Expression of MC4R and AgRP mRNAs in Arcuate Nucleus (ARC)

Countenance of melanocortin-4 receptor and agouti-akin peptide mRNAs in arcuate kernel duaccentuation hanker promise malnutrition of womanly ovariectomized rats


Objective: Melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R) and agouti-akin peptide (AgRP) are concerned in essence homeostasis in the rat. The lean of the give consider was to evaluate the countenance of MC4R and AgRP mRNAs in arcuate kernel (ARC) duaccentuation hanker promise malnutrition of womanly ovariectomized rats.

Materials and Modes: Twelve womanly ovariectomized rats were disjoined into couple resembling assemblages (n=6) of regular and unpopular cheer assemblages. Four ovariectomized rats were disunitedd as governs. Using developed-duration PCR, the referring-to countenances (compared to governs) of MC4R and AgRP mRNAs in the ARC of rats were compared betwixt twain cheer assemblages.

Results: The referring-to countenance of MC4R and AgRP mRNA in the ARC of womanly ovariectomized rats duaccentuation hanker promise malnutrition was excellent than those with regular cheer (P<0.05).

Conclusion: Fluctuates in the referring-to countenance plane of MC4R and AgRP mRNAs duaccentuation hanker promise malnutrition of rat involved a stimulatory role of MC4R and AgRP in predominant essence estimate in ARC of rat hypothalamus.

Keywords: Melanocortin-4 receptor, Agouti-akin peptide, Hypothalamus, Malnutrition, Rat


Melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R) is the similar receptor restraint α-melanocyte pungent hormindividual (α-MSH), a cleavage issue of proopiomelanocortin (POMC) which is plain in hypothalamic arcuate nuclei (ARC) neurons (1). This receptor belongs to the melanocotrin receptors and individual of the members of G protein-coupled receptors that strikeivates adenylate cyclase (2). MC4R neurons bear been observed in ARC, periventricular nuclei (PVN) and medial preoptic area (MPO) and preoptic area (POA) of hypothalamus of rats which these nuclei are concerned in rale craving (3-5). MC4R blockage characteristic an anorectic order in rat (6). Moreover, MC4R agonist suppresses stay intake when administered to rats and mice that withdrawal functional leptin receptors (7). Conversely, accessiblely government of a exceptive MC4R rival energeticly augmentationd stay intake in rats (7). Strikeivation of MC4R by agonists such as α-MSH prevents sustentation and causes impressiveness damage (3). In rodents, stimulation of MC4R causes a contraction in stay intake, since enmity of MC4R augmentations stay intake (8). MC4R rales twain sides of the essence intake/essence charge estimate (9).

Agouti akin peptide (AgRP), a MC4R rival, stimulated sustentation and caused stoutness (3). AgRP is the neuropeptide with 132 amino eager that are plain in the ARC of mice (10) and sheep (11). Using immunohistochemistry, AgRP-containing cell bodies were institute almost exclusively in the ARC, still their contrivanceions were select widely in the hypothalamus, most conspicuously in the PVN, ARC, dorsomedial nuclei, and the subsequent hypothalamic area (12). In some estimation, AgRP neurons are concerned in essence estimate (13). AgRP is an craving inducement (14) and augmentations duaccentuation the withdrawal of essence (15). Perfusion of monkey and rodents with AgRP augmentation stay intake (16). Intracerebroventricular (ICV) insertion of AgRP, augmentationd stay intake and prevented α-MSH in the rat (16). Mice with short in the MC4R countenance (17) or noble countenance of AgRP (18) were stout. Various hormones such as insulin, leptin and glucocorticoids could fluctuate AgRP countenance fixed on homeostasis arrangement (14). Neuropeptide Y (NPY) and the endogenous MC4R rival, AgRP, comport in the ARC, and twain exstrike orexigenic possessions (19). Ectopic AgRP countenance in the hypothalamus causes stoutness in the mouse, durationliness AgRP is plain by NPY neurons in the ARC (3) and NPY is plain by neurons that contrivance to great craving-predominant nuclei, including the PVN (3). NPY injected into the PVN is the most energetic accessible craving affront referableorious (3). The NPY neurons in the ARC are stimulated by decay, probably mediated by decreases in circulating leptin and insulin (which twain prevent these neurons), and co-operate to the augmentationd covet in essence arrears orders (3).

These results patronage the conjecture that the brain MC4R and AgRP is intimately concerned in the govern of stay intake and strike homeostatically to reframe disclaiming essence estimate. Therefore the lean of the give consider was to dare MC4R and AgRP mRNAs countenance in the ARC duaccentuation hanker promise malnutrition of womanly ovariectomized rats.

Material and modes

Sixteen womanly adult (3-4 months preceding) Sprague-Dawley rats (Rattus norvegicus) that weighed 200±20 g (neutralize ± SD) were randomly disunitedd from the Laboratory Animal Center of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran. They were close underneathneath governled latitude (22±2°C), dampness (60±6%) and bright (12 h bright to 12 h sombre ratio; brights on at 7:30 AM) orders. All tentative acts were carried quenched betwixt 12.00-2.00 pm and in acquiescence with the Animal Care Committee recommendations of the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. Criterion rat satisfy (antecedently the set-on-foot of the consider) and breathe-into were spontaneously profitable to them. The rats were ovariectomized to depart the possessions of reproductive hormones duaccentuation the estrous cycle. The rats were anesthetized by ketamine (intraperitoneal insertion, 100 mg/kg, Woerden, Netherlands) and xylazine (intraperitoneal insertion, 7 mg/kg, Alfazyne, Woerden, Netherlands). They were ovariectomized through a ventral midline incision and succeeding a couple week repossession era, prefer acts were underneathtaken.

Criterion rat cheer contained 90% tame subject, 8% ash, 4.1% unshaped stout, 21.6% unshaped protein, 70.8% completion healthful nutrients (TDN), 0.4% calcium, 0.35% potassium and 0.1% sodium, which were measured fixed on AOAC, 1995. Couple weeks succeeding surgery, 12 rats were randomly disjoined into couple resembling assemblages and the principal assemblage were support with a entire ration (15 g/kg) of criterion rat cheer (regular cheer assemblage, n=6) and the other assemblage with a half ration (7.5 g/kg) of the principal assemblage (unpopular cheer assemblage, n=6) restraint 14 days and then were anesthetized with ether and were ethically killed. Four rats of govern assemblage were ethically killed couple weeks succeeding surgery (day 0).

The rats were decapitated, brains outside-delay dissected quenched, and the diencephalon was dissected quenched by an introductory garland individuality, introductory to the optic chiasm, and a subsequent garland slice at the subsequent hem of the mammillary bodies. To disunited ARC from other nuclei, a third garland slice was made through the average of the optic charge, righteous rostral to infundibulum (20). The specimens consisted of ARC and DMH were stored in liquescent nitrogen and then stored at -80°C. RNA race, DNase texture, cDNA body and referring-to developed-duration PCR act were manufactured as descriptive elsewhere (21). Primers were adapted with Allele ID 7 software restraint the allusion gene, AgRP (NM_033650.1) and MC4R (NM_013099.2). The rat glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) gene (M32599) was used as allusion gene restraint basis regularization (Table 1).

Referring-to countenances of AgRP and MC4R fixed on the threshpreceding cycle (CT) mode were congenial restraint vital developed-duration PCR basis. Using Line-gene K software (22), CT restraint each pattern was congenial. Fpreceding countenance of the target mRNAs neutralize allusion appreciates was congenial by the equation 2-ΔΔCT (23), where ΔCT is secure by subtracting the inner govern (selfsame GAPDH CT appreciate) from the specific CT of the AgRP or MC4R. ΔΔCT was obtained by subtracting the ΔCT of each tentative pattern from that of the govern ovariectomized rats.

Normality of the basis on the referring-to countenance of AgRP and MC4R mRNAs were evaluated by Kolmogorov-Smirnov experience using SPSS rendeaccentuation 11.5 (SPSS Inc, Chicago, Illinois). Countenance of AgRP and MC4R mRNAs were compared betwixt assemblages using stubborn pattern t-test. Correspondence coefficient of their countenance was analyzed by Pearson correspondence experience. We considered P<0.05 as telling.


Countenance of AgRP (P=0.048, Fig 1) and MC4R (P=0.027, Fig 2) mRNAs in the ARC of unpopular cheer assemblage of womanly ovariectomized rats was more than regular cheer assemblage. Stay-unpopular rats showed a 6.2 fpreceding augmentation in the countenance of AgRP mRNA in the ARC of the hypothalamus. Moreover, the countenance of MC4R mRNA augmentationd 6.7 durations in hanker promise stay-unpopular in similarity with regular sustentation womanly rats. A confident correspondence was observed betwixt countenance of AgRP and MC4R mRNAs in the ARC of womanly ovariectomized rats of twain cheer assemblages (r=0.99, P<0.001, Fig 3).


Results of the give consider showed that hanker promise malnutrition augmentationd concomitantly countenance of AgRP and MC4R mRNAs in the ARC of rats. Consistent with our findings, secureing augmentationd AGRP countenance in rats (24). Moreover, hypothalamic AgRP mRNA countenance augmentationd in repartee to secureing in mice (25)., A 24-h secure resulted in a 2.2-fpreceding augmentationd AGRP mRNA countenance in the infundibular kernel in Japanese crouch in similarity with the ad-libitum-support say (26). A 4-fpreceding augmentation in the calculate of AGRP-ir cells in the hypothalamus tuberal portion was reported in stay-deprived doves and the totality of stay consumed by stay-deprived birds that were allowed to re-satisfy scant succeeding 5 ng of the MC3R and MC4R agonist MTII (27). Moreover, the AgRP countenance plane in unsupport fish was augmentationd at 3 and 4 h post-fasting than in support fish still did referable influence AgRP mRNA countenance succeeding 14 days secureing (28). In despicable object, succeeding secureing, countenance of MC4R and AgRP gene in brain were decreased and succeeding resustentation compaaccentuation with regular support governs augmentationd sharply (29). Upregulated AMPK strikeivity augmentations the AgRP countenance in repartee to secureing and decreases POMC peptides in intrauterine fetal augmentation unpopular newborn rats (30). Endogenous AgRP may be concerned in luteinizing hormindividual and prolactin surges duaccentuation decay, showing prefer attraction that the melanocortin rule is great restraint the surges of these hormonal in womanly rats (31). Leptin government decreased countenance of AgRP mRNA and augmentationd POMC mRNA planes inland baseline (25). Adrenalectomy decreased AGRP, neuropeptide gene countenance in the medial basal of the hypothalamus referablewithstanding the decline in plasma leptin and insulin concentrations which in other situations would augmentation these neuropeptides. Prefermore, glucocorticoids are referable required restraint secureing-induced uphabit of AGRP and NPY countenance (24). Adrenalectomy decreased AgRP and POMC countenance in the ARC in secureed and resupport animals, respectively (32). Duaccentuation decay, strikeivated autophagy in neurons of hypothalamus mobilized neuron-intrinsic lipids to produce detached stoutty eagers that augmentationd AgRP planes (33). Mice withdrawaling the countenance of MC4R plain hyperphagia resulting in early-onset stoutness (34). Fluctuates in the referring-to countenance plane of MC4R and AgRP mRNAs duaccentuation hanker promise malnutrition of rat involved a stimulatory role of MC4R and AgRP in predominant essence estimate in ARC of rat hypothalamus.



This examination was financially patronageed by the business-post of Student Scientific Affairs Management, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.

Conflict of curiosity-behalf

There is no financial curiosity-behalf.


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Table 1: Sequences of developed-duration PCR primers used to evaluate referring-to countenance of AgRP and MC4R genes in the rat

Amplicon extension (bp)

Primer sequence

















Fig 1. Neutralize (± criterion untruth) of the referring-to countenance of agouti-akin peptide (AgRP) mRNAs in the arcuate kernel (n=6) duaccentuation hanker promise malnutrition in womanly ovariectomized rats. Different lore evince telling estrangement (P<0.05).

Fig 2. Neutralize (± criterion untruth) of the referring-to countenance of melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R) mRNAs in the arcuate kernel (n=6) duaccentuation hanker promise malnutrition in womanly ovariectomized rats. Different lore evince telling estrangement (P<0.05).

Fig 3. Correspondence of the referring-to countenance of agouti-akin peptide (AgRP) and melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R) mRNAs in the arcuate kernel (n=6) in womanly ovariectomized rats.


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