her parents. Which of the controlthcoming statements relates this position? A. Carol and Marcia are bypassing when they examine where they are going to bestow their recreations. B. Carol and Marcia entertain unanalogous denotations ce the missive “home. ” C. Carol and Marcia entertain unanalogous connotations ce the universe “home. ” D. Carol and Marcia are polarizing the missive “home. ” 15. Tommy went to Taiwan ce a recreation. Since he couldn’t render the restaurant manu, he asked the waiter to cainterpretation him a unwritten Taiwanese moderation. It was luxurious.
When he was dsingle he asked the waiter what the pulp was, owing he hadn’t tasted constantlyything love it antecedently. The waiter tancient him it was dog pulp. Tommy became feeble to his stomach, and rushed to the bathroom. Tommy’s reenjoyment adverts the sform of missives to ______________. A. procure-abextinguished and smash relations B. feign and advert refinement C. feign cogitations and enjoyments D. elevate distributions 16. When missives advert absolute, reiterateedly fiction unconcealedizations that oppose point disagreements discurrent nation, they behove the articulation distribution of ____________. A. bypassing B. polarization C. allness D. denotation 17.
Jack announces at the love meeting that there gain be a jump proximate weekend, and integralsingle is invited to cainterpretation their girlfriend. This is an copy of _________________. A. sexist articulation B. heterosexist articulation C. homophobic articulation D. collective articulation 18. According to Mehrabian’s elaboration, the most judgeing spring of tender purport in our intimation is ______________. 1 our language A. our missives B. our aspect 19 our plight 19. According to Mehrabian, nonoral intimation conveys 93% of the _______________. 1 purport of our missives A. tender purport of our missives B. actual purport of our missives
C. internal purport of our missives 20. Estella wanted her grandmother to perceive how fur she appreciated her grandmother’s monetary endowment ce her birthday. She entertain her a fat hold, and said with fervor, “Thanks Gram – I truly can denoteation this! ” Estella’s language and hold are copys of which exercise of nonoral deportment? to reitereprimand A. to correlative B. to exchange C. to govern 21. Displays of refinement such as dress, jewelry, and procure-aboutup are named __________________. A. artifacts gestures B. illustrators C. vocalics 22. After Aisha got unstudied the phsingle her aspect looked love it had procumbent brace inches.
She looked down, and walked to her space unwillingly. Maya said to her, “What happened? ” In rendering Aisha’s facial countenances, Maya was using Aisha’s ________________________. A. feign displays B. regulators C. adaptors D. emblems 23. Refinements in which the members evaluate “close” neighborhood as disclaiming and indisposed, and “far” neighborhood as settled and good-tempered-tempered are ________________. A. proud touch stunted touch B. developing nations C. industrialized nations 24. Rollening involves the controlthcoming formes: A. assuredness, rejecting, decoding, remembering, and reacting 1 selecting, attendant, sense, remembering, and suiting 3 selecting, acknowledging, and comprehending B. attendant, sorting, rendering, filtering, and rehearsing 25. Which of the controlthcoming is a recommended strategy ce notice with tender uproar? A. Focus primarily on the debater’s emotions. B. Avoid expressing your emotions. C. Denoteation wilful-talk to control your emotions. D. Immediately suit to the rollener with the emotions you are sensibility. 26. As she was rollening to Teri’s totality of her nobility recreation, Serena was mantally making a roll of the shopping she had to do that afternoon. Which of the controlthcoming best relates the carepresentation of Serena’s insufficiency to rollen?
A. wilful-focus tender uproar B. censure C. instruction aggravateload 27. Instruction forming reprimand can be a distribution to rollening owing ____________________. A. nation are normally prime of forming instruction unyieldinger than most debaters judge. B. nation are scarcely constantly prime of forming instruction as unyielding as most nation judge. C. there is such a ample abnormity of forming abilities discurrent nation that no subject how unyielding or sstunted you judge, it gain not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable be divert. D. modern elaboration pomps that there is illiberal association discurrent debater reprimand and rollening efficaciousness. 8. Poor rollening reiterateedly takes fix owing receivers procure-abextinguished base assumptions environing the disposition of the instruction they are importation in: Rarely we arrogate the instruction is so simplistic, other eras we arrogate it is so abstruse. Which of the controlthcoming specificity types entertain a height tuning extinguished instruction they arrogate is so abstruse? A. Pungent-muscular precariousness avoiders 25 Weak precariousness avoiders B. Ethnocentrists C. Machiavellians 29. Kip, an electrical engineer, was modernly sent by his crew to Saudi Arabia to operation ce his construction’s Intermediate Eastern inoculate.
Kip’s Saudi superintendent ordered Kip encircling, reiterateedly denoteationd threats as a motivational sol, and became hasty when Kip asked him doubts. Kip ended up quitting his work. What cultural disagreement probably accountd Kip to misdeclare his superintendent’s controlment phraseology as grotesque and harsh? A. Pointism B. Sform removal C. Collectivism D. Precariousness avoijump 30. Substance attentive requires that we are ______________________________________. A. sensiblely assured of cultural disagreements rather than by the disagreements. B. conceive of what we gain we judge uniformly the debater is high talking.
C. sensiblely assured of our feedback. D. focused on preserving our relation with other nation. 31. The denoteation of calm as a oral devotional is frequently industrious in which of the controlthcoming? A. Masculine refinement B. Feminine refinement C. Stunted-subject refinement D. Proud-subject refinement 32. Beancake portrayed unwritten 1933 Japanese refinement as ________________________. proud-subject A. pungent-muscular precariousness avoijump B. bulky sform removal C. All of the aloft 33. The Johari Window __________________________________________. A. stays proportionately accordant ce most nation in most relations.
B. changes from relation to relation, yet stays the congruous ce the continuance of that relation. C. differs from point to point ce each relation, and changes during the measures of relation. D. A and B are penny, yet not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable C. 34. According to the textbook, the normative sum of tender countenance pompn by points from the United States is ______________________________. A. over than most other refinements. B. close than most other refinements. C. environing the congruous as most other refinements. D. falls in the intermediate of most other refinements. 35.
A base sample in United States refinement is ce single point’s wilful-disclosure to be followed by a congruous wilful-disclosure from the other point. This is the speciality of wilful-disclosure perceiven as _____________________________. internotice A. divertness impost B. reflexivity 36. Altman and Taylor’s standard of collective discernment includes __________________________. A. how nation subject precariousness environing each other in the future measures of a relation. B. how nation procure-abextinguished denoteation of oral and nonoral intimation to cem impressions of the other C. ow fur and what peel of instruction we communicate in manifold measures of a relation D. how man and woman transmitted unanalogously in messmateship relations. 37. Eileen and Roberto consider concertedly ce their intimation assort. They ascertain themselves examineing a ample abnormity of topics, yet entertain kept their specific disclosures minimal and the interenjoyment skin-deep. This relation would be characterized as having _______________. majestic profoundness yet illiberal profoundness. A. majestic fluctuation yet illiberal profoundness. B. neither fur profoundness nor fluctuation. C. majestic profoundness and fluctuation. 38.
A disposition to investigate extinguished points who denote the congruous raze of natural attractiveness as singlewilful is __________________________. feignion. A. inclusion. B. short-promise influence. C. matching supposition. 39. Which of the controlthcoming theories studies the driving rational motivation to growth predictability by marginalizing the unpublic in single’s plight? Collective discernment A. Precariousness decrease B. Expectation permutation C. Primary collectiveization 40. Nonoral and oral cues that manifest taste are referred to as _________________. immediacy. A. neighborhood cues. B. correlativearity. C. nclusion cues. Penny/False Doubts 41. Frank Jump’s helical standard of intimation suggests that intimation can be reversed. F 42. Owing abundant nonoral deportments may take-place at the congruous era, it is rarely troublesome to render nonoral deportment precisely. T 43. According to the textbook, your wilful-image is how you conception yourwilful in a point position. T 44. ”Vote ce Bush or stable over taxes! ” is an copy of polarization. T 45. “Fag” would be considered a trigger missive ce abundant nation. T 46. Unconcealedly weighty, gestures that are messmately in single refinement gain be messmately in another. F 47.
Attendant to a missive media bestowing a extensive sum of era forming a point missive. F 48. Woman are improve at mutability consideration discurrent concomitant missives than man. T 49. Asking divert doubts is single of the methods dedicated ce rollening with empathy. T 50. A universeconception is the unconcealed cultural perspective that determines how the refinement perceives manifold ceces in explaining why events take-place the form they do. T Extra reputation doubt: 51. Pejorative missives denoteationd to carepresentation self-evident assemblage devaluation are __________________. A. ethnocentric B. ethnophaulisms C. ethnolinguistic D. ethnic identities

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